Trying LIFE HACKS AND PRANKS By 5 Minute Crafts on my family and friends!

Trying LIFE HACKS AND PRANKS By 5 Minute Crafts on my family and friends!

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby and today, I’m at my girlfriend’s
mom’s house right now. So, we’re at a different
place as you can see, whoa! I’m down in California for Christmas and what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna give my
family all my craft stuff. (laughs) These are all the crafts that I made, from all the videos that I made all month. Oh, a classic, a classic! A nice bowl, I’m sure
someone will love this. Harry Potter book phone case, yep. This is gonna be great. Oh, the slime, oh. So we’re doing that and also, I bought my sister a laptop and we’re gonna be playing
a little prank on her. I also got a little
surprise for my brother so, stay tuned for that. Okay, let’s do the first prank. (upbeat music) Okay, here we go. Zip ties, it’s gonna be so funny to try to watch her get into this. One down. (zip ties clicking) This one’s gonna be a little crazy. (zip ties clicking) Whoo, that one was intense,
gotta do more zip ties. Just gonna do a line of them, like this. (zip ties clicking) Oh, cool, looks great. Now I gotta trim all these things off. Yeah, now I just gotta have Tori wrap it. Hey Tori Dobransky, it’s time
for you to wrap some presents. So Tori, I need you to do as bad of a job on these Christmas presents wrapping as you can, okay?
– Okay, so. So, family, Robby family,
you know it’s not my fault, he’s asking me to wrap it this way. – I didn’t ask her, she’s
just naturally this bad, I don’t know what you are talking about. – What, no! – My mom asked me to have Tori personally wrap the presents herself. Because she is such a good wrapper but, my mom doesn’t know that for sure, so we’re just gonna, we’re gonna be like,
okay mom, you want it. Okay so, this is the
first one you gotta wrap. – This one’s gonna be impossible because of all these stabby things. – I should’ve probably
had you do it before, but you weren’t here so I
just went ahead and did it. – Okay, so step one.
(paper crinkling) See how nice and even my line is? It’s really good and then you go, Oh God, I missed. And then we go like this. (upbeat music) They’re gonna think I’m stupid. (laughing) Okay well here’s the first present. – Okay, sis are you ready for a present? – I don’t know. – Are you excited? I think you’re gonna really like this. We had Tori special wrap it. Mom said have my girlfriend wrap it. As you can see, it’s not very good, I coulda probably done
a better job myself. Do you like Tori’s wrap job, Mom? – Urgh! – You asked her to wrap it. – Why are there things sticking out? – Just open it, be real
careful when you open it. Just rip it! – Ah, I’m shaking! I’m shaking, what is this? I’m kind of scared. Okay, okay.
(paper ripping) Oh no, all the zip tie things. (laughing) I saw this, oh my god, on the internet. People were doing this. No, you did this to me? How am I gonna do this? – Get the first from the other side. – Yeah try to open it, sis.
– She can’t open it! – Okay. I have nails, and I’m breaking them. – That’s a good brand. – Shh!
– Let’s see. This is gonna take an hour to. – Hey can we get a knife over here? C’mon, sis! Take as long as you want, we gotta make this video 10 minutes. (groaning) Ow! – You’re stabbing me with the zip ties. Thanks, you did half of my work. – Just rip it! – Don’t elbow me in the face! – You only did a quarter of my work. – Oh man. Got this! – I suck at this. – Let’s try and open this for ya. (grunts)
Oh gosh. – Thank you. Sorry, you helping me is
cheating, but I appreciate it. – We got scissors? Here you go. – Thank you, thank you very much. (upbeat music)
(laughing) – Ready for your present? – As long as it’s nothing scary. – This was from me, Mom, and Dad. – Really? – Oh, it’s Daddy’s computer! – We got you a new computer! – Thank you! Ooh, this looks so nice. – And it’s touchscreen too. I have a pen, I bought you a pen, but I forgot it at home. – It’s touchscreen? – It’s touchscreen, and then. – Literally I have the same exact one. It’s perfect. – It looks really cool. – You like it? – Thank you, I love you. Thanks, broski! – You like it? – Yeah yeah, what do I do? – We can do whatever, you have to look up tutorials
on how to use this program. – Yeah, I do. – No problem.
