WATERCOLOR FAVORITES (Paints, Markers, Paper, Brushes) – 2019 Update

WATERCOLOR FAVORITES (Paints, Markers, Paper, Brushes) – 2019 Update

– [Kristina] Hi, everyone, Kristina here. Over the years, I have
amassed a very large amount of watercolor paper, watercolor sets, watercolor supplies, brushes, you name it, I have been collecting it and adding it to my stash for years, so I have a really large collection. And I get a lot of questions about what I would recommend
to each one of you, so I thought in today’s video, I would briefly go into
what I would recommend. Now, I’m gonna give you
a lot of options today. Any one person, unless
they’re crazy like me, does not need every single one of these but I will give you the
pros and cons of each and why I’ve chosen them for
this recommendation video. So, I’m gonna start off with paper because paper is something that no matter what watercolor
medium you’re using, paper is really gonna
make or break your project because if you use high-quality paints on a low-quality paper, it’s
not gonna look its best. However, you could use
a high-quality paper with maybe a really inexpensive, kind of low-quality watercolor set, and you’ll probably still
have some pretty good results. So, let’s start with paper. I’ve got basically, I guess, like, three
recommendations for you, plus a specialty paper that you’ll need for one of the mediums
that I’m gonna show you, which if you’ve been watching my channel for any amount of time, you probably know what that paper is. Okay, so first of all, ARCHES
Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper is kind of a catchall. It does great for a lot
of different techniques, a lot of different projects. ARCHES Cold Pressed is really great, as well as the Hot Pressed version. However, I’ve got right
here for you two versions of Fabriano Artistico. I’ve got Cold Pressed and Hot Pressed. I recommend maybe for Hot Pressed option to get the smaller five by seven block just because I personally
don’t use hot press as often, so to pay for a big pad like
this might not be as useful, so you might wanna get
something a little bit smaller for your hot press option, and I most only use hot
pressed watercolor paper when I’m doing very
fine-detailed watercoloring where I really need to
have a smooth surface. So, both of these are great. I use these papers in particular
when I’m going to have, maybe I’m painting something that’s going on top of white cardstock and so I want my watercolor paper to match the white cardstock
as much as possible. That’s when I use this Extra
White Artistico from Fabriano, or if I just feel like it. But that’s mainly the reason
why I use the Extra White. Otherwise, I love the texture of ARCHES. The other paper I really
recommend you have on hand, especially if you’re gonna
try watercolor markers or brush pens is Strathmore Bristol. If you’ve ever used like
the Arteza Brush Pens or the ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush markers, I’m gonna talk about both
of those in a minute here, you know sometimes they don’t react well on top of traditional watercolor paper. Try it on Bristol because
Bristol is smooth. It’s great if you’re gonna
stamp an image and then color it or if you’re just looking for really, really detailed painting. Bristol is amazing. And make sure it’s the
smooth surface, not vellum. I haven’t tried the vellum
Bristol but I’ve heard that it does not react
the same with the markers. So, look for Bristol smooth
surface, and this is Strathmore. I’ve also bought some,
I think it’s Canson XL, they have a Bristol version. I haven’t tried it out
yet, but I have bought it, so I’m hoping to use that in a video soon. So, those are my paper recommendations. Speaking of watercolor markers,
I got two options for you. This first set, both
are 48 colors actually, I think that’s kind of funny that I have the same
amount of each marker, different colors, obviously. These are the Arteza Brush
Pens, Real Brush Pens. I find that these are
really, really great. I don’t have any complaints with them, especially when I use
them on Bristol paper. It works great. The color selection’s great. I have no complaints. I really, really love those. They are not lightfast, so they will fade in direct sunlight. So, whatever you use them on, make sure it’s not something
that needs to be archival. Same goes for the ZIG CLEAN COLOR. They are also not lightfast. There’s a wider selection
of both of these, but I only have 48 of each, so if you are like a
full-set syndrome person, you need the full set of something, you’re probably gonna wanna
get the larger marker sets, but 48 seems to be great for me, especially because I tend to
use kind of the same colors over and over again, so I think, really, I probably
only have about 24 of each that I use all the time. But these are the ZIG CLEAN
COLOR Real Brush markers. One of the reasons, well, there’s a couple
of pros and cons to both. The ZIGs are in general more
expensive than the Arteza. However, with the ZIGs, if
you run out of one color, you can buy just that
one color and replace it. Whereas the Arteza, as far as I can tell, they do not sell them
in individual colors. I looked on the Arteza website today and they don’t sell them there. I don’t know if there are other shops who maybe sell the Arteza brushes and they’ve broken the sets apart and sell them individually,
