Watch This Before You See Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Watch This Before You See Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

The end of an epic nine-film arc, The Rise
of Skywalker has the near-impossible task of wrapping up cinema’s most-celebrated space
saga. Here are some fun production details to get
you pumped, plus some supposedly leaked plot points that just might come into fruition. WARNING: Major spoilers ahead … potentially! One new planet we’ll be visiting in The Rise
of Skywalker is called Pasaana, a world of sand and unforgiving sun. Yeah — another one. The planet, which is actually the Wadi Rum
desert valley in southern Jordan, will seemingly play host to a pivotal moment in The Rise
of Skywalker. We saw Rey jumping over a TIE fighter on a
very Jordanian-looking landscape in the first Episode IX teaser trailer, as well as Finn
and Poe skidding on sand. At this stage, all we know for sure about
Pasaana is that it’s home to the Aki-Aki, a native race being played by Jordanian locals. Rumors that red stormtroopers would be appearing
in The Rise of Skywalker had been doing the rounds online for months before Lucasfilm
finally confirmed them. According to, these fearsome-looking
soldiers are known as Sith troopers. But there’s more going on here than just a
simple palette swap. Speaking for a feature on, Lucasfilm
archivist Madlyn Burkert broke down the Sith trooper uniform, saying, “It has some really unique aesthetics to it,
and it has some subtle ties to previous stormtrooper designs, which I think fans will enjoy discovering.” Episode IX director J.J. Abrams seems equally
excited about the introduction of the Sith troopers, saying that he cannot wait for fans
to meet this new batch of baddies. Abrams said, “The materials, the color, the lines… there
is something about the aesthetic of it that just felt absolutely right.” Who the Sith troopers serve remains a mystery
— some are convinced they’ll do the bidding of the returning Emperor Palpatine, while
other sources report that they’ll answer only to Kylo Ren. It’s been reported by leakers and self-proclaimed
insiders that Rey will be getting a new lightsaber in The Rise of Skywalker — and if you believe
the special look teaser shown at D23, that weapon might have more in common with Darth
Maul than Darth Vader. “Ridiculous.” *Chewie noises* “Shh. The grown-ups are talking.” The footage drove the audience wild, according
to CinemaBlend, who spoke with Daisy Ridley about the apparent dark side reveal. Ridley said she felt nervous about how the
footage would be received, but that, quote, “hearing the audience reaction was amazing.” But the actress kept quiet when asked if viewers
should take the whole dark Rey thing at face value. “Uhhhhhm… I mean, we’ll see.” Like many in Star Wars before her, new character
Zorii Bliss was first introduced by her looks rather than her personality. Was she a hero, a villain, or a little of
both? Either way, fans agreed on one thing: she
looked a lot like a rose gold version of Boba Fett. A Vanity Fair feature described the dual-blaster-carrying
Bliss as a masked scoundrel who hangs out in a disreputable place called the Thieves’
Quarter on the snowy planet of Kijimi. Actress Keri Russell has since revealed even
more info, describing her as a cool and shady type, a criminal of sorts, and a friend of
Poe Dameron. She went into more detail when Variety spoke
to her and co-star Oscar Isaac. “She has a little bit of a checkered past,
and maybe some questionable morals, but really she’s an old friend of Poe’s.” Does that mean Dameron and Bliss have a romantic
history? Or did they just used to do star crimes together? “It’s complicated. Ehh, it’s complicated.” Excited Twitter users are already stanning
their relationship — except for those who are still holding on to hope for Finn and
Poe. Rumors that The Rise of Skywalker would go
out of its way to tie all the previous Star Wars movies together have been floating around
for a couple of years now. The specifics of this overarching connection
remain a mystery, but from the little we’ve seen of the movie so far, it’s clear the movie
isn’t skimping on nostalgia. This theme of bringing it all together was
central at D23 Expo 2019, where a sizzle reel featuring iconic shots from throughout the
series was screened. While The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi
have already done quite a bit to call back to the original trilogy, fans can now hope
that the mysteries of Star Wars might come full circle, exploring questions and bringing
back story material that was first introduced in the prequel trilogy. But it’s probably not midichlorians. And it’s hopefully not this guy, either. Have we really seen the last of Harrison Ford’s
Han Solo? Some people don’t think so. It’s been reported for awhile that Han will
appear as a Force ghost in The Rise of Skywalker and help turn his son back to the light. This comes by way of JediPaxis, a Redditor
and moderator of the StarWarsLeaks forum, who claims to have compiled a detailed breakdown
of Episode IX via various inside sources. Lots of people think it’s true, but take it
with a grain of salt and all that. According to the leak, Kylo Ren and Rey will
engage in an epic lightsaber battle on the wreckage of the second Death Star, from which
Rey will emerge triumphant. It’s in that moment of defeat for Kylo that
Han will reportedly appear and coax his wayward son back to the light. Shocking, huh? “What are you talking about?” That said, plenty of fans are scratching their
heads about how exactly a Han “Force” ghost would work, especially since the only Force
we ever saw that guy using was garden-variety lethal force. While many are convinced that Kylo Ren is
in for a redemption arc, mirroring his grandfather’s last-minute change of heart in Return of the
Jedi, fans are having a hard time believing Han will be the one to do it, no matter what
a leak says. Some are theorizing that the leaked Han detail
may be “Obi-Wan killed your father” style misdirection, and that the real movie will
see Anakin himself appear as a Force ghost — but there’s not much evidence out there
for that yet. Either way, it’s looking pretty likely that
Ben Solo won’t finish this series as a bad guy. What was up with C-3PO’s red eyes in that
