100 thoughts on “Watercolor For Beginners | Supplies & Watercolor Techniques for Beginners & Painting the Ocean

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  2. I love to paint potraits filled with mythological creatures, flowers, animals and etcetera. I really loved ur techniqes , they were very helpful
    Mainly for the backgrounds

  3. I love it!! Thank you sooooo much!! I was garbage at watercolors, then I watched your video and I did something!! Thank you!!

  4. I really loved the sea one I tried for the first time and it just like your I happy with my skills thanks 😇😀😀❤💛

  5. I really loved the sea one,I tried for the first time and it is just like your and I am happy with my skills and experience,my parents loved it so much

  6. I have the Winser and Newton pallet, but I don’t have any brushes other than the one that comes with the set. I found that I have to totally soak my paint pallet to get any amount of pigment. If I don’t, the paint stays too thick to paint nicely. I’m not if the problem is the paper, my technique, or the brush.

  7. I just randomly came across with your channel and totally love it!! I was looking for a hobby and this never cross my mind, but now because of your videos i will totally try it!!


  8. Thank you! You are such an inspiration! Painting has always been a good stress relief and you make it so much fun 😀 Thanks a bunch!

  9. Omg I'm trying to paint a galaxy eith really cheap paint because I dotn want to waste my expensive stuff on it (since I'm a noob and I'm still experimenting)

    I just doesnt work!! I suppose i should finalky stop being afraid to use the real thing

  10. Loved all your watercolor techniques 😊😊, I'm just a beginner, painted 2 paintings using your techniques and it's satisfying…
    Keep inspiring us 😊

  11. I for some reason cant get the came effect as you do. My paper doesnt stay wet enough no matter how much water. And plus my paper looks like it is shredding ( lack of better words). What am i doing wrong?

  12. What I like about painting the most is that you can use you imagination to create feelings and emotions or express your love for creativity.

  13. I’ve always been terrified to try watercolour painting but after watching some of your tutorials i’m converted. You are so easy to listen to and and explain all the details so well. I can’t wait to get started. Thank you.

  14. I absolutely love this!! Looked this topic up for my daughter's 4H presentation and this is very informative and easy enough for a 10 yr old to understand and grasp!! You did a fantastic job!! Thank you!

  15. I’ m very happy to know you and your channel… in this way I learn a lot of things about water colour. Thank you and I will hope that you continue…

  16. THANK U OMG my painting finally is lookinh better i keep messinh up my drawing with water color and i was trying to do a underwater watercolor and it looks good!!

  17. Your link for “SCHMINCKE Watercolors” just takes me to amazons homepage. If you’re an influencer or anything I’d love to give you credit by buying through your link if that’s a what it’s supposed to be

  18. Thanks for the video makoccino !! One point had had never thought of was the difference between Hot and Cold pressed paper. I have always worked with Yupo paper, but I will have a look at hot pressed now. I like a smooth finish on my paper so I can draw fine lines and edges better. Thanks again!

  19. Your watercolor tutorials are as brilliant as bob ross' oil paintings! i have always wanted to do something like this but feel like i am just too much of a Klutz! you have broken this down beautifully so that even someone like me feels like there is hope that i too can make somethng beautiful! i just ordered the watercolors. can't wait to begin! Thank you for sharing your gift! sincerely, raggedy fran

  20. I am just getting started with watercolor painting. This video was very helpful. Thanks! I think painting plants will be my favorite thing. I’ve been taking photos of plants/leaves/flowers to help.

  21. Thank you for the wonderful instructions. I want to start painting flowers in my garden, and this is a great help starting my new hobby.

  22. The artist is so thorough and talented!!! I learned very much as I watched this video/tutorial!!! Can’t wait to go to my drawing board! 🎨❣️

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