TWIN HACKERS? I Disguise as Hacker PZ9 & Regina Pretends to be PZ2 Undercover – Life Swap Challenge

TWIN HACKERS? I Disguise as Hacker PZ9 & Regina Pretends to be PZ2 Undercover – Life Swap Challenge

– What is up Spy Ninjas? We now know that PZ9’s true name is Melvin! – And he’s trying to give our address of our safe house to Project Zorgo. But, they’re not letting
him in to the headquarters. So, he is going to meet up with PZ2!
– PZ2! We need to stop that from happening, Vy. – The last time you went
under disguise as PZ9 you fooled a ton of people. – Ooh yeah, I did. I love it. I’ll dress up as PZ9 and
PZ2 will think I’m PZ9. I’ll prevent PZ2 from
ever getting the address of our safe house! – Yeah, that’s awesome, Chad! – PZ2 knows PZ9 really well, I don’t think he’s gonna fall for it. – I don’t know, Chad, he
doesn’t like really talk. I’ve actually never heard
him say a single word. So how well can he know PZ9? – But I think he’s like really smart, though he might not talk? – I actually ran into PZ2 this one time, I like threw a watermelon at him– – [Chad] I remember that. – [Vy] And he like growled at me. He’s like smelling PZ9, maybe he’s like smelling for his scent? So then he can’t see PZ9 or identify him? Or call him out maybe? – Yeah, so, if I can get
like PZ9’s scent on me, PZ2 will be like (sniffing) yes, you’re the real PZ9. – How’re we gonna do that? – Okay here, Vy, you take
the camera real quick. So as far as the smell with PZ9, remember when he came here
and snuck into our safe house? – [Vy] Yeah. – He left his clothes here.
– Okay. – Remember, he left these in the bathroom! – Yeah! – The smell, smell it– – No! – And this! – I can smell it. – Woo! PZ2 will smell that and think I’m PZ9. – That’s a very disgusting but
well thought out plan, Chad. – I’m a smart one. Let’s go! – Alright, we’re here at the park. This is where PZ9 is meeting with PZ2. I’m gonna meet with the real PZ2. Shoot, I think that’s the
real PZ9 right up here. Come up here.
– Oh no! Is that him? – Oh yeah that’s definitely PZ9! – Okay, Chad! – Vy! They’re not here anywhere! Doesn’t matter, we have to stop
PZ9 from giving PZ2 the note with our safe house address. – Yeah, what can we do? – You know what, Regina? You’re the master of disguise, right? You fooled us Spy Ninjas a lot. You were the Domino’s girl
once, the Skittles girl, the private investigator
girl, she was a character. What if you go in disguise as PZ2? PZ9 will give you the note. You just take the note, you flush it down the toilet, and then Project Zorgo will never know our safe house location. – I don’t know if I could be PZ2, he’s so like– – You have to wear like a black hood. – I’m always equipped with
Project Zorgo disguises. – Yeah, yeah! Go dress up like PZ2! – I got my disguise. When I come out of those
doors I’m gonna be PZ2. – [Daniel] Oh, I can’t wait! – Toodle-oo! (suspenseful music) – [Daniel] Oh, yes! She’s coming out. Where are you? Oh. Oh my gosh! Huh, that’s pretty good I guess. Okay, okay, agh! Something about it doesn’t
really seem like PZ2 that much. – Really? I thought it was really good. – Yeah, well it’s missing something. Yes, that right there! – What? – There’s no big old bulge! – How will I be able to get,
like, a growth on my back? – [Daniel] I don’t know. Oh, look, over there! – Yeah, if we just stuff
the Spy Ninja backpack with lots of things, I wear
it, and it’ll be like a hump! – [Daniel] Yeah, underneath the hoodie! – I have an idea, come this way. Remember the stuffed animals PZ9 gave us? – [Daniel] Yeah. – That could be our stuffing! – [Daniel] Oh! – Hello, Mr. Squiggles I’ve missed you. – And hello Peter
Samuels, I missed you too. – Okay, perfect, look at this hump. ♪ My hump, my hump ♪ – Yeah, put it underneath your hoodie and it’ll look like a big old loaf. – Like a big old bread loaf? – [Daniel] Loaf it up, loaf it up. – Ha! – Okay, here Regina, I’ll help you. There you go. – Ha! – The big reveal, turn it around. Oh, yes! That’s so PZ2-like! Whoa, get away from me, get away from me. Okay, oh. – Good? – That’s so good Regina. – I am the master of disguise. – You really are. – Boop! – Ouch. Okay, put on the mask and
