Trying 7 Riddles That Will Test Your Brain Power by Brightside

Trying 7 Riddles That Will Test Your Brain Power by Brightside

– Hi guys. How ‘ya doing? My name is Robby and today we’re going
to be doing some riddles that will test your brain power. I’ve never actually done a
riddles video on this channel, so this is gonna be interesting. I feel like I’m decent at riddles. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I am. We’ll see. I feel like I’m pretty clever person. I don’t know! Anyway, let’s do this, boys. – [Bright Side] Take a very close look at these two photographs. What is the mistake they have in common? – Okay, so I’m supposed to
look at the two photographs and I have to see what
mistakes they have in common. I technically have seven seconds but ain’t nobody got time for that. Well, I guess I’m taking
my time with that? (laughs) Okay, let’s see. Their eyebrows are both upside down. Their eyes are both upside down. Their noses are upside down. Wrinkles. Okay, I’m gonna do the timer. I can’t tell! I can’t tell what’s wrong! Her eyes! This girl’s eyes are upside down. – [Bright Side] Let’s turn
the photos upside down. – Ah, that looks so weird! – [Bright Side] The eyes and– (Robby screaming) are upside down. – Whoa! That looks so strange. How did I not even notice that? Everything’s upside down. This girl’s mouth is upside down. I did kinda say that the
mouths were upside down. But holy crud, everything’s
literally upside down. This is so weird! Okay, wait. – [Bright Side] That
looks horrible, right? But your brain doesn’t
recognize that immediately. The brain is not used
to seeing eyes and lips in that position. Some people can turn
their tongues upside down. If you can, do it and touch
the left side of your tongue. – So, apparently, some
people can twist their tongue all the way upside down. Let’s see if I can do that. Ready? I think I did it. I don’t know if I did it. I can’t tell if I did
this correctly or not. Oh man, that’s awkward. No, I have no idea. I don’t know. Can you guys put your tongue upside down? – [Bright Side] Will sense the
touch from the opposite side, because evolution never taught the brain to read the sensations on
the tongue in that position. Test number six. How many holes does this T-shirt have? – How many holes does this T-shirt have? I(‘m guessing that it has to have four because you have your front two holes and then you have your back two holes. So that makes four– Wait! Then we also have the arm holes,
and we have the neck holes, and we have the bottom hole. So that would be one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight. This would have eight holes, right? I’m pretty sure that’s how many holes. Okay, let’s see if I’m right. I should really wait for this timer because now I’m just kind
of awkwardly waiting here while the video goes down. – [Bright Side] The right answer is eight. – Woo! The right answer is eight! I did it correctly. I win. – [Bright Side] Test number five. How would you name this tree? – How would I name this tree? How would I name it? I don’t know. Name it? Like, “Owl-y”? I don’t know! ‘Cause it kinda looks like an owl. That’s not a tree. Is that a bird? That’s a bird, right? That has to be some kind of bird. What kind of bird is that? – [Bright Side] Put the
names that came to your mind in the comment section below. But the actual challenge was to notice the
camouflage bird on the tree. – Oh, so I guess I got it right. I did it right; I realized the bird. – [Bright Side] Well done. – I think I’ve done pretty good so far. I’ve gotten all of them correct, I think. I’m pretty sure. I mean three out of three. We’ve done three, right? I’m pretty sure we’ve done three. So three out of three. Now we only have to do– (Windows “error” notification) I’m really bad at math. – [Bright Side] Test number four. Can you manage this one in five seconds? I’ll give you 20 seconds,
but try to solve it as fast as possible. – Okay, wait. So there’s a math thing. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine. Can you spot the mistake? Can you spot one? Okay so it’s like a green thing. So it’s red, green, purple… Red? I don’t know! I wonder if there’s anyone
who can help me solve this. – Hello! Hi Robby, I think I can solve it! – Really, Toby? You think you can do it? – Yeah, I think I got it! – Okay, what do you think it is, Toby? – I think we have to add all
them together, so let’s see. One plus two equals three. Three plus three equals six. Six plus four equals 10. 10 plus five equals 15. 15 plus six equals 21. 21 plus seven equals 28. 28 plus eight equals– I need a calculator. 28 plus 8 equals 36. 36 plus nine equals 45! – Okay, so Toby, I think I’m
gonna go with your answer, 45. Can you spot the mistake? Wait, we need the mistake! We don’t need to solve it. – Oh, my mistake. That was my mistake! – Aw man! Toby, what the heck, dude? Now I only have this much time. How am I supposed to
spot the mistake here? One, two, three, for, five, six, seven. Red, orange, yellow, green. It’s not the rainbow. I have no idea. Okay, I give up. What is it? – [Bright Side] The mistake
is not in the numbers or their colors. The mistake is that the
word “spot” appears twice. (8-bit music) Can you manage this one in five seconds? – [Robby] I don’t know! – [Toby] I think I can solve it! – [Bright Side] The mistake
