VLOG & Calendar Art  – November 2019

VLOG & Calendar Art – November 2019

hello everyone it’s Shel C with PpaerOcotilloStudioo and it is time for my November video log and calendar art I
know that today is not November it is the last day of October but the big news
is that in November- through the art joy of sharing Facebook group and live
channel – we have art journaling EVERYDAY! we call this event #artjournalhabit2019 and there will be postings every single day on Instagram and of
course a video every day of the art journaling that we are doing this month
so everything is result revolving around that we do have a prompt list and I will
show you the prompt list now so that you can play along these are just randomly
generated one word and you know they’re just for inspiration I know that
you that a lot of people are playing along and I know that that you will see
a lot of different things to do with those one word prompts if you would like
to share if you would like to play along and share your art you can join the art
joy of sharing Facebook group I’ll put a link below the video and there will be a
file a photo album there for you to place all your work during this month
and also you can post it anywhere else using the hashtag art journal habit 201
9 that would be on Instagram on Facebook wherever you want to post your art
that’s fine just use the hashtag and then we can find it so we’re excited
about that and of course everything that I do all the videos that I make this
month will be related to that so today at 10:30 Eastern
time is the live show and you can come and join us I know this one’s coming out
at 7:00 a.m. and at 10:30 a.m. is the live show over on the art joy of sharing
live stream channel and we will be doing our first page today which is the 31st
and then we’ll post it the speed version tomorrow which is the first so I believe
the prompt is roar and that’s what we’ll be doing on the live stream today so
come and join us you can you know talk in the chat and watch it in life um you
know real-time and then tomorrow will be my speed up version on my regular
channel also it just happens that our pick a stick challenge which is another
Facebook Facebook group challenge that I have the first Friday of every month is
when we bring out our version of the art journal page pick a stick challenge our
being peg and I because we do both of those groups together
pick a stick challenge started out with four people and a couple people dropped
out so we do though both of those groups together
pick a stick challenge is a randomly draw one word prompt challenge and the
prompts for the art journal page the altar tag and the ATC will be coming out
November 1st tomorrow and also in addition to November 1st page will be
also doing pick a stick challenge along with roar so it’s just gonna be one big
challenge just a drawer to it and then yeah so that’s what’s gonna be going on
let me just talk a little bit about what’s going on in the screen real quick
before I continue my prattling this is my November planner page each month this
year I’ve been decorating my planner page for the month and then using that
as the artwork the calendar art is the artwork I’m showing while I’m doing my
vlog so the first thing I did was to take some different gel prints that I
had in colors of blues and purples and teals though
type of colors remind me of winter remind me of cold remind me of you know
snow and and scenes of of trees covered in snow and they look white and blue and
gray and purple and so those are the colors that I chose in papers this time
and I cut them in strips different ones and strips and I glued them down
covering the areas that I don’t want to be seen on my page and now I’m just
adding some additional visual interest by using some masks these are the
snowflake masks from stencil girl products and I will link these stencils
in the description box below so you can find them if you’d like to have these
masks I think there’s one more snowflake I’m not sure but I think I only have two
of them and there might be a third one but I will link them down there in the
description box below the video as well as all the other products that I used
during this project of course that most of those links go to Amazon which are
affiliate links if you use those links I get a few cents even if you’re not
buying art supplies whatever you buy it doesn’t cost you anything if you use the
links I get credit for sending you to Amazon which gives me a little bit of well a very small amount of money to
spend on more art supplies and things in education and things like that so I’m
always happy there’s also a link down there that is just straight to my amazon
store which has things that I enjoy listed in it and if you use that link if
you bookmark that you can use it everytime you go to Amazon then I get
credit if you buy your dog food or your whatever you buy so I’m always happy
when people use my affiliate links to Amazon the stencil girl isn’t an
affiliate link because it’s just helping you find the product sometimes that
happens so after I did the mask stenciling over the top then I’m also
using a stamp set from Stampin Up this one’s probably discontinued but I’ll
find you something similar of snowflakes which I used white acrylic paint just
remember that you need to clean off the stamps right away so that is making my
background and then I’m drying it of course with the heechul so back to the
biggest stick challenge which we do every month the altar tag and the atc
