Yo, what’s up guys welcome to reaction time I’m joined by infinite kailasam selfie and uh today what are we doing What are we doing? I don’t know what every club I think it’s their first. Collab your honor. Yeah And we’re gonna do these Asian make up transformations. These girls go from this to this So similar to the don’t judge me challenge if you guys never seen that Basically girls without any makeup Transforming into what seems to be a completely different person already already guys before we begin make sure to check out infinite He’s gonna be in the description first link, but without further ado ready. I’m so ready Oh, whoa quick she’s put on eyebrows How’d she do that she went wait? What can we watch that again? I’m very confused. Semi eyebrows my eyebrows and then Read what she pasted on eyebrows she has eyebrows stickers. That’s a thing. I don’t want one. Okay She’s starting to start to glow up are in the transformation eyeliner, I think don’t quote me on that Wait, wait, what is that is that she had layers to her face? Is that extra skin? I don’t know. This is turn me out Yeah, and I was skating I’ve never seen anybody do does that give you like a a nicer? Jawline? Should we try it out? I mean, oh Yeah, really sure what stop Right, I can’t even see what see all right lipstick Okay, look at cute Wait, what is that? She already looks completely Different kind of a person. Okay, that was her in the beginning She got thinner I think it was like what I mention she added and then there’s a little bit of contouring you crush that fish be like this This too much. Do you didn’t just say something that happens Union past. I’ve got that fish All right. I actually have did you meet her in person or something? Yes Okay, so I’m not saying all girls do this, but I have been catfished a girl You know that they make it seem like they’re like thinner or like prettier than they actually are the like I see him in real life and it’s like you know, I Just remembered of my story. I know why now, I can’t say it. Oh, I’ll just say they lied about their gender Neck cream, what is that for? Oh, they always like to go live. I mean is she’s Japanese or Korean? I just know in Asian countries. They usually like to have like the lighter complexion. Okay. Yeah, it’s more popular Here is the exact tops. Yeah, whatever wants to be darker here. Yeah, like I’m outcast. Okay. I need to get a nice I burned but then it turns into a tan. Luckily, but I still burn I turn it to a lobster’s pretty bad So she just makes it white What this is this is a different person it is did they switch when we were looking or all right She put our hair down and all of a sudden Right. Just imagine if you took this girl swimming All over gave up your lake. Who are you? Where’s my girlfriend? Oh, she’s like go swimming on the first day guys Why would she just shave her nose that scared me I really thought she was like cutting our nose on me Or no, I don’t wanna see it again you guys by the way infini has the catfish guide 101 for you? He’s gonna tell you what to do on the first date to make sure but she’s not catfishing you Basically all you have to do is take the girl, you know, ask her out on a date but say hey Let’s go swimming first or let’s go to the beach play summer Play some volleyball on the beach and they’d get in the water Make sure she dunked, you know, like maybe like push her to the wirele whole face in the water Are you who you say you are people already seriously? Oh, all this stuff will just fall off and then now, you know unless she’s not wearing anything and then well then yeah Then you just then wifey like yeah, and then you just kind of tortured her for no reason. Yeah, that’s true Maybe not do that. Yeah, maybe you should do that. It just depends like you could be nice with it Just like actually like knock her into the water to be like, ah, sorry those catfish guy 101 What did she add maybe like some sort of clay thing around a and she just cheated are you shaving it off though I think this is is this the time where she like goes back to no makeup because like she added the nose and there’s riding It off, I’m guessing. Yes. She’s going back now. She’s taking off the makeup Yeah, she’s taking everything off now Oh Shot is crazy Oh Wait, that wasn’t a sticker. I’m surprised She’s a different. This is Photoshop No, but honestly, this is some CGI ourselves image. I don’t know I’m so excited for this one actually. Okay, I’m going to be amazed. She’s okay as white as me No, no, that’s basically I giving you a blank canvas to freely express yourself, you know You can draw whatever you want makeups kind of like art. It’s like yeah, it is painting It is art in your face on it’s a skill Tim. Yes, if you’re really good at doing stuff like this year. You’re very talented Oh Why would you put that in your eyes, ah, it’s a color contact this is like some sort of canto I don’t like that really It’s creepy a little bit It kind of reminds me of like yeah, I don’t know about this actually kind of rise me of like shark eyes a little bit Well, I’m ready already she’s a different person is that neck cream again or whatever Okay, I actually wonder how many girls in Japan Korea China wherever it may be in Asia do this and have this transformation Like is it a big percentage or very few? They’re just this talented if it’s a big amount of girls I don’t know what to tell you. She changed her skin color. Yes of all like that’s not what she looked like it. Okay Well, then you can probably tell if you star in real life you’d be able to tell but I mean, that’s still insane Freak you Oh, what was that? Who’s this? Oh god. She just peeled her face Imagine I’m like I know incident and your like wtf is going on it would be so creepy Okay God that makes me cringe so much so went through her nose just go through the nose What if she misses just like snapped your nose she missed. Oh No, oh Okay Wow, oh my god she went from like a girlfriend to like a girlfriend’s mother Wow, that’s the ultimate catfish Oh, oh this No, oh wow cute hit me up in the yeah Jamie oh, never mind. Maybe you like this Oh I like a square head good everyone do this at home I don’t know like we’re gonna I didn’t even know I could do this. All right, what are we doing? I look like a fly with this like Flyway. I Hate that what is it? This is some sort of clay that dries up or something the hardens like I mean her nose is still fine. Her nose is literally perfectly fine She already looks so different. Wow That’s crazy, right? There’s no way so guys she went from this to this that’s like me going from this to this That’s not okay. So what’s the game plan? Do we have a catfish finder a second there? Cuz I don’t think the nose is gonna come off. How do we find the catfish? I guess we have to like maybe like rubber nose a bit Yeah, yeah and then just like hey your nose fell off really do it Are they pasted on you? I don’t Wait, oh it goes on the cheekbone Yeah, so it like literally it gives an illusion of a smaller face just because it looks leaner. So insane Now she looks so good like Okay, guys, what do you think about this did you find this normal because to be honest I don’t find this don’t know you find this. No. No, I don’t find this normal so like this I don’t like this Yeah, I’d rather them like if everybody goes natural then just lowers all this thing’s right. Yeah, it’s like be yourself I think you should be yourself cuz this girl it just doesn’t look like over now Unless you really like it and you want to be a makeup artist or you just enjoy I don’t think it’s worth spending that much time Holy Oh Wait, did she just take something to make her face like ultra slim imagine? It’s like a little pills like a magic pill Alright guys, we’re gonna take the magic pill. You ready here take one This is amazing do I look different do I I don’t know I’m scared to my face wait, look at the camera you guys without editing is really Alright, here we go There’s just so much going on And it’s so big. It’s like a two hour time lapse. Yeah, what do they keep putting watermelon as she had an old pill? Maybe the watermelon makes you like plum Was because our eyelashes, oh she got a mustache I was like this that’s a different type of transformation Comparison time we got original versus new which one did you guys like better? I don’t know like this makes me feel a weird you question everything. You can’t trust anyone I don’t trust my eyes. I might have makeup on right now. I might look completely different See told you okay? All right guys, and this one is gonna be the last transformation. Here we go This weights limit your lips Whoa, she gave her lips. I’m very like salty. I don’t know. It’s like a glowy, huh? this is so weird now it’s time for us to transform three to what I Think we do for years Wow, I’m looking great. Yeah, I just look like a surfer I look like a rock. Yeah you do Oh, you got the mustache, too? That’s it I’m leaving my own forever guys that is gonna wrap it up for this video crazy makeup transformations What’d you guys think? Do you guys think they look a lot better after or more before but yeah That’s gonna wrap it up for the video guys Make sure to check us out on our socials gonna be here and here and also don’t forget check out Infinite’s channel in the description First link thank you for this video. It was awesome. It was awesome off and we’ll see you guys next


