VILLAGER HOME MAKEOVER SURPRISE! Minecraft Furniture Mod Fun w/ FGTEEV Duddy & Chase (Showcase)

VILLAGER HOME MAKEOVER SURPRISE! Minecraft Furniture Mod Fun w/ FGTEEV Duddy & Chase (Showcase)

Subscribe to their channel ๐Ÿ™‚ (Incomprehensible speech) I can see myself- WOW! wow I never realized how handsome I was! baby gigling Look at that lil'(little) cute guy right there! This one is amazing! I L:ove this fun!! This is the best day ever!!! It’s FGTeeV bliby bleep bilp blap blalblbll *fart noise* whats up FGTee-vers -yeah! It’s FGTeeV Dud here FGTeeV Chase (Incomprehensible speech)What, Shaun? What? Why are you guys whispering!? Shaun, we-we’re surprising villagers, right? Yeah! yeah You dont have to poop for an entire Villager yeah huh yeah all the villagers are sleeping in their
houses you want to go surprise them with a
surprise makeover Just gotta love minecraft do you block the door with a toilet all
right come on follow me we’re gonna surprise the first village you’re ready
one two one two three surprise I think the mailbox actually goes
outside oh yeah all right we got to keep it down and close the door before the
other villagers wake up you know what I’m saying all right so guys you guys even can look
what I got you guys boom yeah it’s a LED chair look boom now it’s
a half of capture every opportunity every one knows what I hope you guys
know my all boom guys get you put the TV right here
so they could see it across from the couch we better shut the door for a
zombie comes yeah alright so cool so this look at
that look you’re going to sit here look I want to sit on the couch boom
look I’m sitting on the couch and I’m just watching TV like yeah check out my
LED couch I got kicked out the world haha alrighty
some sit on this couch right I got an awesome cool little television view and
all the villagers they’re like so jealous you’re done you can trade with
them we’re not trading with them bro because
we are here to give them an awesome house huh haha in this model got some wooden table
a stone table we got chairs we got some cabinets we’ve got a fridge a couch
cooling pack we’ve got a toilet a sink on a bath
shower there’s so many cool things so I think
you know what this place is missing my toilet where do they do there you know Oh
business how about you hook them up with a toilet
ok so I’m for a toy way we can never find it I’m not free tonight ok so how about
this put the toilet right next to the sink
excuse me sir sorry boom there’s a little sink but how to
make water coming out ok you can make love of things and water now go get the toy way and never get the
toy for the villages have seen and I’m gonna get wife for them so they can like
I’m gonna get right so so they can sleep enough right so maybe it’s actually the wide if they
didn’t wake up andsecondeach time you click the light
it gets brighter right yeah cool now hold on you forgot the
toilet bro happening ok when the motion not moving oh I wish you want to put some food in
there yeah I they’re gonna be changed because an
apple cookies Oh some cookies you can actually put in there she’s the
freezer buddy camp Latinos because potatoes are not third of fridges ok you can do potatoes cause potatoes
are not for fridges and that’s why you can’t put them in the freezer and that
bright fish I . no I put one then this is why your
fisherman no wait why did get guy oh no quick we gotta keep it nighttime
so we get surprised the rest of the villagers in the neighborhood boom all right inspect night time but
they’re all fleeing back inside like this was the shortest day ever you’re probably going crazy out there
look at this guy he’s not trying to get in dude i just realized these are curtains
look you just click them if you want to close sweet I know so that’s also you don’t
know that’s gonna be the coolest house in the village right now to check this
out watch out ready right next to the window there’s a level shower so how do we go
inside the shower we just do this now we do totally get
like a dispenser and put it above there and then put water so it can come down oh yeah i don’t know i mean i’m right
now yeah yeah chase I might have to destroy
your light yeah yeah only because i think the
badass to go there excuse me sir we’re trying to decorate your house yeah you’re just gonna have to figure
out you know what what you know what you know what is it Mary box you destroy the mailbox yeah you’re not going away alright sorry
about that villager he just wasn’t getting out of my way and there’s a
bathtub oh snap oh no wait a sec excuse me
excuse me to me sir excuse me Oh you’re not gonna let me out now
excuse me as i can tell you finish decorating my house now you’re gonna let
me out right now you’re ready and watch this okay well I gotta check this because oh
no this is the back of his house I do look at this his bath totally goes
outside of his house alright so we have a little you know
we’re going to do we’re just going to make a little quick addition onto his
house that’s it and then problem solved right you know what I’m saying yeah boom
boom well you’re kind of blocking his view
all right so we’re giving them an awesome house but he no longer get
sunday light inside of it house but now that’s okay because look
to do it’s got a bath we could probably even break that window
in the current I we’re going to break the window in the curtain I’m sorry you’re right we’re actually I
don’t know if we’re making this guy’s house worse now let me see it ah ok cool and then I got kicked out but the water
