Trying 34 LIFE HACKS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER by 5 Minute Crafts

Trying 34 LIFE HACKS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER by 5 Minute Crafts

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for sponsoring this video. Uh, let’s go make some crafts. (upbeat rock music) (hangers make a loud bang) – Okay so here’s our hangers. Uh-oh, they aren’t broken yet. Let’s fix that. (hangers snapping) Oh no, gotta break this
one, wait do I gotta? I don’t have to break another one. That’d be wasteful. I gotta break it again right here. Ugh, and again and this one (groaning) Gosh this is harder than I thought. Let’s bring out this bad boy. (knife clanging) (rubber squeaking Okay yeah, that’s not working. Don’t throw knives kids, that’s not safe. Maybe pliers? (pliers crunching) Yeah, we did it, woo! Okay cool. Here’s my makeup box that I use. So I guess we’re just
gonna glue it on like that. I have to dump all my makeup out. (loud banging) Get outta here. So we’re just gonna
start off with this side. I guess it goes on like that. Yeah, hot glue this bad boy on it. Oh man I’m really good
at this, as you can tell. Okay cool. Oh, oh, oh, (screams). Of course it wouldn’t be a Robby video unless I burnt myself with a hot glue gun. Of course it wouldn’t be. Fill that in so that’s nice and secure. Ah! So hot. Hot. Oh yeah, this side’s looking pretty good. Next side. Hot glue all over this guy, there we go. (screams) Looking pretty good. Let’s just let this cool for a little bit, and then we’ll try it out. So it’s all cooled off. Let’s try it out. Okay, I really hope that I
made this the right space. I didn’t even think about
that when I was making it. So does it slip on? Oh no! Oh cool, I mean it kinda works. (toy sound) That’s kinda cool. I’m just gonna go ahead and put all my makeup and stuff in there. Wow, look it’s actually still holding it. Well, I guess we can say it works! (1950s cartoon music) Okay, so here’s our nice
and refreshing Coca-Cola. Not sponsored, by the way guys. I wish I was sponsored by Coke, that would be cool. We got our chopsticks. Apparently, we’re just
supposed to put it like that, and then we push up. You ready? One, two, and (punching smack) ow. One more time, one, two, and (punching smack) Oh, almost. Ooh, we’re kinda chipping
a little bit here. Okay, ready? One, two, and (gong rings) I’m kinda scared, this is kinda scary. One, two, and (suspenseful music)
(groans) Okay, I’m gonna try it with the back part. I think the chopsticks
have to be stuck together, but I don’t have any of those. These are the only ones I have. I don’t wanna hit my
hand on the sharp part. So, one, two, and (punching smack)
(screams) Why isn’t this working? I’m gonna go ahead and try it
with a screwdriver instead. One, two, three, and (metal bangs) Oh, it almost did it. One, two, and (metal clangs) Ah, oh no! It’s exploding. It did open though. (sighs) Okay, lets try this again. Okay, here we go, one, two, and (whistle and bang) Oh man, one, two, and (punching smack) Ow, one, two, and (punching smack) Ah, let’s finish it off
with these chopsticks. This is so much harder
than I thought it would be. How the heck am I supposed to hold this? One, two, and (metal bangs) (fizzing)
(screams) Okay, I can’t seem to get this to work. Okay, so I’m having a really
hard time with this one. So, I’m gonna go ahead and say that for the average person, you can’t really just do
this on the first try, but with some practice,
I’m sure you could do it. So, I have to say this kind of works. Here’s my favorite method
of opening a bottle. You ready? You put it on the table,
and then you just go… (whip slaps)
(hand bangs table) Now, that’s how you open a bottle. (lighthearted, upbeat music) Well guys, it’s time to get my hair wet. It’s been a while since
I washed these clothes. So, I might as well. (singing)
(opera music playing) There we go. Woo, yeah, that ought to do it. Yeah, hair’s looking pretty wet. Even my beanie’s pretty wet. Oh boy. Oh my gosh. Woo, oh, got some water
on there, sorry guys. Okay, so my hair’s nice and wet. We’re gonna go ahead and
put this shirt over my head just like in the video. Yeah, perfect. And then we’re gonna go
ahead and get our hair dryer, put this guy in the sleeve, okay let’s hope I don’t get shocked. (air dryer blowing) I feel like this is a joke. I don’t think that this
will actually work. My head’s getting so sweaty right now. How long am I supposed to do this for? (air dryer blowing) Okay, I did that for like a minute or two. Okay, yeah, my hair is still very wet. I’m gonna go ahead and say
