Unboxing YOUR Squishy Packages | Squishy Makeover Candidates

Unboxing YOUR Squishy Packages | Squishy Makeover Candidates

I wasn’t going to wear my own merch today I was gonna wear something else and then I got way too hot in it and I just didn’t feel like picking out a new outfit right before starting the video, so *Trumpet sound clip* (okaay) I’m that person that wears their merch all the time now (OOOF) *MMM* *Opening music* Hey, it’s me That could actually work as an intro, anyway, okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these unboxing videos. So these are all packages that have been sent to me from subscribers uh ummm… as donations for my series called: squishy makeovers So they’re all damaged squishies that I’m supposed to give makeovers to. Keep in mind these are not additional packages that I’ve gotten recently… These are all from that period of time where I open this up and for weeks. I was just getting bombarded with mail I’m still catching up from that. Just making that clear! *Le sip* *Le swallow *Le refresh* Zero calories no sugar. It’s good for what it is. This one is just calling my name. Oh My gosh, there are a lot of squishies in there. Okay, let’s take this one at a time So we’ve got this big huge fat milk carton, like look at that. Look at that. Usually they’re like tall and skinny this one’s short and fat. I mean, hey, it’s different, that’s good. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s cool I’m cool You look great. Okay a yummy bear. I just killed one of these in my last video So this is the replacement for the one I murdered uh-huh, but I understand this is like a fake one But when you’re decorating it really does not matter, Hoooooly Crap it’s beautiful. The design is really pretty it is quite ripped in some spots but like If you want to hang out with us you can but don’t be annoying, okay? *hopeful music* I see past all of the flaws like the fact that The paint is chipping and it’s ripped because honey that’s gonna get taken care of, right? But I just see this adorable little shape. Don’t forget about this one when you’re voting *biting noise* what did I tell you about that? You can go back here. *same biting noise* I’m gonna kick you off. If you can’t learn to behave. Back to this bear, um, it’s amazing Okay, this soda can oh my gosh. I’m actually really excited about this one I really wanted this soda can but I couldn’t find it anywhere. It was out of stock everywhere. And we also have a bunch more. We’ve got a little whale with missing eye stacked cats possibly *boing sound effect three times* I don’t really know. Oh, this is actually pretty this ice cream That’s like swirly Wow, you gave me so many and so many amazing ones. So this is from Mendelian Thank you so much. What a sweet letter and this was so generous of you! I know that one of these will be decorated in a video very soon. They’re just too good to pass up awesome first package Let’s move on. How about this one? There’s a $20 bill in here. You don’t have to pay me You’re already donating to the series just by sending the squishy and watching the video So do not send money you don’t have to do that *frog sound effect* There’s this paper ball in here. That’s like very taped and This is really pretty It’s a little contorted from being in that paper ball, but I have faith that it will come back to shape We’ve got this bag You really like tape So we have some of these little these little like jelly squishies I always forget what they’re called. And then we have a costume of a costume cutie. I think I have a naked cutie without a costume So now we have a costume without a cutie so they can Complete each other, you know, that’s kind of amazing and this is so cute. That’s a squishy tsum tsum I still feel bad about the $20. Um, I don’t want to take money from you guys So don’t feel like you have to do that. Although I don’t want to be ungrateful I really do appreciate you being so generous. That was really sweet of you. Oh my gosh, it’s one of these like chocolate bar people kind of scary but also Kind of cool. I don’t really know how I feel about this. Oh, this is like a cornet It’s got a very significant chunk missing. I gotta see what’s in here. Is this slime? Oh *goo sound effect* It’s just a little on the goopy side, excuse me for one second Anyway, thank you so much Ryan for the package and I will definitely activate these slimes later I’m excited to see how they look when they’re actually This one feels nice. Oh, yay floral, it’s Easter. Oh Aww, thanks, and this is from Claire, I always have to put this kind of stuff in my head it’s not even funny I don’t know why I do it Uh, yeah, it must have been an ice cream cone But it’s kind of like missing the bottom of it and the top of it. So very interesting. Okay, cool Definitely, uh need some help there *suspicious music* Okay, it’s a little donut usually these things have drizzle or sprinkles on them But it’s just a nice clean little donut. Thanks for these Claire Whoo. This one’s been hanging out since July 30th. This is from Olivia. Oh my goodness, so we have two enormous like a pie and a cake slice this one with the Crazy amount of sprinkles and this one as well. This is so cute. It’s a little dirty on the edge, but That’s perfect. We love dirt. Uh Unicorn I think it was a unicorn its horn has since been removed It’s got like a little mullet going on the back Where did you guys get the idea to send money? two dollars in quarters, So thank you. That was very sweet of you I think it’s because you know people do know that I have to pay fees for all the mail that comes to my p.o box But you know what? That’s fine. Don’t worry about it. I will pay that. Anyway, we have