Hiroshima, Japan is known around the world for being an event, more than an actual place. On the 6th August 1945. The city was completely destroyed. The resulting radiation was so deadly that
the survivors and their families still suffer from increased cancer rates to this day. Visiting the Peace Park and the museum here, it’s a pretty sobering experience. You learn about events like this from a school
text book or from films. But to actually be here and see where it happened. It’s pretty eye opening. Before our trip, somebody I know asked me. Is Hiroshima even safe to visit? And it’s a surprisingly popular question
online as well. Now I’m sitting here editing this video
right now so obviously it is safe. But the city itself is still not what I expected. Over 70 years after the disaster. A lot of has changed here. When you sit in that park and you look outwards
and you see beautiful trees and nature. You see a working tram system. You see tall skyscrapers all around you. You see people going to work you see restaurants. You know in under 100 years this place has
turned from literal rubble into a living and breathing city that is vibrant it’s exciting it’s friendly. There’s a lot going on. I think the message to take away from Hiroshima
is yes you should always remember the past. But this is city looking towards the future as well. Whether that’s through technology. The food scene. Craft breweries. Their awesome baseball team and their super
passionate fans. Rooftop bars with a unique twist. You slide all the way down! What you don’t hear enough about is just
how much fun it is to explore Hiroshima and the surrounding area. Oh my god! It’s a testament to the people here that
within days of the bomb dropping. They were rebuilding their homes, they were
rebuilding their shops, they were clearing the tram tracks of rubble. They wanted to get going again. And you can still feel that today. You can feel that spirit here. And it’s very inspiring. There’s a little story that I want to finish
this film with. And it’s about how these paper cranes became
a symbol of the city. Sadako Sasaki was 2 years old when the atomic
bomb exploded above Hiroshima. Miraculously she survived with almost no injuries. But 10 years later when she turned 12 years
old. Sadako was diagnosed with Leukaemia and given
only a year to live. In hospital she started folding paper cranes. She gave herself a goal of making a 1000 of
them before she died. It’s not clear whether she hit her goal,
but today the people of Hiroshima still make them. And they encourage visitors to do the same. Its become recognised as a symbol of peace
and determination. But it also carries a warning. That even though Hiroshima is a forward thinking
city, completely reborn. Something like this can never happen again.

72 thoughts on “Visiting HIROSHIMA Today: IS IT SAFE from RADIATION?!

  1. This was heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time mate, a story masterfully told. You keep going deeper and deeper with your films and I can't get enough… 👌💪

  2. Awesome story. Miyajima is amazing! And the museum was fantastic. ..the cranes… The flame the burns until all nuclear weapons are gone…man I miss that place. So well done Ryan.

  3. It is incomprehensible how something like this can happen. How can a country drop a nuclear bomb on another!? How does that country get away with it? We think these kind of videos are your best, increase in tempo, story building and the narrative. Great job! Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Wow, I had no idea that so much of what was left after the bomb is still there. The history of this place alone makes it a must-see, but you've really captured a lot of Hiroshima. Hiroshima's tourism bureau should be paying you to make this their "visit Hiroshima" video. Great job. What's ironic is that our next video is also going to be about visiting a city that was mercilessly bombed to pieces.

  5. this is really an eye opener… i like how you're videos are professionally made… its like you got a whole production team .. thank you for sharing 😀

  6. Great video and voice over. I had heard the paper crane story before. Great story and amazing the progress the city made after such a devasting event.

  7. i've always wanted to visit Hiroshima! such a tragic part of history there but its great to see how the people have rebuilt themselves and bounced back after those tragic events. i like how your choice of music brings the vibe on the history and events that took place there. great video once again!

  8. I visited Hiroshima about 15 years ago and it's true, it's very eye opening. I left the museum with a heavy heart and pretty drained. It was interesting to see the rest of the city as I only went there to visit the museum. That rooftop bar looked so awesome!! I'll have to go back someday.

  9. Beautiful video. I heard a lot about Hiroshima, but if I never heard what has happened and then send me to the city – I'd never expect it… well, obviously I would at some point, but in the footage, it looks like it never happened. Like a normal city. Does it make sense? 😅 Lovely story about the papercranes!

  10. Great video…A real piece of film making. Great shots, editing and very well written. The paper crane store is a very nice ending. I'm looking forward to watching more of your travels.

  11. We finally found the time to watch your latest–hopefully you can forgive us, your biggest fans, for the delay! 🙃😄 Very well done, per usual! That tricycle speaks volumes. It's uplifting to see that life is generally flourishing there. Did you try the dish at 1:49? The paper cranes are really cool! Where did you and Emma drop them to, was it inside or outside the building?

  12. Great video! Seeing something once is better than hearing about it 1000 times. You captured the tragic cost of the event but determination and perseverance of the people so well. Amazing job!!!

  13. Very cool topic to cover. I think it is important to visit such places. it's great to see them rebuild so strongly. Touching about the paper cranes.

  14. Man, you did a great job in covering the history but also showcase the beauty of today. It's great to see a beautiful come from such a hard time. It's great to see one person impact still making a difference today with the paper cranes.

  15. What a touching video, especially with the paper cranes story at the end. You really got me. I like how you made your story into a circle with the same begin and end shots.

  16. It's so sad to see the destruction that followed the bomb… The video was really well put together! There are many videos that talk about a place's history but the way this was done with the music, the voiceover and old clips, really gave me the feels which most people struggle to achieve. That shot of the old children's bike 😔 I agree, it is incredible how the city has bounced back. If you visited without knowing about it's past, you'd think it was a city just like any other. The story behind the cranes is so sad but beautiful!

