Types of Machine Design – Introduction to Design of Machine – Design of Machine

Types of Machine Design – Introduction to Design of Machine – Design of Machine

Hello friends here in this video we will see the Types of Machine Design when we talk about the types of Machine Design we basically have three different kinds of Machine design and they are the different types of Machine design are the first is adaptive design next developed design third one new design so as we can see the subject of machine design it consists of basic three kinds of design they are adaptive developed and new now let us try to understand each one of them in detail the description of above are as follows I will first first start with adaptive design adaptive design now see adaptive design is basically a small modification or minor change in the existing design it means in case of adaptive here the component or product is already there it is existing and when we make minor changes in that then we term it as adapter design in simple terms if we can say adaptive design is not a new design or we are not designing any product from scratch here some product is already there but we have to just change it or provide some minor modifications so here I’ll write the definition that it is a design in which we make minor modifications in the existing design or product so if we change slightly some design feature like for example if some product is there if we are just changing its color then it is called as adaptive design or if we are adding some component we are or we are removing some component then also it would be called as adaptive design the next important point in adaptive design is I will write it here that in case of adaptive design only some basic technical skills are required so if a person he is an adaptive designer then he should just have some basic technical skills to make any change in the design here I can give the examples of adaptive design the best example which I can give here it is of diesel engine now as we know diesel engine is already existing it does in use so if we make any small modification in a diesel engine then it would be termed as adaptive design so diesel engine comes under the category of adaptive next I can give the example of bicycle see bicycle example why I have given here because previously we were having a bicycle which was driven by pedal and there was chain which was transferring the motion now if we can see there are even bicycles which are gear operated so previously bicycles were existing then we made small modification in that bicycle by providing gear arrangement so it became adaptive design now we are even having some bicycles which are patented they operate without the use of the pedal that is their battery operated so as we can see bicycle was there previously but now we are giving some small small modifications in that and hence it becomes adaptive design so these two examples they are best understood then etc we can have number of examples of existing component then some small changes are made so this was regarding the adaptive in next is developed design now when we talk about develop design even in this case the existing product is used but it is used just for the basis like in adaptive design the complete product was there and small changes were made but in developed design the existing product would be used just for an idea and a whole new product would be developed I’ll write down in this case the existing design or product is just used as a basis means it would only be used for a reference next entire concept is new and developed to make a product better so just by taking the idea of the existing product we are changing the complete object that becomes a part of developed design here I can give the examples I’ll write it onto the next page the examples of developed design now the examples are first of all electronic components or equipments now see this is very much understood in today’s world that electronic components if I can take the example of cell phone we can see number of cell phones which are available with slight modification that is previously some design was there it was used as a reference and now we are developing on that like as you can see the Apple phones like 6 or 6s they were developed from some earlier version that earlier version was acting as a reference and then we developed a complete new design so that is a part of developed design so electronic components or equipments they are the example of developed design next even tape recorders then we can say television sets and like electronic equipments tape recorders television sets and we can even give the example of modified bikes so here also as we have seen these examples they come under the category of developed design where we are using the existing model just for the reference and a complete new product is developed now at last we will see what is meant by a new design in new design the component is developed as a whole a new product here I’ll write on in this design a component or product is made from scratch like just starting and here as we can see since we are designing a new component so the designer the designer must have complete knowledge of designing because here since we are designing a new component the designer should have the complete or thorough knowledge of each component or we can say factors so this is one of the most complicated designs next I can give the example of new designs examples of new design like we can say solar power plants see to set up solar power plants we require a complete new design of that power plant and we as we are setting up that so it is called as it comes under the category of new design or we can even say title power plants both of them solar and tidal they are used to generate electricity and when we are setting up them then it comes under the category of new design so whatever thing we are making for the first time that concept it is called as new design I can even give the example of 3d printers that also comes under the category of new design so as we have seen in this video we have described the types of machine design basically into three types they were adaptive design developed design and new design I hope the explanation is understood

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  1. It is very boring lectures-show, not due to the content but because of the way you are introducing them..!
    please this is not a platform to show your ability of handwriting in English!! just use power point with prepared slides.

    thanks and carefully remember my comment.

  2. i had doubt if motor of one company and motor of other company are different designed so.. its comes under what type of design? can u reply me

  3. Sir your leacture vids are very very useful to us …..please make some leacutre vids on automobile engg. Subject ……topics like automobile air conditioning system …battery ignition. ……coil or magneto ignition system….clutches …..brakes ….please sir …

  4. Thank you sir.. Very well done. Please don't do any slide show because of comments. What ever you are doing or following our ancient method manual method is best to understand in detail and clear perception. Thumbs up for your efforts. Request you to upload more videos

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