Unmet Needs in Research  and Clinical Trials – INCA White Paper

Unmet Needs in Research and Clinical Trials – INCA White Paper

An online survey was carried out by the
global NET patients alliance (INCA). And responses was received from 26 countries. Do you know that 7 in every 100.000 people are diagnosed
with NETs each year? Research needs in neuroendocrine cancers (NETs) are acute, and this a neglected field within cancer research There are unmet needs in basic understanding of what make tumors form and grow. Earlier diagnosis. Translational science. Optimal treatment sequencing. Clinical trials. While research priorities for patients and healthcare professionals differ there is a sheared view that patients
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are not involved enough in research design. Unmet needs in research are negatively impacting medical, and scientific communities’ ability to develop a better understanding of NET, and a future with improved diagnosis and treatment options. Patient and medical communities should support each other to better understand and respect the needs. Help us raise the voice of NET patients around the world, use hashtag #letstalkaboutNETs to spread the word. INCA the global voice in support for all NET Cancer patients. Subtitles by CarciNor

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