Ultimate Baby Diaper Test

Ultimate Baby Diaper Test

Today we put on diapers.
You’re welcome. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning! Friends and enemies, we are excited
about today’s show. We’re gonna be cooking
the fanciest, most lavish, and exquisite
and Big Mac you’ve ever laid
your eyes on, plus, we got a game
about weird celebrity
fan art, but first, we’re gonna
briefly return to a time in our lives
when we had young kids
walking around with their feces
packed in their pants. Oh, gosh,
that’s right! – Ugh.
– The market place is
flooded with diapers of all different types
and brands, and if you’re a baby,
or know somebody who is, you know that you
don’t have time to test all those
different diapers
for yourself. – That’s right.
– But rest easy, because that’s
where we come in. It’s time for…( baby coos )You like how I put
come on Link in
the title? – Yeah!
– I’m trying to encourage you. And I’m here!
That’s why I
showed up today. – ‘Cause you said come on,
come with me.
– Yeah, come on Link! Okay, so we’ve got
some of the top diapers
on the market. – The toppest of the diapers
in the market…
– Right. and we’ll be putting them
through a series of very
thorough tests… – Mm-hmm.
– and eliminating them
one by one until they’re only
two remaining. And then when we
have those two, we’re actually going
to put them on personally and put them through
a very rigorous test until we have one
remaining diaper champion. Now let’s meet
our contenders. Okay, first up
we’ve got Luv’s
Ultra Leak Guards. These are 14 cent
a diaper, money back
guarantee if you are not
satisfied. Let’s see. We also have Pampers
Sawddlers. Uh, these are 25 cents
a diaper and they are the number one
choice of U.S. hospitals. Come on, Rhett,
throw it that way. Next up, we’ve got
Huggies Snug and Dry. Uh, these are also
14 cent a diaper. They’ve got a leak
lock system and funny Mickey Mouse
designs. Look, how hilarious.
He’s there peeking – Oh.
– It’s just fun. So looking forward
to seeing those. We also have
Honest Company
baby diapers. Uh, this is
Jessica Alba’s company. – Is she…
– She’s not on there. – Oh.
– I looked already. – ( chuckles )
– Um, these are, uh,
organic diapers, a little bit more
expensive, 41 cents
a diaper. You can eat ’em.
Is that what that means? – Sorry, Jessica.
– And finally, we’re gonna
test a Charlie Banana two-in-one cloth diaper. We’ve got a front panel
that’s disposable for special occasions. – $18.31 a diaper.
– Whoa. – But…
– They are reusable. You reuse it. All right, let’s test
these diapees! Okay, we’re gonna
start with a containment
test. And we’re trying to
simulate a motion environment. Like, if you got
a baby with a diaper
full of poo and you’re going around
a mountain curve. You know that situation. Or if your baby
wants to take a ride
on a ceiling fan. – Yes.
– Let’s commence
the test. There’s no poo-poo
in here, it’s pudding. Here we go.( nursery music playing )Rhett: Okay. Gonna take
a little bit of time
to get up to speed. but once you start
driving around
that mountain… – Yeah.
– it’s gonna be some force. Here we go,
middle of the road trip, – you think everything’s okay–
but, oh!
– Oh! I don’t know which way
that came from. I bet it did,
it did send a dollop
my way– – Whoa! There we go!
– Another dollop. – Oh! There’s another
– There we go. Is favor in your side? Maybe I’ll get some
pudding right in there. – Oh, oh!
– Pie hole. Here we go.
Oh, gosh. Oh! I got one. I think I might
be able to catch one
in my mouth. Rhett: Oh, oh, oh. You gotta be so
quick if wanna catch
some poop in your mouth. ( laughter ) Okay, you want to
turn the fan off
and see where we stand? Yeah. Let’s start here. Look, the Honest Company,
little bit of leakage. Huggies is starting
to creep out. Rhett:
Yeah, that’s significant.
Significantly– Link: Charlie Banana,
boy that’s like a– Rhett: He kept his
banana in there, didn’t he? – Link: Well, and the pudding.
– Rhett: Yup. – Link: Luvs, ooh Luvs was–
– Rhett: Ooh, Luvs. I think that’s what
you got on you, man. You got some love
on you. Uh-oh, Pampers.
Pampers is in trouble. – Link: Pampers.
– Rhett: Pampers, we got
a serious breech. – Really inched out there.
– Make sure it’s pudding. – Yup.