let’s go meet up with PZ9. He’s gonna be giving you a note. – We can do this. – We can. Okay, we’re here at the park, PZ9 is meeting PZ2 here. Wait, Regina, why are
you not wearing pants? – I’m wearing pants! – [Daniel] Oh, you have to
get into the PZ2 uniform. – Right now? – [Daniel] Mm-hmm. – This is so difficult. – [Daniel] The one thing with PZ2 is one of his eyeballs is bigger than the other. – So I really gotta sell
them with my performance. – Yeah, because PZ9 and PZ2
are really good colleagues, kinda like me and you. So, he’s gonna know PZ2
like the back of his hand. – There’s PZ9! There he is. – [Daniel] Look, look in his hand! – Okay, he’s a little
too far away you guys, here’s the binoculars from
the spy essential kit. Let’s get a closer look at PZ9. – [Chad] Yeah, let’s
see what he’s holding. Here, show the camera. – [Vy] Okay. Okay, I see PZ9. He’s holding something! I think he’s holding a note
with our address on it! – Okay, yeah, he’s gonna give that to PZ2. We need to get to PZ2 first. We should create a note of our own with a fake address on it to give to PZ2. – Alright, Let me get into
my spy essential kit here. Here’s the note with the fake address for you to give to PZ2. – Cool and it says, “To PZ leader.” – Mm-hmm. I’m gonna go look for
PZ2, and I’ll give PZ2 this fake note that I have. – I’m just gonna watch over you, just in case anything happens. – Yeah, you follow me from behind, Vy. – Okay.
– All right. – Oh, gosh, you look scary. – I know, I look like PZ9, don’t I? – Yeah. – Let’s go!
– Alright. – PZ2 has gotta be around here somewhere, because PZ9 is right over there. I’ve got the fake note. This is gonna fool him. – [Vy] Okay, here, do you
need my binoculars to look? PZ2 is pretty short. – [Daniel] Okay, Regina,
you’re all in PZ2 uniform. You kinda look like the
old PZ4 to me, not PZ2. Yeah, transform into PZ2. – PZ2! (upbeat music) – [Daneil] Oh, gosh! Are you okay? All right, Regina. Let’s see. Whoa! Baby got back. – Okay, teach me how to be PZ2. – Okay, he kinda like growls. (imitating growling) Something like that. – Okay, I got it, I got it. Channeling my inner PZ2. (growling and mumbling) – [Daniel] Oh, yeah! Okay, that’s perfect. Does it hurt? – Agh, it’s like a workout. – Alright PZ2, let’s get out of here and let’s find PZ9. – All right, let’s go. (dramatic music) – [Daniel] I don’t see him anywhere yet. Whoa, whoa, whoa. – What? – [Daneil] Here he comes, he’s coming! – [Vy] There he is! – All right, I’m gonna run
up to him with this note. Hopefully he thinks I’m the real PZ9. I gotta channel my anger, right? Agh! I’m angry! – [Vy] Yeah, angry! (both growling) – Okay, and I’ve got this belt, so hopefully if he smells me he’ll think that I’m the real PZ9 because I’m wearing this belt. Wish me luck! Give me a thumbs up, everybody! – [Vy] Yeah, good luck, Chad! – Thank you. Here we go! Hey, PZ2, it’s me, PZ9! I’ve got a note here, aye,
no, it’s really me, man! It’s for the leader. – Chad, have PZ2 smell your belt, because it smells like the real PZ9. – [Chad] I’ve got my belt on! I’m PZ9, yeah, I’m PZ9. See? I told you. Yes, yes, yes. – Oh my gosh. Yes, it worked! Look, he’s jumping up and down! – [Chad] Thanks so much. Anyway, so, this is really important. I have the Spy Ninja’s home
address, their safe house, is in this note to PZ Leader. Take that, go ahead and take it. Yes, yes, yes, yes. This is very important. You can’t read? Oh, yeah, I mean, of
course, yeah, I knew that. I knew you can’t read. – PZ2 doesn’t know how to
read, he’s all confused about the note! – [Chad] That’s fine, just
give it to the leader. It’s all good, he can read it. All right, man, see you later. It was great seeing you. Get that to the leader and we’re all good. – Okay, come back, Chad, come back! – Vy, I think it totally worked! – [Vy] I think it did too, whew. – I think he’s gonna give
that note to the PZ Leader. – Okay.
