Wall Art Three Ways | Kin Community

Wall Art Three Ways | Kin Community

– Hey guys, it’s Claire, and if you are anything like me, you love to collect pretty things. So today, I’m gonna take
you through my house and show you three ways that
I have taken those things and displayed them creatively. When you walk into my home, you’re gonna be immediately greeted by my gallery wall. I like to think about it as an ever-changing
photo album of my life. I love it because as things happen and people give me things or images are captured, I can put them on the wall and change it all up. I have pictures from my parents when they were in high school, a painting that my uncle painted for me, the wooden spoon that
my friend made for me and gave to me when I was in LA. There is almost no glass
on any of the frames. This not only makes it super
easy to change the art, but also all of the frames were
really, really inexpensive. All I did was find a few
things at a thrift store, spray paint them, and hang them up with a couple of nails. Don’t ever be afraid to make a bold move. I like to start with one
picture in the middle and build off of that. I don’t care if things are crooked, I don’t care if things aren’t centered. For me, it’s all living
and moving and changing, and I think that’s what people really love about it when
they come into my home. Now we’re in my bedroom, which is very small, and the closet is even smaller, so I take every opportunity I can to store things without cramming them into my closet, like my hat wall. Everyone kind of thinks of it as the statement piece of the room. I love it because I
don’t have a headboard, so it’s something nice on this wall. These are just some of my favorite hats, and my boyfriend felt left out, so he snuck one of his in too. All I had to do was a hammer and a nail and line them up. You can mix and match them, you can add and take away. I love this one because there really are no rules. And now we’re in my office where the magic happens. I work on client projects, I do my DIYs, these shelves have been a
lifesaver for my office. Not only do I have a really
great place to store things, but they make me really
happy when I see them. I might have a slight addiction to pink, and I figure I should just own it. So, I decided to collect
all of my pink items and style them all
together onto my shelves. Up there is one of my
favorite things in my house. It’s a little ballerina that used to sit in my
grandmother’s bedroom. I was never allowed to touch it, so I just stared at it all the time, and then I got to have it. Anything that you collect
you can put on a wall and make it not only a
really pretty piece of art but also a really fun
story to tell your guest. Hopefully I’ve convinced
you not to be afraid to collect things, and to
be proud and display them. If you like this video,
please be sure to subscribe. Thanks so much, guys. I’ll see you next time.

19 thoughts on “Wall Art Three Ways | Kin Community

  1. Great video! Where are the shelves from in the office? I love them, and how Claire has styled them!

  2. I just moved into a new place this past weekend, and I'm overwhelmed by all of the wall space. I will definitely use some of these tips. (My fave was the wall of frames).

  3. Love this! Very inspiring space that's unique and I like that it's always changing. Thank you for sharing!

  4. love it! totally doing this now that im in the middle of house reorganizing. where did you get those shelves?

  5. Loved the gallery wall and how you also framed little trinkets from friends and included photos of your parents! Really great way to put all things loved on one wall.

  6. Hey Claire,
    Great looks, thanks for sharing.
    Can you please tell me how you made the white holders for the wood shelves with your collection of favorite pink things?
    Thank you!

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