Ultimate Craft Organizer – Cheap and Easy!

Ultimate Craft Organizer – Cheap and Easy!

Hi Quilters, it’s Marguerita again and this
video is not necessarily about quilting unless you’re a had quilter, in which case you might find
some of these tips useful. If you have other hobbies like beading, or scrapbooking, or anything like that, you
might also find this useful. A lot of people know me on YouTube
because of my Cheap Sewing and Quilting table. Which is
pretty cheap. So here is the cheap organizer video. And this is not I something I made
up on my own. My friend Judy Wedemeyer showed me hers and I just went nuts. I said Judy do you know how many people would love to see this? I can’t talk her into being on video. I tried. Seriously, I tried. She is, like, not interested. So, here is a link to her blog up because
she’s fantastically creative, and we get some great ideas from each other.
Do you remember those busty cups? The coffee cups with the, um, shape. That was one that she and I were tossing ideas around and came up with. We had a lot of fun with that. So, what is this? What is the organizer? It’s small okay. Here’s one. This one’s going to be for my friend Penny. She’s into beading. The one for Penny has carry handle, too. Now, you’re not making the coverings, okay?
You’re going to secondhand shop alright, here’s one I just picked up not that long ago. Two dollars and 50 cents.
[sound of zipper] You get these little organizer things. This, originally I guess, was somebody’s dayrunner, planner or something or other. We don’t need that part anymore, so it’s going to come out. Now we’re just going to use the canvas part, and make our own organizer. This part, somebody can have a little notebook now. Here’s another one I picked up. This was a dollar fifty. So, what I’m looking for when I’m searching these out, at the second hand shop, is the zipper. Okay, love the zipper part. And this is just based on what Judy dad. It has the zipper and it’s kind of a canvassy, cordura, type material on the exterior. And this is the part that’s important for what, you’ll see, what we do with it. What Judy did, and she showed me how to do it, is that it should have some type of backing on it. Like a spine, almost like a book. Now, Judy’s, believe it or not, she got hers … ..it’s a book cover, made with tapestry. So let’s show you how we made that. Let’s show you the interior, okay. It’s really just these zipper baggies. See that? They are stitched into the organizer. You can see the rows of stitching on the back here. So, I know that when I show this to my friend Penny, with all her beading projects, she is going to love it. And no worries, she never watches my videos. [laughing] Alright, I’ll get you the supply list. Here’s the biggie: the ones the fake zipper thingy on the top, okay. So much easier to deal with than the kind of peel apart type stuff. Just zip and unzip. Works very, very, well. I really do think, even though it’s a second hand item, that the people who are going to receive these are really going to like them a lot.
I hope you like yours too. Let’s go make one. Okay, a couple of things to think about. First is, how many bags you want to use. And then is, how well they’re going to fit inside the framework of your little carrier. Now these are way too big to fit, if I sewed them down on the bottom, they’d be sticking out on the corners here. So, I’m going to actually sew them down about, oh, like that. So somewhere down, taking off about two inches off of the bottom. that’s actually going to make things a lot easier for me. So I’ll show you a little trick. Sewing days bags underneath your sewing foot, and keeping them straight, while you’re trying to sew, they’re just so slippery that it can be difficult to do. I’m going to put 12 in Penny’s bag and
I’m going to sew them in probably in groups of three. And what I’ll do is have this one just a little bit shorter so you can actually see the outline behind the purple one, is the blue one. So it’ll be just a little bit shorter.
And then I’ll have another blue one on this side. So they’ll lineup, just like so. Alright. And that’ll give her …
it’ll be easier for her to open and close them,
and they’ll lay a little bit flatter than if all the ends were evenly lined up. Now you do this any way you want to, for yours, okay. So, that’s just my plan. Now, to make it easy to sew, I’m going to stable the ends of them. I tried tape. It didn’t work so great.
So now I’m working with staples. I think that’s going to work
really well because this part is going to end up being cut off, anyway.
Once I sew through this I’m going to come back and trim all the
excess off. And it can be hard, too, to try and get your foot inside this area. So, we’re just going to bend this thing outward. Make everything in the middle flat. We don’t really care how bunched up this gets. As long as it’s out of the way, and we can sew flat, right along here. Okay I’m ready to start sewing. I changed bobbin threads and put a nice hot pink in so that it matches with the fabric on the outside of the organizer. And I brought the bobbin thread up to the top. That’s in another video and if you haven’t seen that, And if you haven’t seen that, or that’s not your habit, I really hope that you’ll take a
good look at that video. It can … that practice a bringing your
bobbin thread up can save you a lot of hassle. So, take a couple stitches, and then I’m
going to back stitch and then come forward. And I’ve put more pressure on my presser foot, to help move this along. And I’ve also increased by stitch length just a little bit. My organizer has a little bit of padding in this area that I’m sewing through. And so that’s adding just a little bit bulk. [sound of sewing machine] Here’s the corner and it’s going to
take just a little bit of lifting, and holding things out of the way, to get all the way to the end. And again, just a little backstitch to secure that. okay. There we go. These are just
a little bit lower in the back,
to secure that. okay. There we go. These are just
a little bit lower in the back, and that’s how I wanted it.
Now the next ones that I sew in are going to come up a little bit higher. So that all the zippers don’t lay down exactly flat on each other. The kind of do a little bit of a stair-step. And I’m going to trim this excess out, right now, and
that’ll take the staples out. And, this is three. I’ve got three in, and I’ve got 9 more to go. So there you go.
Make yourself and your friends a couple of these great little organizers. I swear, I’m not kidding here, everytime I look at a little bag I all the sudden start thinking “Oh, I can make that into an organizer!” I think this one’s going to be for my granddaughter. These thing, they’re just so … I’m hooked. I don’t know how else to say it. I’ve made several, I’ve bought more cases, I’m going to make more. and I think I’m just gonna make a chain of videos, you know. Here, we’ll do this fun little thing that people on YouTube do. Put a link up here and that’ll go to the next video and you can follow along as I make this one, however many others I’m going to make. Hey, if you make one too, post a video response. Show us what you’ve made. And tell us how you
made it. what your inspiration was, and I’ll link to it too okay. I think this
could be a whole lot of fun. Let’s do it.