– I think we’re good. They’ll never find our safe house. It’s great. – [Vy] Great job. – Oh my gosh. – [Daniel] Oh, Regina! – It’s PZ9! – [Daniel] He’s right there! – Let’s go hide behind a tree. – Okay, this one over here! Okay, Regina. He’s right over there. You all PZ2ed up? – I’m PZ2ed up. – [Daniel] Okay, he’s
holding a note in his hands. – [Regina] That’s the address. – Yeah! You’ve definitely gotta make sure he doesn’t hand that to the real PZ2. – Okay. – Go on, intercept it! Oh, her shirt is showing! Oh, her phone! Her phone just fell out! Oh, she looks like a rabbit. Oh my gosh. There you go, Regina. Yeah, yeah. – Oh, it’s working! PZ9 just called her PZ2! The heck is going on? – [Daniel] Yeah, that’s
exactly what PZ2 does! Perfect. – Hey, I have this note here for you, and it’s supposed to go to this guy, do you know who this guy is? Yeah, he’s way taller. (Regina as PZ2 mumbling) – Something different
about your outfit, PZ2? – [Daniel] Oh, hey,
Regina, too much, too much! Yeah, that’s it. Take the note. Oh, dang! – You want to deliver this note already? Project Zorgo probably
isn’t putting you through enough physical training. I know, I’ve got the perfect idea. – [Daniel] Hey, what the
heck, what’s PZ9 doing? Just give her the note, man! – [Regina] He totally believes me! What is he doing, though? Oh, act natural, act natural! – All right, PZ2. Let’s play some fetch! Whoa, remember, you’re still a person. Not a dog. – [Daniel] It’s an acorn! (intense music) – [Daniel] Oh my gosh. Hey! – All right, PZ2. A lot has happened since
the last time we hung out. First of all, everybody knows my name now. Yeah, it’s Melvin. I don’t even like saying it out loud. It’s so gross, you know? Like PZ9 is just such
a cool name, and, yeah. Well, it makes me wonder like what everybody
thinks about it, you know? I’m not as terrifying, you know? – [Daniel] Oh, wow. – That’s nice. Hey, thanks. It makes me wonder what Regina thinks. Like she probably won’t
take me seriously anymore. You got flies all over you, PZ2! (laughs) – Oh man, that’s so weird! PZ9’s talking about Regina to Regina! He doesn’t even know it! – How fast do you think
you could deliver this note over to Project Zorgo Leader? Oh, you must be really excited. Hey, but not after a couple
games of fetch, okay? Ready to play some more? Ready? (Regina as PZ2 groaning) Fetch! – Oh, dang! That was a huge toss! Just chase after the acorn,
I’m not gonna have eyes on you, so just be really careful, okay? Yeah, just go get it, Regina! – [Regina] I can’t believe
PZ9 is making me play fetch! Here’s PZ9’s stupid acorn. Oh my gosh! Daniel, come in! The real PZ2 is right in front of me! – What, the real PZ2? He’s coming? Okay, I’m coming, I’m coming. – [Regina] Here I go. – [Daniel] Here he comes Regina! Oh my gosh! It’s actually happening! PZ2 has the note with our address on it, you’ve gotta take it from him. (back and forth growling) – [Regina] I come in peace. – [Daniel] You’re scaring him, Regina! You’ve gotta figure out a way to like, show him you’re his friend. Communicate in PZ2 language somehow. Yeah, there you go! (growls) Don’t fight back, Regina! He’s trying to run away! Don’t let him run away! – [Regina] Hey, PZ2. Hey, it’s me! You’re okay. The PZ Leader told me to
take that note from you. Oh. Are you smelling me? – [Daniel] The pine cone that PZ9 was making you play fetch with probably still has PZ9’s scent on it! See if you can trade that with the note. – [Regina] Smell familiar? – [Daniel] Yes, perfect! All right, great. – [Regina] Okay, bye. – [Daniel] Okay, good job,
Regina, I’m gonna head on back, you meet me there, okay? Oh, here comes Regina! Okay, yeah. Just go up to PZ9 again Regina,
and just do what you did, clap a little bit, just be PZ2, okay? Wow, that’s really good actually! Just a little bit of practice and you’re nailing the role of PZ2 already! Wow, this is really good, Regina! I can’t even tell the difference, really. Oh, okay, there’s the real note. Regina, you’ve gotta