I have no idea. But as far as I could tell,
you have to buy the entire set. That being said, I haven’t run
out of any of these colors. I don’t use them exclusively enough to really give you a good
estimate on how long they’ll last, but I’ve had these for a long time and I haven’t had any drying out issues. But the ZIGs, every once in
a while I’ll come across one that’s a little more dry than the others but I just put a tiny bit of
water right on the brush tip and it kind of, like,
soaks up some of that ink and it gets things going again. So, I haven’t had to
replace any of these either. So, I mean, that being said, maybe the replacing
issue won’t be a problem. By the way, I store these in these little fabric
cuffed, little containers. I got them from The Container Store. I’ll link those down below in
the video description as well if you are wondering. And this one has the,
the ZIGs are shorter. I just pulled down that
cuff a little bit more so that they don’t,
like, get completely lost when it’s all folded up like this. All right, and now we’re
on to the watercolor sets. Now, like I showed you guys in the intro, I have a lot more watercolor
sets to choose from here. I’m just gonna give you the
ones that I really recommend, the ones that I turn to a lot most often and I’m gonna talk about in a little bit. The first set should be no surprise. This is the 30, I think it’s 36 set of
watercolors from Mijello. This is the Mission Gold set
that comes with the pallette and it comes with all
the individual tubes. I don’t think I’ve ever
had to refill any of these, except for this one right
here, which is Bright Opera. I think I refilled that one and that’s because I
love that bright color and I just tend to use a ton of it. So, that’s the only one
that I’ve had replaced. The rest of them have held
up really, really well. I know a lot of people who
use their watercolor set a ton and have never run out of the color. So, I also have another palette with these exact same colors in it because I wanted a larger palette, I wanted the wells be a little bigger, I wanted more mixing space, and so I did buy some larger tubes. I’ll link those down as well down below. So I have another palette
that I tend to use a little bit more now these days but this is the original
set that I fell in love with when it comes to Mijello
Mission Gold watercolor sets. These paints, they react
with water so well. You don’t even have to spray
the palette to get it going. You can just go in with a damp brush and pick up that color right away. They’re creamy, they’re
pigmented, bright colors. I have no complaints
with these watercolors. They’re so easy to use. It’s a lot about personal preference. I know a lot of people love
DANIEL SMITH watercolors. They’re not my favorite. Maybe because these are my first love, this is the one that I gravitate to, but I prefer these over the DANIEL SMITH. I know some of you might
think that’s blasphemous to say something of the sort because DANIEL SMITH is a
well-loved watercolor line, but I really enjoy the
Mijello Mission Gold and the color selection is fantastic and I don’t have any complaints. This is also a well-loved
watercolor set in my craft room. I cleaned off the palette, so
it’s a little hard to tell, but this is, I think this is, what? Like a 24 set? The 24 set from Sakura. This is the Sakura Koi, let’s see, I saw that on the
front, Pocket Field Sketch Box. And I really love this set. It’s very inexpensive, especially if you find it
on Amazon or a craft store where you can use a coupon
or something like that. These watercolors are
really, really great. It’s a great beginner set and it has an awesome
color selection as well. I really recommend this one. It does come with a water brush and these little sponge areas where you can clean off your
brush or things like that. I don’t really use those. I just use this area right here. And I like that you can take this and put that off to the side and you have a lot of mixing area. So, this is a really great
palette, I highly recommend it. There’s also one that
has, I think, 48 colors. It’s a little bigger. There’s a lot of colors in there. I recommend that one as well, but this original set
with 24 is my favorite. This is a recent love, a new recent find. This is from American Crafts
with their Paper Fashion set. I really love the color
palette on this one. This is also a pretty
inexpensive watercolor set. I don’t think it’s quite as
inexpensive as the Sakura Koi, but this color palette’s great. It’s a smaller container,
so it’s great for travel. I really, really like this set. The colors are great. I’ve used this in quite
a few videos recently and I’m frankly really
surprised at how much I love it because I really went into
it with low expectations but it really surprised
me, I really love it. The color mixing is great,
lots of good options. This is one set that I also recommend. I’ve got two more for you. This last one, er, well,
one’s a special one. This set from Amy Tangerine
on American Crafts, I really love this set,
especially for travel. It has this water container right here so that you can fill it with water and then it has kind of a middle point so you can squeeze the
water into your water brush. I really like that aspect. There’s this sponge to clean
