Unused Paper Wall Hanging #DIY – How to Make Felt Flowers Wall Decor with Unused Paper

Unused Paper Wall Hanging #DIY – How to Make Felt Flowers Wall Decor with Unused Paper

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the S Nuraeni channel. This time I’ll show, How to make felt flowers wall decor using unused paper. Stay tuned… This is using f4 paper. Besides this you can also use newspaper. Starting from the bottom corner. Use wire to roll the paper. Roll slowly. So that the roll is not too big. Don’t forget to pull the wire so it doesn’t get into the roll. Glue it. Then pull the wire. Make 10 pcs. Then color it with pylox. It uses white. Can also use other colors, as you wish. Color until evenly distributed on the roll. Like this. Then divided. And cut both ends. Do the same with the other roll. Then cut with a size of 28 cm. Next, cut with a size of 30 cm. And cut with a size of 32 cm. Mark both ends about 8,5 cm. Then mark about 7 cm. And mark about 6 cm. First, arrange rolls with a size of 28 cm. Then give glue on the marked part. And stick it with other parts that are marked. Do the same thing with the other parts to form a square. Mark in the middle about 8 cm. Also mark in the middle the other section. Next, mark 1,5 cm inside. Mark each side in the square. Then, stick the roll with a size of 30 cm. In the section that has been marked. Use the sign in the arrow. So that the placement is balanced. Then stick the roll with the longest size in the center of the square. Use the sign so that the division is the same. This roll of paper is strong and hard. According to yesterday’s suggestion to try to make from materials that are easily available. I use Bougainvillea felt flowers. Click here to see the tutorial. Then the morning glory felt flowers. Check out the tutorial here. Tips on choosing felt flower for wall decorations, actually, which is suitable, in my opinion is the flower that creepers. Like morning glory flowers. But, for other flowers like bougainvillea is also good. You can combine two or more flowers, with matching or bright colors. To make leaves and tendrils. Use the size, And for smaller sizes, reduce each 1 cm, This is wire with size 26. Fold it. And cut to form leaves. Put the wire in the middle. Give glue on it. Then fold and press. Cut the wire in half. Use your little finger or you can also use a pencil, Roll the wire in a spiral. Then pull the wire from the finger. And roll the edges again, make it smaller. Wrap with the felt leaves. Then wrap with floral tape. There are 14 leaves and tendrils that I made. With large-small size. It still uses wire with size 26. Tie the felt flower here. Then tie it here. Arrange the morning glory felt flowers. Then tie at the top. Tie it in the right corner. Then tie it at the bottom. And tie it in the left corner. This is using hemp rope to make the hanger. Make a knot at the end of the rope. And stick it on the back. Finished. Jangan kemana-mana… Setelah ini saya akan mengumumkan dua orang pemenang giveaway S Nuraeni kemarin. Pemenang yang terpilih adalah mutlak. Ok, see ya…

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  1. Tutorial baru tapi tetap bagus seperti biasanya 😍
    Alhamdulillah terima kasih hadiahnya kak. Semoga makin sukses πŸ˜‡

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