TRYING 5 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials by Troom Troom

TRYING 5 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials by Troom Troom

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby, and this is my craft corner!
(magical twinkling) And today’s episode is extra spooky. (“Spooky Scary Skeletons” dance music) (dizzy ringing) Woo, okay, guys. Now, let’s try some spooky
Halloween makeup tutorials. (Robbie yelling) – [Tutorial Narrator] Hide
your hair under a swimming cap. Cover your face with white makeup. Apply black makeup on the
area around your eyes. Start your lip makeup. Apply bright red color. Make a line across your cheek. Add a clown nose. Put on a clown wig. Wow!
– Okay, guys! Uh, let’s try this. So, here’s our bald cap. I actually got a proper bald cap instead of a swimming cap because I felt like it
would be a little better. Anyway, see if I can do this correctly. Whoa, this looks so weird! So, it looks like they just put it on, so, (hat whistling)
off with the beanie. On with the bald cap!
(whip cracking) I’ve never put a bald cap on before, so this is gonna be interesting. You guys ready for this? Just, uh… (trumpet blowing sadly) Ugh, it smells so weird.
(rubber stretching) Not enjoying this. I don’t think that this is right. Do I just tuck my hair up inside of it? (rubber stretching and springing) This is way harder than
I thought it would be. (sharp, brassy note)
Did I rip it? No, it’s not ripped. Okay, so it goes on like this.
(rubber stretching) Like that, tuck my hair up. See, I’m doing it. I think I might’ve gotten it. Wow, okay.
(record scratching) Does this come with instructions? It did!
(wrapper whistling) Oops. (bell ringing)
It did! Use spray bottle to dampen
hair and comb back straight. Oh, that’s where I went wrong. I don’t have a spray bottle. (dramatic horn blasting) Okay, we’re back and I dampened my hair. Gosh, I look so weird right now. I look like Draco Malfoy from
Harry Potter or something. I’ve really gotta put
that color in my hair. Here we go!
(fist punching) Down in the comments down below, tell me what color I
should dye my hair next. I already put a poll up
and you guys said blue, but I’m just making
sure you guys want blue. Anyway, so it says, using spray
bottle, dampen the hair… Spirit gum? Okay, there is some
stuff I’m missing here. I need other things. This is so complicated. I never thought that a bald
cap would be this complicated. So apparently, I put
my hair back like that, okay, and then get it all up in there. Get in there, hair!
(rubber stretching) Okay, yeah, not bad.
(magical twinkling) That said something about using glue. Yeah, apparently I was
supposed to buy glue with this. Anyway. Okay, then I have to cut the cap so that it goes over my ears. (metal clanging)
Oh, this is not good already. Is that right? I don’t think so. I mean, it’s close. It’s pretty freakin’ close, okay? (metal clanging) Oh, now I’m cutting with my left hand. Oh, this is so confusing. Argh, can’t get it to cut! There we go. And I got it. Yeah, okay, I think. Maybe a little bit higher. Yeah, looks good. What the heck even, dude? I don’t have any wig cap glue, so I’m just gonna use this eyelash glue. Maybe that’ll help? I’ve never used this really before. So this is gonna be interesting. So, just peel it back a little bit and kind of paste it on there. I feel like this stuff is
probably really strong. Oh, boy.
(whistle sliding) How long does eyelash glue take to dry? I hope it’s not super fast, because I am taking so long with this. Oh, that is very sticky, ew. I hope I didn’t make the
wrong decision with this. Okay, time to flip it all down. Ready, here I go. (rubber stretching) Oh my gosh, it’s sticking. It’s actually working. This one is way longer than this one. Maybe I could trim a little bit? Good enough. Okay, now I’ve got to do the back somehow. Same as the front, I guess. There we go. This is so hard to do. Like, I don’t know. This whole thing is making me nervous. I feel like I’m not going to be able to get the bald cap off. It’s gonna glue on my scalp, and I’m just gonna be a bald boy forever. Okay, yeah, it’s sticking. Now for the other side. (Robbie screaming) I accidentally pressed play on the video. It scared me. I’m a very jumpy person, guys, I’m sorry. Well, there we go. Yeah, think that’ll do it. I just have to make sure not to sneeze. Okay, now I’ve got to cover my whole face with white makeup.
