Unboxing Your Squishies #3 | Squishy Makeover Candidates

Unboxing Your Squishies #3 | Squishy Makeover Candidates

Got to get ready for this Ok. Hey guys, so today is another squishy package unboxing If you don’t know what this is about these packages are all Donations from my subscribers that are awesome and it’s for my series called fixing your squishies where I take old Used, ugly, broken, or just unwanted squishies and I give them a makeover. So these are all the packages I have yet to open. Obviously, I have a lot of catching up to do I’m sure most of you know by now that I’m not taking any additional packages because this is enough to keep me busy for a long while so please Don’t send any more because if you do your package may not make it on camera and that would be sad by the way Opie is here. He’s not usually sleeping in a bed on my desk, but I put it up here for him Sometimes when I’m working and he just happened to be up here when I started filming so he’ll probably leave when he gets tired of my voice just like you will Let’s just get into this cuz I’ve been yammering on for a long enough By the way, I do break all the seals in advance So it’s faster to film and I have covered everyone’s address. So don’t worry. Nobody’s gonna get stalkers. It’s fine Okay, so this one is from Ella. Oh So we’ve got an itch this tart. It has been stripped naked all of the paint chipped off Oh and look. There’s a panda bun in here too cute a string There’s there’s a string I Don’t know if that got in there by accident or something so we’ve got the tart and the Panda bun from Ella So thank you Ella. Ok, we’ve got this envelope from Jane. Let me read the letter first. You’re funny nice and a little weird *laughs like a cutie* Thank you. Ooh, I’ve never seen this one before it’s like a little, um, Icy type of thing that’s really cute. I actually love this. Oh, we’ve got a pineapple here. That’s awesome Oh this one of these like… Um… It’s got like a crumble can you see a Aaaaaaaaaaa…. Legless gingerbread man. No legs no face… * S M A C C * No problem! Those were great. Thanks Jane *panic* *panic x 2* *giggle* Why did I do that? Okay, how about this one? Oh Look at this. Look at this donut! A Hello Kitty car. I’ve never seen that before. That’s really cute though I like that and a little ice cream, little donut Oh no… more floppy drizzle… more floppy drizzle Oh that is such a strong temptation to pull it off. Ah, this is from Aaliyah Oh, she’s so excited just to see her squishies in a video. They’re here. That’s so sweet Thank you so much Aaliyah ah- that car blew my mind. This is from the Mays family a Little eraser that is so freakin cute. Oh my gosh. I love this eraser Okay, but the squishy is also so this must be a decorated squishy I thought that this is how it came but I think that’s actually sharpie and then we’ve got a bulldog face And a little hamburger. So awesome cute. I love these Oh and I always have to remind you guys keep a lookout for the squishies. You want to see giving a makeover? Not this Friday, but the Friday after and I will do the most popular request So leave your requests in the comments if you want to vote. Okay, let’s see Matt this one. Oh my gosh biohazard What? Oh, are you leaving? Are you leaving us? Are we boring you look? This little panda bun has a label on it that says biohazard This little thing which wait, what are these called? I forget what these are called Brady something no, they’re called GIMP or Boondoggle, at least that’s what Google told me and this little donut eraser. Okay Well now that you’ve abandoned your spot. I’m just gonna get rid of your bed. This is from Sienna and Maddie Thanks guys. We’ve got this one. This is from Delaney buddy, whoa, buddy, whoa yikes It’s got a crater in it, you know, I could try to fix it. That crater is the only thing that worries me It’s a little macaron. I don’t have very many macarons. So that’s awesome. Thanks Delaney. This is a big envelope from a Dress. Whoa big squishies. We got a football looks like they decorated it rainbow on the little lacing. That’s kind of clever actually I kind of like that. Whoa We’ve got this big cake. Holy crap. That is dirty. It is missing a strawberry Shrink plastic. Oh my gosh, I love the unicorn and uh a little mermaid all these are so cute I love the sound that string plastic makes Not that sound we’ve got some rainbow loom as well this one is thick I’ve never seen a rainbow loom that