a whole collection of soft and slow Squishy’s this is like a whole family except, you know, they’re different species We’ve got a fish in here. We’ve got poop. We’ve got bread Amazing package. I’m sorry it took me so long to get opening it. But thank you so much. I really *coins sliding in box* I really appreciate it. Oh! Whoa, you poor thing the ink is kind of rubbing off on my hands. I need to be careful about that But it’s really freaking cute I want to squish it But I also don’t want to get the ink all over my hands This one needs to be saved because you know squishies live to be squished. Think about it. They are all Infected with ink so we’ve got some cookies with some ink Mm-hmm. Brownie brownie is suffer, too. This one’s fine *thumping from under table* Can you keep it down? opie *various noise to get cat’s attention* Okay, anyway, these are not too bad they do have some coloring on them, but not too bad I think this is the top of something. I honestly have no clue what it could be. These really are great makeover candidates I just need to not touch them. We’ll fix the marker situation. Don’t worry ow next Aww! Look little stuffed animals How adorable! Opie look Cute right? you like them? Little yummy bear. Oh my gosh. Wait, I think another yummy bear today, right? They are identical. They’re the same They even both have leg rips this is from Julia and she Sent me the yummy bear because I said I liked yummy bears so she actually like picked this out for me That is so sweet of you oh and here’s a little Marie Plastic tsum tsum. I love Marie even crooked eye Marie. I love We’ve got two bags inside *pitched down chuckle* She gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card, let’s look at what’s in here. Now, I like that they’re taped together like (NEVER LET GO JACK) We have a donut with some loose drizzle on it Got a big strawberry, of course. It’s missing its stem Classic and then what’s in the twin bag? I wonder look at this doggy That’s really cute. We got a big dog and then one more in here Wait a second. Where’s that ink infested box? That’s what that is Wow The coincidences that happen in these videos. I swear it’s crazy. Thank you so much Ella for the amazing package I love everything in it. This is heavy. I wonder what’s in this one Okay, so we have a little like a popsicle stick rainbow the waffle got a little bit stuck to it but it’s okay It’s okay. So there’s like a slime in here. It feels kind of like those bouncy balls that I made Whoa, look at this. It’s a huge mango Oh, it’s like the Papa mango – the little mango I found your dad I thought it would be a lot squishier, but it’s like so springy. It’s very interesting It’s a little Chinese food box. Oh my gosh, that is like so accurate. I’m getting Chinese food tonight I haven’t had chinese food in so long. Anyway, you don’t care. Oh my gosh. Look at this, it’s a little snap bracelet Always hurt myself with these but it’s worth it. This is what was so heavy *pitched up gasp* Okay, this is adorable I mean it’s got like rainbows and donuts on it. So it’s like totally this is totally my aesthetic You know, I mean, this is just everything. Okay. So this is from Jayden and Brandon Thank you so much guys, this little envelope is catching my eye because it’s got something taped to the outside of it it’s *coo coo clock sound effect* Little plastic robot with a “B” on it. Uh Okay, so I guess this was just like the guardian of the envelope as it went through the Mail. This is from Jazzy and Birdie Oh my gosh Oh my gosh This is so cute It’s like a little Ice Cream Sandwich stuffed animal, plusie, whatever you want to call it and oh look Recently someone recently fixed a unicorn like this or sorry Alicorn I called it a unicorn in the video and I had many angry people How could you call that a unicorn it has wings therefore. It is an alicorn Anyway, this is even in worse shape than the one that I did Ahaha, they called it a unicorn. Aha oh, whoa *pitched down* Clearly this is an Alicorn. Okay, so they didn’t exactly say what happened to this thing But thank you for sending it and I absolutely am in love with this. Oh wait, this one’s heavy. I wanna open this from Shana So this is a homemade squishy. Wait, what is it? I think it’s *hum of confusion* You know what it can be whatever it wants to be I don’t have to put a label on it it’s fine. Oh So there’s a bunny wearing a bowtie. Its eyes are incredibly small for its head is that just me like it’s like kind of looks like a serial killer The shape is really cute. So that’s all that matters. Look at this Narwhal. It’s huge and fat. Oh my gosh Adorable is this soft and slow? Yeah, I think it is. I’ve never seen this one before Oh! A smushy mushy and this one is actually really good and then we’ve got a little Bear with some chest hair. Oh, sorry koala Extras for the best youtuber. oh Thank you. It’s like a little lemon change purse wait I love this you guys with the extras today are just blowing me away like So cute and a big marshmallow cake I think I need to do one of these soon cuz I’ve gotten a handful of these We just have a little koala sitting in a cake I’m just throwing out ideas. Okay, this one wrapped in Christmas paper It was not sent around Christmas cuz I didn’t start this whole thing until the summer. They wanted to be festive. Okay? *singing christmas song* Pop-tart *laughs* pop-tart box. So we’ve got one of these Oh crap dumplings, I think and a soccer ball I don’t know why I want to like punch this across the room That was bad Crack-a-lackin’ donut man. What happened to this? Like, it looks like it is just Cracking all over the place. Thank you so much Audrey. This was another wrapped one from