that this one doesn’t work. (lighthearted, upbeat music) – [Woman’s Recording]
They ask you how you are, and you just have to say that you’re fine, when you’re not really fine. (lighthearted, upbeat music) – So this one ought to be interesting. Let’s see if it works. Here’s our eyelash curler. Don’t need that. Okay, so apparently, we
just put our lips in there. Oh wait, I should have shown
you guys my lips before. So here’s my lips before, not bad. They’re okay, a little bit chapped, right? I think they’re pretty plump already. Let’s see if we can
make it even more plump. Here we go, so you’re just gonna. I think it’s supposed to hurt, right? Okay, next one. I can’t really, this one’s harder to do. How am I supposed to do this one? There we go, yeah, just like that. (yells in pain) Okay, so we just did it. This is our lips before, and these are our lips after. Do they look any different? My lips do definitely
feel a little bit swollen because I just pinched them, so I don’t know if they really work. I feel like it does work, so I’m gonna go ahead
and say that this works, but it probably won’t
last for a very long time. I feel like my lips are
going to go back to normal like any minute now. (lighthearted, upbeat music) So unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, I didn’t know that walnuts
are a seasonal thing, so they didn’t have them at the store. Instead, I got these pistachios. We’re gonna go ahead and
look for one of those difficult pistachios that just won’t open. Same thing as a walnut, kind of, right? I mean, oh, this one’s already open. Let’s see how unlucky I got with this bag. Yeah, this one’s looking
a little promising. Can I do it with my fingers? Oh yeah, I can break that with my fingers. Oh, I think we found one. Sweet, we got one that’s
not completely open. Let’s try it. I also don’t want to go
outside and use the gate because it’s dark out there because it’s night time, so we’re gonna go ahead and just use my door, right here. Okay, so here’s our nut. Let’s put it in here and hope that I don’t break my fingers. Here we go, one, two, and (loud explosion) It exploded! I guess that was a little too much for it. (sigh) Okay, so I’m gonna
say that this one works, but it’s very impractical, so I wouldn’t really
recommend it. (laughs) (lighthearted, upbeat music) – [Sound Clip] What is you doing? – Okay, so before we start this one, I just wanna say that I feel like this one is kind of unsafe. You should never put a bag over your face. That is so dangerous, that’s
how people suffocate, okay? So guys, don’t do that, please, and that’s why I’m gonna do it, so you guys don’t have to. So, I guess they just kind of put the bag over their face like Santa. So, now I look like Santa. Then, I’m gonna tuck it in my ears, just like that and put
my beanie over it, maybe. So, just like this I guess. Then, we’re gonna get our sunflower seeds. Okay guys, I’m gonna get a big handful. These are some good sunflower seeds, I’ll tell you what. Now let’s test it, you ready? (spitting) Okay cool, we got it all in the bag. Well guys, I guess we
say that this one works. (funky bass music) (whipping slap) So, here’s the cup we’re gonna use. Here’s my little design. We’re gonna flip it over, and we’re gonna put, right there. Get our sponge and make it nice and wet. Now we gotta wait for 30 seconds. Count with me, one. (Count von Count laughter) two. (Count von Count laughter) three (deepened Count von Count laughter) 27 ha-ha-ha’s later 30! (Count von Count laughter) Well, it’s time. Real gentle, oh nope, it’s not working. Okay, maybe I did it wrong. I’m gonna get it even more wet. Maybe that’ll do something. Really push it in there. Get all that water through the paper. Maybe hold it for 30 seconds. Let’s try it again, one. (fast forwarding effect) 30! (Count von Count laughter) Okay, let’s see if it did anything, and nope, nothing. Well, I guess I’m gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work. Sorry guys, I was kind of excited for my peace sign cup, oh well. (happy rock music) (wowing echo) (happy rock music) Here’s our fork and spoon. Now, we gotta break this off. (snapping)
(punching smack) Maybe a little bit more. I think I’m gonna use
scissors for this actually. Maybe like right there. Oh no, I broke it. And that guys, is why
you always bring extras. Oh, that’s much better. Well, I don’t need you, get outta here. Bring in our hot glue gun. Flip that over, here we go. Oh, my gosh, this is so weird. I don’t know if I like this. Yeah, that’s looking… Pretty good! Let’s go ahead and try this out. After it cools because it