thick that was complicated. Okay, so this is from Melissa. Thank you so much, Melissa What a sweet sweet letter. I loved it and there are actually more in here Wow, oh my gosh, we got a cat burger cute love that a panda bun that is actually decorated and Hello Kitty bread little strawberry and ice cream done on a cruller Donut just we got the works here. We got everything. Thank you so much Melissa. This is a an amazing package seriously Oh, right. So this one it says by the way, not from Walmart on it. So this must be from Walmart It’s not for squishy makeovers. I’m just kidding. This is from Melanie. Oh my goodness Look at that they are individually wrapped. It’s like Christmas Oh package number 100 a star a star I’ve never seen a star before he’s so cute We’ve got a little elephant as well. Oh my goodness Oh Oh My oh my gosh, it’s a big bag yet like this is seriously huge I think it’s gonna take a while for it to like come back to shape because it was folded in half. Oh, I Don’t know why I would do that. Oh It’s a bracelet. It’s a glow-in-the-dark. It looks like it’s glow-in-the-dark. Yeah, it’s on the dark I love the colors you chose. That is so pretty. I’m definitely gonna put this somewhere on my desk to display That is so cute. I love this. Thank you so much And let’s go with this one. This one is from Kaitlyn. Wait This is catching my eye. What exactly wait? Okay, I think this might be a Needle fell is that what it’s called? It’s a rainbow Needle felt or a tiny blanket That’s attractive. Okay, awesome. So she bought this but didn’t really like it. I actually think it’s kind of cute She wasn’t really satisfied with the quality. So she decided to give it up I am happy to have it cuz I’ll just give it a new life We’ll take care of any problems it has she drew Opie Opie. Look, this is a view It looks just like you Thank you. So so much Caitlin for the box. Well, not for the box, but what’s inside the box obviously. Whoo Look at this pen. That’s cool. Like the pen who gets annoyed by pen clicking Are you annoyed? Oh Don’t want to have another lost soul. Oh my gosh. Look at this rainbow strawberry. Oh, it’s so soft Three sisters may Louise and Hattie. Oh these two. Okay. I’m not really sure what this one is. I know it’s extremely dirty I think I could make it into something go maybe like a little bit clear or something like that and then this little bread Oh, that’s awesome. Thank you guys. This one is from hailey It’s a giant ice cream cone with cats on it I am in love with this this is so cute I don’t know how I could make this better. It’s so cute already. Although it is quite ripped So it could use a makeover. We’ve also got a Little panda donut. This one has fabric paint on it already. That’s okay. We can paint over it And whoa an orange that’s cut in half. Thank you. I love all of them especially this oh Okay, look at this box with the rainbow cursive on there you’re fancy and this is from I’m dying. Let’s see if she wrote it in the letter – cuz I can’t read it packing peanuts Audrey that is not what it looked like on the outside, so this donut is really really really dead like there’s Frosting that goes on it you were loved very well-loved. But I think this is the end of the road for you Also a little burger, oh this one’s from her little brother cute so many possibilities. Yes Bread a little bread slice. Awesome. Thank you so much, Audrey and your little brother as well This one is from Katie. Oh my Gosh, there’s a stuffed animal A large stuffed animal hi friend. How are you? Alright, and then we’ve got a squishy as well a little pink doughnut awesome love doughnuts. This is a nice squishy Wow all the way from Australia, oh my goodness. Thank you so much Katie. Hi. This one is from Harper Why can’t I do things Whoa, this is super adorable. It’s a little Hello Kitty like ice cream. It’s got all kinds of details and stuff in there Oh, look at emoji button. I don’t know if I have this specific one though I have to check in editing if I have this one. Nope I actually didn’t have that one and a bunch of little minis as well. This one you decorated yourself It looks kind of tie-dye. This actually looks really cool. How did you do that? Oh This one is from Nevaeh whoa, whoa, whoa, oh my gosh Look at this enormous cupcake. Ah Wow, that’s so cool of the cupcake. It’s missing something here Oh and another one this big cake slice love that. This guy’s so cute. I love this guy It’s a