– All right, Pampers,
you’ve been eliminated.( baby crying )All right, now it’s time
to test the absorbency
capabilities of these final four
diapers, because you don’t want
any leaky of the pee-pee. Right, and we’re not
gonna be using urine, although I donated
a lot earlier today. Uh, we sent Mike and Alex
out throughout the office to collect toilet water
and as you can see
they had a ladle,but apparently not
a good time.
Especially Mike.What is fun?
– Link:Come on, Mike.Mike:It’s about as much
fun as you’d expect
me having…
– ( laughter )
– collecting toilet water. – Okay, we’re going to–
– Yeah. We’re going to pour
the toilet water into the diapers
at the same rate. – Hmm.
– Uh-huh. Uh, and then the first one
to leak– – so scientific.
– ( laughter ) Uh, is the one that
will be eliminated. Yeah, all right,
let’s pour in kind of
a simultaneousness. – You ready?
– No… no. And then distribute it. Three, two, one. – No.
– Pour. – Kind of slow, right?
– No. Oh. I’m– I don’t
want to pour too fast ’cause I wanna pour
at like a, a baby peeing rate. I’m half way through,
Link. – I’m half way through.
– Yeah, I’m about half way
through. – Rhett: Whoa, oh.
– Now, that went off
the side. – That was my bad.
– Link, why don’t you just–
hold your hands. – I’m pouring two at once.
– Well, so am I. – It’s not like–
– And mine are right in
the middle the whole time. Well, no,
I’m distributing it around, because you know how babies
like to distribute. No babies, usually–
there’s one hole that
the pee comes out of. Okay, I just got through,
man– – ( laughter )
– It’s just sitting in there. – and starting to get absorbed.
– So far so good. – It did spill.
– But look how mine
is just sitting in there, just suspended,
in both of these. Is that what’s happening
on yours? – Or yours absorbed?
– Mines absorbed in both
of these. This one’s absorbed? Maybe it’s because
I’m distributing. You should distribute
a little bit. Okay, I’ll distribute
a little bit. Distribute off the tops.
A little bit. – Oh, God.
– Three, two, one…
distribute. Woman: Is the amount
they are pouring have anything to do
with like normal
pee amounts? No, no, no.
You don’t know. – Link: That’s good questions.
– We gave our baby so much
water, I said, “Kids,
stay hydrated.” They were so
hydrated. We’re the Neals.
We stay hydrated. That’s what I tell ’em
all the time. Where you at on there,
Link. Mm, I’m almost halfsies. – Rhett: Oh, oh!
– Woman: Oh! Oh, starting.
I’m starting to reach
capacity. – Oh, God.
– Over here. Ah. Rhett: Don’t move, John! Link: Don’t drink it!
It’s toilet water! – Didn’t you remember?
– Ew! – Yeah, you’re right.
– Mike and Alex… – It definitely is–
– got it out of a freaking
toilet! Okay, I’m getting wet.
It’s happening. Woman: No! No! Charlie Banana’s a fail. ( laughs ) – Whoo!
– Link: There’s more. ( laughing ) Oh, stop! Uh-oh, we got some
leakage over here. Woman: It does look
like blue Gatorade. It’s my favorite flavor. – Ah!
– Ellie, you’ve been spared. The Huggie is holding up. I know. I’m almost done.
Don’t worry, Mike. Why are you still going?
The test is over. – ( laughter )
– Charlie Banana has lost. – I just wanna see.
– All right. ( laughs ) It’s missing you.
You should come
over this way. – ( laughter )
– Thanks, John. Okay, but it’s just–
you know what? It’s gone–
it’s done! This is a flawed test. I just wanted–
I wanted to say– – I thought it was a perfect
– I wanted all the water to be there to see
who was the wettest, and it looks like
John is the wettest. – Yeah
– Yeah. – ( giggles )
– Whoo! – Just to clarify.
– Okay. – There it is.
– Now, I will say before we
eliminate Charlie Banana. – Right.
– There are many other reasons
to have cloth diapers. Mostly environmental,
and maybe even financial. However, we are tasting
the full capability of these diapers
according to our test and so, unfortunately,
we have to eliminate – Rhett/Link:Charlie Banana.
( baby crying )Okay, now it’s time
to test the smell masking capabilities
of our diapers. Uh, because this is
an important thing. I remember this from
those dark days of
fatherhood. when my kids pooped
in their pants. – Yeah.
– Um, basically once you get
the diaper off, you have to seal it up
and y ou have this poopie bomb that is in the house for
an extended period of time. – And you can’t escape it
until it’s out of the house.
