Watercoloring on Bristol Smooth Paper (Featuring Neat & Tangled)

Watercoloring on Bristol Smooth Paper (Featuring Neat & Tangled)

– [Voiceover] Hey
everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another card video at my YouTube channel and blog. Today, I’m going to
be using some products from Neat and Tangled. This is the Awesome die set, as well as the coordinating
Awesome stamp set. I’m first going to take
apart these two dies. This die set is
really kind of fun. It has the word Awesome,
but then it also has the outer shape of the word. So you can use these
together or apart, you can be really creative
with how you use these dies. So first, I’m going to
do some watercoloring, and instead of using
watercolor paper today, I’m going to be using
some Bristol paper. This is from Strathmore,
and I picked it up at my local art store. And I’ve never really
used Bristol paper before, especially when it
comes to watercoloring, because usually I’m all
about the watercolor paper. But my friend Julie Ebersole, and I’ll link to some
of her videos up here, she does a lot of videos
for the Ellen Hutson YouTube Channel, as
well as some on her own. But I’ll link to the Ellen
Hutson channel up here, just because she loves
this Bristol paper and uses it all the time. She swears by it. And after my experience with
the Bristol paper today, I can see why. So I’m going to be using my
Gansai Tambi watercolors today. I’ve pulled out three colors. Kind of an aqua, more of a navy, and then a bright yellow. And then, like I said
before, I’m going to be watercoloring on top
of this Bristol paper. Now, you’ve heard
me say in the past, I really recommend
using watercolor paper anytime that you’re going to
be doing some watercoloring. But, I have seen Julie use
this for watercoloring, this Bristol paper, and I really loved
how it looked. So, with that in mind, I
thought I would go ahead and try this today. In the back of my mind,
as I’m watercoloring, I’m remembering to not go over each area
multiple times. I’m trying to not be
real fussy about it, because I know it’s not
a paper that is meant for moisture or for water. So I want to make
sure that I don’t add too much moisture all at once, which would result in
the paper breaking down and starting to tear
or become really sticky and kind of mealy. You wanna make sure that
you don’t add too much moisture on top. This is kind of the same
idea as when you use a blender pen on top
of regular cardstock. As long as you don’t go
over it too many times, the paper should be just fine. I took that same mentality
with this watercoloring. I wanted to make sure
that as I watercolored, that I didn’t stay
in one area too long, kept it moving, and if I
wanted to add more color, I needed to dry it first,
and then add color on top. And that’s exactly
what I did here. You’ll notice I used my
heat tool just to zap this with a little bit of heat to speed up the drying process, and then I came in with
some additional colors. So the thing I noticed
with this Bristol paper, especially with watercolor,
is it dries really fast. Which is kind of neat,
because I wanted some of those beautiful, harsh lines that
you can get with watercolor. And, with Bristol paper, you get those harsh
lines right away. There’s no waiting
for it to happen, it’s great for those who
are impatient like me and want that fun, kind of
ethereal watercolor look, without having to wait for
it to happen on its own or to speed along the
process with a heat tool. I also let some water
droplets fall down onto the surface here. I purposely tapped
it with a pencil, the brush, letting the brush drop
those paintdrops down, or I put it on the edge
of an acrylic block and splattered the
paint on there. So I’m gonna use my
paper towel and dab up some of those bigger water
droplets or paint droplets, and then I’ll use my heat
tool to heat this once again. I also wanted to mention that
I didn’t use my heat tool very much on this paper. I wasn’t sure how it
would hold up to the heat, so I tried to keep
my heat tool moving quite a bit as I was drying it. So now I’m gonna do
some die cutting, and I’ve got my
watercolor piece here, and then the outer shape
of that word Awesome. I’m gonna place that onto
my Sizzix Big Shot machine. And just because I
wanna make sure that everything’s lined
up just right, so that word Awesome
isn’t tilted or
looking a little funny, I place that center
die on there, just long enough
to get placement, and then I removed it and ran that through
my Big Shot machine. This is going to give me
the outer shape of the word, and then I’ll be
able to later die cut the center area of the
word or the actual word, and I can put that
in the middle. So you can see how
cleanly that cut. This Bristol paper went
through like butter. It cut the die
really, really easy, I didn’t have to run it
through a second time. So now I’m going to
take some glitter paper from American Crafts. I’m using the black shade
for this card today. And I thought it would
just be really fun to have some
sparkle on the card. And I also chose the black shade because I wanted it to be really contrasting with the soft
