Tutorial Scrapbooking: Proceso de Layout | Scraperas Unidas | Luisa PaperCrafts

Tutorial Scrapbooking: Proceso de Layout | Scraperas Unidas | Luisa PaperCrafts

Hello! How are you? Today’s video is a colaboration with Scraperas Unidas This month we bring you inspiration of layouts or scrapbook pages. The links of my friends’ channels are in the information box. I will use this 12 by 12 inch cardstock as a base. I’m going to frame the photo I like with a white border around This photo is taken in Michael’s store days after Valentine’s Day. Our friend Marcela returned to Mexico and we were saying goodbye that day. We had a great time hopefully it can be repeated. I think it’s the first layout I make of this size. We were asked to add buttons, ribbon, tags, big title and arrows. I’m going to put a heart-shaped lace on the bottom to enhance the picture. I apply very little glue so it will not get so wet. To the panel of the photograph I only put adhesive on three sides to make it pocket. I’m going to put the buttons on the heart, I’m using glue dots to glue them. I add a little more decoration with a pennant and tabs. At the bottom I place a strip which will serve as a guide To stick the letters of my title. I did not know where to stick this little arrow. In this space I will put the tag that I made in the video of handmade embellishments. I will frame the whole sheet, drawing two lines with my white gel pen. To put the date I am using Versafine ink and a Heidi Swap date stamp. I did not like it so I covered it. My second try was much better. I was forgetting the ribbon, I cut a little, I fold it in half, I held it with a staple and glued it on the tag with a glue dot. As a finishing touch I placed another border under the photo. My page is ready, we have the buttons, the arrows, the ribbon, the tags, and the title On the back of this tag I will write the story. If you liked this video please give me a LIKE, share it and Subscribe remember to activate the little bell to receive a notification when I upload a new video Thanks so much for joining me today Until next time.

25 thoughts on “Tutorial Scrapbooking: Proceso de Layout | Scraperas Unidas | Luisa PaperCrafts

  1. Si mal no recuerdo al inicio de tu canal si habias subido algun LO de este tamaño no??? jeje espero ver mas Lay Ots por aca =D

  2. Hola. Un layout muy bonito. ¿Me podrías decir qué marca de troqueles usas para las letras del título del layout? Gracias.

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