Water Bottle Rocket?! – Top 5 Water Bottle Flip Items on Amazon Put to the Test (Unboxing Review)

Water Bottle Rocket?! – Top 5 Water Bottle Flip Items on Amazon Put to the Test (Unboxing Review)

Whats up it’s Chad Wild Clay do you guys
know what is better than the water bottle challenge bottles down you’re
gonna make them fly super are shooting over buildings and over trees are
shooting at each other we are at the park I am with be quiet
just behind the camera kick Bo and B we gonna do kickball she always takes one
too many steps like this alright let’s shoot some water bottles
huh I’ve got my CWC backpack right here what do we got in the CWC backpack watch
a bottle a coke bottle and we’ll say spray we’re gonna attach these to a
bicycle pump fill them up with a ton of water pressure and they’re gonna take
off like Rockets which one do you think’s gonna go higher guys boat below
right now say water bottle coke bottle right now don’t wait till the ends wait
till now wait right up all right but before we shoot these in the air we’ve
got to jump rocket are we gonna rock it we’re gonna jump we’re gonna thump and
we’re gonna launch it says it goes up to 300 feet
so we’ll see we’ll see how high we can get it let’s dimension speed here we go
let’s do it don’t mess with these ninja keys there
we go yeah all right boost up we’ve got the green
rocket I’m gonna stop on that that’s gonna send air all the way through this
hose into the rocket and shoot up high so I got to stop really hard on this
thing let’s do it did you catch that Justin on the camera did you lose it I
probably lost it I lost it all right B you’re up next this one’s definitely gonna get lost
because I mean it’s the color of the sky just see what happens here are you ready
just of OK I did lose it in the air until it got to
a certain point okay guys which rocket do you think went
the highest mine bees or exhaust ends what do you what did you guys think I honestly think mine with the highest I
think mine went the highest because it’s me and blues my favorite color where’s bee oh there you are I’m holding
the camera like I see Justin I don’t see me oh there you are you have an opinion on
this matter v I think mine went the high suppose I’m delighted so I fly higher oh
so the pounds per square inch you had the highest amount alright well we’re
gonna move on to the next rocket which is gonna be this we’re gonna double-team why don’t
we have YouTube go at the same time bees gonna take this one Justin’s gonna take
that one and they’re gonna shoot rockets off of these these look like matches
don’t they candles load up your rockets who’s gonna win guys vote down below
Justin good job winning that last round be
congratulations to those of you who voted for me to win that contest time to
vote again guys beat or chat let’s load up I’m gonna be blue who would have thought the lightest
person could shoot is the highest in the air must be all that ninja training yeah
definitely I am the two ninja here we’ll see about that in the water-bottle
competition which is right now it’s water-bottle time boo here’s how
this works we’re gonna take the spin it spin the pin put it in give it a spin
hey something like that got some water in there we’re gonna pump it up with a
bicycle pump you’re going to pump it off do the pump it up and then it’s gonna
be so much pressure in here it’s gonna just explode water semester shooting out
the bottom it’s gonna fly away we’re gonna see which bottle goes the highest
the coke bottle the sprite bottle or the water bottle hopefully you guys guessed
correctly down below find out let’s shoot this I thought I would have to pump it like
50 times but I gave it like seven pumps and a shout-out we totally weren’t even
ready yeah but just instead of looking pump you up hoping he won’t you go next
you’re gonna do the water bottle right yes so I’m gonna unscrew this and put
that on the water bottles got a mole away thanks a lot I’m gonna
pump this so hard let’s see you pump it hard – three four
five six that was a high one that went high and
far I think that was the highest one so far look it’s filled with whoa gasps
you’re steamed or something’s you farted I did that’s like that’s why it shot up
so high extra gas when you’re asleep tonight I’m gonna open it right by you who knew the power of Justin’s gas could
shoot a rocket inducing the space still underestimate it all right guys well why
don’t we shoot these rockets at each other and see who can karate kick them
for extra bonus points karate kick a rock egg Justin you are good there all
right he is your turn to aim so you think you can hit Justin see about that
all right all right B you did not hit Justin and
now it’s my turn to fire at B you’re going down baby I’m
gonna get you he’s going down nobody got any points in
that round oh I got pretty close to hitting you V really fast Oh I shot as
fast as I could at you no problem we need more training
yes so we’re gonna go train on the fruit and in Joe’s we’re gonna shoot the water
bottles risk see who wins that round it’s fruit ninja versus water bottle
rockets oh yeah we’re gonna each this real ninjas that’s right
we are gonna each get one shot with our water bottle to see if we can hit the
fruit ninja who happens to be a pink belt as you can see a pink belt ninja
there you guys better watch it he’s very advanced you don’t even know
about the pink belt nah man stood it’s like he’s even heard it I know it’s so
secretive who wants to go first guys hey Justin Justin’s going first
aiming his water bottle rocket Wow crack in his teeth his mouths open now
I think he needs some more punishment by Big Show
one more vu try how do I get you guys that shot so fast
splash I was taking a bath I’m glad it didn’t come at me I wanna hurt
where you want Chad I got it all end up ready to go I’m gonna try to hit the
watermelon and me alright this kiddin B just probably get out of
the way oh you’re gonna stand back there we go here we go look like it was going right for you did
it you know I got really excited guys yeah I’m really excited I think about
your pants I found it I think this review slow mo and at the same time the
wing of the bottle broke off and he went flying through the side and there goes
the bottle on hitting down down to the ground since I hit mr. fruit ninja I
think I win the opportunity to slice him with a ninja sword today brand-new to
move never tried before I’m gonna hold the blade behind me like this like it’s
a hidden blade yeah just like that always better if your enemy doesn’t see
that you have a weapon exactly I’m just walking up like this right out of that
just walking down the street it’s kind of mean to pull that on somebody with
only what I though watermelon for dessert anybody’s oh wait
you’re stuck in this tuple oh my gosh it’s a watermelon splicing stool you put
let’s see you put the watermelon there and you just slice it what you think
about move guys leave a comment below if you liked my new hidden sword moves dude
oh thanks man shoutout to you notification than just
we are putting your comments down here thanks for getting here during the first
hour of every video so we can shout you guys out and read all your comments you
guys should leave a comment below right now who do you think won today be Justin
or Chad let us know down below overall you know with the rock hits with
everything if you guys haven’t seen this video yet check it out it’s amazing if
you’re not subscribed to me click right there if you’re not subscribed to V and
if you’re loving this awesome merch we’re all wearing here but up there you
get yourself some merch you can walk around like a CWC
notification ninja let’s do a kick bump!

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