41 thoughts on “Ultimate Craft Organizer – Cheap and Easy!

  1. @alamogal1963 I was surprised at how sturdy these really are! I used a cotton-wrapped polyester thread and a fairly long stitch length so that I didn't just perforate the baggies. I used scissors to cut the excess off, it would have been a struggle to turn this one inside out with all the padding that it had build in. I cut the excess of at about 1/4 inch from the seam.

  2. @TXnineandout Wow, great idea! Judy uses hers for things that she has small quantities of for art postcards and what really helps, like you said, is being able to SEE her bits. That gives her inspiration every time she opens up the bag. I just drooled over how she has hers organized and the decorative bits she's collected ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. @susangm – Hi Susan, that was my mistake – I thought I could put an outside link in the video, but YT doesn't allow it – – so the link to Judy's blog is in the Video Description below the video. I'd post it here too but YT doesn't allow links to outside sites in the comments either. Thank you for your kind words about the video – I have another one to post tonight ~Marguerita ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i have made my own fabric outside covers and used office supply zipper pouches and making some of my own pocket. there is tutorials everywhere if you google
    great recycling! well done

  5. @CrazyShortcutQuilts Thanks for pointing out where the link is, but, um, you might want to check that link out because it goes nowhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. @sewsweet08 What a great idea! The whole project was new to me and I couldn't find any vids on it but maybe I didn't look hard enough. I'd love to see your video! I was thinking of making my own outside covers too, with some quilt parts and some decorative stitching. I love the recycle-upcycle angle too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for commenting ~~Marguerita ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. @CrazyShortcutQuilts The link works great now, Marguerita. I love looking at blogs about sewng, machne embroidery and even quilting even though I've never made one!

  8. I enjoyed this video a lot. You are so happy sharing your great idea with us. It such a smart organiser really. Love the part when you say "she never watch my videos". Great to see you back Marguerita, have missed your videos!

