Trying 26 UNEXPECTED DIY FOOD LIFE HACKS by 5 Minute Crafts

Trying 26 UNEXPECTED DIY FOOD LIFE HACKS by 5 Minute Crafts

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby. And Today we’re gonna be opening a big ol’ bag of food hacks. (crinkling) (monster eating) I really need to start
coming up with better intros (laughs) (upbeat music) okay, so first we need one
and one third cup of milk, or point three liters. I definitely didn’t look that up. One and one third, there we go. (knocking and whistle) Then we go ahead and add an egg. Uh-oh, come back, no! I dropped it, that’s not good. Oh this is so gross, oh my gosh. Good thing I washed my hands, oh I just lost some of the eggshell. This is the biggest fail ever. Oh my gosh. That’s one egg. (punching) here’s another. I feel like I’m gonna
need a bigger container so I’m just gonna go ahead
and put it in this guy. So apparently, we add four marshmallows. One, Two, Three, Four! And then we mix it up real good. This is taking forever, so I’m just gonna break
out the Mix-a-tron 5000. (drill whirring) (splat)
AHH! That oughta do it. Then apparently we just throw this sucker in the microwave for 10 minutes. (beeping) There we go. Let’s hope this doesn’t go horribly wrong. Yay, it’s all done, wow, nothing exploded. Looks pretty good so far. Check this out, oh boy, oh my goodness. Okay. Uh. Yeah. So apparently now I just
have to let this chill for a little bit. So I’m gonna go do that
and then we’ll try it. Okay, it’s all done! And it does not look very
good, I can tell ya that. – It look like egg. – It just looks like straight up egg but there’s also marshmallow
and milk in here. – Why’s it yellow? – I think from the egg, I think it’s just really
yellow from the egg. I don’t know if I wanna– – Let me feed ya.
– Oh! Oh, I’ll try a little nibble. Oh! (dramatic music) – Robby. Do you not like? – Okay, You’re just
making me dive right in. Little baby steps. (crunching) – I don’t think I wanna
try it anymore. I’m okay. (gagging) – I’m gonna puke. This looks so gross and it doesn’t… (gagging) Okay, zero out 10, would not recommend. Don’t make this, it’s a waste. Don’t do it! Guys, I’m
gonna go ahead and say it. This one doesn’t work! Tori, you should give it
a little, little nibble. – No.
– No no no no no. No, I need you to try some. Reggie, do you wanna try some? Wow they don’t even wanna try it. (upbeat music) Woo, okay guys, so here’s our stove. (clang) Here’s our pan. (splat) Put our parchment paper on there, of course before it gets
hot. It doesn’t wanna stick. I guess that will work, I
don’t know. Turn that on. I feel like this is gonna
end up burning the paper for some reason, but, you know. It’s okay, we’ll figure, we’ll find out. Stay down! So far the parchment paper
doesn’t wanna stay down, so I’m gonna go ahead and try
with a bigger pan instead. There we go. Yeah, maybe that’ll work. Gonna go ahead and let our pan heat up and then I’m gonna put an egg on it. Okay, that seems to be
heated up. (knocking) Put it on there very carefully. What the heck is up with this egg? I’ve never seen an egg do that before. What even? What the heck? Oh my gosh. Okay, I dropped the shell in. (explosion) Okay, now I just gotta see
if this actually cooks. I’m havin’ mixed feelings
on this one so far. I feel like the egg is gonna
taste like parchment paper, but we’ll find out. It looks like it’s
actually cooking though. I mean, slowly. Slowly but surely. Wow, it’s lookin’ like
it’s actually cooking. Gotta wait a little bit longer. Okay, I’ll be right back. Okay I’m having mixed feelings on this. The parchment paper is now burning. (horror music) Oh, it’s starting to smoke! Oh man, I feel like that’s not good. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead
and take this egg off, and then we’ll see if it actually comes off the parchment paper. (splat) Woo, here we go. Let’s see if we can get it
off this parchment paper and onto the plate. Ah, how the heck am I supposed to do this? You got this, egg! Now come right off the parchment paper. This is kinda difficult. Here we go. Oh, it actually came off! Woo, it works! Whoa, ah I broke my yolk, dang it. Okay Let’s give this a try. Hopefully it doesn’t actually