(sharp horror music) It’s a good thing that I got my clown kit. Okay, here we go! So we just get some of this
white, put it all over my face. (singing) Doo doo… Oh, man.
(electronic dance music) Boop boop boop.
(bass-heavy dance music) Okay, I’m gonna be frank. This little stupid sponge kind of sucks, so I’m gonna go ahead
and break out my own. Maybe this makeup’s just really chunky. Like, not good.
(fist punching repeatedly) Dude, I look so weird right now. I just look like a pair
of eyes on a white face. Dude, I look so weird, oh my gosh! What the heck even, man? This is so strange, okay. But apparently I’m supposed to add, like, (magic twinkling)
dark circles under my eye. So, here we go. (wet splattering) Is this lipstick? I feel like I’m not using the right thing. Oh, I see where I went wrong. I was supposed to use that, not that. That was lipstick. I put lipstick on my eye! Guys, I am a class A beauty guru, okay? There you go, now the other one. I messed up right here, no! (lively trumpet music)
Maybe I can blend it in a little bit. Argh! Dang it. I’m really good at this. Maybe if I just get a little
bit of white to cover it up. Did you just fall off? There it is. Yeah, all fixed! Okay, good enough. Now let’s do our lips. They had bright red
lipstick in theirs, so… That’s what we’re gonna do. Okay, I hope I do this right. Here I go.
(wet splattering) This is really hard. I don’t know how people do this every day. (coil springing repeatedly) Okay, I totally messed up my lipstick. (whistle sliding) Dude, this actually goes on
so nice with your finger. I feel like I was supposed to
do that with the white paint. Oops. Ah, my nose is so itchy! Okay, lips are not
perfect, but they are done. Now all I gotta do is the squigglies. There we go. And it goes kind of out a little bit. Is that okay? I think it’s okay. I’m doing the best with
what I got here, guys. Okay, one down. Time to do the other one. (whistling music) How’s that look? I think that looks okay. Not bad.
(Robbie exhaling) Yeah, looking pretty good, okay. Now, I just gotta do the nose and my wig, and I’m all done. Just a little bit on the nose. Just a little cute little red nose. Yeah, looking good. (Robbie blowing hard)
(Robbie smacking lips) Perfect. Now we’ve just gotta put on
our wig and we’re all done. Here we go, and…
(drum rolling) (sharp horror music)
Hiya, Georgie! This looks fun! Let’s show Tori! Oh, Tori! Tory Dobransky! Look at what I did! – Wow that’s good!
– Whoa, whoa! Tory, what?
– You look great, Rob. – Ugh, don’t you hate it
when you go to a party and you guys are both
wearing the same thing? – You look wonderful.
– Wait, so you’re doing your– – Oh, I like how your nose
has a little heart on it. – Ha ha!
– You look great. – Do I look scary?
– A little bit, yeah. It kinda scared me.
– Hiya, Tori! (Robbie laughing evilly)
– I’m so scared! (Robbie laughing evilly)
– I felt the joy. – Oh, hiya, Benji! I don’t think Benji likes it very much. – No, neither do I.
– Well, what do you think? One through 10, what would you rate this? I would give this a nine out of 10. (celebratory jingle)
– Really? You think I did that good
of a job on my It costume? – You did great.
– Whoa. Well, guys, I guess we
can say this one works. – Woo!
– Also, it’s Tori-approved. Time to go scare some little tennis balls. (Robbie laughing) – [Tennis Ball] La la la la la la la! – Oh, hi, Georgie!
– My name is Toby! – Your name is Georgie now!
– Uh, I gotta go! – Wait, come back! Let me show you how to craft a paper boat! (lively, playful music) (wet splattering) (flowers twinkling) (whistle sliding) Woo, okay, guys. So the first thing I gotta do is some eyeliner pencil. I’m gonna need a mirror, oh man. Do like a diamond shape,
kind of like that. Go down, like that.
(whistle sliding down) It’s a little crooked, but it’ll do. Next step is we get some cotton pads, and my newfound favorite makeup accessory, eyelash glue. Wow, I don’t even use fake eyelashes. Who knew I’d use this so much. Here we go! Some of this on here. That’s good. Now I’m gonna stick
this thing onto my eye. Oh, boy. Eye stuff always kinda scares me. Argh! I always wondered how Thor’s dad made his eye patch stay on. Think I might need to adjust
this line a little bit. Maybe more, like, out here.