up your brushes or whatever. There’s a waterproof pen up here, there’s a black pen, and also a pencil. It’s just a really good all around set. The paints, I enjoy. They’re not my absolute favorite, so I actually bought some empty half pans that I’m going to take my
Mijello Mission Gold paints and squeeze them into the half
pans and then replace these. So, if you aren’t a big
fan of these watercolors, you can replace them with other ones, which is what I’m eventually going to do, but for the most part, these paints are actually
really fantastic. It’s a great kind of
rainbow color selection and I highly recommend this one as well. All right, the last but
not least recommendation is the six gold set from Finetec. This is their pearlescent
colors and it’s got six colors. Now, I’ve used these sets
with more colors in them, like, I think there’s
one that’s 24 right now that I’ve been in love
with, but you know what? This is the set, if I have
to recommend any of them, this would be the one
because I use the gold and these metallic shades the most. In my other Finetec sets
that have even more colors, the gold color is the one that I’m running out of the fastest because that’s what
I’m using for the most. So, Olympic Gold, Arabic Gold, this Bronze is really pretty too. All of these colors are fantastic. They’re just creamy and, like, so shiny when you get them on your project. Highly, highly recommend Finetec. And if you want even more color, check out their 12 sets and the 24 set. I’ll link to those down below
as well if you’re interested, but this is the set that
I think most people need for their crafting or watercoloring, mainly because of the golds. Last but not least, I
wanna talk about brushes, and I’m gonna start with these
set of brushes right here. This is the Zen line of brushes
from Royal & Langnickel, and I really enjoy these,
they are really high quality. I think they’re a synthetic
brush, wide range of sizes, some really good, like, flat washes and some really big ones. And the best part is they’re
very reasonably prized. They’re fantastic. So, I love to use these a lot. I recommend them a lot. The only thing that’s kind of missing is they don’t have a
really super tiny brush. The smallest size that they
have, I believe. is a two round. That’s the smallest size
they have in this line. But for most everyday general painting, you probably won’t need
something smaller than a two. I love the look of these. They’re really classy-looking. I really love them. So, the other set that’s still fairly reasonably
priced in comparison to some other really
high-end watercolor brushes is the Escoda Prado line. And these are synthetic and
they have a wide range of sizes. I even have some, like, really
big ones, let me grab ’em. Like this big mama that’s a Round 22. It’s huge. I don’t know when I’m ever gonna need it but great to have on hand, right? This is a great set of brushes and like I said, just
like with the Zen line, it doesn’t have super, super tiny. It does have a zero. If you can see that, that’s a zero size. That’s a super itty-bitty brush. But I really like a double zero brush, which is this really itty-bitty one. That tip is so tiny. I use this a lot for lettering because I like to have a
little bit more control. And a smaller brush
doesn’t hold a lot of paint so I feel like I have
a little more control. This is an American Journey brush. This is the 00 Round, it’s nylon, and I really, really love this brush ’cause these were some of
the first brushes, this line, that I purchased years ago when I got back into watercoloring. So, I mostly just use that for lettering. So, as far as brushes go,
these are the two lines. In the past, I’ve used Silver
Black Velvet brushes a lot. They’re fantastic. I don’t find they have quite
as much spring to them. They’re a little more, they hold a lot of paint
and have a very fine tip but since I started using the Zen that have quite a bit of
bounce back and spring, you could see that, I
find that I prefer that, especially on the smaller brushes. So, it really just depends. If you are looking for new brushes or if you’re brand new to watercoloring, you might wanna buy just one brush and a couple different types and kind of just see what you like because it really is a lot
of personal preference. These are just the ones that I prefer. All right, so those are my recommendations for watercolor supplies and sets. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you have a watercolor set or supply that I have not mentioned
today that you absolutely love, leave it in the comments. Tell us why you love it too. Don’t just say, “I love
this,” and leave at that. Tell us why you like it because the people who are
looking for good watercolor sets, they’re gonna wanna know
why you recommend that one. Thanks so much for watching today. On screen, I’ve got a few more
videos for you to check out. These are going to be watercolor videos where I have used any
one of these supplies that I’ve shared with you today. I hope you check those out. Thank you so much for shopping through my links down below
in the video description. That helps support my channel. And don’t forget to subscribe
and hit the notification bell so you never miss a video again. Once again, thanks for watching and I’ll catch you guys next time.

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