Types of People in Mobile Shop || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Types of People in Mobile Shop || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

All set. Hey! Do you sell all brands of phones?
– ‘Seems like a rich guy.’ Yes, sir, we do. We sell iPhones, Google phones,
Micromax, Celkon, Belkon and even iCon. Never heard those names before. I need a branded phone.
– These all are big brands. I need a major brand.
– What is this guy’s problem? Which phone are you looking for? I need a branded phone
between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000. Between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2000?
And something which is very branded? Alright. Here is Nokia 106.
It’ll suit your budget. You can even drop it
and still it’ll work. It is a good phone. Sure, I’ll take it.
Do I get any discount on it? Discount? Have it for free.
– Oh, cool. Thanks! What a loser customer
to start the day with. They don’t play.
– What don’t play? – Those! What do you mean by those?
– You know.. Those.. I don’t get what you say.
– Porn clips! They don’t play on my phone! You want those to play
on this phone? Firstly, those have been banned,
and secondly, this phone can’t play them anyway. What! Those play on everyone’s phone but my phone!
– Like I said, those have been banned. Now, get out of here, jerk!
– You know nothing! – What a loser. How may I help you, sir?
– Do you have Vivo Y17? Yes!
– How much does it cost? – Rs. 13000. Do you have Oppo F11 pro?
– Yes, sir, Rs. 27000. – Do you have Apple XR? The 64GB Apple XR costs Rs. 43000.
– What all features would I get? – I’ll show you. It has a RAM of 1TB and ROM of 2GB,
assembled display, most selling phone in the market. Rs. 43000? Why does it cost less online?
– Then buy it online. We provide better service than on online.
– Do I get charger, earphones and all? – Yes, you will. What is the charging backup like?
Do you replace a broken screen for free? There is no warranty, but we’ll see what we can do.
‘First buy it, idiot.’ Everything is cool,
but I don’t have so much money to afford. After, I land a job and save up from my salary,
I’ll come buy it. After you land a job
and after saving up? Alright. Another loser customer. Hello, sir. Hello, ma’am. How may I help you?
– I need the most expensive phone you’ve got. Wow! Finally, a good customer! There is iPhone 11 Pro.
– How much is the prize? – Rs. 100000. Is that okay, babe?
– Anything for you, babe. – So, you’re buying it? Bro, can I have a word with you in private?
– What for? – To talk about phone updates and all. Discuss it right here.
– There is a new update called Hydrogen Peroxide. So, I wanted to investigate before buying
if this phone would support the update. Bro, she is driving me bankrupt.
How unfair is it for you to say you’ve got iPhone 11 Pro. Well, I only think about doing business.
– True. Sell us a phone under Rs. 30000. I say you break up with her if she is a trouble.
– She’ll kill me if I do that. – Alright, I understand. Sorry, ma’am.
iPhone 11 Pro is unfortunately out of stock. What phones are in stock then?
– iPhone 11 is in stock. – Shall we take it? We can, but, the update..
Bro, you said you understand me. I do understand, but business is our priority.
– But what about me? If I help you, my boss will fire me.
Please, understand. Sure, let’s take it.
– Card or cash? – Card. May I have your PIN, sir?
– 0085. – Thank you so much for the purchase. ‘I’ll kill you if I ever spot you again.’ Thank God I made an iPhone sale.
My boss would be pleased. Do you got headphones with good bass?
– We do. Which brand are you looking for? Anything would do, but I need good bass.
– I suggest Beats. It only costs Rs. 20000. That’s a lot. Suggest me something cheaper.
– Something cheaper? How about Arona?
– Corona? – Not Corona, Arona. Made in China. Hell, no! Using Chinese products would get me Corona virus.
– Using Chinese products won’t get you Corona virus. Whatever! I’m out of here.
– Sir, wait up.. Do you sell tampered glasses?
– We do. For which phone? – Moto One Power. Here you go, sir.
– How much for it? – Rs. 200. Rs. 200! – It is only Rs. 200.
– Roadside hawkers do it for Rs. 49. Those are poor quality ones. This one is of top quality.
– You should’ve told me before. You should’ve asked the price before.
– You should’ve told before. – Whatever, pay up. Take it off, I don’t want it.
– Take it off? What nonsense. Alright, pay up how much ever you want to.
Another idiot! I need a phone with good camera, for good selfies.
– A good camera phone? This is for Rs. 17,000.
– Does it capture good selfies? – It captures great selfies! Here you go. You look like a star in this photo.
– Yeah, it looks good. – Great quality too! Cool! Now email that photo to me.
– What? Why? My parents are finding matches for me.
So, I’ll use that photo which you just clicked. You’ll this photo to help you find matches?
– I’ll buy the phone if my marriage gets fixed. What nonsense! You think I’m running a photo studio? Get out!
– Damn! I got busted! Hello. I need a phone.
– What is your budget, sir? – I need a costly phone. This one is Rs. 10000.
– Something more costly. – Cool! This one is for Rs. 30000. Something more expensive.
– This one is for Rs. 50000. Something more costly. – There is a phone for Rs. 1 lakh.
– Let me give it a look. This is iPhone 11 Pro. That best phone.
– How do I pay through EMIs? Give me your credit card, Adhar card
and PAN card. I’ll do the rest. I also need a screen card and a case.
The one next to it. No, the one next to it.
No, the one next to it. Damn! Where did he flee?
Shit! My boss will kill me! Police station? Hey, guys! I hope you like this video.
I’m sure we all might’ve visited mobile stores before. Now, we are ordering our phones online,
but I’m sure you went to mobile stores earlier. Share in the comments
your funny experiences at these mobile stores. And please, like, share
and subsribe to Wirally.

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