little guy in a cupcake and a little whale Narwhal whatever a fidget spinner that’s painted pretty some mini squishies This is more slime, oh is this like blown kind of Pop a cupcake a baby cupcake here. I love these. Okay. What do we have here from Luna and Isabella a Hamburger, it’s still got that tag on it. Why and a bun and this thing? Wait, what exactly are these things though? Isn’t it coordinate? Is that what it’s called a bread theme going on here? I hope you continue to watch my channel together This one is from the Liz so we’ve got oh my gosh, we’ve got a cup which is missing its handle and a baby bottle which is missing its nipple Yeah said nipple what I’ve been thinking about doing with the doubles because I have gotten a lot of repeats So once I’ve done one baby bottle then I would like do the rest of them on my own time and then like show pictures Up before and after at the end of a makeover video just because I’m trying to figure out ways to do more of these Faster and to still feature as many people squishies as I can because I have so many different ones Like I don’t know how often I’ll be doing doubles otherwise, so I don’t know Let me know if you guys like that idea or if you think that’s fair But anyway, yeah, thank you so much Liz for the package. I love these so much in your nose was really sweet This one has been catching my eye because it’s got like this super cute drawing on the outside from Hannah one of these big soft and slow Animals, and it’s a koala. That’s super cute Demon pig what? Yeah, demon thank you so much Hannah for sending these whoa so newspaper newspaper newspaper Bag with a doughnut in it. Perfect little doughnut and what is this? That kind of looks like Opie? It’s like a keychain cat face. That’s cute. Here’s a little frozen box Whoa. Oh my goodness. This is like a treasure. This is also great. You’re so nice I think bracelets is the theme here. Awesome Thank You, Abby. This is from Emma. Ah Pancake squishy. Look at that. That is awesome. The butter is missing Oh wait butter is here that makes it easier. I got some little minis. Look at this little bunny That’s so cute Oh your ear. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. It’ll be fine Thank you so much Emma. This one is from Veronica. It’s like a cookie ice cream sandwich. It’s really soft happy dance, man Wow, this is such a cute letter. I love that lots of things in here This little cotton candy is rocking that bow just rocking it We got a big purple cake roll and a doughnut. This is from Mikkel. So awesome Thank you so much. This cotton candy makes me so happy This perfect little cake slice – that’s really cute This one is from Ava and another big marshmallow cake. This one has all its strawberries though I mean the paint is completely rubbed off, but hey, they’re all they’re french fry earrings. That’s hilarious The earrings know I’ve never warned them. That would be gross. Oh Here’s a soft and slow dog. Definitely. I haven’t seen this one before This is crazy. It’s a makeup palette who would have thought to make that into a squishy and this is a flip-flop Wow amazing package, look at all this look at all this that she gave me. It’s just so nice, okay This one is from KC a big bread loaf. Oh, I think this could be turned into some sort of dessert It’s so soft I love this and this RINO That’s trapped in a plastic sphere the way I describe things sometimes love that. It’s super cute and it’s green Struggling Thank You. KC. The next one is from Lola This is a Kiwi obviously like way to Obviously, what the heck why is this so realistic? It kind of freaks me out because of how realistic it is. Oh, look, this one’s homemade and it’s got rainbow on it I love that it’s so pretty so pretty I Don’t know. Oh my goodness so many little things in here You’re really scary without eyes Then we got a eyeless unicorn. Oh, look at this clay donut cute little erasers Love your melon What is that supposed to mean Wow, yeah, this one is gonna have to be like a bitten doughnut because that is not fixable But we could probably roll with it. If I turn it into a bite mark, possibly baby. Oh, these are made from model magic Okay, cool Why am I squishing it then? Oh, thank you Marley. All righty Whoa, this is a big one. This is from Lilly Oh a dolphin Huh? It looks like a bath toy like one of those classic bath toys, but it’s a squishy that’s cool never seen this before And a little strawberry awesome, I love