Trying hacks from 28 CRAZY GLUE GUN IDEAS by 5-Minute Crafts

Trying hacks from 28 CRAZY GLUE GUN IDEAS by 5-Minute Crafts

– Whoosh, hey guys, how
you doin’, my name is Robby and if you’re watching
this video, like you, I watch a lot of YouTube. And I’m sure at one point or another, you ran into the channel 5-Minute Crafts. In case you guys don’t know
what 5-Minute Crafts is, basically a compilation of craft videos. From what I could tell, a majority of them are
from Facebook or Instagram because they’re all four by three. One of the biggest channels on YouTube and they don’t even upload
in the correct resolution. So I decided it would be fun to try out some of these five-minute craft
hacks and see if they work. All the hacks I’m gonna be trying today are from the “28 Crazy Glue
Gun Idea” video that they have. It has 24 million views, so quite a few people have
seen this video apparently. Let’s go ahead and watch some of this. (upbeat techno music) What the (beep) are you
doing to your poor hair? I can tell you now that in this video, she never actually does this. I’ve watched the whole
thing all the way through and never does she explain why she’s putting hot glue in her hair. But at the end of the video I’m gonna try it and we’re
gonna see what happens. So, you’ll have to watch til the end to see what happens (laughing). So this is one of the very first little tricks that they have on here. Let’s see what it is. (upbeat techno music) A (beep) scrunchie! You made a (beep)
scrunchie out of hot glue? Isn’t that gonna get stuck in your hair? I guess we’ll frickin’ try it (laughs). Okay, so I got my hot glue
gun, and I got my glue sticks. I have a lot of glue sticks. Okay, so far it’s turning out okay. And I just ran out of glue. (beep beep beep) I just wanna say that this video is not sponsored by Office Depot. Okay. Looks like I’m done. (blowing) Move it around a little bit I guess. Oh, nope, nope, nope, it
is still, it is still hot. Do I just have to hold
this thing until it’s done? What, what do I do? (blowing) Oh, I’m getting so lightheaded. Okay, I guess it’s time to pick it off. Oh (beep) okay, so I’m pickin’ it off and parts of the pencil
are coming off with it, but you know that’s fine, ’cause no one’s perfect. Okay, so there’s definitely
a lot of little pieces that came off the pencil. We’re gonna glue these things together. Ah (beep), god, I could almost make this into a Robby burns himself
with glue gun compilation. Okay, so it’s attached to my finger now. And this is the end
result, looks pretty good. Pretty… Stable? I don’t know, I feel
like this is gonna break. Okay, so I guess the only
thing that we can really do now is try this out and give
it to my girlfriend! Hey Tori. – Yes? – [Robby] I got you a gift – You got me a gift? What is it? – [Robby] Look it, here
you go isn’t it wonderful? – What’s on it? – [Robby] It’s, that’s pencil pieces. – Oh, okay. What do I do with this? – [Robby] I want you to try
to put your hair up with it, can you do that for me? – It won’t get stuck in my hair, right? (tense music) – [Robby] I don’t know. – Okay. – [Robby] It worked in the video. Okay, looking so far so good. You’re pretty damn cute. (tense music) – [Robby] Did you break it? – Yeah. – [Robby] You (beep) it up! – I broke it, it wasn’t strong enough. It didn’t even break where you
mended it together, it broke. – [Robby] Would you ever
use this as a reliable– – No. – [Robby] Thing to hold up your hair? – I couldn’t even put it in my hair once. – Okay, well, boys we know
that this stuff doesn’t work. (crowd awws and yays) (loud vibrating echo) Now it’s time for the next one. They have a shirt here. I’ve know idea what they’re
going to do with this. Just kidding, I do know, because I’ve already
watched this whole video. (techno music) K, not it’s time for me
to make, a pretty great, handmade T-shirt like this (laughs). Okay, so I got this (beep) Justice League subscription box T-shirt. I’m gonna go ahead and write
my very special message on the back of it. Okay, so first we gotta
lay out our T-shirt, and then you got put the
cardboard inside of it. A lot of people, they like to
do it the old-fashioned way by shoving it in like this. However, I find it much
easier to just put it on top and go. And then it just magically
appears in there. Okay, now for the message that
I’m gonna put on the back. I’ve gotta think of something really good, something really thought-provoking. Something that just says this
guy knows what he’s doing. This glue gun is gonna give me LIGMA. And, there we go, we’re all done. I love, let’s see if I can
fix that for you, I love men. I really have to make sure
that I blow the men because they’re just wetter than normal. (blowing) Ahhh, I got my hair in it! So from the looks of it,
they use one of these sprayable water bottles
and some fabric paint that they just put in there with the water. Let’s see, red’s a good color. I think that’ll really
