Trying THINGS ONLY 1% OF PEOPLE CAN DO — Impossible Body Tricks By 123 GO! CHALLENGE

Trying THINGS ONLY 1% OF PEOPLE CAN DO — Impossible Body Tricks By 123 GO! CHALLENGE

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby and this
is my girlfriend Tori, and today we’re going to be attempting body tricks that only 1%
of the population can do. These tricks are impossible
to do, according to 123 Go. They have never let us down before, so I’m gonna have to value their opinion. So Tori, I think we’re
gonna have to try these. – Are you ready? I’m ready. – Let’s do this! – [Video Voiceover] So
you have a long tongue, but can you reach the
tip of your nose with it? – Okay, so the first one. – Can you touch your
nose with your tongue? – Can you do it, Tori? – Yeah. – Okay, ready, so we have
to rock, paper, scissors– – Oh, okay. – Oh, you already did it. We won’t even try that, we
don’t even need to do that. – How about you? – Are you ready for my attempt? Are you ready? I gotta loosen up my tongue really quick. (cartoonish sounds) – Wait, let’s do
synchronized tongue dancing. (upbeat music) (laughs) – Okay ready? I feel pretty limbered up, ready? (cartoonish sounds) – You can’t even make it? Can people not do that? – Wow, she did it! Tori’s part of the 1%! – I’m finally part of the 1%– I can’t believe she did it, wow. Well, I guess we can say that Tori’s– – I’m superior (laughs). – She did it (laughs). (ding) (jaunty music) – [Video Voiceover] Ever
cross your fingers before? Well, all your fingers? And no cheating with the
help of your other hand. – Rock, paper, scissors,
winner gets $10,000, go! Rock, paper, scissors, whoa! I seem to have summoned
my inner Collins Key. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Double scissors, though! I win, I cut off your rock. – (laughs) That’s not how it works. So you get to go first, yeah. You have to cross your fingers like that. – Oh, that’s easy-peasy, right? – No, no, without touching it, Robby. – Oh. (dainty piano music) (cartoonish sounds) Like that? I think you did it more than me. We’re both part of the 1%. – How does this work? There’s two of us. – Take that. – Can you do it with both hands? – Sure. – Woo, look at us go! – Yeah, we’re weird people, we did it! (both cheering) Okay, let’s try the next one. (ding) (jaunty music) – [Video Voiceover] Put your
arms straight, like this. Cross them and twist them in, like this. Then, squeeze the head right on through. Can you do this? – So, straight like this. – Okay. (yelps) (mumbles) (cartoonish sounds) – Wait, so you did that,
and then like that, right? And then like that? – And then put your head in the hole. Wow! (screams) – (mumbles) as cool as
I am, Robby (laughs). – So like this? – Yeah, arms straight. – Arms like that. – Cross them, grab, turn. – Oh. I can’t fit it! Oh, I’m also wearing a hat. (laughs) (cartoonish sounds) (groans) I hit my head on the ottoman. – Are you okay? – I’m all good. – So far, looks like it’s
two-to-one, and I’m winning. What you have to do, when you do this you have to
get your elbow through it, so this is the whole thing. – Wait, what? My arm’s just a little,
no it’s way too big. – This is the one benefit
of having noodle arms. You don’t have any muscles to fight you. – Okay guys, I guess Tori wins this round. (ding) (jaunty music) – [Video Voiceover] Are
you one of the select few who can hold your tongue like this? Whoa. – Okay, here we go. (bright, jaunty music) – No, I can’t do that. My tongue has one muscle, I
mean, tongues are muscles. – I can’t do it. I guess that’s no points
for either of us, guys. – We’re not tongue talented. – We both lose that one. R.I.P. dude. – “R.I.P. dude,” I don’t
want “R.I.P. dude.” (ding) (jaunty music) – [Video Voiceover] Can you flare out your nostrils like this? – Tori, can you flare out your nostrils? Wait, you’re hogging the camera. Oh, she’s doing it. She might be hogging
it, but she’s doing it. – (laughs) What about you? What about you, Robby, can you? – Let’s see if I can do it. – Oh, there you go. You’re gonna have to find the muscle. – I did it! Well guys, I guess that’s
a point for both of us. – Yeah. – Woo! I guess we can say that this one works. (ding) (jaunty music) – [Video Voiceover]
Can you crush a raw egg in one smooth move? – Okay, Tori, here are our eggs. Let’s do this, you ready? One egg for you. – One egg for you. – And one egg for me. Perfect, we just hand each other the egg. It’s really bright out
here, I need to move this. Perfect. Both in front of us, ready? 1, 2, 3… (dainty piano music) (laughs) – I can’t do this. – I can’t do it (screams). Maybe this one? (boom) (yelps) – How’d you get me? – It popped! High palm, Tori, high palm! (energetic music) I’m covered in egg, I can’t get in! I just want to throw this egg at you! Dang it, Tori (laughs). Tori, let me in, I need to throw egg. Well, guys, I guess I’m the winner. (ding) (jaunty music) – [Video Voiceover] Ever wonder
what your elbow tastes like? – Okay, Tori, you ready for this one? – Oh, you betcha. – Okay, you go first. – What are we doing? (laughs) – We have to lick our elbow. – Oh yeah, I forgot, okay. (drum roll) – Oh no, can you do that side? – No, I can’t do. – She can’t do it! What? Well maybe, I can do it. Give me one minute, Tori, I
need to prepare my tongue. – Okay. (cartoonish sounds) – Okay, you ready? – (laughs) Yeah. What happened to your tongue? You’re missing the tip of it. Oh God, that’s horrifying. (laughs) – Tori! (screams) Tori, I won, and you’ve been pranked! – I don’t think, one moment, I’m crying. I gotta dab my tears. I don’t think that that’s
fair, that’s cheating, Robby. That’s not even your tongue. – Okay, I’ll try it for real. Okay, ready, 1, 2, and… – Yeah, no. – Well, I guess neither