(funky music) – I miss you.
– I miss you too. Okay, so next, is my little brother. (evil laugh)
(upbeat music) Okay, easy peasy, we got our Juicy Fruit. Gotta use what they use in the video! Cut all that off. We only need one. Okay, yeah, we don’t need this. Then we get our money. I’m not rich enough for a 100 dollar bill, so I’m just gonna use this 10 dollar bill. So then, we just fold it like that. Keep folding. Folding, folding, folding! It’s going in perfectly. Okay, and it looks like it worked! I’m just imagining if someone’s like, hey can I have a piece of gum? And they grab the 100 dollar bill, and you’re like, oh no! I’m just not really sure
how I feel about this one. I wouldn’t personally do it, but if it’s for stingy people who don’t share their gum, it’s perfect. It’s Crap-mas Day guys! Okay guys, so this is
Chris’s first present. This is my little brother, Christopher. Here you go. – Thank you so much, Robby.
– Oh, no problem. I hope you love your present. – I hope so too, I’m excited! Merry Christmas, everyone! Aw, sweet! Juicy Fruit, how’d you
know my favorite flavor? – I got him a pack of gum! – This is my favorite flavor! – Open it up! – Awesome, I’ll have one
right now if you don’t. Oh (bleep). Wow! This is money. Does every single one have? Wow. – No, I’m not that rich. I wouldn’t, he asked if every
single one had this in it. – Well that’s pretty cool! Thank you so much. – Are you ready for your real present? – Yeah sure! (upbeat music) – We got our duct tape. Here we go. Oh, this is gonna be fun. (tape stretching) Oh, it looks good! Okay, so next you’re gonna
wrap this duct tape one. – Can I fit it in this
paper that I already have? That way we don’t waste paper, ooh, we’re taping it before. Stop, don’t make fun of me! – Let me see this. – Okay, so these two
papers wouldn’t reach, so I stuck another paper
in there to make it reach. – What a mess, Tori Dobranski. – You would never know! Never, ever, ever, ever. I wish someone would be here to help me wrap some merry Christmas presents. This is Chris? C-H-R-I-S?
– Yes. Whoo, she did it! Okay, here you go, Chris. That’s your real present. – Alright. Oh. (dramatic music)
(evil laughter) Wow it’s a black box. I wonder what could be inside. – That’s duct tape.
– Yeah. (laughs)
(tape stretching) – Here you go. You know, most people just
use wrapping paper, oddly, usually that’s enough. – We did! When’s Caroline getting here? – ‘Cause it’s gonna take
you so long to get it out. – Yeah, maybe I’ll have this
open by the time she gets here. (tape stretching) Oh my gosh.
(laughing) Is there actually anything inside? – No, yeah there’s something inside there, you just have to work for it.
– Okay. – It’s all. I used half of a big
thing of duct tape on it. – Oh my god.
(laughing) – You know it looks easier
than it actually is to open up. This seems like you
would just rip it open. You put it in little tiny
pieces, so whenever I rip it, I don’t get the whole roll. It would just be more convenient if you just put it all in one thing. Because, ripping it, so. – This took 20 minutes for me to do. – Great.
(laughing) Thanks. This is gonna be a long video. How much do you cut it?
– A lot. I usually have, at the end of it, I have two hours of footage, and we cut it down to about 10 minutes. They take about 20 hours each video. It’s taking you so long to unwrap. – Yeah, this is even worse than. – You should see Caroline’s. Caroline’s is even worse than yours. Oh, my light just died! – Hey Kelsey, I got a big black box! Oh, I got it! I got to the base.