– Yeah. Unless you got a
good diaper that can
seal in the poopie smell. Right. So we have
conducted a test, uh, that is perfectly
logical. – Yeah.
– To assess this smell
masking ability. Uh, diapers stink.
Rotten eggs stink. Rotten eggs come
from birds. Birds make nests. These diapers are
in nests. – In the diapers are
rotten eggs.
– Science. Rotten eggs stink.
Did I say that? – Science.
– Okay, so, let’s just,
let’s smell ’em and see which ones
stink the most. Both: Ugh! – Oh, gosh!
– ( laughter ) It actually smells
like baby poop!
Cover it! Ugh! And whaff…
whaff it out. Well, hold on. That’s just a baseline. You think, okay,
all right. Here we go.
Number two. – Ooh! ( chuckles ) That…
– Uh, much… Going in for–
ooh. – ( laughter )
– It’s not good. It stunk,
but not nearly as much. – Oh, wow.
– But still cover it. – Jessica Alba.
– She did not– – No, uh–
– That’s not her rotten egg. I picture her,
somewhere constructing it. Jessica, I know you did
all the work, girl. Okay, Huggies…
remove it. Both: Oh! – It– it– it’s bad,
– ( coughing ) – It’s bad.
That is the worst.
– But not that bad. – Both: Luvs!
– Gets no love
from my nostril. Rhett:Luvs, you’ve been
( baby crying )For this final test,
we put our butts in
the driver seat. Oh, in the diapers. Remove the curtain
of dignity!( trumpet sounding )I’m wearing
the Huggies. And I’m wearing
the Honest Company. Now we’ve stuffed these
with the most
baby food, food that we could come up with,
baby-back rib meat. You’re leaking
a little bit, Link. – Oh, good.
– You got a little meat
leakage. But this test is
durability. And to get some help, we’re gonna need to summon
the diaper genie, – by wiping– not wiping.
– Don’t rub– rub. You just gotta rub
the diaper three times,
okay? – All right.
– One, two, three. – Oh.
– Hello, diaper genie. – Hi.
– What do you have there? – Some, uh. sanders.
– Oh, of course you’ve
got sanders. Yeah, because they’re
testing the durability and, you know,
lots of times, kids’ll
drag their butt in the sandbox
and you don’t want
to leave a trail. – You don’t want any
– Right. So, what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna have
our diaper genie sand our booties
until meat is released. And the first one
to have the meat released uh, is the losing
diaper. Here’s to you
Jessica Alba. All right,
sand those diapees. All right. – ( sanders whirring )
( nursery music playing )Rhett: Whoa-ho! Link: Ooh, it tickles. Mickey’s getting a tickle. – Whoo!
– I didn’t know this was gonna
be happening today. – ( laughs )
– But I can’t say I don’t
like it. ( laughs )
Ooh, I’m getting,
I’m getting some sluffage. Everything feels like
it’s sinking. I don’t have any meat
releasing yet, but I’ve got diaper releasing
for sure. Diaper genie is so good
with a sander. – Link: Oh.
– Rhett: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Link: We have a little breach. Is that a breach on me
or a breach on you? – A breach on both of us.
– It was a breach on both. All right, diaper genie,
you’re gonna have to go until the meat comes out. – Diaper Genie: All right.
– ( sanders whirring )( baby music playing )( laughs ) Oh, we got–
there’s meat coming out
of Link’s. – I definitely see.
– Is anything coming out
of mine? Is there meat coming out
of yours? There’s something coming out
of yours. That’s meat–
there’s meat releasing. There’s chunks right there. Look at that.
Basically, I can stick
my finer in there. – I wont, but…
– ( laughter ) – I mean I could.
– Link: I mean, you’ve got
a complete meat hole too! No, look at yours though! It’s like a–
it’s like– I can see, like,
the meat– – you got a lots of things
happening over there.
– Link: Yeah. All right, I’m sorry,
Mickey. And Huggies.
You’ve gone down. Jessica… – Look at you.
– ( laughter ) You’ve got the best
diapers on the planet. – ( laughs )
– Anytime you want to
come on the show and talk about them,
or anything else. Or not even–
just come on the show,
just talk about things. Were ready and willing. Congratulations to
the Honest Company. You are the best diaper
according to “Good
Mythical Morning.” and this guy who
at this moment
is a genie. That’s right.
Stay tuned because
we’re about to create the fanciest most
expensive version of the Big Mac
you’ve ever seen. Rhett:Wish this video
was longer and in your
ear buds?
You’ll love the latest
episode of our ear biscuits
available now wherever
you ear consume your podcasts.

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