Was Spencer Really A Good Artist?

Was Spencer Really A Good Artist?

Icarly was one of the biggest Nickelodeon sitcoms of the late 2000s and whether you loved it or hated it You have to admit it was weird. Put your finger in his ear. Yes. Perfect. This is the Kayla nut Named after princess Kayla Dupree who became famous for throwing nuts at poor people. No. No, I Cannot even begin to explain how weird this show was and Spencer Shay was one of its weirdest characters in the show Spencer’s main character trait was his ability to sculpt paint draw and mold pretty much any Material you could think of into some bizarre creation This made him a valuable ally in the production of props for Carly’s web show but in terms of his own artistic success The show made him go through many ups and downs in this video I’ll be going through them and taking into account two other factors to determine the answer to this question was Spencer really a good artist You Before we begin I just want to make a quick comment on the show itself I hate to admit it but icarly was actually fairly accurate with how it presented Internet culture when I was a much younger lad I thought that their web show seemed too loud and aimless to realistically be popular but boy was I wrong now I can confidently say that their web show had ten times more substance and entertainment value than the average Paul Brothers vlog Sure, I’ll remember the episode where they staged a fake boxing match just so they could increase each other’s clout Does that sound familiar to anyone? Icarly was actually right on the money in a lot of places and that both Disappoints and fascinates me now since I seriously doubt that Jerry Trainor had much to do with the production of these props I think it would only be fair to at least mention some of the prop designers who did now I searched as far as I could for information regarding this because I was genuinely curious and with the help of tumblr user a perfect day for Whatever that is. I was given a list of the two main prop designers listed on IMDB and the episodes they worked on Unfortunately, most people in the art department had very short profiles and there wasn’t much else to see besides their names But here they are like in my Squidward video I think it’d be a good idea to start off with technical ability And I think it’s safe to say that Spencer has plenty of skill in multiple materials In the entirety of the show Spencer produced several dozen individual art projects all with a variety of materials anything from plastic bottles to yo-yos to butter to pencils just Pretty much anything and everything and they’re usually structurally stable Spencer experiences many ups and downs in his career throughout the series It’s safe to say that he’s definitely not famous or as Sam puts it there’s an art gallery downtown that wants to showcase new works by great unknown artists awesome You’re great artist and you’re definitely unknown but he peeks every now and then such as in the episode I heart art in this episode Carly invites a more accomplished artist Harry Joyner who is noted as an inspiration for Spence sir to review his sculptures Initially he calls them amateur Now I can see why he seems to think this at first the sculptures appear kind of gimmicky without much substance like yeah It’s a bunch of yo-yos cobbled together and an elephant head on a unicycle It appears as though there isn’t much subtle design that goes into them and more just flashy nonsense But later Joyner says he said those things because he was jealous because they’re better than anything. He’s done in a long time I think that’s a curious set of words when Carly meets Joyner in the process of his newest art project He’s barking orders at people riding around lazily on a Segway and overall. He seems kind of bitter I have a theory that Joyner saw a kind of youthful Potential when he viewed the sculptures a drive and innocence that he had lost for a long time and that’s why he felt jealous I think the merit of Spencer’s artwork comes from the colorful optimism and silliness of the sculptures That is uncommon in an art world filled with people constantly trying to ascribe deeper meaning to their work however There were also instances of negative reviews like in the episode I enrage Gibby Where an art critic gives a negative review of Spencer’s work in a newspaper Which prompts Spencer to retaliate in the weirdest way possible by gathering newspapers with that review and shredding them? But once the newspaper accidentally publishes a false obituary for Spencer. He starts selling sculptures for a lot more money So we know that at least in death Spencer could be more successful however It’s worth noting that if he can make enough money to stay in a large apartment and provide for another family member He’s doing a lot better financially than most unknown artists. However, how much of this is being paid for by Carly’s father Who’s on tour in a u.s Submarine or other family members or possible ad revenue from Carly’s web show is hard to say in a later episode I hire an idiot Spencer takes his art to a museum in a section titled a traditional post modernist Which seems like a bit of an oxymoron? Going into what counts as postmodern specifically would take way too long a chunk of this video to explain so I’ll just say it’s pretty much just Weird art that tries it’s absolutely best not to follow art norms. So I think Spencer sculptures would fit in this category So he at least knows the appropriate place to take them and he seems to be known by the curator But as the curator says to get a sculpture in here you have to fill out an application have it examined and approved by the Board of curators get authorization from Three maybe four months Leave it here for a few days. I can’t so it seems that Spencer is rejected not because of the quality of his work But his unwillingness to go through all the paperwork and patience to get his sculptures in a place such as a museum one of Spencer’s Most famous gags is that he can catch nearly anything on fire so much so that the Seattle Fire Department is aware of him very aware and an important thing to note as the iCarly wiki tells us is that things he catches on fire are usually made up of Materials that are non flammable at room temperature. So what does this tell us? Well, it suggests that Spencer might have an untapped wealth of supernatural powers But very little agency over those powers there is even more evidence of this as shown by his. Well, let’s just say unusual effects on women for example in the episode I have a lovesick teacher where he charms Carly’s teacher into dating and boy, does she like Spencer? Even when Spencer doesn’t like her back because of her downright psychopathic behavior Love me or the episode I do Where they go to a wedding and the bride falls in love with Spencer within like 10 minutes Keep in mind on the very day. She’s supposed to get married to someone else or back to the museum episode where this happens I told you specifically that you weren’t married wrong Normally Spencer would be charged with sexual assault, but the Opposite happens. I apologize. I had to do that just do it again. Yeah Yes, it seems Spencer has an uncontrollable aura that gives access to many abilities some consider to be unnatural But what does this tell us about his art? Well Spencer’s talents in multiple mediums his speed and his technological Marvels might be because he’s managed to channel a part of his powers into a talent that he does have agency over but in order To counteract this the powers also destroy what has been made with them His powers aid in his creations, but they also aid in their destruction and oh boy, do they destroy in fact? Sometimes they aren’t just treated like a silly gag in the beginning of the fourth season He burns down Carly’s room with a gummy bear lamp Spencer sculptures are a perfect reflection of his wacky and energetic nature. There’s nothing pretentious about them They could have no meaning at all or they could have the most profound meaning of all time Look you could stare at a Rothko and ponder about the relationship between colors and the majesty of the void for a few hours But thinking deeply about mary sniff –mess is going to keep you up all night. His sculptures are so Unapologetically silly that even in such a bizarre place as the art world. They would probably still be unique So does this make him a good artist? well That kind of depends on what you consider a good artist to be whether it’s the quality of their work The amount of recognition for their work their financial success or something else but what I will say is this Spencer has the talent and the ideas to succeed but his unwillingness to go through the professional work Required to advertise and promote his art is a shortcoming. He nearly loses custody over Carly because of his irresponsible behavior And by that, I mean nearly impaling her head with a hammer Spencer is truly chaos incarnate But he gets that custody returned when he demonstrates control and responsibility in other areas perhaps his seemingly supernatural powers and Astounding talent are a metaphor for the great potential he possesses but without proper control it all comes burning down