(tape stretching) Still don’t know what it is. – There we go, that’s a lot better. You’re almost at the bottom! – Oh wow.
(laughing) This is just what happens. Okay.
(laughing) Oh, sweet, awesome! This is what I wanted. – What is it, a razor? – Yeah, an electric razor. – I got him the best one on Amazon. – Oh, (bleep).
(laughing) Nice, that’s awesome. – We’re gonna be filming the table later. – No problem, kid. I’m glad you like it. – Yep, Merry Christmas.
– Merry Craft-mas! – Alright. (upbeat music) – So I don’t have one of
those headband things so, I guess I’m gonna have to make my own. Okay, how am I gonna do this? I’m really going into this kind of blind. Clamp this down. The goal is to make a headband thing. This oughta do the trick. Is that wide enough to fit on my head? Yeah, and like that, I’d say like that. Then I gotta make another one. That’s good. Then like this, one more. Make sure it matches this one. Okay, good enough. Cool, now to put these bad boys together. Something like this maybe? Yeah, that looks like it could
be a good headband thing. I need screws. Okay, so we got our drill. (dramatic music) Now drill this into here. I’m thinking like right
here should do good. Oops! And like, right here. Other side! Do this side now.
(drill whirring) Yeah, this should work. The only problem is, I only
have this long of screws, which is a little long
for what we’re doing, but I can make it work! Don’t need that! Now we have to slowly put the screw in, so that it doesn’t go through my table. It works! Maybe a little bit more? Cool! Now I have to try and get it
so that it’s in that hole. Let’s hope this doesn’t
(bleep) up my fingers! (drill whirring) Oh, that’s already cracking the wood. Oh my gosh. Oh no! It’s okay. I forgot to do this one, I
did both side of that one. (drill whirring) Okay, hole looks good. Now to get this screw into
here without, you know, cracking it like we did this one. Wish me luck! (drill squealing) That kinda sounded like
that British chasing music. (upbeat music) I’m probably saying the
complete wrong thing. Now we gotta get this screw
in here without cracking it. It’s such a long screw for this. (drill squealing) Whoo, okay, yeah! I’d say, it’s a little big,
quite a little bit big. Now let’s glue our beets to it! One on each side just like that. I think before I glue these on I’m gonna wrap it in pink duct tape. Here we go!
(upbeat music) Yeah, that looks like way
better headphones now. Because they’re pink! Plus they’ll hide where this split up. Cause I’m pretty sure that they’re gonna use these
on an every day basis. I don’t want them getting a split. (tape stretching)
(upbeat music) That looks much better! Okay, let’s hot glue this on! Hot glue! We got one, right there! And here’s another one. Whoops, I put the hot
glue in the wrong spot. It’s okay, I think they’ll
still get the point. Now, I’m gonna make sure
that these stay in place. That’s one. And here’s two! This one’s gonna take a while.
(upbeat music) There we go. Okay, got ’em clamped on, now I’m gonna wait for
these bad boys to cool. Okay, it’s been like 10 minutes. These seem pretty cool. Take these off. I hope they don’t break
when I pick them up. Are you ready?
(comedic music) Ah, it’s glued to the table! (comedic music) They survived! Now time to try these on! (laughing) Oh my god, this is so frickin’ silly. My new headphones! These are my new headphones! Now, time to wrap these up. Actually, we’re not even gonna
bother to wrap the other one, so we just got bags. I like this kind of wrapping!
– Bags. – Okay first I need you to put my mom’s beets headphone set I made her. With love and compassion. – Probably too big.
(laughing) – I think we have a slight problem. – It’s okay, just wrap it in a. – Paper!
– Paper. We got this. – It’s like, wobbling, dude. I don’t know if we can do that. – This is for my mom. She has beets headphones. – Put another one right here.
