Trying TOP SIBLING PRANKS! Trick Your Sisters and Brothers Funny DIY Pranks by 123 GO!

Trying TOP SIBLING PRANKS! Trick Your Sisters and Brothers Funny DIY Pranks by 123 GO!

– Hey guys, how ya doin’? My name is Robbie and today
I got my buddy Hair Jordan stayin’ with me today. He’s gonna be hangin’ out at my house, so I figured that this would
be the perfect opportunity to play some pranks on him. I pulled some last time
that he stayed over, and he didn’t suspect a
thing, so let’s do this. – [High Pitched Cartoon
Voice] Simply put your glue on a coin like this and stick
it to any surface you like. Ooh look, some money. You can’t pick it up. Is this thing stuck to
the table or something? What the heck? Super glue baby. – Okay guys, so this
looks like a good spot. Here’s our glue, here’s our coin. All we got to do is put a
few drops on this bad boy, and that’s a lot. Okay, we’re just gonna
go and stick it down. Oh my God there’s so much
super glue around this now. Dude that is never gonna come off. Yeah that definitely looks
like it’s really on there. Okay guys, I’m gonna go
ahead and let this set for a little bit, and when
we’re gonna try this on Chris. Hey Chris, what the heck are you doing? – Ah just so, exercise. – Dude get off that thing. Let’s go outside and
get some real exercise. We’re goin’ on a frickin’ walk. – [Chris] Okay. – [Robbie] See Chris, isn’t
this is so much better? – Yeah it’s great dude. – Anyway, let’s walk. (bouncy music) Whoa Chris, what’s that! – Whoa. – [Robbie] That’s free money dude. You should take it. – All right, get a gumball or something. It’s kinda sticky. Dude, there’s something on this. I think it’s glued to the concrete. – [Robbie] You’ve been pranked! I super glued it to the floor! – It’s not dry! My fingers are stuck together dude. – You’ve been double pranked. Kids don’t do this at home, this is probably really dangerous. Oh my gosh. Dude, double finger’s stuck to yours. Well guys, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works! – [High Pitched Voice] For
this you’ll need a lint roller and role of toilet paper
that fit together like this. You’ll need a blow dryer. Here’s your toilet
paper, coming in hot Amy. I hope you have another roll waiting. – There we go. (dramatic music) (blower blowing) You’ve been pranked! – What is that? – [Robbie] I got you! You’ve been pranked. – What the heck, in your own house? – I gotta go, thanks for
cleanin’ this up for me Chris. I’ll see ya later! (upbeat circus music) – Okay, perfect he’s sleeping. Oh man I really got to clean out my car. Okay so first we got to
set up our fishing pole. Real easy, clip that, yeah. Looks good. Okay, so here’s his wallet. Then we just take the
string, you can’t really see. You can kinda see it, there it is. We’re just gonna go
ahead and tie it around. Cut off the excess, give
it a little tug, perfect. Okay, let’s go try this out on Chris. Okay Chris is sleeping right there. I’m gonna go ahead and put it right here. He’s never suspect a thing. Okay guys, so we’ve got this
air horn to wake him up. Let’s do this, one two three go. (horn blaring)
Wake up! (whistling music) You’ve been pranked! I got you! Well guys, I guess we
can say this one works! Chris I’m so glad you came over. – Mm-hm. (dinging) – Okay so this one looks fun. So the first thing I’m
gonna do is grab a cup. Then I’m gonna cut a
little hole in the bottom. Here we go. There we go. No I’m gonna go ahead and get a straw, put that in there, yeah. That looks pretty good. Now I’m gonna go ahead and get my glue gun and kinda just seal up the bottom. Looks good. I’m gonna go ahead and let that sit. Okay now that the hot
glue has cooled down, we’re gonna go ahead and get our box. I’m gonna go ahead and
cut a hole right here. Boop, does the straw fit? It just barely fits. I feel like I’m gonna need
to make it a little bigger. Okay there we go, perfect. I’m gonna go ahead and
hot glue all around it, hot glue the bottom. Okay there we go. I’m gonna go ahead and let
this cool off for a sec. Okay now we’re gonna go
ahead and attach a straw to this little straw right here. Okay, yeah looks good, perfect. Here we go. Just gonna fill, oh, don’t
explode, don’t explode. I almost pranked my self. Just gonna go ahead and fill this cup up and hope that my hot glue seal holds. I’m really hoping I don’t
get Coke everywhere. Here we go. Is it leaking? I think we are good. Now I’m gonna go ahead and pour my cup. Boop boop boop boop boop. Then I have to somehow
slip this Coke bottle into the straw without
messing everything up. Oh man, I’m just hoping I don’t spill. Oh my gosh. Okay, I’m not sure how
I’m gonna do this one. I just gotta be real careful. (kids cheering) I did it! Okay, put mine on top, boom. Okay, let’s go try this out on Chris. Hey Chris!
– What’s up? – I have a challenge for you.
– All right what’s up here? – Hey Chris, so the name of the game is who can drink out of
the cup of Coke fastest. – Really?
– Yes. – Okay.
– Ya ready? One.
– Round one. – Two three go.
– Fight. (upbeat music) Chris you got to hurry up dude. – What the heck is is this. – Ya gotta hurry up, you
still have all that Coke left. – Mine’s not going down. – You’ve been pranked! – Dude.
– I pranked you! – Bro, that’s a really good one. – I got you.
– You got me that’s a good one. – Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works. – [High Pitched Voice]
For this you need a remote and some tape. All you need to do is put
some double sided tape on the buttons, and stick the whole thing underneath a glass table. (devilish laughs) Hey, we’re the remote go? What the heck? How on Earth did this
thing even get under there. – Perfect, now we just
have to tape this puppy underneath the table. There we go. Easy peasy.