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  1. I came here joking that this was about Spencer from iCarly. And i was right. Bow down

    I have bad wifi so couldn't see the thumbnail

  2. Spencer may be able to rival Shaggy if he were able to tap into his full potential. Yet for the good of the universe that potential remains locked away. It’s for the best, really.

  3. Frankly, I think that Spencer is essentially the artists who made the sculptures for the show. People who are asked to make something, and are given little credit for it. Like you said at the beginning it took a lot of work to find these people, and they’re mostly Unknowns. That’s what I think Spencer is; it would explain why we rarely see his works in more then one episode

  4. I dislike the paul brothers as much as the next guy, but when talking about how obnoxious their videos are, you just showed a clip of logan being annoyed that the phone was ringing while he was filming? Like you have all these clips and you choose that? 😂

  5. Jerry Trainor actually had serious back issues following iCarly. Here's hoping it's not too serious, anyone would be in pain after carrying a whole show for 6 years

  6. "So what does this tell us? Well… It suggests that Spencer might have an untapped wealth of supernatural powers."
    This video went from 0 to 100 in 0.5 seconds

  7. First 6 1/2 minutes: Spencer is good enough to get money and recognition but too lazy to follow up on the formalities needed to get on a museum.
    Last 4 minutes: Also… did you know he's implied to have super powers?!?

    Great video

  8. Art is all in the eye of the beholder,something ugly to me may be absolutely beautiful to you
    So theres no way to really tell If hes a good artist

  9. That’s Ash and Eiji from Banana Fish, two male leads from the best shojo manga and anime. A story not to knock at or to ignore.

  10. the fact that he makes art for art's sake, even if he does have idols already makes him a more legit artist than most people who get into museums. There is a beauty to surface level that no one seems to want to admit. I understand that some people really do want to think that something IS deep – and maybe it is unintentionally there – but art that isn't there to make you QUESTION art or parody someone else, art that is just there purely because it was what the artist was feeling in the moment, should have its own place. I really do want to visit a museum that is just a christmas tree with noses on it or a light up sock cake, there will always be a place for absurd for absurdity's sake alone, I get that it's "Lol so random", but is that a bad thing?

  11. Maybe Spencer is just an imagenery version of the lead writer Dan "Hold her tighter she's a fighter" Schneider. That's why is amazing with women and art. Maybe Dan failed at being an artist and wrote Spencer this way as a what If

  12. When I was a kid watching iCarly, I was honestly impressed with Spencer's art. There is just something mesmerizing about a lot of it.

  13. I love how you talk about a postmodernist artist in a tv show being talented or not and while doing so you create a postmodernist video essay that defies the norms of video essays

  14. Do we really have to ask if the man who made spaghetti tacos is a good artist? That man is and always has been a god, we were all just too blind to see it.

  15. "A perfect day for Asheji"

    I feel attacked, I came here to admire Spencer not to cry for SPOILER dead characters

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