tutorial 34 : basics of checks and its variation in mehendi designs

tutorial 34 : basics of checks and its variation in mehendi designs

todays video is for beginner and i am going to explain basics of checks design in this video just by bringing variation in lines we can create different types of checks we won’t talk about filler element we use in checks as i have already talked about it in one of my video so many people actually asked me to explain basics of checks, thats why i am explaining it here usually with horizontal and vertical lines we get square checks when we draw slanted lines then we get diamond shape checks this is how you can use lines in different direction to get variation in checks’ shape i talked about curve grid too but that we won’t elaborate in this video because this video is for beginner the major problem beginner face while drawing checks is they don’t get clear and neat lines the main reason behind unclear line is dragging the lines when we draw first layer its ok if we drag lines but if we drag lines while drawing second layer then it is a problem its very important to drape lines for beautiful checks dragging lines while drawing checks is actually create big mess near junction lines specially if you are drawing small checks thats why always remember whenever you make grid for checks always drape lines to look checks nice and beautiful its base should be clear and neat now this is about single layer checks same way we can use two or three layer lines and create base for checks this is very simple variation but it has been used a lot now a days few elements like dots paisleys they look very beautiful with two or three layer checks i talked about zigzag lined checks in my practice 2 now how to bring variation in zigzag lines i am using very thin zigzag line here you can create variation with either using both layers zigzag or combining zigzag layer with straight lines you can draw broad zigzag line and create checks broad zigzag lines are very useful to fill big spaces when you are doing speed mehendi i would suggest that use straight lines with broad zigzag line in that also either you can create squares or diamond shapes you can see that by using different types of lines we can bring variation in checks like we can use our frill lines in frill lines also you can either use two parallel lines or one single line with frill lines you can pair them with either single straight line or two or three layer lines today i am discussing about variation in checks base and that we can achieve using various lines. many people always ask how to create new elements you can see here by using same elements in various way can create new element i am using same elements but only changing combinations we can use dot lines also to create base of checks you can pair dotted line with straight lines either single or in multiple layers that would also look nice i am showing you few ideas here in one of my old videos have shared various types of lines i am taking ideas from that video and sharing this new variations with all of you i am very sure from this few examples you will come up with more ideas and create something new and do share with all of us so till than take care everyone and bye bye

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  1. My name is Jignya . I using my husband account .
    Ever time i seen ur video .It`s really good .I seen ur practice Episode It`s also very nice

  2. Mam plz bataye surface ko cone touch karke checks banane ke kya uper leneka uper liye to mehendi dry hone par vo gaping hoti vaha mehendi ko clr nhi aata plz bataye mam kya kare

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