Water marble nail art : nail designs, tips, techniques & review !

Water marble nail art : nail designs, tips, techniques & review !

Hello to all of you! In this video, I will show you how to make a water marble design. I will show you several tips and technics to carry it out. I will also show you three types of water marbles: the simple design, the spiral and the millesfeuilles. I hope this video will be useful to you. And that you will carry them out well! Let’s have a look! We’ll start with the simple water marble design. I have a jar filled with room temperature tap water. I choose my nail polishes. You can use more than two colors if you wish. You can also mix different brands of nail polishes. You don’t have to use the same brand. Now I start putting some drops of polish in the water. First, I put two drops of the same color. Then I put one drop of one color and another drop with another color. If it doesn’t spread out, use a doting tool, turn it around in the water so it spreads the circles And I go on, if I have enough space. The water marble technic should be done quickly Because the nail polish dries very quickly. Then I use a doting tool to draw several lines. And I have them join together at the end to make the simple water marble design. As you can see, I make several petals. Then I use an artificial nail – or my real nail as you will see later I dip it in the water marble. I blow on the surface of the water to make it dry. So I can remove what’s left quite easily. Then I remove the artificial nail out of the water to get the simple water marble design as you can see. Now I will show you how to spread out a drop of nail polish that doesn’t spread. If your drop is in water for more than 5 minutes, it’s obvious that it’s gonna be dry. But if you just drop it and it doesn’t spread out Just use a dotting tool and turn it around in the water. This will spread the drop of nail polish. And now I add the second color in the water. It is also important to protect your nails. Or else you’ll spread the nail polish all over when you’ll dip your finger in the water. To prevent this, put some tape on your finger. One piece under as you can see. And one piece to protect the upper side of the cuticle. Once you have dipped your finger in water, turn and remove it. Use a pair of scissors, to cut the tape. Then with tweezers, remove the tape. That’s it! You’ve been protected! To make the French manicure, you can use this method with the help of some guide strips. You make the white French first. And then you make the water marble over it. Then remove the tapes. There’s another method. You can also use some cuticle oil or even olive oil. Apply it on your skin. Do not touch your nail or else your nail polish won’t even last for two days. Right then, all you have to do is to wash your hands to remove the extra nail polish. And it goes away easily. I will show you now how to make the spiral design. With two nail polishes or more, using the same method. Open your nail polish bottles before you start. It will allow you to gain a few seconds and it’s very important. So I make several circles in the water. Like the first one, if it doesn’t spread out, use a dotting tool and turn it around in the water. You can now go on with the other circles. It is important to make as many circles as you can for the spiral design. If you do not have enough circles, it won’t look great! Then I use a dotting tool to draw a spiral in the water. Don’t make it too fast, or it will make the whole design move It won’t work and won’t be beautiful. You can add more effects on the side if you want. Now I dip my nail in the water. Before that I have stuck an artificial nail on my nail since I already had a nail art on my nails. This is an example of what you should not do. You need to protect your nail. You’ll see that I’ll have nail polish all over my finger. You can remove it quite easily but it is better to protect it. It’s important to blow on the water. And so you will remove all the residues at a time to avoid having dirty water for the other nails. This is the spiral water marble. Unfortunately, we can’t see it well. As long as the nail polish is wet, you can scratch of nail polish. But it is better to protect your nails. These are examples of spiral water marble designs. Now I will show you the third design, it’s the mille feuille. I’m using two nail polishes. To make the mille feuilles design, there should be as many circles as possible. Or else the final result will not look great. Then with a dotting tool, I draw a line up then one down. And another one up very thin. The closer the lines are to each other, the better will be the design. Do it slowly so it doesn’t shift the design. You should never dip your dotting tool in the first or second circle. Because they were the first two circles done and they might already be dry. Here for instance, I’ve started with the blue circle. Now I dip my artificial nail in the water. I blow and then I remove the extra stuff. Here’s the millefeuille design. You might have bubbles on it, it is not inevitable! It might happen sometimes. In this case, I dip my finger back in water and then I press on the water marble design as long as it’s not completely dry to burst the bubbles. The reason I dip my finger in water is to avoid leaving my fingerprints on the design. If you have white holes after breaking the bubbles, Use a dotting tool and the matching colors to fill them. Don’t hesitate to add some lines with a liner brush and glitter flakes to embellish your water marble design. Now I will show you what happens when you throw the drop from too high. It falls at the bottom of the jar and it makes a small bubble. If goes back up and breaks, you’re lucky. What you should do instead is have your brush closer to the water and touch it with the drop. But not with the brush because water will spoil it. Not all nail polishes work for the water marble design by the way. It doesn’t depend on the brands but on the texture. I don’t know if it works with the first nail polishes I’ve shown you, you should try it. Generally it works very well with lacquers. It doesn’t work with base or top coat. Doesn’t either with cracked nail polish. It doesn’t work at all with glitter nail polish. Nail polishes with satin or matte effect when they dry, don’t work either. Here are some examples of water marble designs I’ve made. And these are the water marble designs I’ve done earlier on my fingers. I haven’t changed the designs on some fingers. On my ring fingers and my thumbs, I’ve made a simple water marble design. I hope that this video will be useful to you. I did my best to tell you all about water marble designs in 7 minutes. See you soon for another video!