  17. This was such a beautiful and moving video, Ryan. War is terrible and nobody wins. What a testament to the people of Hiroshima that they were able to pull themselves up again. But also such a sad tale about the paper cranes. I had heard about their significance but didn't know the fully story. You're right, this can never happen again. 💔

  18. I think you did a great job of capturing the beauty and history of this city. It can be tricky since Hiroshima has such an important message of history for us all but they are also a vibrant, thriving place now which is wonderful to explore and see in videos…hopefully one day we can visit for ourselves as well!

  19. I keep going back to watch this amazing story of Japan… You have told this story so well I cant stop watching it over and over! 😎

  20. Amazing storytelling, Ryan! The music, the pacing, the voice over, the editing, all worked beautifully – and the story at the end was a very moving way to end it. Awesome job!

  21. I dont understand is that how is Chernobyl still radioactive but Hiroshima isn't? I thought radioactivity lasts for over 100ndrds of years. Or so i heard over and over form scientist

  22. i'm truly amazed watching the video, and it's not what i expected at all!! great job capturing the place it's your narration.

  23. Wow. Just wow. I’m at a lost for words. I’m glad they have overcame such a devastating event. But I agree this should never happen again.

  24. This is amazing!! Thank you so much for capturing all the beautiful sceneries 😭😭 its absolutely beautiful and inspiring.

  25. Of all of the places I've been, this place truly stands out.
    You can still see the burn marks on the side of the dome.
    Gives you chills..

  26. I wish I had seen the paper crane memorial, how beautiful! I didn't have much time in Hiroshima but the Peace memorial park was so somber, it made a life long impression on me. Breaks my heart what happened there.

  27. Beautifully narrated. Like with life, there's not many things which are all negative or all positive, so I'm glad to hear that despite the sad, painful memories of recent history, there's that positive energy to keep driving Hiroshima onto the future. A very respectful and touching video. 🙇

  28. I didn't have the time to visit it when I was in Japan. But what a breathtaking story, so well edited. Well done mate!

  29. Still can't believe the disaster that happened there… the tiny bicycle is heartbreaking. Your voiceover and presentation really gave this video the needed importance, inspiring really! Hiroshima is for sure on our bucket list now.

  30. Beautiful. Everything in this video is perfect, we really liked the story about the paper crane, really touching .

  31. Oh my! It’s so inspiring: the video, the stories, the places. We are in Hiroshima right now 24/7/19

  32. Very interesting! We went to Nagasaki and visited the Atomic Museum and it was very interesting and somewhat sad to see that in the entire museum there is no mention of Pearl Harbor or that Japan was the aggressor in WWII, just lots of comments about America dropping the bomb because we spent too much money to develop it to not use it. It was very sobering to see that local twist on history.

  33. Really enjoyed watching this as it's something I've asked as well and I am really surprised by how vibrant and built up the city is again

  34. I haven't been here, and maybe never will. You're video was 'real enough' for me to feel the tension, the fear, horror and the anxiety. I do hope you are right, that a disastrous tragedy like this may never repeat itself.

  35. The type of radiation is different than a release of particles.
    No It's Not Safe But Your Chances Are/Was Lower These Many Years Later.
    Long life particles are affecting everyone all over the world. They didn't remain in Japan and travelled with the waters and wind.
    Don't matter now!
    *Fukushima created an entire new worry and danger for all in Japan*.

  36. As expected, a beautifully created video. I love the narration and the story that you've put in to this video. Amazing job on this one! So much history and information. Two thumbs up 🙂

  37. I've read blogs from people that have visited and they've all said it's so surreal. It's good to see the city has grown and developed, but also important to remember its past. That spirit you speak of… wow. I can feel that through your video.

  38. The introductions with the old footage were very interesting to see. The footage of the little bike was very sad to watch. It's definitely weird to see and think that under a hundred years the city completely transformed. It's really beautiful to see I guess. I really loved the quote you used " you should always remember the past". That just fitted perfectly.

  39. Ok, I never want to walk down stairs again. Why can’t we just slide?
    The crane story is so sad and poignant. I didn’t realize they are still experiencing an increase in cancer rates to this day.

  40. Such a great film, your narration, story telling and mood setting are top quality. It's so good to see this city full of life after such a tumultuous history. Thanks again for sharing.

  41. damn in history of mankind only nazis and the most genocidal freak nation of all time the usa would ve used this on almost surrendered broken nation that cant respond, they did this to unarmed population so they can claim to be the good guys, rewrite history, establish military and dollar dominance and also use it to study effects of nuclear bomb on humans in densely populated urban environment

  42. This is one place I need to visit I have always been fascinated with their history the people their strength to overcome & rebuild

  43. It was sad to inflict pain and death. All upon normal every day people. One's like every where in the world. Just trying to survive another day in life.
    It is shame to have governments fighting these battles. One bully fighting another.
    Normal every day people. All living in this world, have no say in the matters of war. Billions of people effected from ideas of only a few. What is
    wrong with this picture?

  44. How awful. These innocent Hiroshima (and Nagasaki) citizens did nothing and America ruined countless lives. I really wish we could live in a world with no war and no hate.

    Great job on this little film by the way 🙂

  45. "after the disaster" …. it was NOT a disaster ! it was purposely done by human beings . It was a Bomb being dropped .

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