Tutorial: Minecraft Sword using origami cubes – English (BR)

Tutorial: Minecraft Sword using origami cubes – English (BR)

hi everyone welcome to a new video in this tutorial I’ll show how to make a Minecraft sword with origami cubes I use it about 14 sheets of paper size are in description I use it only paper and glue and spend less than 1 dollar to do each cube it was made with a square of paper with 10 by 10 centimeters I will first show how to cut the squares I hope you can understand my english and let’s go until the need 27 light blue 25 medium 25 dark 3 light brown and format you that’s my version of course you can very take your first sheet and in this position folding tree something like the letter S first of all just a little bit on the top creating these two little creases and unfold now with this reference fold all creating this vertical line repeat on the other side maintaining this step bring the upper edge here to the right side and again fall just a little now in the base here we’ll make a result align unfold for the risotto now in the arrests here turn over and fold like this unfold ow and in these creases cut the paper you can also tear what you want we have six squares with 10 by 10 centimeters okay now with the square take the first and fold in half vertically unfold now the right side to the middle the left side as well unfold both repeat the same step now on the Rozonda the paper is divided into 16 smaller squares now in three of them these three corners here fold in half diagonally like that okay now turn over and in the other corner folding half these two squares here creating a new diagonal line unto the center like that with a valley fold and now a little attention on side of the other three corners we have this square here on the left side we’ll fold in half the three leader squares like that in half diagonally if you need just pause the video and follow the logic in the end we have something like this now turn over and let’s fit here a little attention again first in this line here this larger diagonal close the paper bring this tip unto this point now close again like a valley fold in this side we have this little square with this diagonal using it close the same square like that repeat the same logic now in this point close the corner and this other square again in this point fit this coordinate inside this layer carefully repeat on the other and again on the last one reinforce decreases and defaults in our cube is ready now remains to be done just 81 more after all be ready we finally make the sword using the model will appear just paste a cube beyond the order until the end let’s go right almost reading now to get to auger I’ll pass the glue in the space between the cubes first in this side way to dry the glue now the same thing on the other side and our diamond sword is ready obviously I took a few hours to do everything but considering I just use a paper and glue I think the result is very good and that’s it I really hope you enjoyed this video if yes don’t forget to click on like button also subscribe to my channel and follow new videos all week thank you very much for watching and until the next time

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  1. Muito bom!! Adorei! Voce podía ensinar a fazer peças e origami em 3 D? Adoraría aprender. De que parte do Brasil voce e? Um beijo grande e obrigada por nos ensinar Tao bem! 🙂

  2. 0:57 "Take your first shit" so inappropriate 1:01 "And in this position, folding tree" wtf is wrong with you? You suck at English.. 1:10 "Something like the letter ass" wtf man

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