just stuck to the table, and I don’t want to eat hot glue, again. That’s a story for another day. Don’t eat hot glue. Okay, it’s all cooled down. Let’s eat some nood’s. We’re just gonna take the fork part. We’re gonna eat our nood’s. Probably should have waited for this to cook a little bit more. No, we’re getting all foggy! Let me fix that for you. (wiping squeak)
(spilling liquid) Ow, it wasn’t even with
the glue gun that time. I am the worst at eating noodles. This fork is so inoperable. Okay, here we go. (air blowing) Yeah, it’s not bad, it’s kinda working. The only problem would be kinda like getting the liquid out of this, but I feel like this was
more intended for a bowl, but I think I can slurp
some of the liquid out– Ow it’s hot! Ow! Well guys, I guess we can say it works! – [Spongebob Sound Clip]
A few moments later. – [Robby] Actually I’m gonna say that this one doesn’t work because now my fork is like melt– No, it fell off! It’s ’cause it’s hot and it’s hot glue, so it’s just gonna fall apart. Oh no, I wasted perfectly good nood’s. Okay guys, so this one
actually doesn’t work. Don’t do this unless
you wanna eat hot glue. Don’t do it. (lighthearted, upbeat music) – [Sound Clip] What? – Okay, so it looks like
I gotta get my tank top. (cartoon scrambling effect) Here’ our tank top, oh my gosh. Getting a little hot on that one. We don’t need this lame shirt, no! We need this awesome tank top, but this tank top isn’t good enough. We got to make it better. We just gotta, like that, and like that. Oh, I feel like I’m
being choked right now. Yeah! How does it look? I look great, right? I look like I’m about
to go run a marathon. Well guys, I guess we can say it works, but I still kinda feel like
I’m being choked right now, so maybe if the tank top was looser. I don’t know. (intense pop music) So here’s our shirt,
but there’s one problem. It’s not wet! So, what are we gonna do? That’s right, we’re just gonna (smacking and punching) Oh no, I dropped my shirt
in this bowl of water! What am I to do? Just gonna take this bowl
out of the way for now. Now, we’re gonna get our towels, kinda flop that on there, spread it out a little bit. Maybe I should have done
this on a larger surface. Okay, put it over it like that, and we’re gonna roll it up. Okay, yeah it looks good. Now, I gotta step on this thing. Let’s do that, here we go. Just step on it. So we just do this for a little bit. It didn’t really say how
long we’re supposed to do it, so I’m just gonna keep doing it for like a minute or two, and I feel like this
is actually gonna work. (heavy breathing)
(snare drum roll) thinking about– (whipping
crash drowns out speaker) exercise in, even though
it’s eight o’clock at night. (pogo stick effect)
(heavy breathing) Just run along, just run
along like that, woo. Take that! (punching smacks)
(crashing metal) Body slam. (punching smacks) Oh no, it’s got me! (screams) Ah, I got him back down. (sighs) that was a close one. Let’s see if it’s dry. (sighs) Here we go. Just gonna unroll this. Oh wow, it’s definitely dry-er than it was before. I’m not gonna say that it’s completely dry because it’s very much still pretty wet. I kinda get the overall idea though, so I’m gonna say that
this one also kinda works. It’s not 100% but it kinda works. (happy rock music) Okay, I just wanna know, why the heck are you using
your dirty hair clips that have been touching
your gross head all day? Why don’t you just use a fork? That would be so much
easier, what the heck? I don’t know, would you guys do this? I don’t think I wanna try this one. Okay guys, now it’s time for everyone’s favorite part of the video where we recreate the thumbnail! Woo! So, first we’re just gonna need our eyelash curler from earlier, and we’re just gonna
stick our tongue in there. (mumbles) (photo snapping) Woo, okay guys, if you like the video make sure all thumbs up like some of this fire right down there. If you guys wanna watch me
do even more fun life hacks, I have a whole playlist dedicated to me doing that, right here. So do make sure to hit
that subscribe button. If you guys want this
shirt, some stickers, or any of my other merch,
you can click right here or down in the description down below. Okay guys, I love you so much, and I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and Wi-Fi. (yells) okay bye! (screams)

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