Wall Hanging – Ice Cream Stick Craft – Easy Way to Make Felt Flowers Wall Decor #DIY

Wall Hanging – Ice Cream Stick Craft – Easy Way to Make Felt Flowers Wall Decor #DIY

Hello everyone! Welcome back to S Nuraeni channel. In this video, I’ll show, How to make felt flowers wall decor. Ice cream sticks crafts. Popsicle sticks crafts. In addition to felt wall hangings, this felt craft can also be for graduation gifts, mother’s day gift, and others. Stay tuned… Prepare pieces of felt fabric with this size. Fold it. Then cut to form leaves. Give glue on the back. and fold it like this. Cut without break. Give glue on the bottom. Then roll it. Cut the corners. To form a circle. Then cut and divide into 5 parts. Cut the middle part so that hole is a little big. Like this. Then cut the corners, curved. Now here, you can burn the edges of the petals using a candle flame. Make sure the felt fabric is not exposed to fire because the fabric will turn black later. Burn or heat on top of it using the heat from the fire. The heat from this fire can make the petals become curved. Like this. Then pull the petal slightly to make it wider. Insert the pistil in the middle. Then give glue on the back. Cut the corners. Like this. Cut to form small petals. Then heat it on the fire. And pull a little. Give glue and stick 4 petals. Here I have prepared a cardboard pattern for the basket. The form doesn’t have to be the same, you can create with other forms. Place the burlap fabric behind the pattern and cut it with space. Give a space of about 1 cm. Give glue on the edges. And stick it to the burlap fabric. Cut the edges of the burlap fabric. Give glue and stick it. Cut the hemp rope with a length of approximately 27 cm. 3 pcs. Then make a knot at the end. And the braids. Prepare 58 ice cream sticks. And make 28 pcs of ice cream sticks like this. With the front totaling 25 pcs. Arrange the other ice cream sticks follow the shape that was made before. Give glue evenly on it. And attach it in the middle. Attach the braids to the basket as a decoration. Give glue on the edges. Then attach it on the ice cream sticks. Next, attach the felt leaves and felt flowers one by one. This is wire number 26. Bend the wire. Then give glue on the end. And stick the little felt flower. Cut the ribbon about 45 cm. Watch this. Roll it twice. Then tie starting from the back. Tuck below. And assosiate with this one. Pull left. Stick the ribbon with hemp rope braids. Then stick it above. Cut the hemp rope and make a knot at both ends. Give glue on the back. And attach it. Done. Thank you for watching. See you in another tutorial… Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE~

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