is still in it so this sink actually like do anything no like it doesn’t turn on now I how
about that excuse me sir I gotta flush the toilet yeah ah man I
can’t flush the toilet oh yes thank you ok cool that final all right well that’s a pretty gross
look at all watching me wow guys oh my goodness guys can I get some
privacy please these guys they don’t respect anything
look at this – all one haha look at this creepy villagers they’re all watching people visit
bathroom there’s like a TV there’s a fridge that can be eating they
could be on their little LED new couch but no they’re all sitting here watching
him this it so watching me do that on the toy way
that a bug zapper why goodness gracious these are the most
we can anyone explain to me why these villages are so gross maybe not like a little scared oh let’s
let’s let’s look at these kids are watching me as if I’ve tamed them with
an apple I can’t even get out of here because
he’s like you’re not leaving until I want to go to the bathroom making it
sound like you’re disgusting excuse me excuse me I that’s it i’m
gonna have to like break out is there another door entrance what excuse me excuse me ok there we go
oh now we’re in the back porch why so I wanted to stick now why is it
zapped me is that the furniture mod yeah so tell everybody what is it you
don’t know I let’s find out what do you think is this a mailbox that’s a radio I so let’s see what chase built here
yeah I so looks like chase bill own electric fence and you put a bird bath
in there yeah do you try to cook chickens no okay there’s a bird back so what happens when
a bird wants to go take a bath actually we should probably just look
for a real bird you’re installing are now quick we need a surprise for
villagers stay stay dark i watch this let us on the spot a little bird right
in the back me up birds not getting hurt so how can the bird doesn’t get hurt
from the electric fence now i know when i spawned a bird on the fence go in
there look at all the bird got zapped let’s
see and what’s gonna happen uh-huh the bird is totally getting
killed look how the burger dude you see what
I’m saying ok bring dude it’s a bird bath but they
can you take it back as you put an electric fence there I need you back haha he put electric fence right upper back
oh this is from another youtube channel her bro we look like we’re copying
that’s not a good thing chase loves watching you probably know
who all right and I don’t watch them so if you see anything else to happen in
another Channel this is the copycat over here ok so i got a toilet by the door a
glowing couch in an electric fence that kills all the birds or taking a bath yeah great great makeover thanks a lot
are you ready to surprise another villager yeah all right let’s go let’s go quietly
read it which how should we do I don’t know I have to face her have to
face somebody’s house so did you do we have a deal you don’t
want to kill the kill the birds no okay fine to get over here get over
here going to surprise the next village ready who’s got the most villagers in their
house we want to surprise a lot of people this is like a big absolute has a
library yeah you’re ready there’s one right there come on come on
but he still threw it on the porch oh no – ready to get a hot time no come
out here little claw that’s it thanks that’s it boom somebody tell you’re
ready come on you’re ready on the count of three let’s surprise him once he gets
ready to wait were you following me like what you see is us that bad ya got
back at you dude are you ready yeah let’s go on the other side maybe he will maybe you’ll forget by the
time we get over there alright are you ready the dude there’s a Hello pic of it okay
good oh there’s another one in there why do we got a surprise him he’s
probably some serious probably calling the cops hey yeah you do look do you see the cops
go back three we never introduced ourselves ready boom
i am johnnie Emmett and chases the master builder like changes a lot
because he say what I look so skinny and my grab it looks so skinny you are you
ready to go inside yeah trying to count of three no don’t
put the winners baby you try to kill them what is that I’m going ok are you ready to go inside
surprising with their new home makeover yeah everyone follow me tell me what – what I’m gonna give up to
come on they’re giving you can do you know how
to spell your gene is come on don’t like you yeah come on let’s see if you can do it
yeah come on what’s next are now it’s pani her it writes with our sudden shawnee oh hi
honey ok bo I auntie ok no Danny ok changing with I think we
will you say i had gone to spawn point of keys because they get hot dog this
bumbling the witch-king because they don’t know how to do it don’t respond . with kids because they
don’t know how to do it yeah but you not to do it I do you ready we’re going to surprise
them you ready one two one two three – drown we are here to decorate yeah and I don’t think they really care what
are you doing putting monster spawners on their house oh the fireworks sorry so we never mind
i am here to decorate your house so get ready you guys I know don’t try
to leave a hole no no hobbies so scared I find get ahead
in there you’re ready you’re not coming back in this house it’s a girl and you’re gonna be jealous
you know what they really need in this house they need and love it because they’re
always eaten raw food man that I see these people eat raw food all the time
you need the oven and a microwave and you know what just for the heck of it let’s give my
toaster to mirror you’re ready so let’s put a toaster oh snap the toasters up high hello ok we
