Tutorial Marcapáginas con Doble Bolsillo | Manualidades Día del Padre | Luisa PaperCrafts

Tutorial Marcapáginas con Doble Bolsillo | Manualidades Día del Padre | Luisa PaperCrafts

Hello! How are you? Today We’ll make a bookmark for Father’s Day We need a letter side cardstock thread and needle, I do not have them so I will use this cord and I will do the perforations with this pin. The Crop-A-Dile, my basics, I’ll put an eyelet on it, but it’s not necessary and whatever you want to decorate. Put the cardstock vertically measure 2 inches at the top and 6 inches at the bottom. Put the cardstock horizontally and measure 3 1/2 inches starting from the right edge score a line I am going to turn the cardstock because I will use my cutter for this. Cut from that 2-inch mark to the score line and we are going to remove that upper rectangle. Make diagonal cuts to make the tag shape I did it by measuring 3/4 of an inch but this is optional. Now let’s cut from this point to the mark of 6 inches. First, fold to the right then to the left aligning the edges well. Cut the excess. I’m going to make holes all over the edge, If your are using needle and thread or sewing machine do it after pasting the decorated paper. This is how it looks now I’m going to place the pattern paper I did the holes first because I want to leave that space without decorated paper. I’m going to ink the edges of both paper and cardstock, this is also optional. The paper is stuck in the cardstock I will pass the cord through the perforations You can sew it the way you like it or you can close the pockets with glue if you do not want to sew it. I finish with double knotting and cutting the excess. Make a hole at the top. We have our tag with double pocket ready to decorate. Here I have it finished, I used cuts of gears, keys and stickers. I added eyelets to the tags. The back doesn’t have pattern paper for dedication. You can put wallet size photos. I made these mini bookmarks with leftovers of cardstock I hope this video has inspired you If you liked it please give me a thumbs up and share it Remember to subscribe for more videos Thanks so much for watching. Until next time.

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  1. Esta súper genial es lo q estaba buscando y me llego en un perfecto momento. Me gusto mucho! 😘

  2. Tus videos me gustan mucho, tienes mucha facilidad para enseñar, siempre son muy claros y todo trabajo se ve fácil. Muchas gracias. Pura vida!!!

  3. Hola, me gusto pero lo haré versión infantil porq será para mi niño q le encanta leer, gracias por compartir, 🤗

  4. Una gran idea amiga!!!!!😘🌹 pueden poner reseñas del libro que esten leyendo!! muy buena la idea!!👏👏👏

  5. Amiga, me encanta y teniendo engranajes todavía más 😍😍😍😍👍🏼 es precioso! … Un besin….

  6. me encanto la idea. muchas veces tengo hojitas para apuntar cosas. asi que me hare uno para tenerlo todo en uno XDD gracias

  7. Que bonito y que original que queda… Me encantó!!! Tienes una imaginación asombrosa…. Un abrazo cielo,

  8. Hola! Luisa me encantó el marcapaginas está Abelló tu crees q pudieras compartirlos una página par par sacar unos cards por copy, gracias Te felicito 💝

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