Valentine’s Day:  How to Make an Easy Origami Heart Envelope

Valentine’s Day: How to Make an Easy Origami Heart Envelope

Today, we’re going to make a Valentine’s
heart and card all in one. It’s origami so you need a piece of paper at least a square piece of paper, scissors and
pencil. Start by fooling paper to make a triangle. This paper has two sides, decorative
sides and is colored and one has speckles Now, you’re going to turn the triangle upside
down and pulled up to reach the edge Press that fold down. Turn it around again. Do the same thing with the litte tiny triangle up to the top of the fold. Now you have a little
diamond inside. This is where you make a mark right in the middle. You draw a line to the right on this side of the diamond. Then you’re gonna do another line starting at the middle to the right
as well Draw the lines a little bit darker at the top and at the bottom. Bring them together. See we need to cut just cut half way
through don’t cut all the way through. There’s one side. The other. Cut the other half way
and use these two flaps to connect them Carefully. Lift up the flaps, twist them around so now they attach. You see color
side is on right. Must do it again. you can see it. The the flaps, cross both
sides of that back. This is where you’re gonna draw heart. Along the top down to the bottom,
the sides. It’s a nice felt marker. It is good. Then you’re gonna cut out this heart. Be careful. Don’t
go past the folds. You can do little bit at a time. Start here the bottom right hand corner.
Just cut one-quarter again on the left into the fold and then we can do the top.
So you don’t have go very far and it comes right out. And then the last one.The top part comes
off. It’s creating a little pop out heart. Trim the other sides. Now you can see a little heart. Next we’re going to turn it over ad with the flap a
little bit crease at the top, too. See up here that little crease. You want that
nearly the same on the other side. There’s a little triangle crease on both sides. So now it’s
starting to really look like an envelope. A nice sharp edge. Then you’re gonna take one
flap, open up the other flap, insert the right one into the left one and push it down. Pull it openand there’s a hole in the middle. Let’s just show that again. Open it up and put
the flap in and there is your little envelope can actually have a message
insides were gonna open it all up. We’re going write a little message a little Valentine,
whatever you like. Fold it back up. Just the way we did it before. Bring the flaps together. Turn it over, one flap in the
other. Now you have a Valentine heart envelope. Thanks for watching Duck Duck Goose Fun.
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