Tiffany. oh Wow Interesting. There’s like no top on the box. That was bold. Thanks for the sweet letter. I’m super excited to look in here oh my gosh, So cute! I Always see these and they’re so freaking cute and then look at these squishies. We’ve got a bread a hamburger another big Marshmallow cake. Like I said, we’ve got to do one of these they are very well loved indeed oh, she said that these are Handmade soap. Pretty I’ve never made soap before but I know it’s like a thing Thank you so much for the package love everything you included. Okay. How about this it’s got a wet spot on side so that Concerns me. Oh, whoa! Whoa. Whoa, there is a huge container of slime. I i did this to myself. Oh wow So cute wait, who is this little purple cat and We’ve got a little chunk of something Chunk it is a squishy and this coffee cup. This is definitely a good one It’s like a it’s like a blank canvas, you know, you could do any kind of design on here. So really like the um The Potential sorry, I just found a mouth. Thank you so much Maya I’m really glad that the slime didn’t like leak all over the place and ruin everything. Everything is fine But I think it did kind of soak into the box. Somehow Oh, oh wow, very well protected in here Look at that. They ain’t going anywhere. What is this? What is that? Okay, let me read the letter first you guys can look at this little creature while I read Awesome letter. Thank you Jenna Lin. Oh My gosh, okay, so I Love this! This is like my prized possession. You guys know me so well, like I swear. This is heavy. What is this? That’s why you had all the protection Because there’s literal china in the box. I’m so glad that they made it and they didn’t get broken Look at this little cup. It has my logo on it I’m so touched right now. This is so cute Little pink elephant this cats holding a heart. This is super cute and unique I’ve never seen this shape before thank you. Oh my gosh, what an amazing package so sweet and thoughtful I’m blown away by the stuff that you sent. This is from Shipping department, you know no name on this everything is individually wrapped and tied up in little bows We’ve got this squishy it’s like a little pudding that’s missing it strawberry these little squishy puffs Okay Actually, this might be hoarder~ish. But I’m going to keep the ribbon. Is that hoarder~ish? So no clue what this is There’s something missing on the bottom right now. It’s just kind of a blob which is fine There’s nothing wrong with being a blob but you’re a blob we’ve got a blue Cracking cake. Whoa. Look at this big lemon and a big peach Bootie awesome. Wow. So we’ve got our fruits. We’ve got our desserts. We’ve got our question mark great makeover candidates in there This is from Addison Oh, we’ve got a big cinnamon roll. Look at this It’s like a little pony. Oh, you know what this kind of looks like strawberry lemonade I’m into that now love your “wreck this journal” videos. Whoa. Oh, that was a while ago. Um, but thank you eww I hated the way i said that Awesome. Awesome. Awesome One more squish Very interesting. Wait was this white when you got it? Where did you get this? It looks like one of those like deco squishies. Look at this change purse doesn’t look like Opie but it has the same attitude, as Opie A little crochet cat pillow little glittery smiley face earrings. Those are really pretty I will definitely wear these and a little white tiger. I am your biggest fan. You’re better than troom troom *laughter* This is like shading all kinds of different YouTubers, I’ll just, you know what keep that between you and me. Okay, okay Wow, thank you so much for all the little gifts. What a great package. I really enjoyed opening that I hope this appears in a video and if not well gosh darn Luckily it is in a video Unfortunately, I can’t put every single package into a video I wish I could I do as many as I can so this is from Ginger and She also wants me to shout out her friends. So here it goes Phoebe, Sloan, Quinn. *fart sound effect* Okay. Oh So these are the soft and slow deco squishy. The ink is definitely rubbing off. The rest of the box is just filled with Tootsie Pops I just I’m like on a roll like I just want to keep going but I gotta stop cuz the more I Open the more I have to edit. I just can’t this big monster box from Madeline Look at this owl It looks brand-new. Like it doesn’t even look used what the heck all these little gifts and stuff. Oh my goodness Obviously it’s fake. Why does it smell good though? *hmph* a little cupcake keychain and A little bunny. It looks a little it’s kind of like a little ice cream Keychain, how cute! love the sprinkles on that? Oh, we’ve got a milk an owl pen I don’t think this is a squishy but I’m still squishing it. Thank you so much Madeline. I feel like there’s a theme here It’s like all pink stuff. I love it Fat package from Ava. *gasp* Oh My gosh one giant squishy What would I even do to decorate this if I were to paint this thing? I wonder how much paint it would take. It would probably take like five bottles of paint or something guys I have something to tell you um *laugh* Bet you didn’t think I’d be doing this with your squishy did you? I’m really sorry. Okay Thank you to everyone who has sent squishies. like I’m still treating it like a baby Thank you to everyone who has sent squishies. Seriously. It’s like so nice of you. I really appreciate you guys Contributing to this series. It’s really fun this way because it’s like always a surprise I still have like four boxes like I mean huge boxes full of packages left anyway Thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you guys on Friday Bye *end music*

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