– Here you go. To Ma, from Robby. So my sister, Natalie, loves
the Harry Potter series. She also loves phones, I guess. I don’t know, she has an iPhone. I got her an ASUS phone
case that I made by hand! So she’ll probably actually strangle me when she sees what I
did to this poor book. I actually found this
book on the street too. (upbeat music) Oh man, I love reading! Let’s destroy some books! Okay, now I’ve got my
phone, and I outline it. There we go. Move this for now. Oh yeah, I know I’m gonna be
such a good spy after this. Oh no, I ripped it!
(laughing) Okay, I’m gonna use a real blade for this. I actually used to do
this when I was a kid, and then my mom would be like, why did you cut open that book? There we go, keep going. Hey, Robby, how ya liking that book? Oh, it’s pretty good. Haven’t gotten through
the first chapter yet. Get it? I’m cutting through the book,
and I’m at the first chapter. (laughing) This is very sloppy, I think I could have
done this a lot better. (upbeat music) Okay, these pages are just, so messed up, so I’m just gonna go
ahead and rip them out. Oh, these ones are also messed up. Dude, I am just so good at being a spy. (pages ripping) So basically, all my pages were messed up. (pages ripping)
Oh no. Okay, I guess we’ll just
start from square one. Grab my phone. Now I’ve gotta be really careful
not to mess up the pages. Oh, I’m ripping it again. (upbeat music)
(grunting) Okay, okay, I’m making some progress. That’s a little bit better. So they used an X-Acto knife, so I’m gonna try using the same thing. Oh my god, that is a lot easier. (upbeat music) Cut that.
(upbeat music) Ugh, this is taking forever. And, I think we did it!
(cheering) Does it close? Woo, it’s closed! Well guys, it looks like it works! I’m gonna take it one more step further and glue the phone case in, so that now I have a sick book phone case. (upbeat music) Okay, now stick that in there. Ow!
(dramatic music) (yelling) The hot glue went though the
little camera piece right here, and I burned myself. Ouchies. Okay, there we go. Glue this there, glue this there. (upbeat music) Okay, now let that dry. Okay, it’s all dry, and now let’s put our phone inside of it. (comedic music) Oh no, it’s not fitting. Oh no. Maybe I can use a
screwdriver to get it in. Oh man, come on! You got this phone! Getting it in, come on! (yelling)
I did it! Piece of cake! Now, I’ve got this
awesome book phone case. Don’t mind me teacher, I’m just reading my Harry Potter book. I can’t turn my phone on though. The power button’s right there. I can’t unlock my phone, the finger scanner’s on the other side. Oh man. This thing still has some
kinks I gotta work out. (laughing) Natalie, you ready for your gift? – I’m ready.
(laughing) Let’s do this. – Okay, so I know you
love Harry Potter, sis, so I got you this. – Oh god.
(laughing) A used book!
(laughing) – It’s a phone case! (laughing) – I’m gonna go get my phone! A phone case! So I just go like this
and just, carry it around. Beautiful, perfect, love it. I’m actually upset that you
took out the pages to do this. (laughing) Where’s the rest of the pages? – You like it?
– I love it. – When I did this, so
many Harry Potter fans were so mad at me. Just like I got 5,000 comments and like 1,000 of them were like what’d you do to that Harry Potter book? – That’s what I just said, I’m like a little upset you
took the pages out for that. I’m like.
(laughing) ‘Tis the season. – You’re welcome. And also, it goes to an ASUS phone. I know you have an iPhone, but. – Yeah, cause that’s what
all of the population has. – I tried, okay? – It’s the thought that counts. Thank you! – No problem.
– Merry Christmas. (gentle music) – And here’s a bowl. – This is actually rather nice. (bag crinkling) There we go. – Here you go.
– Stuff it! – I think my mom got the
best present, to be honest. Okay we got my mom’s present all done. Okay Ma, you ready? – Yeah I’m ready! – Are you excited?