D23 footage? Well, apparently, it’s a long story, and a
pretty sad one, as well. If leaks are to be believed, our heroes discover
a dagger on Pasaana with a message engraved on it that none of them can understand. Even C-3PO can’t translate it because of limitations
in his programming. Eventually, Poe Dameron intervenes, claiming
to have a contact that can help 3PO translate the ancient writing: Keri Russell’s Zorii
Bliss. Russell’s character introduces the gang to
an alien friend of hers who knows how to unlock the message. But, if rumors about the plot of Episode IX
are indeed true, our heroes face a huge dilemma involving their beloved droid. Is red-eyed C-3PO what happens after he cracks
the code? Is he forever altered? Or do our heroes find another way? We’ll have to wait and see. Rumor has it that the true extent of Rey’s
powers will be revealed in The Rise of Skywalker, and one previously unknown ability will come
to the fore pretty early on in the movie. After the heroes meet up with Lando on Pasaana,
they supposedly end up in a series of underground tunnels. These tunnels in the desert were created by
a huge sand creature, who isn’t particularly pleased with their intrusion. At least, not to begin with. The crew look like they’re done for when the
creature corners them, but, according to leaks, Rey uses a new Force power which allows our
heroes to escape. The exact nature of this power and it’s
implications we’ll leave a mystery, but Rey also reportedly uses this newfound power in
a later scene, with far, far greater consequences. The rumor that General Hux will be revealed
as a mole in The Rise of Skywalker is more than a year old now, so even if you believe
nothing else from the movie’s many alleged leaks, this detail may indeed be legit. The rivalry between Hux and Kylo Ren has been
steadily building over the course of the previous two films, reaching a critical turning point
when Kylo took out Snoke and assumed control of the First Order. According to leaked plot details, it’s revealed
pretty early on in Episode IX that the Resistance has been dealing with an alien informant who
has been acting as a middle man between a certain First Order mole and our heroes. If you buy the legitimacy of the leaks, Hux
is revealed to be the mole at a critical juncture. But, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished,
so it’s likely that Hux’s betrayal will have some serious repercussions … if this whole
“Hux the Mole” gossip even turns out to be true. The news that Billy Dee Williams was reprising
his iconic Star Wars role in The Rise of Skywalker was huge for fans of the original trilogy. Since the announcement, people have been theorizing
about what Lando Calrissian could have been doing since we last saw him. According to leaked plot details, Lando has
been laying low on Pasaana, the sandy world that’s set to feature prominently in the final
installment of the Skywalker saga. It’s also rumored that Lando reveals to the
heroes that he’s the father of a child, one who was taken away from him at an early age. It’s long been theorized that Naomi Ackie’s
Jannah is the daughter of Lando Calrissian. The new character was revealed at Star Wars
Celebration 2019, and fans couldn’t help but notice that her blue and yellow costume, complete
with a cape, looks an awful lot like Calrissian’s get-up from the original trilogy. “Hello, what have we here?” Speculation surrounding Rey’s parents has
been rife ever since Kylo Ren told her that they were nothing but “filthy junk traders”
in The Last Jedi. Some fans were convinced that the hero of
the sequel trilogy had Skywalker blood running through her veins, and when the title of Episode
IX was revealed, many believed that J.J. Abrams planned to do some retconning. However, according to the latest leaks, The
Rise of Skywalker will reveal that Rey is actually the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine. It might sound far-fetched, but it would explain
why the Force is so strong with her. The rumors say that Rey’s parents were killed
on Jakku because they tried to conceal her from Sith loyalists. This would mean that Palpatine fathered a
child at some stage. Is this possible? Well, George Lucas’ abandoned TV show, Star
Wars: Underworld, did plan to reveal that Palpatine once had his heart broken by a woman
with ties to criminal gangs on Coruscant. It would be a pretty bold move for the story
to take, that’s for sure. A great deal of the Rise of Skywalker chatter
has centered around Emperor Palpatine ever since the debut of the teaser trailer. He didn’t appear in the teaser, but his infamous
evil cackle did, and to make sure there was no misunderstanding about what that meant,
actor Ian McDiarmid appeared on stage right after the footage premiered at Star Wars Celebration
2019. We didn’t get a full-on shot of Palpatine
in the final trailer, either, but the character was a much bigger presence this time around. We do, however, get a shot of his new throne
in the final trailer — only it isn’t a new throne at all. This imposing, jagged structure was actually
inspired by an old sketch that legendary concept artist Ralph McQuarrie drew when he was working
on Return of the Jedi. Lucasfilm’s creative art manager Phil Szostak
pointed this out on Twitter, using a side-by-side comparison to show how the throne in McQuarrie’s
sketch and the one in the movie are basically identical. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about the Skywalker
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    In the OT, kids got the Snowtrooper in Empire and the Biker Scout in Jedi as well of thousands of new ships and aliens. Solo gave us women in gold masks and a train (previously seen in Firefly). And the difference between the ships and tech from the prequels to the OT- then compare the lack of any advancement between the OT and this horseshit!!

    btw- we already had red Sith troopers. They were known as the Emperor's Royal Guard and fans probably would have been more excited to see those guys return and in action than just a red new style Stormtrooper. Still, they are a far better design than Rian's red guards which I can't even be bothered to look up the name of.

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