(whistle sliding down) Yeah, that’ll probably work a lot better. Gosh, this is so weird! This is so hard to see, though. Oh, my gosh. I do not like this at all.
(sad guitar strumming) I’m having a hard time
getting this thing in here because I have no depth perception. Oh my gosh!
(orchestra swelling) Okay, we got it.
(wand wobbling) I constantly feel like this
thing is falling off my eye. I’m gonna go ahead and cut
it to shape a little bit. (scissors slicing) It’s like a little pizza, see? Is that right? I can’t see anything. This is really hard. Yeah, there we go! Oh, and eyelash glue already dried. Or did I just put it on the wrong side? This is so much easier with the mirror. I need more eyelash
glue on the bottom one. (wet splattering)
What if I just put the eyelash glue on my face? And then I stick the pad on. Maybe that’s what I was supposed to do. Oh, my god, that’s
sticking so much better. Wow, this is gonna be such a pain to get off my eye later. Okay, onto the next step! I need a napkin! Here’s our napkin. We have to separate it. What if I only get single ply toilet paper ‘cos I hate myself? Okay, we got it, yes! And we get our glue and our sponge. Kinda stick the glue on there, and use it like some
sort of makeup adhesive. (glue squidging) I think the glue’s stuck in there. Come on. Dang, I did not think this through. And there goes my phone. (rubber squeaking)
Is that working? Argh! Should have gotten the more full bottle of glue or something. There we go. Then we just put it all around our eye. Just so you guys know, this does not smell good at all. I need more glue. Maybe I should just take this off. Will that help? Here we go. And this bottle is empty, argh! Okay, so I need another bottle of glue. I’ll be right back. Okay, we’re back and I have glue! Let’s do this.
(whistle sliding) Here we go.
(glue splattering) I really hope that they didn’t want us to use eyelash glue for this, ‘cos I really don’t want to put a bunch of eyelash glue on my face. I have just a little bit of a spot from when I did this yesterday, and it doesn’t like to come off. So, next we just have to start taking our toilet paper…
(record scratching) I’m sorry, tissue. Then just start sticking it to my face. (wet splattering) Yeah, not looking bad. I definitely tore up way more
toilet paper than I needed but that’s fine. More glue.
(wet splattering) Ah, it all falls off! No, come back, get on there. Looks close enough! Onto the next step. I guess I have to add more white glue. Put it on my fingers… (wet splattering repatedly) You know, not having one eye
has really been eye-opening. Okay, it’s all dry. Now time for the next part, which is peeling back the skin. Is it skin? Not really. Argh! Feel like I need to get
scissors or something for this. Ow! This is so strong. It’s gonna suck taking it off later. (glue squelching)
(rubber stretching) Agh, I just pinched myself. Is that good? Probably not. Okay, I don’t know, I’m just
gonna go to the next step, and that is putting some makeup over this. Just gonna have to use a lot of it. Here we go.
(light guitar music) Dude, this is so hard without dep, dep, dep, depth professi- Agh! This is so hard without depth perception. I mean, it kinda looks like my skin’s getting ripped off, right? Okay, then I guess I have to get the red and kinda cover it in there. Just kinda smack that on there. Oh, boy, yeah. Can you guys tell I’m a beauty guru? I’m the best beauty guru
that’s ever lived, okay? I’m just kind of scooping up the makeup and then putting it onto my eye. Look how much makeup I have on this thing. This honestly feels awful ‘cos I keep poking myself in the eye. I got to admit, this
does look pretty spooky. Okay, yeah, looks like we’re good. I mean, I kinda messed up on the part where it looks like it’s coming out of my skin, but it’s fine. Not a big deal, just a
little bump in the road. Now, we gotta get some dark black makeup and just kind of give
it some depth, maybe. I really hope I’m doing this right. It does look pretty funky. Yeah, aw, gosh. Aw, man, that looks so gross! Agh! What do you guys think? Not bad. Add a dark bruise around the wound. So, I’m gonna get me some purple. I think I might’ve put way too much. Oh, yeah, I definitely
put the wrong purple. Maybe mix it with some red. Don’t know how I’m feeling about this. Apparently, I’m not very
good at making bruises. I’m good at getting them,
but not making them. Okay, that probably looks really bad. There we go, pretty good. Imitate bleeding. So, maybe do like a dark
pencil or something? Like that? I’m not sure how to imitate bleeding. Good enough, I guess? I don’t know. Okay, guys, now it’s
time to get our roses. Apparently I just have to kinda clip all of them off. Here we go.
