Tuto Origami Fleur: Gerbera [Senbazuru]

Tuto Origami Fleur: Gerbera [Senbazuru]

Start with the colored side of the paper sheet in front of you and fold in half according to the median unfold … and fold the square according to the other median unfold … flip the sheet … and fold the two diagonals unfold … flip the sheet and gather the sheet this way to crease the preliminary base take one flap and lift it up and squash it accordingly … aligning the vertical crease with the middle of the model and press on these creases turn the little flap to the right and lift the left-hand-side flap up, and squash it flip the origami and start again from the now visible back lift the righ-hand-side flap up open it and squash it then flip the small flap on the left to the right and then, lift and squash the last flap on the left turn on of the flaps from left to right … so that the colored side of the sheet is not visible anymore and lift the bottom tip/triangle up … to the maximum possible then flip two flaps from the right to the left in order to end up again with no colored side of the sheet visible and lift the bottom tip up again, in the same fashion flip the model Flip one flap in order to end up on a white side and lift again the bottom tip/triangle up align it carefully with the center of the model, using the existing vertical crease as reference do the same steps for the last side of the model put 3 flaps on the left, and 3 on the right … looking at the origami from the top then flatten the model now take the first flap from the top in your hands we will now align this top edge with the following lateral edge on the left hand side take it in your hand and bring it to the left side do NOT flatten the model completely only squash the left side, here dot it again for the right hand side align this top edge with the following lateral edge on the right and only squash the crease on the right … from the center to right right as such after squashing these two creases flip one flap to the left putting the flap down with the last two creases to the same steps again on the latest side squash the fold to the left squash the fold to the right then, after the creases have been squashed catch the right hand side flap and flip it to the left, like you would do with a book page raise the model then, from behind, flip a few flaps to the right to balance the model then, do the same steps again in fact, you will need to make this fold height times in total since our flower will have height petals you will alternate between completely white sides and sides with a pink triangle but, each time, you’ll have to do the same fold Here. You made the same fold height times, one for each side of the flower as you can see, when you flatten the model, there are two sides that need to be open now, take the lower tip in your hand and fold it to the top approximately between these two marks there squash it I use a small tool to help me here, since it is becoming thicker and harder to fold then, you’ll need to fully open the origami putting the white face toward you then reverse all the creases at the center of the model in order to push the center down to do so, I begin by doing correctly reversing… … all the creases that were created in the previous steps by pinching the paper, I reverse all the mountain folds at the center once the center folds have all been reshaped close the model slowly, little by little begin with tightening the edges toward the center then, pushing the center of the model down reversing all the creases at the same time the creases that go from the center outward you can flatten the model to squash all the folds at the same time check that all the small flaps from the previous steps are correctly lifted here I missed one also check that there is an equal number of flaps between the left and right hand sides of the model put a fully white side of the model in front of you and arrange it this way now, fold the corner in the lower right toward the center of the model do the same thing for the corner of the lower left now flip the model and crease the latest steps again fold the corners in the lower left and right toward the center of the model then flip, as you would a book page… … two flaps from the right to the left in order to get a side of the model where no pink is visible flip two flaps from the right to the left to get to the back of the model fold the corners in the lower left and right toward the center of the model now flip the model and do these same steps one last time open the flower carefully distribute the flaps evenly as such then push the center of the flower down by pulling on the petals but be very careful and gentle! push slightly on the center to flatten homogeneously the flower core to finish this origami, we need to shape the height petals of the flower open the first petal by sliding a finger into it then bend its tip back, as such with its tip bended back, the petal will stay open it looks like this from behind follow the same steps on each remaining petal open the petal and bend its tip back now the height petals are open take your time to shape all the creases correctly in order to obtain a nice and regular flower you gerbera origami is now completed! we thank you for following this video! you can also subscribe to our channel or put a “like” on the video or discover the origami tutorial from last week the chopsticks rest

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  1. For our english followers: we now have full english closed captioning in this video. Enjoy!

  2. wouahou quelle fleur!! vos explications sont topissimes, hyper claires, j'ai adoré vous suivre! vous n'allez pas trop vite, je n'ai pas eu besoin de mettre 18 fois en pause, et grâce à vos indications et malgré mon papier brouillon pour tester, ma fleur n'a pas craqué au centre! super jolie!! merci!
    je file voir votre chaine!

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