colors of the watercolor. Running this through my
Big Shot machine twice, because I wasn’t sure
how that intricate die would do with that
glitter paper. But actually, it
did really well. The only part that
I struggled with was removing it from
this little tiny die. I did have to use my
Tim Holtz craft pick to really give myself
enough leverage to pull that out
without tearing it. You can see how pretty it is, and how that sparkles
with all of that glitter. I think it looks really amazing, and it would be great
if you wanted to use it on your own outside of
that outer shape as well. Took the black glitter
paper and cut off a strip that I’m gonna use at
the top of the card, and I also cut off the very
top of my watercolor piece, so that I could have
that black glitter paper showing underneath. So I’m gonna go ahead
and chop that down. My card base is
actually made out of some more Bristol paper. Since I had to take that
entire sheet out of the pad, and I only used a small portion, I decided to use
the other portion of that sheet, and
create the card base. This also makes it so
that it is the same shade as my watercolor piece, and I don’t have
any inconsistencies when it comes to the
white shades on the card. I’m adding a little bit
of Tombow Xtreme adhesive right at the fold on the card. And I’m gonna place down that strip of glitter paper. By the way, this card is
five and a half inches wide by four and a quarter tall. So I scored that at
four and a quarter to create a top-folding
landscape card. I’m now going to take
that watercolor piece and add a bunch of foam
adhesive on the back. I was not shy at all, adding
all the foam on the back. And this came in
handy in a little bit, and I’ll tell you why. So I lined up that foam piece, or the foam-taped piece with the watercolor on it,
with the bottom of the card, and then pressed that down. Now I’m going to take
that Awesome word die, and, or actually,
before I get to that, I’m gonna put some foam underneath this little
tiny itty-bitty piece on the die cut area, cause I wanted to make
sure that that little spot didn’t get pulled away,
or kind of mangled when I put it in an envelope to send to my recipient. So now I’m taking
that Awesome die word, and I’m adding some Ranger
Multi Medium Matte on the back. And while using some
tweezers to hold it, I’m gently placing it
inside that die cut area. Because I’m using a liquid
adhesive to adhere this, it gives me a little
bit of time to kind of smush that die cut around, and manipulate it
into the perfect area. It makes it so I can get
placement just right. This was a good thing
because I did need to kind of manipulate
a little bit to make sure that it fit inside
that die cut area perfectly. So, now I’ve taken some
Pretty Pink Posh sequins, and I’m adding that down to
the area around the word. I’m using my tweezers
to pick up the sequins, put down a dab of Multi Medium
Matte with my left hand, and then putting
the sequin down. I have a quilt precision
tip on top of my Multi Medium Matte bottle, so I’ll have that link down
below if you want to get that for your Multi Medium. It’s a great thing to have, cause you get
precision placement. So at this point, I
realized, “Um, hello? “You forgot to actually stamp
the rest of the greeting!” So, I, thankfully, I had
added a bunch of foam underneath that,
the die cut area, and I was able to
stamp right over top without any problems. I really took a chance;
I wasn’t sure if there would be enough foam
under that area, but thankfully there was enough and I got a really good
stamped impression. I really wouldn’t
recommend doing this order of things
most of the time. In this case, I think
I was extremely lucky that it still worked out. And I did have to
move one sequin a little off to the side, but it worked out in the end. That’s the card for today! I hope you guys enjoyed. I really think this
card is awesome, seems like a
fitting description. Thanks for watching,
and I will see you guys in the next card video. (acoustic guitar music)

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  1. Hey you ! I really love your videos, i'm not found of making card but i love art, in general, and see you making Watercolors, copics coloring etc.. is very satisfying ! It's so great, i've learn many ways to color my drawing with you and thank you for that ! you rocks !

  2. Hi Kristina! Having seen you're both a planner and a stamper, do you have any planner stamp suppliers you recommend?

  3. OMG! I just laughed so hard! It just struck me as funny to see that I'm not the only one to sometimes do things out of order. Once again, I learned something new….I think I have a brand new Bristol pad in my Craftroom. 😻

  4. Love your card! What a great technique–really like all the help with water coloring! Just learning and can use all the help I can get! Thank you for the inspiration! (Peg)

  5. I love your videos they give me so many ideas. I was wondering how do you position your camera is it on a clamp or a tripod?

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