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  1. Please update info box with all polishes used, thanks. You have the ones from your candy design listed not from these designs ^^

  2. very informative video, I've done water marble dedigns but they didn't turn out great. I'm going to definitely give it a try now.

  3. Thank you so much for this video! I finally understood correctly, how this thing works and how it has to be done. With this step-by-step video and your good explaining I also realized that it's not even close as difficult as I thought it would be. I surely am going to try this myself too!
    I also love your other videos and arts. You're very talented and your nail arts are simply beautiful.
    Keep going and sharing your beautiful art with us in future too!
    Have a nice summer!

  4. Thank you so much for the tips and designs you made with this, it will easy for me to try this.
    Thank you again.

  5. What nail polishes did you use for the design on your nails? The color combination is beautiful and I would love to try it out this week;)

  6. I tried marbling a while back and none of my polishes would separate, so thanks for the solution. Hopefully it'll work out the next time I try. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. You are the best nail art video maker on you tube, in my opinion. This video answered several problems I have had with this technique. Thank you so much. I look forward to each and every new video.

  8. I have about 70 LA colors and all mine work just fine for water marble art. If you are not using the right temperature of water it will not work. I have also used glitter polish before, you have to use quite a few drops for it to show up, but it does work.

  9. Thanks!(: And When I Always Tried This, It Wasnt Messy, But The Nail Polish I Had Dried Very Quickly so I couldnt swirl it. And I also found that the thicker consistancy of nail polishes dont really work that well.

  10. @LilVovo Oh yeah that happened to me as well it is just because you were dropping the polish on the brush to high above the cup/bowl. just keep the brush with the pretty close to the cup like about a half inch above. hope this helped! =)

  11. I was told that only "distilled" water works for doing water marble…? I think I did try once with tap water and it didn't work. I'm not too sure because it's been too long since I did it. I will have to try again.

  12. Put water in a cup and leave it for about an hr, you need tepid water, which is just room temperature. I've been doing marble designs for yrs and I always keep a glass of water just sitting around for this reason, in case of. You never know. Cold water causes the polish to clump and warm causes it to set to fast.

  13. using thick polish will make a big difference, don't use a thinner on it, it won't work, it will affect the marble process. When you buy a bottle that should be the first thing you do, if that is what you are using it for. Always close your bottles tight and store them in a dark place, the sun does affect your polishes and will cause them to thicken over time.

  14. This video was awesome u did awesome designs and u made them with awesome color combinations!!! It was very useful u said a bunch of things i didnt know about water marbling ๐Ÿ™‚ i am so subscribing to you!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  16. I have come up with a way to get this exact technique without the mess on your fingertips…. using all the steps of dripping polish in the water and even drawing through the polish, until you dip your finger… I made mine like peel and stick designs without the aid of sticker papers. CLEAR CONTACT PAPER! I swear no joke if you want to see the end results inbox me at [email protected] in subject line type marbling

  17. I've heard a lot of nail artists say that glitter polishes don't work well. I have had no problems with mine. I buy my polishes primarily at the local dollar store (literally, everything is a dollar) and there are some I got with glitter in them. Granted, the glitter is not very chunky. The ones I use for water marble are Sinful Colors Kissy, Sinful Colors Gella, Milani Lemongello, and Milani La Vie en Rose. I'll make a video response to this video so you can see.

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