of us can do this one. – How did they do that? What if it wasn’t even her arm? – Oh my gosh, okay. – This is how they did it. – Pull my arm out. – Yeah, pull your arm out,
and I’ll put my arm in. – Oh no. Does this look legit? Oh man, you ready? Oh yeah, I licked my
elbow, I did a great job! Well, I guess we can
say that this one works. (screams) (ding) (jaunty music) – [Video Voiceover] Ever
fit a whole slice of pizza into your mouth? How about your entire fist? – Okay, Tori, you ready to put our fists
inside of our mouths? – I feel like you’re
already at a disadvantage. Your fist is twice the size of mine. – It really is. Here, we’ll try and fit
each other’s fists– – No, that’s not fair! Ew!
– Have you washed your hands? – Yeah, I always wash my hands sometimes. (both laugh) – When was the last time
you washed your hands? – Earlier today when I went in there. – Okay guys. Here we go.
– I have lipstick on though. – Sacrifices have to be made. You ready? – Yeah. (intense music) Yeah, I can get up to
my knuckles (laughs). – I can’t do it. – Squeeze your thumb with your other hand, it stops your gagging. (laughs) No! – What do you want? You’re definitely a lot closer than I am. Okay, I guess a point
goes to Tori on that one. – I got 75% of a point. (ding) (jaunty music) – [Video Voiceover] On the contrary, these normal hands can do
extraordinary things, like this. – Okay, Tori, are you
ready to do this one? – I’m so prepared. I’ve never been more prepared for anything in my entire life. (record scratches) – Let’s do it. Okay, ready? Now we’re gonna do, I think
it’s this finger, right? – [Tori] Yeah. – [Robby] 1, 2, and… (cartoonish sounds) I win! – [Tori] How do you win? – [Robby] I guess we both win, so I guess we both get
a point for this one. (both cheering) – [Tori] Can you do it
with the other hand? – [Robby] Yes! I guess we get double points! (both cheering) (ding) (jaunty music) – [Video Voiceover] Boy, am I so tired. Hey, where’d my thumb go? Oh, there it is. – (gagging) Okay, Tori, you ready? (laughs) That’s disgusting. This is disgusting, okay. – I feel like I could do this, I’d be so surprised if I can’t. – 1, 2, and… (intense music) No (gagging). That’s disgusting. – I got it! – (screams) It’s too much! – Oh, that’s so gross. – I guess we have to say that Tori won. – (mumbles) works. (ding) (jaunty music) – [Video Voiceover] Okay, ready for this? We all have ears, but
can they all do this? – Okay, Tori, show me your ear. I lift my little flap. Yes, there’s my ear. Okay, here are our ears. Can you move your ear? – I can, actually. – Okay. Is mine moving? – A little bit. – Let me see yours. – Do we both win? – We both win. – We both win this one. – We are winners. (ding) (jaunty music) – [Video Voiceover] Ready
to get your rock ‘n roll on? Think you can touch your
fingers together like that? – How on Earth does she do that? – You ready to do this? – No, I’m not actually. – Prepare your hand! 1, 2, and… (screams) (screams) I’ve achieved my final form! – (laughs) Close! – I’m so close, if I do this (screams). Can you do it? – No. – Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to
say that we can’t do this. So that’s no points for either of us. – Oh my God, look how close that is. (ding) (jaunty music) – Well guys, I guess Tori is the winner, and she wins the $10,000 of candy. Are you ready for your candy? – Dude, I’m so ready. I get $10,000 worth of it? Pour it on me. – Ready? – Yes! (screams) Hurts more than you would think! – [Robby] It’s time for the gummy worms! – Oh yeah? – Here you go, Tori. Gummy worms! – (laughs) I think they’re
just out of the package. I’d like to thank my mom
for always pushing me. And I thank you. This does not look like
$10,000 worth of candy. I do not think five gummy
worms is worth $10,000. – I might have
over-exaggerated a little bit. – Why are you eating my candy? Oh my God, it matches our hair. – Okay, you guys, thanks so
much for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure
to give it a thumbs up (mumbles) right down there. If you guys can do any of
these crazy body hacks, tell us down in the comments down below, I’d love to hear what you
guys can and can’t do. If you guys wanna watch me
do even more fun life hacks, I have a whole playlist of
me doing them right here. If you guys are new, make sure
to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want to subscribe to Tori, you can click right here. Okay, guys, I love you so much, and I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and wifi. (mumbles) Okay bye! (screams)

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  1. i can actually put my thumb under my knuckle with the slight help of my other hand. It actually goes BELOW the knuckle.


    and my life sux :3

  3. Oof, I tried doing the "put your fist in your mouth 6:32

    …my dog caught me and now she's stares at me all scaredÓmÒ

  4. Lol I was in school and showed my friends that I can wiggle my ear then they said that I am a Alian lol

  5. Gurl:try and twist all off your fingers without your other hand
    Me (I'm smart ):she never side that you can't use you leg or face (I'm smart )

  6. Hey robby its December remember the craftmas tree? "OH CRAFTMAS TREE OH CRAFTMMAS TREE OH HOW THE GLUE GUN BURNS ME!"

  7. While I'm watching today is the first day of Craftmas for the first day of Craftmas please build a 5-foot Craftmas tree

  8. I can do the first one. I can do the second one, I always do it to stretch my fingers. I can do the third one. I can do the fifth one. I can lick my elbow. I can fit my fist in my mouth, The whole thing. Ok im done I can just do most of them.

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