this this month will be incorporated into my art journal projects in addition
the beaver moon on the 12th will be part of my art journaling in my art journal
habits 2019 book which I had created specifically for this challenge that
moon will that moon page will be in that book and then also my animal portrait
will be in that book as well so those will those things will also come up
although last month I I really I was taking a mental health break having a
lot of problems with depression and I didn’t get my animal portrait done so
there might actually be two animal portraits this month yeah I struggled to
get anything done yet last month so you know that’s that sometimes happens also
jeana’s design team jena be Erin’s designs I’m on her design team I will be
using her prompt inks and fibers that will be coming out on the 19th and guess
what it’s gonna be on an art journal page also our live stream which is every
Thursday at 10:30 central on the art joy of sharing live stream channel will all
be art journaling this month yeah art journaling all over the place even even
everything that we do will be on our journaling this month so you know if you
like to watch a video every morning with your cup of coffee this is your month be
sure that when you watch all my videos you give them a thumbs up and leave me a
comment or question and all that stuff and it’ll be a good month if you guys
all do that the only thing that will not be in our journal page this month on the
fifth comes the video for the for my stencil girl design team creative team
project and that one was called gifted or credit
and of course the blog post and the video will be on the fifth that’s just
something that we did so yeah yeah I don’t know anything else to say so the
next thing that I did on my page here is I took my white pasta pen which is a
white paint pen and I did a little bit in very simple simple tree some some
snowy hills a tall tree with a little snowman underneath it and then now I’m
writing the letters November and I think I also drew a moon and some stars and
I’m I’m drawing them in white because what I’m going to be doing is doing
reverse painting so instead of painting in the drawing I’m painting the things
that are not in the drawing and I’m using white acrylic paint to do that so
it’s kind of painting out the background and then allowing that colorful blue
purple lavender to you background to show through where the images are so
it’s the REE it’s just it’s the opposite opposite and 100% and I’m I do take some
water color crayons these are the Neo color twos and had a little bit of
shading because the November didn’t stand out very much and I did that on
the other pieces to I’d used a purple and then a teal color crayon to do a
little bit of shading on my my drawing images simple drawn images yeah that was
what I did so another thing that I always like to do during my vlog is to
have some thank you so let’s do that now here is my thank-you screen which also
has a kind of a picture of what I’m talking about the blues and purples and
heels of the wintry sky but thank you Lynn Lori Ann Patricia sander Linda
Arlene Kailyn mosaics and Rennie for donating to my channel if you would
like to donate there is a Pope PayPal donation button down below the video you
can click on that you can use your credit card to donate to my channel and
it does not cost you anything so you can always you know I’m doing
this for free and it helps when people show their appreciation in that way so
the next thing I did was to add some glitter glue it’s it’s Nuvo glitter
diamond type glitter and it just makes it sparkly it’s hard to see on the video
I did try to make a little boomerang video so that you could see the glitter
just real quick here see the glitter yeah that’s pretty it kind of reflects
the colors in the background and then what else did I do oh yeah I decided
that in the white spaces that I had painted out the background I would just
add back in a few snowflakes using the same stamp set this is from Stampin Up
it’s an old one using some archival ink and I think that’s the last thing that I
did on this project let me just make sure oh I did have one other thing to
share if you pick up the magazine Somerset studios for the winter the
winter edition you will see my heart I got published in that magazine and here
is a picture of what’s in the magazine this piece was done with the help of
some stencil stencils and then peg and I and Mary Beth all had art and the
magazine so you can take a look at it there’s not a video of me making that
piece it wasn’t intended as a video was specifically for that’s that magazine so
it’s the Somerset studios and you can pick it up at Hobby Lobby probably or
Michaels or someplace like that you can also order a subscription online I
believe they have a special going on and you can get a two-year subscription to
that magazine it’s beautiful magazine so I just wanted to tell you guys about
that I think it’s kind of fun and cool to be published it’s not the first time
I’ve been published a few times but I just haven’t submit
anything recently so that is it for me for this vlog for the month of November
I hope you’ll be joining us in participating in some way in our big
event for November the hashtag art journal habit 2019 thanks bye bye

32 thoughts on “VLOG & Calendar Art – November 2019

  1. You spread such light and joy- you come across as so very full of life- I pray that joy returns back to you! Beautiful snowy calendar!