getting the crazy or like different ones ones that I’ve never seen it’s like really exciting Okay, so this is from Isabel from Augusta, Georgia She wanted me to say where she’s from Wait What about to make a squishy out of a mouth insane but really funny oh another cupcake This one is actually this is what the heart looks like because this one actually has its heart I am obsessed with cupcakes in general Wow this big peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Look at all these and us Moshi-moshi. I don’t know why I hesitate to say that every time smushy mushy. There’s nothing you’ve been wrong with this one It’s so adorable. Yes, this is awesome. Thank you so much. These are amazing. I love all of them I’m gonna have so much fun decorating them and this is from Elise It looks like an organ I don’t know why I don’t know Though chocolate is like reddish. It looks like blood to me Yeah, this could be improved for sure Oh gonna have nightmares about that one little cow donut the eyes are redrawing on there and this is Stress ball from the lodge Where ever that is thank you so much Elise for this. Okay, and we’ve got this one her friends are responsible for this Squishy’s decay Because it’s been squished too much. Is this poop? I think this is poop, but it’s like a different shape than most of the other poops. I need to do a poop soon. I Always get so excited about poop and then I don’t do it because like not many people request it But request poop, I want to do a poop. I’m so immature I cannot even we’ve got this little box that’s taped a lot Her letter says I hope you enjoy the squishies but there’s no squishy in here. I just recently got this one in the mail So this has not been being mixed up with other squishies. There’s no chance that the squishy fell out Let’s try to move on from that That was weird. Uh Hey fat Unicorn it’s kind of sliced open, uh, and its tail is chopped off and its eyes are gouged out Okay, what were you doing with this? Cuz like these do not look like natural defects or like being worn out this looks like Violence to me. Okay, so you’re probably asking yourself what happened to this squishy? Yeah, that’s accurate So her brother cut parts of her squishy off to use it for his slime. That’s criminal She was very upset about it why’d you got a blind the poor thing I mean, okay take its tail off take its Mane off, but gouge out its eyes. That’s just rude Thank you for that. Okay, what is this one? Oh, no. It’s another peanut butter jelly sandwich I can’t get over how realistic this squishy is. It’s crazy. What could I turn this into though? So yeah, thanks Haley for that. Okay, and this one? Katie and Elizabeth Oh little drawings. They’re so cute And these are the squishies a little cupcake and an apple and a soccer ball what this cupcake is Crazy, what is the design on this? It’s just it looks like random colors to me. What kind of design is that? But this shape is super cute. I’m excited about this one. I think this one is a great candidate. Oh my goodness Look at this little fluff ball. Oh These are for Opie Opie. Somebody made you a little blanket Where is he whenever I need him around he’s nowhere to be found Opie. Are you hungry? Ah? There you are you only want to come out for food really look at this Somebody made this for you. Oh look at this little cake so cute I’ve gotten the big versions of these but I actually really like the mini one as well Squishy ghost back at it again. Okay. So this is from Ava and she sent this on her birthday You said nice stuff on your birthday what? Thank you so much Ava I feel like I haven’t even put a dent in it Like I didn’t even empty one full box, but I think I should stop at this point Um, this is gonna be a lot of editing for me to do. Yeah, no kidding. It’s incredible just the amount of silent sniff laughs that I’ve edited out Let me know which ones I should do in the next makeover video and I will show you the updated donation box here I have the updated collection of squishy donations in two bins now And a bag we’ve got food non-food and Minis, I think it’s safe to say I’m gonna be doing this series for a long time Any of these are candidates that you can request whether they were open today or in the past So leave your comments below and I will take the most popular requests So yeah, thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you on Friday Bye

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