(laughs) The clear tape is
definitely more noticeable than the double sided tape. I don’t have any double sided tape. I wasn’t prepared for this. I’m just tryin’ to make this stay up. I feel like this is gonna fall. Okay, that looks pretty good. This is what it looks like from the top. It’s pretty convincing,
if you don’t pay attention to the tape. It’s looks pretty good,
let’s try this out on Chris. Hey Chris, what are you doin’ there? – Just hangin’ out, what’s up? – [Robbie] You look bored. Do you wanna go watch
some TV or something? – Yeah, that’s sounds good. – Okay let’s go. Chris what’s you favorite show? – I like Adventure Time. – [Robbie] You like Adventure Time? Dude, I think that’s on Netflix. Grab the remote. – Me?
– Yeah it’s on Netflix. (banging) – Why is nothing at your house normal? (laughs) – I got you! You’ve been pranked! I can’t believe you
didn’t see that coming. Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one worked. – [High Pitched Voice] For this prank, all you need is a deflated
balloon, and a can of chips. Simply fill up the balloon
with water from your faucet. Once it’s over the edge,
fold the foil back over and place the plastic lid back on. Oh no, she is in for a messy surprise. There she blows. – Okay guys, so here are our Pringles. Let’s just pop that top off. Oh, fresh. Take all these bad boys out. What’s your guy’s chip flavor? Let me know down in the
comments down below. My favorite has to be sour cream I think. They’re pretty frickin’ good. Mm, delicious. Get all this out of here. Okay then we get a balloon. Put it inside the Pringles can. And we go ahead and fill it up with water. It’s perfect. This is the perfect crime. Put the cap back on. Yeah, I don’t think
Chris will even notice. Let’s try this puppy out. Oh Hair Jordan! – What’s up dude? – [Robbie] I got you a
delicious can of Pringles. – Oh sick I love Pringles. (yelling) – I got you! You’ve been pranked! Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say this one worked. – Do you have any real Pringles though, ’cause I kinda want some? – No I gotta go. Those Pringles are all mine. (upbeat music) (diabolical laughing) Okay guys, so here’s our onion. Then we just have to cut it in half. That probably wasn’t the
most efficient way to do it, but you know what, it’s works, okay. I just didn’t want to use the whole onion. Then we’re gonna go ahead
and get our blender. Then we just go ahead an
toss this puppy in there. Here we go. I really hope that this
doesn’t go horribly wrong. (blender grinding) Okay, let’s see how it turned out. (laughs) I forgot to take off the sticker. Well I mean it’s close enough. Now we just go ahead and pour it all out. (crickets chirping) that’s not really liquidy. It’s just chopped onions with a sticker. Ugh, my eyes burn so bad right now. Like I think I need safety glasses. Okay these should do. They don’t really help that much. So then we get our orange. I actually don’t have a
watermelon at the moment, so this will have to do. All peeled. And I guess we just take our orange pieces and put it in the onion. Oh man, this does not look good? Ew, this is gonna taste so funky. I kinda feel bad for
making Chris eat this. He’s never gonna want to come
over to my house ever again. I’m gonna go ahead and
save this piece for me. I just have to remember which one it is. Here we go. Just put that in there. Okay perfect, now let’s go
ahead and try this out on Chris. Okay, Hair Jordan! Come her I made you a
delicious and nutritious snack. – Hey what’s up? – I made you some oranges. Come here, they’re
delicious and nutritious and they’re great. – I kinda don’t trust this. – What? – Will you eat one first? – Yeah of course. Why wouldn’t I? Yeah it’s great. – Here Chris, try it. – All right, if you say so. – Nom nom nom.
(retching) – Not bad. – Chris you’ve been pranked. – That really didn’t taste like onion. – Well guys, I guess if
you’re gonna try this one make sure that you
don’t get the wrong one. – [Female] Get a fake hand like this one. After you stick it in your sleeve, place your arm on the edge
of a car door or trunk just like this. Once the trunk closes on your
fake hand, it’s showtime. – [Female] Oh Lily, my hand is stuck! – [Female] What, on no! – [Female] You’ve been
totally fooled Lily. – Okay, so the first thing I need to do is put on a sweater. Perfect, it is kinda hot to
be wearing a sweater right now but I don’t think Chris will notice. And the next thing I need is a hand. Unfortunately, I don’t have
a hand the size of my hand. But I do have a fake baby hand. I’m pretty sure Chris wouldn’t
notice the difference. Let’s go try this bad boy out. Hey Chris! – Hey what’s up? I’m sorry for all these
pranks I’ve been doing on you. I would like to take you
to the movies as an apology for everything that’s been going on. – Yeah?
– You wanna go? – I’d love to go to the movies. – [Robbie] Sick, let’s go. Sorry, I just gotta get
on my shoes really quick. (cartoon boings) Oh man this is harder than I thought. Good enough. Okay, yeah let’s go. – I can get it, yeah yeah. I got you. – Hey Chris, do you think you
could open the trunk for me? – [Chris] Yeah. – Oh thanks dude. Just as I thought, still a mess. Yeah you can go ahead and close it. Oh oh my hand!
(yelling) You’ve been pranked! I can’t believe you fell for that. – It’s giving a thumbs up. – I guess we can say this one works. (laughs) Okay guys, thanks so much
for watchin’ the video. If you liked it, make sure
you give all thumbs up! I’ll accept (mumbles) right down there! If you guys like video, and
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see you guys again real soon! Peace love and wifi! (mumbles) okay bye!

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