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  2. I have the exact same markers, and there are tons of colors, not as much as copic, but it can nearly fill up a bag

  3. I love using those markers in my artwork along with my Copics and Artist Loft, and Brea Reese (:

  4. I just learned a life changing Hack from you! I hate when I get marker on my nails. I scrub n scrub. I never thought about using the colorless blender! 🤯

  5. Me: turns on captions on 1:29
    Me: reads
    Also me: "yeah boyer i do you feeling to sex okay so lets take"

  6. youre so like "oh when i use my copics, oh when i did it with my copics" okay we got that you have a set of copics. if we get over that, can you please just talk about the stuff that youre looking for?

  7. Btw, they do run out of ink quite quickly, but only if you use them a lot at once. Also, Dollarama now stalks more makers by a different brand in shade ranges. They have blue, teal, grey and pinkish purple shade ranges.

  8. Can you test and review the new 48 count brush/chisel tip alcohol markers from Ohuhu when they are released?

  9. no joke when you were talking about remembering seeing a picture of something but not sure about it i was just agreeing like yeah, been there, but then you're continuing to draw that turtle and i…. i- "wait. have i watched this before?"

  10. I have a a recommendation for you its the ARTIST LOFT alcohol-based markers.

    FWI they have brush nibs!

  11. I found a pack of I think 12 markers at my local Ollie's that have both chisel and brush nib ends. I need a new mix media book to really test em but I grabbed em for less than 4 dollars!

  12. Btw… Yes, the reason all the markers with brush nibs are so expensive (i.e. copics) is because they are expensive to make. And you didn't point this out, but the ink laydown is actually super nice! They have really smooth coverage and no streaks

  13. Hey the ohuhu makers did not have brush nibs at the time of the making of this video but they came out with a 48 pack that has it and they plan to make other sets with more

  14. I just subscribed! I can't believe a dollar store has markers lol Our Dollar Tree is what it is called here in Florida at least does not. What kind of graphics tablet are you using? Is that one of the Wacom's? The old tablet I have is dead, I design and sew fashion (bridal) and I want that one 😉 lol I am going to check out the rest of your videos. Hope to hear back from you !

  15. Ohuhu now has brush tips! I found that 48 were about $55 Canadian! I would love it if you did a review on them!

  16. Me: wow, the colors are close. I'm gonna go see if our dollar tree has those!
    Her: "colors aren't even close"
    Me: oh….k

  17. I super agree with the brush tip thing like I don't have the money to buy super expensive markers with brushes but I have cheap copics and no matter which ones I use they're all square tip it's the worst. I just want a cheap marker with a brush😭😭

  18. They just came out with brush nibs with Ohuhu Markers they are giving them to youtube artist so maybe reach out to them I love Ohuhu I would try them

  19. I got 12 achol marker for 5 dollars and they had a brush tip and a boardchesl tip it has 3 blues,3 purples,2 yellows,1 red,1 orange , and 2 greens. The brand is craftgear and I got it at A store called ROSS. I like them

  20. Awwww i wish dollar tree carried these… i'm more of a watercolor kind of gal, but watching your channel has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone. I definatly want to try some inexpensive alcohol makers.

  21. Can you try buying markers online (eBay,amazon etc) I would love to see it (I’ve just found your channel and don’t know if you’ve done this yet)

  22. They don't sell the brush nibs because to make one brush marker you have to take each and every bristle and put them together while reshaping it. And that puts the price up, but some cheap markers scam you because some are just soft bullet nibs and not singular bristle

  23. In Melbourne Australia we dont have dollar stores. We have "$2" stores but have things over the price of $2 so its not cheap for some things

  24. Little tip. If you ever go to dollarama again put the product back on the hook…..I work there and it's annoying when people do it

  25. Where I live we have literal dollar stores. Where literally everything is a dollar. I love it! They have food, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, glassware, party supplies, toiletries, books, art supplies, toys, and way more.

  26. When you use the expansive markers you got and try to make the turtle over flowers thinking it might look rly nice but you end up making a fool out of your self and never touch the markers again

  27. This has turned our beautiful..If you had just coloured it I would not have known they were cheap markers..they covered beautifully 😀

  28. I think these are also sold under the "Selectum" brand as well…at least I got some that look identical to these, just branded differently. My Bronze Green was dead though…the nibs were hard as a rock and even re-wetting them did nothing. The colours are surprisingly smooth and not streaky for water based ink markers. I have found "Craft" brand 6-pack dual-tip markers, but they are white markers in a clear, hard plastic case vs the flimsy one here…and come in more colours…the only set I picked up so far is a skin tone set…but going to pick up more . This is all at Dollarama too. EDIT – these are alcohol markers? I just assumed they were water based…going to have to try blending them with my other alcohol markers.

  29. my local dollar store, dollar plus (they're probably only a Bahrain thing), sells these exact markers in packs of two. I bought two packs, one with blues and one with browns. I would've been able to do a lot more with them if the colors were accurate

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