Wanna go barefoot? | Live A Little

Wanna go barefoot? | Live A Little

[ Singing ]
I walked barefoot. Through the town. Through the city. Sometimes my feet hurt. Other times, it didn’t. It was really cool. My feet got dirty. Bare feet! Hi. I’m Candace. I’m from Ohio. It’s kind of boring here, so I decided to go outside
and live a little. “Live a Little.” Who needs shoes
when you have bare feet? You can just toughen up
the bottom of your feet by walking everywhere with them. And it’ll just be
like having shoes on. Who’s to say
you got to wear shoes? I say barefoot is the way to go. I’m gonna go everywhere
with bare feet. -[ Singing ]
I like pizza, pepperoni,
mozzarella, and anchovy. -I went to a fancy hotel
without shoes on, and I was all like,
“What up, dawg?” And everybody was like — They didn’t care. -[ Singing ]
I like pizza with salami,
extra cheese, and oregano. I like pizza with tomato. I like pizza. We like pizza. I like pepperoni. -Bowling without shoes on is a lot harder
than you would think it is because bowling shoes
are all special and they grip the floor
nicely and stuff. And when you’re bowling
barefoot, you’re worried about
dropping the bowling ball on your toes and stuff. And then
you’re all slippy-slidey, and then you’re like,
“Ah, I can’t control the ball.” All of my balls
were gutter balls. -[ Singing ]
I like pizza with tomato. I like pizza. We like pizza. I like pepperoni. -I went to the ice-skating rink
without shoes on. I tried to go ice-skating
without shoes on. It’s really cold,
and it hurts, actually. [ Laughs ]
I wonder why. You shouldn’t go ice-skating
without shoes on. -[ Singing ]
I like pizza. We like pizza. -Agh! Moral of the story — you need shoes
for everyday life. But sometimes it feels super
good to just take off your shoes and be barefoot. This wouldn’t feel nearly
as nice with shoes on. I feel the water
in between my toes. We were all born barefoot, so why not take a day
to be barefoot? Try it.
I dare you. Wow.
This feels good. It feels like I am barefoot. Oh, wait. I am.

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  1. Sono Carlo dolce affettuoso estroverso sono un anticonformista un un ippie nel modo di vestire pensare e vivere adoro camminare scalzo in casa sempre estate e inverno e anche in strada caldo o freddo che faccia e tu come sei

  2. I'll never forget the day I learned how important it is to wear those special shoes when bowling. I finished bowling my set and another guy asked me to finish his set after I had put my original shoes back on. I figured eh, what can happen? I bowled the first ball in my original shoes, and it was straight out of a movie. After windmilling my arms for a good five second or so, both feet flew out from under me and I ended up on my butt in the middle of the lane. I didn't make that same mistake with the next ball, but I really wish someone had recorded that fall. I might have gotten rich off it on America's Funniest Home Videos if they had.

  3. her:I went walking barefoot and no one cared
    me:I went biking barefoot people gave me dirty looks HAHHAHAHHAHAH….😅

  4. SoulPanckake I suggest you to delete this video, because there are many foot perverts watching this and are taking pride of YOUR feet but in a weird way…

  5. I hate to see what would have happen if she drop the bowling ball on her barefeet.I,m shock that they let her walk around in her barefeet at the bowling alley and at the ice rink.

  6. Do you still regularly go barefoot after making this video? You seemed to be surprised how fun and simple walking barefoot is, and can easily see you doing so. Your such an energetic person who really enjoys the simple things.

  7. nevermind needles, glass, bacteria, rusty nails.

    What a stupid idea I mean seriously lol.

    That people would have to do something as superficial as not wearing shoes is completely beyound me lol

  8. It's fun watching Candace, she's so full of energy. I just love her. I'd move to Ohio just to be with her. She's a lot of fun.

  9. Jeperes i searched about if bearfoot running is good for you and found the comment section. Perverts

  10. Its weird because like im 16 and thought Candice was cute on SourceFed, and now i see this where she's like my age and its so weird and cute aaaaaaha

  11. Im always barefoot lol even go outside without shoes or with shoes or even flats but mostly flats or with out shoes lol

  12. Going barefoot is the gentlest way of walking and can symbolise a way of living — being authentic, vulnerable, sensitive to our surroundings. It’s the feeling of enjoying warm sand beneath our toes, or carefully making our way over sharp rocks in the darkness. It’s a way of living that has the lightest impact, removing the barrier between us and nature.

    — Adele Coombs, “Barefoot Dreaming”

  13. I feel you. I've been walking EVERYWHERE barefoot since I was about 13. I can walk barefoot in snow and everything. I got so used to it.

  14. Without a doubt, this brilliant girl is probably one of the most talented, creative, witty, humorous profoundly intellectual geniuses this planet has ever produced! One billion subscribers, please.

  15. Going barefoot is healthy. It's good for your feet and good for your posture and a healthy gait. Bare feet receive far more Information about the ground beneath them, lessening the likelihood of sprained ankles and similar injuries. The correct gait reduces shock to the joints, reducing likelihood of injury to those joints. Barefooting can lead to an increased sense of connection to the world around you, due to the increased sensory information gained. You really should do it more. You can search for barefooters on YouTube, also check out this site: http://barefootislegal.org/

  16. This is a great idea! Every woman on the face of the earth should be barefoot. Just imagine of all the feet that  I can take care of. 🙂

  17. To all the foot fetish people in the comments: Y’all know Candace was basically 16 when this video was made? Think about that for a sec!

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