(drum rolling) Oh.
(whistle rising) It just pulls right off, that’s easy. Should probably still, there we go. Pop all these off.
(flower heads whistling off) Perfect, don’t need this any more. I also got this rose crown. Does it look cute on me? Maybe I should wear it afterwards. Ah, anyway. Apparently, we just gotta
get some eyelash glue, my favorite, and put
it on a little flower. (wet splattering) I really hope this sticks. You ready? One, two and… Yeah we did it, it’s sticking! Not bad. Okay, next one. Yeah, looking good. I think that the roses
might be a little big, but that’s fine. Maybe if I just cut them down? Like, take them apart a little bit. Oh, there we go. Yeah, perfect. You can’t even see the rest of the wound but, I mean, it still looks pretty cool. I just have, like, a flower eye. Okay, I think I’m all done. Let’s go ahead and show- Oh, I just lost another flower. (wet splattering)
Get in there. Okay, lets go show Tori! Oh, Tori Dobransky! I have something to show you! Does it look good?
– Pretty scary. What’s the pun?
– Pun? What d’you mean, the pun? – Well, what are you for Halloween? – I just have a garden
coming out of my face. – Oh, okay.
– Okay? That’s all you need.
– It’s great. Can I just take the roses off?
– No. That’ll ruin it.
– I’m sorry. – Here, smell my eye.
– Your eye smells wonderful. – Do you like it?
– Oh, I love it. – I wanted to get you roses, but this is the best I could do. – “I glued ’em to my eye.”
– So I glued them to my face. I’m bleeding out roses for you. – You look great.
– So you like it? – I like.
– What would you rate? – I would rate eight.
– Eight out of 10? – Eight out of 10.
– Woo! Well, guys, I guess we could say that this one works!
(bell ringing) And its’s Tori-approved.
– Woo! (boisterous, playful music) (sharp tone) Okay, guys, so here are toothpicks. First thing we gotta do is… (plastic wobbling)
Get outta there! I’m just gonna take a bunch of ’em out. You know what? I broke it. Okay, there we go. I’m gonna do a bunch of ’em. That way, like, in case any fall off I just have extra. Sounds like a good plan to me. Now, I just gotta cut all the tips off so that they’re not sharp
when they go into my face. Here we go.
(tense violin music) Maybe I’ll do two at a time. Three at a time! Five at a time! Wow, that actually worked. Okay, we’re all done with these. Now it’s time to draw on the tips! I feel like it doesn’t
have to be super-fancy. I’m just gonna try and
do a bunch at a time like I did when I cut them. It’s kinda working.
(pen whipping furiously) Okay, and we’re all done!
(bell dinging) Now, apparently, we just need to get a pink paper and a candle. Here we go, light this bad boy. This flame is working on growing, just like I am as a person. It’s a metaphor, you see? Let’s see, will you melt
any of the hot glue? Wouldn’t it be easier if I
just used a glue gun for this? Like, I don’t understand. Why’d they want me to use a candle? And, boop. I don’t know about this. No, stay up! I mean, it’s technically… Oh, no, it’s falling over.
(sad beeping) Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and try with the glue gun instead, ‘cos the candle method just… Not working, sorry. Here we go. I feel like this is
gonna work a lot better. And, still falling over.
(crowd “aww”ing) But it’s definitely working a lot better than the other one.
(whistle sliding down) And let’s do another. Argh, get back up! I think you have to wait for the glue to become a little bit more tacky before I stick the needles in. There we go. Okay, I just wanna say that
this is a very dangerous craft. Now, it’s time to do the rest of ’em. (glue splattering)
(lively, playful music) Now, put these bad boys in, Yeah, looks pretty good!
