Ultimate Cleaning Motivation! | Winter Clean With Me 2019 | Children’s Winter Art Craft

Ultimate Cleaning Motivation! | Winter Clean With Me 2019 | Children’s Winter Art Craft

hey guys we are a little over a week away from Thanksgiving here in the States and I’m getting some major cleaning done as well as some house projects done since we host every year in today’s video I’ll be cleaning alongside you in the kitchen and dining areas and be sure to stay to the very end for a cleaning reveal as well as a special winter art craft idea that you can do with your kiddos at home my daughter surin was so proud of her work before I begin here’s the mess we are working with it was a busy morning of cooking and playing with the kids so I have to get this area back in shape before we do that Christmas crafts [Music] [Music] I always like to put all the random items back in their homes before I do anything else here I’m showing you our new welcome sign that we’ve got on sale at a grocery store for only $5 and idi wide this Thanksgiving banner quite a few years ago I got the template from Pinterest and did the rest you can go follow me on Pinterest my link is in the description box below if you’re a returning subscriber you’ll notice our dining room table is gone because that means we are in the process of restoring it and it will be done for a special Thanksgiving decor video next week so stay tuned for that let me know in the comments if you’re the kind of person who loves DIY projects because I am full [Music] heeey Chris he happy [Music] so I have to empty my dishwasher today and I dread this all the time but the feeling of having it empty is what motivates me to do it [Music] see thank you I was wondering how many of you use special dinnerware for Thanksgiving or do you opt for the disposable kind as to not worry about the cleanup afterwards I’ve done both and I’ve also done like half and half I’m very undecided for this year so let me know your thoughts below [Music] [Music] [Music] I sped up this part because it is so satisfying to see a sink become empty I always love seeing those types of time-lapse cleaning videos are you like me does this give you that cleaning satisfaction that you need [Music] [Music] ask me [Music] I love seeing cleared countertops so if I can I like to dry the dishes and put them immediately away it’s a simple thing but it makes a huge impact you don’t wanna go the day Ron around No always play your Jack Sparrow [Music] dinosaur so after I finished I took a little coffee break and played with my girls I like using stevia and coconut milk or almond milk in my coffee I’ve never liked milk and was so glad that stores started carrying other options that were very very delicious I got my Dyson last year as a Christmas gift and it has been the best gift for this season in my life with small children I highly recommend it because cleanup is frequent and this vacuum is quick if you could afford one it is so worth it now as a bonus I’m sharing with you a cute and easy art craft for your kids to try at home you’ll need some white cardstock paper wintery stickers some acrylic paint newspapers small paintbrushes a paint tray and a kid [Music] first grab some cool colors like blues and purples to represent the snowy days or evenings and add white to any of those colors so that the child can make their own shades whenever they want sir oon loves making her own colors and trying them out on her papers [Music] Oh like a first country for [Music] the Angels are once they’ve painted their entire paper set it aside to dry if there are gobs of paint just wipe that off so it dries a little bit quicker this is optional but once it’s dry you can fold the paper in half to make it a card or you can just keep it unfolded for like a pretty little picture display [Music] the stickers we’re about to use are from Lydell and they were only 89 cents each but before we put them on I wanted to use white paint for surin to create a snowy hill for her snow people to stick on turn your bowl after that’s done she’s going to choose about five to six different snowflakes to stick on she was so funny doing this because she decided to put her snowflakes in a straight line in the sky angel choir singing then to finish the scene you’ll use the back of the paintbrush and dip it into the white paint and dot it on the picture as smaller snowflakes I called this the dippin dot technique surrounded so good with this here’s the final result we will be giving this to her oma for Christmas inside I’ll add like a Christmas message to finish it off and make it more personal now that my house is cleaned and we did some artwork I am now motivated to compute on and tackling that table project I hope you have a wonderful day today please share and subscribe if you are new and give this video like oh and check out these other videos to keep your cleaning motivation going have a wonderful wonderful week I’ll see you in my next video bye you

15 thoughts on “Ultimate Cleaning Motivation! | Winter Clean With Me 2019 | Children’s Winter Art Craft

  1. Thanks for watching and cleaning with me today!! If you want more cleaning motivation check out my description box for some great playlists! ❄️🧼🎄

  2. We always eat Thanksgiving dinner on real plates. I have a set of “fancy china” (it’s dishwasher safe! Very important in my house😆) we got for weddings gifts so I love to set it out at Thanksgiving and Christmas, because when else will I use it? If we have a lot of family visiting I might keep some paper plates on hand for leftovers the next day.

  3. I love your new sign and a steal!!

    Also I am trying so hard to have the dishwasher empty first thing in the morning that way I can start fresh and not worry about dirty dishes! And so far I’m loving it!

  4. Thank you for all this great motivation!! The craft idea is super cute! I love how easy it looks. I'm always looking for different and easy crafts to do with my kiddos.
    New subscriber 🙂

    Would love if you would check my channel out as well!

  5. I love your kitchen and your huge farmhouse sink! haha yes a coffee break is always a must! Aww she did such a good job with her painting project. Great video and awesome motivation!

  6. Needed this motivation today! Thank you for sharing:) I would love it if you checked out some of my videos even though they are NOT that exciting lol. Keep up the good work!

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