Villain Pub – The New Smile

Villain Pub – The New Smile

Hey! Hey, fellas!! Ugh!! Ewww.. Uhhh. What did you do? Thought it was time for a
change. Eh. Well you thought wrong. Yes. No shirt, no service. Ahhh! OK. You look like a want-to-be Rockstar. You don’t like it? I mean it’s not killing me. It’s just hurting me really, really bad. Yes, change back! I can’t. I shaved my eyebrows! You know how long it takes for eyebrows
to grow back??? Oh I certainly do! You are hosed man. But, but didn’t we just talk about the
perfect costume? Your previous costume was excellent. Oh I don’t know, I always thought your look in ’89 was best. Or the ’60’s!! I disagree. That time you sounded like Luke Skywalker… that was best. He still sounds like Luke Skywalker sometimes. Well that would explain why I don’t always like you. Why can’t you just stay one way and that’s it?? You don’t see us rebooting over and over again, do you? Yea! Ya…. Yea. Oh…. It’s too soon, man. Too soon… You can’t just pull off the band-aide without warning. It’s been 7 years!!! Plus, I’m the Joker. I’m unpredictable! Ha! It’s what I do. One day I may blow up a hospital. The next day I may want ridiculous tattoos and no eyebrows. It’s just gonna happen, people! But it’s still me! Well I just think maybe you should have asked us first. Yes. Now you look like a psychotic version of Jordan from My So Called Life. That’s what he reminds me of! You guys watch My So Called Life??? No. Never, Shut up… What is this? 1995? I do think it’s on Netflix though. What is this Net-Flix? OK. So anyway, this is my look now!! Ughhh!!!! Come on man. No!! Have some dignity!! You have “DAMAGED” on your forehead. I say we give him a chance!! Villain Pub – The New Smile Ok! Netflix streaming. Let’s see here! My So Called Life… What’s this? DVD only??? LOKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100 thoughts on “Villain Pub – The New Smile

  1. Joker: Hey hey fellas.
    * they all groan but joker. *
    Palpatine: what did you do?!
    Joker: thought was time for a change.
    Loki: ew, well you thought wrong.
    Palpatine: yes. no shirt no service
    Joker: agh ok.
    Voldemort: you look like a want to be rock star!
    Joker: you don’t like it?!
    Voldemort: well I mean it’s not killing me it just hurting me really..really..bad..
    Loki: yes, change back!
    Joker: I can’t! I shaved my eyebrows! You know how long it takes for eyebrows to grow back?!
    Voldemort: well i certainly do. ( the end yeah welp yeah. )
    Lol hilarious! My fav part about that is palpatine saying: what did you do?!
    Also forgive me if I didn’t spell everything correctly, not everybody makes everything perfect!

  2. Voldemort: you look like a want-to-be rockstar


  3. Voldemort: He still sounds like Luke Skywalker sometimes!

    Palpatine: Well that would explain why I don't always like you.


  4. 2:25 tis was the night before Christmas and all the valdemorts were crying because they could not see a movie

  5. Everyone hates jared leto joker but you have to admit that his joker was cool with all that tattoo fashionable costumes rings

  6. wait until the villains react to the joaguin phoenix version which Im hoping that hishe keep that version of joker for the villain pub videos

  7. Pretty soon now he’s gonna look like Phoenix’s joker for awhile because everyone is freaking loving it
    For some reason

  8. Remember that time i said this was my new look! lets not talk about that. But do you guys wanna see my new look!

  9. Also I totally disliked that version of Joker. I am on the rest of the villains side. That was easily one of Joker's low points

  10. When do we get to see Joker: HISHE? I'd like to see the pub respond to THAT Joker?

    Or is it that the ending to Joker was perfect already?

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