take it from him, okay? What’s on the note, wait
a minute, is that even? what the heck is that? You know what, I’m gonna get
out my spy essential kit. There’s a pair of binoculars
in here, let’s see. It looks like it’s a bunch
of Project Zorgo people. It looks like the PZ
Leader is in the middle. That must be him, and there’s
two hackers around him. PZ2 can’t read, so PZ9
drew a picture for him, and I guess inside that
note is the address and he’s just saying,
take this to the leader. – Oh, shoot, they’re leaving! Good job, Regina. You got the note, I’m gonna
follow you, all right? Just keep bouncing around. Okay, hey Regina! Regina come here! Wait, what the heck? What’s going on over here? Wait a minute, what? There’s PZ2, but PZ2 was just– Wait a minute, there’s two PZ2s? – [Chad as PZ9] Hey, PZ2,
What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be bringing
that note to the leader! Yeah, that’s it, right
there, that note, yeah! Yup, yup. We already ran into each
other, so you’re good to go! Hey, we don’t got time for this! Get off my leg. You’re not a cat, I
don’t need you rubbing up on my leg like that, okay? We’ve got work to do. Bring that note to the leader, okay? – Wait, is that the real PZ2? Regina’s talking to a different PZ9, how? I’m so confused! Wait, hey! Hey, what’s going on? What’s going on here guys? – [Chad as PZ9] Hey, you’re
my enemy, you get out of here! – [Daniel] Wait. Wait, wait, wait. – [Chad as PZ9] Me and PZ2
are having a conversation! You get out of here. – Wait a minute, you’re Chad! – Daniel, You blew my cover! I’m talking to the real PZ2 here! – Chad, that’s you? I thought you were the real PZ9! – Regina, that’s you? – Yeah, that’s Regina, Chad! – We’ve been wasting our
time, I gave the note to the wrong person? – Wait, this is the note! – That wasn’t you over there, Regina? – This is the fake that
I wanted the real PZ2 to take, but now you have it! – That’s fake? – I didn’t know you were
going undercover as PZ9, Chad! – So wait, now the real PZ2, he must have the real address then! Oh, shoot! – You guys exchanged the
fake note with each other! – Oh man! – I just saw the real PZ9 and the real- – Wait, guys, what happened? – Oh, shoot, this is all a big mess. I thought I was giving the
real PZ2 this fake note but it was Regina, ugh! – So, Regina went undercover as PZ2 and you went undercover as PZ9? Have you guys talked to each other? – We bamboozled each other! – A big waste of time! – Communication, you guys,
it’s the key to success! – And while you guys were doing that I saw the real PZ2 run
back to the headquarters with the real note! – Well, we gotta follow him! – [Daniel] Yeah, we do! – Let’s go, we gotta get
to him before he gets to the Project Zorgo headquarters, so the real PZ2 is gonna
deliver our safe house address to Project Zorgo Leader. We need to get there as soon as possible. All right, shout out to
all you notification ninjas who get here in the first sixty minutes, showing some of your comments down here. Guys, we’re going to the
Project Zorgo headquarters right now, let’s do a kick bump. We’ll see you in the next video! – (All) Kick bump! (ominous static)

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  1. We can't let PZ9 & PZ2 give our Safe House location to Project Zorgo! If you have any ideas how to stop let, comment below!

  2. I hope you win spy NinjaπŸ•΅οΈπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’“β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜™πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜šπŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ’™β™₯οΈπŸ’•πŸ˜‚πŸ’œ

  3. shes a traitor she helped pz2 up not like a spy ninja she should be banned or tho i tell what she is keeping a secret so she will be banned

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