have a floating toaster that’s a bad idea however you know what let’s pick a
toaster on the floor and you know it with the microwave on the floor because
we don’t know let’s do this the right way guys let’s
give them a really cool oh let’s give them a coffee table your
work will drink coffee like I probably drink coffee what what what nothing wait what did you
say this is you spell chase wrong great job
and get ready excuse me these villagers I swear like
don’t want their house to get decorated excuse me sir haha you just maybe break your house if
you don’t get out of the way it’s gonna be a really great move move there we go ok and I suppose have to fix
that block now I now skizzy I mean sir I know what you’re thinking I’m inside
of your head I me up quickly quickly yes okay we got
that we got the coffee table you guys are gonna have a nice little air breeze
now that you have all the hole in your wall I what we have a little toast here can
we actually put bread in the toaster yeah Frankie all right you put the bread
in the toaster because i’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to set up their
microwave all right ready and microwave can you
actually show them the microwave in the toaster thing yeah alright cool and then over here
right next to the crafting table is probably a really good spot for their
oven you should actually cook something in
their oven – its fireworks are they still going on oh it’s a lot of daytime I mean I think so merry Chris more
villagers and had like the longest nap ever there like every time I wake up
like it’s still night time boohoo alright so do you kill the
villager yeah great job weight room ok i just want to see what you’re doing
ok i’m putting bread in there yeah I let’s see it oh snaps so how do we I think the button is like
facing the wall always yeah um we don’t have a fail here boom boom like that we hit the button I
think there’s anything actually have an excuse me can be sure i can see with
your head but no it’s not done is it ah dude I don’t I think maybe just for
looks how do we know when it’s ready to be
like strike it with Cole um no fine put something in the
microwave what are you going to put in there i’m good . case and now we’re cooking mi Suk that’s good eating now you just deleted it ok what can I
try I want to eat it you’re right all right let’s try i’m going to tell
you if it’s any good you’re ready and wait I can’t eat it could unite mommy I’m
gonna wait till I get hungry and then i’m going to eat it but I look dude are
burnt I thought red was / am just a bad light
is always tries to try cooking something in the oven meanwhile i’m gonna give these people
like me and I’m going to give them a little computer and some internet and
hopefully they can go online and get some it gets a recipe since we’ve given
them cooking cooking up proper Roger Carville each is what we call it
is cooking oh no place up top and and feels already
begun it’s cooked yep you sure yeah so I’m like still not hungry and waiting
here i’m just gonna like sit in this chair I’m just going to see I’m just going to
sit until I get hungry let’s just wait let me yeah I you know I can sing it you’re
gonna sit with me but what are we going to talk about while we sit here and just
stared this delicious piece of state that we can eat I don’t belong you got fish yeah no fair whoa 90 year ok ok you have two pieces that fake you now you can eating all right let’s try I
still can’t eat what do you know not even hungry me well no it’s daytime no this turned into a fail you make up yeah I did but now they’re going to come
back home with me I can’t seem to be good oh wow they
can’t figure is your right there dude wow Mike here oh thank you i’m just
trying to eat that piece of steak and I can’t get it actually be our house now I
just want to know like how come when i sit down not hungry and want to get up let’s see i have hunger but then when I
sit down like I’m no longer hungry when i get up in like uh i’m probably going
to be hungry come in there they get I think if they
move your seat you’re ready I’m very sorry about this shapes but the
villagers can’t get in all right well anyways we hooked up this
house we got some fool we’re not even hungry I can only get out of here this village
is only teleport I can’t hear anything about fireworks
it’s sort of like a news is i’m pretty sure the cops are going to come to this
village are I can’t get the villager like is so
creepy won’t let me go alright villager you just I’m sorry I’m
sorry I’m so sorry these things that got to go to hear that
you know exactly yeah it’s that sound of silence alright
so we’re done with this house we’re closing the store always show them what
else we did listen hear that a lot doorbell yeah other than the fact that i have many
fans and bruises from straight fireworks i think i will enjoy my new cooking
appliances I thought no more raw food for me some
of these villagers they seem like really weird like watching me go to the
bathroom the second set of villagers they weren’t
even surprised I had to kill to all of them because they weren’t they weren’t
letting me leave their house to like please give me more fan that she’ll just
really really creepy stuff there’s definitely more for the
furniture mod I mean what else would be another cool thing go over your water
slide it’s like a little look at it there’s
like a little old age just going to grab like a bad one my blade I was joking yeah yeah just
like a treat what what can this do you need to have