(victorious chiming music) Now I just gotta let them dry. Now I’m gonna go ahead
and peel all of them off. Here we go. Aha, perfect! Okay, yeah. These look pretty good, not gonna lie. Don’t need that any more. So, I don’t have any double-sided tape, but I do have eyelash glue, and
this stuff works pretty good to keep stuff on your face,
so I’m just gonna use it. Woo, okay guys, here we go. Here’s our eyelash glue. (wet splattering)
Ew. This is gonna be a lot of fun. You ready? I put my hair out of my face. I put this on here. I’m pretty sure this will work. If not, I’m concerned. One, two and…
(drum rolling) First one.
(cymbal shaking) That’s really sticking on there. That’s doing pretty good, actually. Now another. Real generous with the glue. Make sure that we put all of it on there. Yeah, not bad! I think I might’ve cut the
toothpicks a little bit long. I could’ve probably gotten away with making them shorter, but
I mean, besides that, not looking too bad. Wow, looks pretty good. Just gonna put all of them on my face. I feel like that’s gonna be so excessive. Honestly, it’s probably
way more than I need, but it’s what I deserve. Getting stuck in the face. (sharp chiming) And, the last one. All done! Now I’m just gonna go
ahead and let this… Man, this looks so funny. I’m just gonna go ahead and
let this dry for a little bit, and then we’ll start
putting all the blood on, and then make it look real. (Robbie growling)
(spooky brassy music) (laughing) Okay! The eyelash glue looks
like it’s pretty dry now. Let’s see if it’s sticking. Here we go, and… (bubbles popping)
Ooh, ooh! Yeah! Okay, onto the next step. So, now I need to add the blood part, so I’m just gonna get my little brush and then I’m gonna put it on these guys. Huh, I’m gonna need a
lot of blood for this. I think I might’ve done
a little bit too many. I should’ve started out with a couple instead of doing, like, 30 of ’em. Looking pretty good so far. (wet splattering) Okay I’ll be back when I’m all done. Okay, yeah, that’s looking okay. (Robbie snorting)
I think I might’ve added a little bit too much blood. I think I was supposed
to make it look like it was more dripping. So, now we’re gonna go ahead and add some real fake blood. Real fake blood, I wonder. It’s like an oxymoron, right? There’s our blood, just gonna
drip it into the bottle cap. And go ahead, boop boop boop I got to make this look real. Fake blood! Honestly, it’s like the
same color as my makeup. Well, it’s a little bit darker I guess. Yeah, not looking bad. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I may have overdone
this a little bit, but that’s okay. Oh, no!
(organ blaring) A porcupine attacked me! That’s looking pretty good. Wow, okay. I think I’m pretty happy
with how that turned out. Let’s just go ahead and recreate
the thumbnail real quick. Okay, here we go! (sharp horror tone)
(camera lens clicking) That ought to do it, perfect. Ooh, okay guys. Now it’s time to show Tori.
(Robbie laughing evilly) Oh, Tori Dobransky! Oh, hi, doggy! Tori Dobransky, help me! I’ve been, I’ve been… I’ve been stung by a porcupine! – Oh, my goodness.
– It got me right in the face! I dunno what to do!
– I don’t know either. – Tori, what do I do? I got stung and it hurts. It hurts, Tori!
– Oh, it’s fun. – Tori, it hurts!
– One fell off. – It hurts. Ow, ow, ow, you pulled it out! Oh, my gosh!
– I pulled all of it off! – You’re helping me so good! Oh my gosh. – I’ll just keep pulling them off. (Robbie yelling)
Oh, this one didn’t take off the wound part.
– Ow! Ouch, Tori, that hurts! Be more gentle, Tori Dobransky! – You’ve been pranked. – What, these aren’t
real porcupine spikes? – This wasn’t real the whole time. – No way!
– I got you! – I am so surprised. I never, never saw that
coming in a thousand miles. – Thousand years.
– Thousand years. – Well, guys, I guess we
can say this one works. Now, give me a kiss, spiky kiss. – Ahh!
– Argh, spiky kiss! Woo, okay guys! Thanks so much for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure
you give it a thumbs up except he doesn’t have opposable thumbs. Oops. Well, something like this, and you can find it right down there. If you guys liked this video, you guys wanna watch me do even more fun life hacks and crafts,
I have a whole playlist of me doing them right here! If you guys are new make sure
to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want this
shirt, some stickers, or any of my other merch,
you can click right here or in the description down below. Okay, guys, I love you so much, I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love and wifi. Awkward ending, okay, bye, agh!

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