help signify my message. I don’t think I really need a lot of this. Okay, shaka shaka shaka. – Shaka shaka shaka. – Okay, now just apparently… I think I want it a little
bit darker than this. Squeeze some more in there. Oh god, arts and crafts! I really don’t know how
well this is gonna work. Do we sprinkle a little
bit of this black on there? There we go. Yes, this will really show
how much I just love men. I’m gonna rub this in. I feel like I’m not
supposed to rub this in. It’s art, it’s comprehensive art! Yup, I definitely fucked this up. I feel like it looked
cooler the other way. Cool, it looks like I’m done! (rapturous crowd) Okay, now all we gotta do is
wait for this paint to dry. (orchestral cartoon music) Okay, I think this should be dry by now. (plank dropping) Okay, let’s see how this turned out. Just gotta peel the glue off. It doesn’t seem to want to
really come off of this shirt. Who woulda thought (grunt). This looks like this turned out great. Kind of stuck to the cardboard
behind it a little bit. (ripping) There we go… I love men. Time to try this bad boy on. Okay, Tori, what do you
think about my T-shirt? Do you like it? – It looks like it
says, “I love me” on it. What does it actually say though? – It says, “I love men.” – My goodness, Robby. I really don’t like this shirt at all. (loud echoing crash) This next one is a hack
for high heels, so that you don’t get your heels stuck
in the grass when you walk. Let’s play the clip really quick. (electronic keyboard music) Okay, time to go into Tori’s
room to find some high heels. Let’s see, they have to
be in here somewhere. Tori’s high heels! Oh, shit, I just walked right past them. So it doesn’t say, specifically, what to use to use to cover it. I’m guessing wax paper,
so that it doesn’t stick. (crinkling paper) Then you have to cut a
thing like this that will fit around the heel. Just wrap it around that, I guess. It doesn’t need to be that long. I think that’ll work? I don’t know, let’s hope it does. Okay, the next shoe. Fuck you paper. So now we’re going to grab our glue gun. Get it all over the side first, I think. Okay, and I used all my glue. Okay, this looks like a
giant mess right here. This is gonna be the biggest
New York fashion trend, ever. Girl, you’ve never seen
your butt look so good. Ahhh, fuck, I touched the glue. Tori is trying to be more
spooky for Halloween, so she can just say it’s
cobwebs or something, I guess. Okay, now it’s time to
try and rip this off without breaking it. (crumpling and ripping) Off to a good start. Okay, there’s no way I am
getting this wax paper off. I don’t think I’m gonna be
able to get all this paper out of here, but I mean, it still goes on. So I guess that’ll have to do. Ahhh, I burned myself! Actually, went ahead and
reinforced these on the bottom so that the actual high heel
doesn’t come out of this. Woo, Tori Dobransky, thank
you for helping me with this. – No problem, I’m so much
taller than you now, Robby. – I know, look at her in these heels. – So we went to the closest grass that we could find near us. It’s a good 10 minutes away. – To be honest, I’ve
never had an issue where my heels actually dig into the dirt. Oh, whoa, I definitely feel it. Is it actually happening, oh wow. That actually does. Those are definitely sinking in a lot. – You have to actually walk on your heels. It’s fine now, but I’m walking on my toes. – Okay Tori Dobransky,
try these on for size. Tori, your shoes look so fabulous. – They look so great. – Okay, Tori Dobransky, let’s
try this, do it real slow. How’s it working? – I’m not sinking. – Okay, this one’s kind
of… break it off. Oh, really, that broke through. Okay, there we go. Okay, so it looks like
this is completely (beep). This one’s not doing too bad. It actually sunk through the bottom of it, and that was even after I
reinforced it with more glue. – I mean, this one’s still not sinking, but it definitely broke. (black metal music) – This next one also kind of a doozy. (smooth techno music) Okay, got my mitt and let’s try this. Do little dots like she did. This is gonna completely
(beep) up the oven mitt, but we have to make sacrifices sometimes. You’d think I’d be used to
the smell of hot glue by now. I’m getting to that awkward
part where I have to use another glue stick. Okay, all good, now I’m gonna
try and put this on Thomas. Actually, on second thought, I’m going to wait for this to cool down. I don’t think he’d be too happy if I put this right on him (laughing). I’m sure Thomas will love
this, so we’re just gonna… You like that Thomas? Thomas seems like he really
enjoys this, is it working? I probably should have
used a different color, because it’s black-on-black. No, Thomas, I need to pet you. Thomas, no come back. Thomas, no come back, I
need to test this on you! I’ll just try it on my
