Virtual Characters Learn To Work Out…and Undergo Surgery πŸ’ͺ

Virtual Characters Learn To Work Out…and Undergo Surgery πŸ’ͺ

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute Papers
with Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. This work is about creating virtual characters
with a skeletal system, adding more than 300 muscles and teaching them to use these muscles
to kick, jump, move around and perform other realistic human movements. Throughout the video, you will see the activated
muscles with red. I am loving the idea, which, turns out, comes
lots of really interesting corollaries. For instance, this simulation realistically
portrays how increasing the amount of weight to be lifted changes what muscles are being
trained during a workout. These agents also learned to jump really high
and you can see a drastic difference between the movement required for a mediocre jump
and an amazing one. As we are teaching these virtual agents within
a simulation, we can perform all kinds of crazy experiments by giving them horrendous
special conditions, such as bone deformities, a stiff ankle, muscle deficiencies and watch
them learn to walk despite these setbacks. For instance, here you see that the muscles
in the left thigh are contracted, resulting in a stiff knee, and as a result, the agent
learned an asymmetric gait. If the thigh-bones are twisted inwards, ouch,
the AI shows that it is still possible to control the muscles to walk in a stable manner. I don’t know about you, but at this point
I am feeling quite sorry for these poor simulated beings, so let’s move on, we have plenty
of less gruesome, but equally interesting things to test here. In fact, if we are in a simulation, why not
take it further? It doesn’t cost anything! That’s exactly what the authors did, and
it turns out that we can even simulate the use of prosthetics. However, since we don’t need to manufacture
these prosthetics, we can try a large number of different designs and evaluate their usefulness
without paying a dime. How cool is that? So far, we have hamstrung this poor character
many-many times, so why not try to heal it? With this technique, we can also quickly test
the effect of different kinds of surgeries on the movement of the patient. With this, you can see here how a hamstring
surgery can extend the range of motion of this skeleton. It also tells us not to try our luck with
one-legged squats. You heard it here first folks. Thanks for watching and for your generous
support, and I’ll see you next time!

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  2. Could this be combined with boston-dynamics type robots to produce robots that not only can figure out on their own how to do things, but also how to keep doing them after being damaged?

  3. The ai will be implemented on robots, then the ai will learn to dodge objects (bullets, fists) to an extreme level where he would never get hit, learn to run faster and faster, and single handedly demolish humans

  4. honestly. as someone with a Q angle off by 10 degrees, I know how painful it is. this ai is going to help research to make sure people like me are given a better quality of medical care.

  5. Makes me want to recreate it and make two of them fight, make one super strong guy fight like 10 normal guys, make them fight with melee weapons etc. Would be cool.

  6. Imagine Jeff Cavalier see that goddamn deadlift form..!! Maybe he will teach him to do some facepull to avoid some internal rotation of the shoulders and fix imbalances..!

  7. 1:25 that's japanese girls. i thought it was an exageration but i saw some in france that i couldn't help but laugh. their knees were completely inwards, like 45 degrees.

  8. Next video; allow for bone structure alterations such as bone compression when applying force. This is going to be an awesome set of videos. I can tell from now.

  9. Idea: run a GAN model to discover a new prosthetic that allows moving faster and more efficiently than what is naturally possible for a human.

  10. I am amazed by the visual simulation as well. Good job two minute papers. Can anyone tell me how is the channel creator creating these wonderful skeleton graphics? Is this some software that I don't know about?

  11. hey dude

    there is a game named toribash, which is a physics based sandbox fighting game

    in toribash there are tons of diffrent mods

    most of them are for pure fun, some of them are realistic.

    can you try to make this ai to fight with a real person in toribash on a realizm mod ? for example s_mma mods or lawz_mas_ring_8_15

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