  1. Imagine totally falling for one of these girls, then going into the shower with her and having a lovely surprise under all that make up… -_-

  2. This happens after getting her reality. [ | โ†’ /โ†’ __ ] only legends understand this… ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. I'm an asian girl. FYI girls are wearing these kind of make up to challenge themselves, not to impress guys.

    But this is one of a nice video. Your reactions are so hilarious ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  4. Imagine when u have this kind of girlfriend
    And her birthday come
    And u want to celebrate her birthday without letting her know
    The day come u buy a cake and drove to her house but see her mom but not her xD

  5. I am from India….I am also found it ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    I am a color is medium..not that dark…or not that fair….I love my skin color…

  6. This type of makeup only looks good under thick thick thick filters, you will be able to tell immediately in real life. Filter does all the magic.

  7. It is tape she puts tape on their faces to make your jawline good so you can just stop thinking its skin I'm not trying to be mean but I'm just saying

  8. I was shocked because its night and then tal just showed the nun and i cant get it out of my head๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  9. No no no no no no no no!!!.Koreans and Japanese don't do these …..there just 2% of them…
    Koreans are naturally the most beautiful….don't get the wrong image

  10. Guys: I like girls with natural beauty
    Also guys: shes super hot. My heart skipped four beats.
    natural beauty has left the chat *

  11. I want to know what they are eating in those little packets and why? Also want to know what the tape stuff is? I have photos for work coming up……… ๐Ÿ˜

  12. I'm wearing a face mask while watching this video and it was like not smiling/laughing challenge ๐Ÿคฃ and actually most of the girl doing this kind of makeup is Chinese. They putting a clay on their nose to make it more higher and tape on the cheekbone to make a v-line. Most Korean girl like natural glitter makeup and Japanese girl kinda like cute gyuri makeup.

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