girlfriend (evil laughter). Don’t worry, Tori, it’s
just gonna be one pet, okay? Does that hurt? – No. – Do you like it? – No. – Is it good? – No, I mean there’s a little bit, but would’ve gotten that
if you woulda just pet him without ruining the
glove with this hot glue. (crash music) – Now, apparently, you can
use hot glue as an eraser? (upbeat techno music) I don’t know how true this is? I don’t know how well this is gonna work, so I guess let’s try it? Okay, so let’s start off
with this coloring sheet that I got from the dollar store. Okay, just gotta write something. Okay, so I’m gonna try this first line with the regular eraser. Great, workin’ pretty good. You can still see the I
but that’s gonna happen. I love men. I love men! Okay, so that’s with the
generic pencil eraser. This is a Dixon Ticergorogarugama. I never quite figured out how to pronounce the
name of these pencils. Now we’re gonna go ahead and
give this pencil eraser that we used in that one part of the video, some more life, a new meaning to life. Just like that, I strongly feel like
this isn’t going to work. Get a big ole glob of it, there we go. That should be more than enough. Wait for this dry a little bit. Okay, now it’s time to
test this bad boy out. Okay, so it looks like we
have some progress with the I, but now there’s hot glue
all over this paper. That uses a lot of hot
glue to erase anything. You need to scrape the hot glue off. Okay, so it appears that this
eraser does not love men. (upbeat techno music) Okay, lady, what the (beep)
are you doing to this glue gun? Why is it on fire? What did you do to make
this thing on fire? Again, another thing that she does that has no explanation at all. This next hack, kind of hilarious, because you have this glue
gun that’s covered in glue. I wonder how it got that way? Oh, yeah! (funky techno music) And finally boys, the last one, who needs to go out and buy
yourself some Gucci Slides when you can go ahead and do this? (techno music) (Robby sighs) I’m glad I
have a lot of hot glue. (crinkling paper) I guess, I’ll just mark
with permanent marker around the outside. These are gonna look so frickin’ bad. Cut the outline. (funky beat Okay, now to cover these
things in glue, I guess. I’m gonna go through so
many glue sticks doing this. I think this might be
melting the wax paper. Start filling it in I guess. And that’s my second glue stick. Now, I guess, I’ll start
on the top part thing. (funky pop music) (Robby screams) I burned myself again! Who knew that doing
(beep) with hot glue guns would take so fucking long? (funky pop music) Okay, so it’s been a sec. I feel like this has solidified, and I’m gonna try and
take off the wax paper. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I feel like the wax paper
actually burned to the hot glue. Okay, so I am just gonna give
up on peeling off this wax paper, ’cause it definitely
does not want to come off. Kinda hot glue gun this
thing onto this thing. I don’t like this at all. This is awful. This is the stupidest
thing I’ve ever seen. I think I mighta cut
it a little too small. I don’t think my foot’s gonna fit in this. Okay, now I’m just gonna reinforce the outside of this a
little bit (screams). (painful scream) I have so much… Ow, woo, woo, woo! Okay, so here it is. You got yourself a really
(beep) looking sandal. I’m gonna see if it fits. Look at that! Aw, I should have made it bigger, aw, man. Okay, so thoughts on this. Is it worth it if you
don’t have flip flops, and all you have is a
(beep) ton of hot glue? No, not at all. It’s not worth the time! It’s not worth the money
you spent on the hot glue! It’s not worth the third
degree burns that you get while (beep) doing this! This is awful. My poor finger, look it, kiss it, kiss it. (heavy metal music Okay guys, so now, time for
the part that I promised you. Putting this glue in my hair. Okay, Tori, I think I might
need you to stand on by in case I burn myself. – [Tori] On, no, no!
Robby what are you doing? – Okay, Tori, I’m gonna
do it, I’m gonna do it! – [Tori] You’re going to
have to cut all that off. – I’m not going to have to cut this off. – Yeah, you are. – Okay so, I have successfully
put all this glue in my hair. I can’t wait to see what happens. How am I gonna get it out? I (laughing), I will let you know! Tori might be right on this one, and I may have cut all my (beep) hair off. Okay, guys, if you like the video, make sure you give it a little thumbs up, a little something like this,
and try to write down there. If you like videos where I
do weird stuff like this, I’ve made a couple of them, feel free to click on this playlist. Hit that subscribe button
if you haven’t already and you’re new here. As always guys, I love you so much, I’ll see you guys again, real soon. Peace, love, and Wifi. [Inaudible] Okay, bye, (Robby screams)!

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