  2. Gorgeous calendar art! I look forward to your art journal pages in November! Hope you are feeling better…I too struggle with depression.

  3. I'm sorry to hear your struggling with depression…I do too so I know how it feels. Remember it gets better. I love your work I am so excited for a video a day in November!

  4. You calendar art is AAAAmazing!!!! I love the piece you were published with. Thanks so much for sharing! Looking forward to your challenges this month.

  5. Great page, Shel. We’re having some really hot days mixed with cooler ones, but we are heading towards summer. However, in southern parts of Australia snow has still been falling. And you have released the November journal prompts on the 1st over here. 😘 We’re ahead of the game! 😂😂😂 Hopefully, you’re able to have a little downtime during this next very busy month. 💞

  6. Congratulations on being published! It was a cool looking piece! I like this wintery one as well! We're feeling it in Beaverton OR at the moment.🥶

  7. Congratulations on getting published in Somerset. Your work is quality and deserves to be seen. Love the calender page too.

  8. Wow! You are super busy!! Your calendar pages are so pretty with all that you added to the prints. I am sorry to hear about the depression. It sounds like you are doing better now. That’s the important thing, don’t stay in that hole. I know. Been there, done that. 💜

  9. Love your calendar art this month, those colours look so pretty together. I am glad you took some mental health time last month, you need to do that more often. Miss you when you are not here, but if you don't take that time you may not be here at all for me to watch. Take care of yourself first.

  10. Congrats on being published, the art that you submitted is absolutely beautiful. Your talents, hard work ethic, and kindness is all very inspiring, On a serious note I am glad you listen to your mind, body, spirit and took a little break. However, if you feel like that break was not enough I hope you would listen to your body once again because girl it sounds like a crazy month ahead with all the art commitments and I know you are the primary caregiver for your loved one. Please, please,please take care of yourself. From a loyal subscriber, who really does care

  11. That's quite lovely Shel. Glad you're feeling better and that you took time for yourself. I'm looking forward to your art journaling next month. Hang in there.

  12. Being such a busy bee who wants to share so much, don’t forget to give all this love to yourself first, Shel. It is important that you take a pause for introspection every now and then to recharge your battery. ❣️

  13. Your calendar page is gorgeous! Congratulations on being published!
    Thanks for sharing. I am glad you’re feeling better.

  14. Oh my dear I’m not at all surprised you’re depressed given everything that’s going on in your life. I’m impressed that you get as much done as you do! Hugs my dear.

  15. Love these colours! Great that you're in Somerset Studios mag – lovely entry! I don't subscribe because it costs a fortune here in Aus, but it's a lovely mag. Sorry you've been struggling with depression – it's something I deal with too. Glad you took a litte time for yourself. Don't hesitate to step back in November if the video-a-day is too much – you're too important, and we'll wait! Love your art – it makes me happy – thankyou!

  16. Looking forward to each morning waking up with your videos. Man what a project you are starting! Anyway as always I’m inspired by you.
    I’m in Europe and wish we have a hobby lobby etc. same with subscription to this magazines you mentioned.
    As for Amazon: the European one doesn’t support your list there. So sorry. Buying from the states brings issues with taxes people.
    Anyway thanks for being there dear.

  17. I can't believe how much art you do in a month. Where do you get your creative ideas from? Hope you're feeling better this month and thanks for sharing,Shel.

  18. I posted some comments in response to your November calendar/planner page video, under your video this morning. I don’t see it here. I love your November decorated calendar/planner page and I’m really looking forward to your art journal page painting, inspired by a one word prompt, each day this month. Woo Hoo! 💕

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