– Yeah! – Okay, here’s your present. – Okay, oh wow.
(laughing) That’s nice! Hat? – It’s a bowl! It’s for eating your cereal out of, Mom. – Eating my cereal? – I know there’s a hole there, but you can plug it with your finger. – Oh my god. That’s really nice Robby. – You like it?
– Yes! Ah, I love it! Cute, huh? What’s it really for Robby? – It’s just, for, I don’t
know, whatever you want in it. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s cool. Very nice. Wow, you did a good job.
– Thanks! I’ve never made one before, and that one. – Oh, you made it?
– I made all of these! – No you didn’t.
– Yeah. – Wow, well, now it means something to me. Very good. – You can throw it away
if you don’t want it. – No, I want it, I’m
gonna put a bowl in it! And put candy. – You’re gonna put candy? You can just put candy in it. – Yeah, I’m gonna put
candy in it, alright? – Okay! – Good job! Thank you! What are you laughing about? – She’s gonna put all the candy in there. – Thank you. – And last but not least,
we got, the Eiffel Tower. – Eiffel Tower. – I actually gave this to Rusty
once, but he didn’t take it. – He left it at the house.
(funky music) – So for this one I actually
don’t have a printer to print out the Eiffel Tower, so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna trace it off one of my
screens really quick. Here we go. Oh hey, look, it’s me! I’m gonna go ahead and move this cause it’s a little disorientating. Tape the wax paper onto here. The tape isn’t sticking to
the parchment paper, why? Oh, because it’s parchment
paper, that’s why. This should be correct. And I am now done
tracing the Eiffel Tower. Now let’s try to make
some beautiful glue art. This is so frickin’ complicated. Okay, so I just have to
make four of these bad boys. This is my all time favorite
biggest waste of hot glue. Okay, so this is all dry. Time for the second one. (upbeat music) This one’s also dry. Two more to go. (upbeat music) This one’s all dry now. Now time for the last one. Can’t wait for this to be
over, if I’m being honest. (upbeat music) Okay, so it looks like
our last one is all dry! (cheering) There is no way that this is
going to stand up straight. Holy (bleep). It’s gonna be so (bleep) floppy. Do I just hold it straight the whole time? You know what, I think it
might actually stay up. I’ve lost all hope in humanity. (yelling)
(dramatic music) You can do it Eiffel Tower,
I kinda believe in you. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow (bleep)! Okay, we’re good. I’m definitely not gonna do a hot glue gun video
again for a while, guys. Hashtag sorry not sorry. I know you guys like
to see me burn myself. (screaming If you guys wanna watch another
video of me burning myself, you can also click the card over here, that was a fun one. Almost done, I just
have this one last side. (shrieking)
(sharp breaths) I think the hardest part
about this is I can’t tell what glue is still hot and what isn’t hot. And we’re done, guys. It actually stands up. How? How is that possible? It’s kinda looking more like the Leaning Tower of Piza,
than it is the Eiffel Tower. I’ll say that it kinda
works, but I kinda hate this. I think I’m gonna give
this to my buddy Rusty, to help him remember the
Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas. Rusty, I have a gift for you! – Oh yes, and what is that? – Here you go!
(laughing) – That’s pretty (bleep) cool, man. – It’s an Eiffel Tower
made out of hot glue! To help you remember the
Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas! – How much time did you spend on this? – A lot and I got a third
degree burn right here. – Good job, that’s not bad. (laughing)
Not bad, man. – Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching the video. If you liked it make
sure you all thumbs up, looks kinda like this, right down there. It’s been one heck of a
year guys, it really has. This is the last video of the whole year. So I guess I’ll see you guys next year! You guys wanna watch any
more of my crazy videos I have a whole playlist right here. If you guys are new, make sure
to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want my merch,
my stickers, anything cool, you can click right here, or down in the description down below. Okay guys, I love you so much and I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and wifi. Happy New Year!

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