  9. You could have kept that ring binder where it was, & just punched the bags with a 3-ring punch (many sizes at Office Supply stores- I have some that fit those smaller day-runner cases). Also @ Back to school time in July-Sept. the 3-ring zippered pencil pouches can be very cheap-even 5 cents about October (clearance). I like that you've sewed them into the cases where no rings exist, but rings could be useful to remove bags depending on if you're taking a trip-need more supplies-add more bags.

  10. BTW, I do love your video! It is something I think about whenever I go garage-sale hunting. Organizers, notebooks, lunch totes, & lightweight shoulder bags are always cheap & plentiful, often free where I live. Another thought is to punch a couple of holes in the bottom (grommets for strength) & put split rings through to your bags. You could also reinforce the bags by folding over & heat-sealing the bottom edge, if you have a "food-bag-sealer". If I get ambitious I will send a video.

  11. @cougarbahia Hi Karen, I bet that there's a quilting or scrapbooking group in your area that you could visit or join and find some help with there, most groups love to welcome and help new members. Maybe even a local kids craft group might help you make one, and you could help them learn the techniqus ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. @quilterstitch Great ideas!! I love it when my videos spark innovations in other crafters and I'd love to see your vids if you make these ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Marguerita I am finding your videos absolutly inspiring. I will definatly be putting this and other ideas to great use.

  14. Oh I could kiss you and your friend. I wanted to make a pocket organiser and you've just shown me how. XXXXXXXX I'm also thinking you could use other types of bags – like those made out of netting and the like.

    Thank you thank you thank you! I am not worthy bowing deeply.

  15. Hehehehe – you are so funny! You know, I was just cleaning up my granddaughter's room and one of the first things I saw was the little organizer I made for her so I opened it up and she's really using it! I'm glad you like it and I know you will like making them. Thanks for the tip about the mesh–I had not thought of that!! Now I need to go make a few more ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~Marguerita

  16. Wot, this is a great idea. Something like would work great for my fishing rigs and maybe a few soft plastic baits. I've seen the commercial worm binders, but they are much too bulky and expensive. Keep up the great work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I think you and your friend are geniuses!!! I love this idea, I have a ton of old insulated lunch bags that I never know what to do with them. Now I do. Thanks!

  18. Hello, I simply LOVE this project! I used to purchase the "in" character lunchbox that was the licensed brand product, but they never lasted an entire school year. Then I figured out it was reasonably simple to "decorate" the plain but better quality lunchbox that lasts much longer than a single school year. An added bonus is I can easily make the outgrown "sesame street" into a mature kindergarten appropriate "Dora" and now for year three and a ripe 'ol first grade "hello kitty". Also easy to hand down to a child of the opposite sex, just change the covers.
    I know this video was posted some time ago, but how did you have bags that had different colored zippers? It seems like they are/were the same overall size, was it one color was "storage" and the other "freezer" type, or was is quart and wide sandwich type? I'd love to know, as my boys have outgrown lunch boxes all together I'd love to make good use out of some still in useful shape. In a thrift store I saw a similar item where someone had sewn about 30 bags onto a worn out placemat, adding a ribbon on the back to tie it shut (so you would roll it up). It didn't seem too sturdy to me because it had been assembled with some inexpensive bags that had seen better days, but they stacked them one zipper left, one zipper right- but all 30 with one single row of stitching and a tiny stitch.
    I can't wait to pull out a lunchbox and get organized!

  19. I can't believe in this!
    Those cheap organizers you had picked just to use the covers, here in Brazil they cost almost $25.ย 
    I think I will have to make the covers too, hehe

  20. I watched a couple of your videos and find them very upbit and inspiring, you got yourself a new subscriber. Thank you

  21. This is genius. I think I will make the bag myself so I can customize it the way I like but this would also be great to recycle any bags I have laying around. I know what all of my crafty friends are getting this year.

  22. I would have left the 3 ring binder in the cover. Then shorten the bags and put holes in the bags so they fit into the three ring binder. You can sew ribbon across the bottom before you put the holes in and the holes will be reinforced. This way if you want to take just one pouch with you, you can.

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