Tutorial – Origami Pig/Piggy – Lợn con (Hoàng Tiến Quyết)

Tutorial – Origami Pig/Piggy – Lợn con (Hoàng Tiến Quyết)

Colour side up. Fold in half and unfold. Repeat on the other side. Turn over. Fold diagonal and unfold. Repeat again. Collapse using existed creases… …to form a waterbomb base. Fold 1 flap to the left, so there will be
3 flaps on the left and 1 on the right. Fold the right edge to the centre crease,
make a sharp fold and unfold. Fold the top corner to the middle of the bottom line, pinch and unfold. Fold the top corner to the point created,
leave a small gap, make a sharp fold and unfold. Pull out the centre flap. Note these creases, they will be changed to be mountain-creases. Valley-fold and collape. Use two finger to hold at the intersecting point. Hold the inner layers and pull them inside. View from bottom. Push the corner inside. Turn over. Fold and unfold again. Put a finger inside, open and squash-fold. The top need to be pulled out to make it flat. Fold the flap to the right. Fold the edge to match the centre line. Repeat behind. Open and inside reverse-fold. Repeat behind. Fold the top layer to the right. Fold the flap up. Fold in half, pinch and unfold. Fold the corner to the centre point, pinch
and unfold. Valley-fold by matching the points. Repeat
on the left. Rabbit-ear-fold. Valley-fold. Repeat on the left. Fold the flap to the left. Fold in half, pinch to mark the centre point. Then valley-fold across the centre point and
the right bottom corner. Valley-fold. Valley-fold. Open layers. Fold using existed creases. Turn over and repeat behind. Mountain-fold the corner. Valley-fold the centre flap and unfold. Inside reverse-fold. Lock the flap between the centre valley. Repeat with the other. Valley-fold 2 ears to the left. Use 2 fingers to hold the intersecting point. Pull the corner inside. Inside reverse-fold. Pinch the corner to fold the nose. Valley-fold the ear. Repeat behind. Shape the body. Put 1 finger into the pocket and shape it round. Pinch to shape the legs. Repeat on the other side. Shape the cheek. Curve the ears. Curve the tail. Model completed. Thank your for watching.

35 thoughts on “Tutorial – Origami Pig/Piggy – Lợn con (Hoàng Tiến Quyết)

  1. Hello Mr HTQuyet, you should really do tutorials for your horse and the different variations of your swans. They are all really awesome! Already folded them all. I think that most people really would like to fold them as well, especially with your way of look sticking to it 🙂 

  2. Oh damn it's great to see you around here.
    Nice job! Great tutorial, hope there is more to come with this level of quality and hoping that my favorite model of yours, the lion, gets a tutorial one day.

    thanks man! keep folding!  

  3. ban co the lam video huong dan lam con ca o cuoi video duoc khong? minh rat thich cac mau origami cua ban. rat mem mai va co hon 

  4. Darling little Piggie! I like the silence but for the sound of the paper…. very clear directions and landmarks, the lighting is just right, shadows and colors. Looking forward to more!

  5. +Anh Vu: Yes he did, for all tutorials of my models on his channel.
    However, one of my friends asked me to show how I did a difficult step of this model, and I decided to make the whole tutorial. You can see the different if you follow the tutorials by me and Tadashi.
    Anyway Tadashi did good tutorials for my models, so I will not remake any other ones without finding something new to show.

  6. Sao lại là #0 ạ ????
    Anh tạo ra nhiều lắm mà
    Em thích nhất là con sư tử mà chẳn có video của HTQ gấp
    Anh đã xuất bản sách chưa ạ
    Em thèm đc gấp còn sư tử đó quá
    Nhìn nét gấp giấy của anh mềm mại bầu bỉnh sao ấy
    Cái khác riêng hoàn toàn

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