is that the word “spot” appears twice. (Robby screaming) – That’s unfair! I’m Dyslexic! How am I supposed to get that one? I can’t even spell! Okay, we must keep going. We can’t let Bright Side
outsmart us, okay guys? We gotta do this. Okay, so that’s one for you guys. Wait, that’s not how you spell spot? Can you spot spot– There’s two spots! No! That’s what it was the whole time. There’s two spots. Dang it. I can’t believe I didn’t get that one. – [Bright Side] Your brain doesn’t always show you the reality. It often shows what it is used to. – Okay, we get it. Let’s go on to the next riddle, okay? – [Bright Side] Test number three. Do you see a hidden baby? It’s not mine, either. – I see it! It’s in the tree. I got it. No, it’s the whole thing. The whole thing is a baby;
I see it, the whole baby. And then there’s a little baby? What is that other thing? I definitely see the hidden baby. Do you guys see the hidden baby? I definitely 100% see it. – [Bright Side] If you follow
the thin branches of the tree, you will see the outline of
a baby in the fetal position. Its feet and toes are on the
right side of the picture, arms are in the middle. Which line is longer? – Okay, now which line is longer? Obviously “A”. Is something wrong here? I don’t understand. It would be “A”! – [Bright Side] Of course,
line “A” is longer. That’s so obvious, right? Well, not for everybody. Or rather, not always. There was a research on
conformity that looked like this; five people were asked which
of two lines was longer. The answer was always simple. Four of the tested
people were asked to lie, so technically, there was
only one real subject. The people lied very convincingly so the subject didn’t want to stand out and gave the wrong answer. – So, apparently… Okay, next. – [Bright Side] Can
you spot Mike Wazowski? – Can you spot Mike Wazowski? Let’s see if we can find him. Can we find him? (stammering) Frick, where is he? Where is he? I can’t find him! Where is he? One-eyed guy… Oh there he is! Dang it, I didn’t get it. I didn’t get it in time. No! Well, guys, I got five out of seven. That’s not bad. How many did you guys get? I think I did pretty decently here. I’m gonna do one more. Okay, so we have to try and find the panda among the elephants. You ready? Let’s do this. Panda among the elephants. This is so hard. C’mon, I can’t find It. Where the heck? There it is! Okay, it’s in the right corner. I see it in the right
middle; it’s right here. It’s right there! I found it! Heck yeah! Did you guys find it before me? Let me know if you guys found it. It’s right there. We found it, guys. I found the panda. Take that. – [Riddler] There are Os,
but only one letter C. – Okay guys, these are all Os, but there’s only one letter C. Let’s see if I can find
it before you guys can. Ready? Okay, it’s right there! It’s in the bottom right. You guys see it? I see it; it’s right there. Okay, I got it. I got it. Yeah, it’s exactly right
there; that’s where it is. – [Riddler] Now this one is very hard. Can you spot the face of Donald Trump on one of these cards? – Okay, guys. Can you spot the face of Donald
Trump on one of these cards? Okay, let’s see. Nope, not there. It’s right there; it’s the King of Spades. It’s in the upper right
hand corner; we got it! I got it before the time knocked out. They gave us a lot of time, actually. Yep, it’s right there; we got it correct! Take that. Okay, what’s this one asking? – [Bright Side] They all
carry bags with presents, but one of them has money inside the bag. Try to find which one. – Apparently, one of these
Santas has Mario inside the bag? I don’t know how right this is. I’m gonna skip this. These are kinda lame, so I’m just gonna not do this one anymore. These are pulling tricks on me, guys. I don’t know if I can handle that. What number do you see? 98% of people fail this eye test. These are no longer riddles, these are just random
videos that I just find. These are in the ‘Recommended’, okay? How good are your eyes? Okay, stage one. This is easy. In this level, you will have
to guess the number of– Okay, “party”. Okay, do you guys see the word “party”? I see the word “party”. The word is “party”. Thanks. Let’s go to the next stage. Okay guys, so apparently we have to guess the
number of the objects. How many arrows are here? There’s one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. I see seven arrows. How many arrows do you guys see? The answer is… I’m ready. Eight? What? One, two… How did I get that wrong? What? No way. This is why I don’t do riddles, guys. I feel like such a dumb person right now. Oh boy, okay. I think I’ve had enough of this; like, my brain kinda hurts right now. Okay guys, if you liked the video, make sure to give it a
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  1. The one with the upside down tongue 🤦🏻‍♂️ if you flip it upside down and going the left side you are touching the right side if it was right side up so you would feel it on the right side

  2. I have glasses and I took them off and I still got the arrow one right and you got it wrong really wrong I have literally glasses and I still got it right with the arrow one and you didn’t and you don’t have glasses but I still love watching your videos.

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