water source underneath the block all we got that don’t all i have to do is just
put water right here where let’s see you that’s it yeah alright so
water and then just get grass yeah I so where’s grass and got grass
and then boom and then I just simply put this here well look – okay and then just
in a click it yeah haha all that’s really cool go on her knees water house whistle
cakes look at this guy’s you can make it look at what this how we fill up our
swimming pool yeah I don’t do I just turn it off we
click it oh you can’t turn it off there’s an ink cartridge for printer
does the printer actually print out stuff yeah nice oh we gotta check that do this
paper no way I put ink in it and then now won
a paper or paper and then now what progress how do i print my friend piece of beef I want to print beef go print beef what’s happening what what did you do
did you just do that yeah what’s happening it’s gonna go up you’re
here it’s printing a book yeah but I don’t
understand look at the ink level what’s it doing it feeling that thing of
self is going gasps so you can see you how does it know what we want to print
the book about I borrow this book real quick yeah what’s the book say how i read it alright so we can read it’s a fake book
I don’t like fake books hmm those are fiction right yeah yeah I
like nonfiction alright so envelope there’s a mailbox what else there’s a oven range and ocean
you put that above the oven to prevent getting a smoky house a toy way a light
a fire alarm does it work yeah like what do we put a
fire alarm I you think it has to be on a ceiling
right I pray there’s no villagers here at home but i need to test this out
really quick we’re going to destroy their house get a
little fire dirt okay well that doesn’t seem to set off
the alarm how about be easily about a fire charge
easily a bold I works I hear you have to click effort to go I
did you press it yeah so when you put it that was it are
you that but it doesn’t turn off my cell all because of the fun oh cool that’s really cool so the fire alarm
works all look chase this is what we were missing from the shower head oh we have to run back to the other
village your house which one was it was it this one that guys like I had a crazy
intruder look like now we were just here to help
wonder you’re up for your friends get a clouds alright cool back in the house q3 chase
all right ready here we go in shower head ah litters he’s finally taking a shower you’re not dirty anymore little buddy
yeah yeah oh wait wait wait no you’re still a
little dirty and go back in yeah you go back and mr. tre lawrence
whatever your name is your new shower that’s so cool you don’t even have to
have a water source i like that where do I close your eyes out with doors yeah
that’s a real cool what you know what you’re so dirty you need to shower heads
going on at the same time you know what so do you know if you’re not gonna hop
in the shower I’m gonna force you always in the back all right it’s gonna take a long time
for that bathtub to get filled up dude let me see your neck what you look all the way down to the
floor chase chase look at the floor well uh huh you like a transparent met for
some reason you don’t have skin color under there alright so that’s cool I’m glad we came
back I’m glad we came back and it also if we
forgot to give the guys soap quick he’s gonna take a shower and not really
be clean ok you ready and I already go I’m just going to leave it in there from
boom all right little man let me know when that when the villager
comes back and gets his self and what’s this we have a kitchen counter a kick a
blender all that’s cool can you actually like blend stuff up with it no way well you can put a blender inside
of a blender and blend it is that a joke I’d like to put melon in my smoothie oh
that’s so cool but you can’t blend it’s that kind of stinks yeah yeah super soapy water soapy water
a candle a chopped oh my gosh i thought it said a chopped leg alright so oh there’s a mirror do that
in a wreath in a mantle place so it’s for like Christmas we really quick you
actually see your reflection that would be a pretty sick MA no way I didn’t see myself wow I never realized how handsome I was
killed right there Wow and now now let’s put another mirror and see if
it actually shows me ready whoa hey hey haha uh-huh who but it’s cool that’s also yeah baby i love this model that will do
hope there’s a cookie jar you can put a cookie in and then there’s a washing
machine and I like how there’s like a Christmas tree or read in a mantelpiece but really quick before we go I just
want to see what like a little chimney would do oh that’s so awesome i I’m like well how
many fireplaces this house had but we’re going to get some Meyer well that was invisible for a second
there alrighty well guys that was a little look at that mr. crane fishes my
oh I which are you seriously the stereo yourself how conceited are you he’s like
wow I’m really good-looking dude you gotta shut that off because there we go and then the fire alarm is still on
you’re too noisy it’s been going on the whole time if you
have been getting annoyed by that all right well guys the mirror by by far the
LED couch in the mirror is probably the sickest thing I like even the shower
school anyways guys thanks so much for watching we’ll check you guys later
peace out a little bit up yeah exactly so he’s a booster ok let’s see how much is due to eat boom two bottles yeah that’s right
everybody know here junkie we know baby yeah

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