taste like parchment paper. Not bad, it’s cooked. I’m not really a big fan
of sunny side up eggs, but it kept the pan clean
and it actually cooked, so I guess we’re gonna
say that this one works! (bell dings) (upbeat music) Okay, so first, we’re gonna
need to cut up some onion. (honk) Perfect, set that off to the side. Next, we’re gonna need some peppers. (honk) Chopped to perfection. Put those off to the side. And last but not least, some garlic. (honk) There we go, put this off to
the side for a little bit. Get out our pasta try and grab some pasta, which doesn’t fit, so I
guess we’ll break it in half. Yeah, that seems like it’ll work. I’m gonna put a little bit
more in there just to be safe. (dramatic music) There we go. Got some olive oil, put that on there. Put some salt, little bit of pepper, then we just kind of spread all
of our ingredients on there. Then the real peppers,
then the real onions. We’re lookin’ pretty good
so far if I say so myself. Grab our marinara sauce,
pour that on there. Just gonna spread that
around a little bit. Put some fake basil, AKA dried basil. Little bit of water. Then I’m supposed to kind of mix it up a little bit, need a
little bit more sauce. Add our cheese. Now we’re all good to put
this bad boy in the oven! Like always, it didn’t
tell me how hot to set it, so I just set it to the magical 350. Okay, I’ll see you in 10 minutes. Okay, so it’s been a
little bit over 10 minutes, and from the looks of
it, I feel like I need to let it bake a little bit longer. Let the cheese kinda brown. I’ll see ya then! Yeah, that looks about right. Let’s take this bad boy out. (bang) Wow, this looks like it
turned out pretty good. I’m just gonna go ahead and let it cool for a little bit and solidify. Then we’ll give this a try. Woo! (pan bangs) So the pasta’s all cool let’s give this a try. So I don’t know if the pasta
actually cooked or not. I feel like it didn’t because it was only in the oven for 10 minutes But it said that it should be cooked in 10 minutes so we’re gonna give this a try – Is it hot? – Probably, I don’t know. is the pasta actually cooked? Wow! Looks like our pasta
actually cooked in there. Okay, do you want to try it first – No. I think it might be too hot (blowing and munching) how is it? – That’s some pretty good pasta I mean I haven’t gotten any pasta yet – Those are some pretty good onions – Those are some pretty good onions Trying to get to the pasta part. I wanna know if the pasta
is actually cooked or not – I might have to scoop this mix up – Maybe that’s what I gotta do – Do you want a knife? – That would probably be better Wow, it looks like the pasta
is actually kind of cooked I think I did it (punching) yeah we got
some pasta in there. Mmm. – No? Open his mouth awww, that was so promising – The pasta is definitely
not fully cooked yet – Yeah you can still like hear the crunch – Man I was really excited for this one, like it looked so friggin good I think I might pop it in the oven for a little bit longer,
and then we’ll try it. We’ll try it again I’ll see you guys in a little bit when this is a little bit more cooked okay, so we let it cook
for another 20 minutes and we got it kind of brown. Nice and golden brown Doesn’t that look so good? – That looks like real lasagna – True lasagna – Don’t you hate it when your
boyfriend turns into a dog? – Tori I’m right here. Okay now lets try it ooh. A little liquidy but its the pasta cooked It feels a little bit more cooked do you have a knife? cut it up (punching) oh yeah the pasta
is definitely cooked now kind of. I can hear it
kind of crunching still Tori, that’s okay that’s
how the Italians eat it Half baked it looks pretty good. That’s not bad it is a little undercooked but lets try it – Definitely less crunching this time. Is it good? – Yeah, it’s not bad. I mean, I think its better
than most pre-made lasagnas that we’ve made. – Really? _ I think so. Here, try it. I don’t know,
they always taste so bland. (munching) What do you think? It’s good? – It’s not bad. It’s very peppery. and oniony. – It’s so many peppers and so many onions. – The pasta’s at least cooked though. – Yeah? What would you rate
this one Tori Dobranksy? – Hot. (laughs) I’d give five out of ten. (whirring) – You’d give this only five out of ten? – Yeah. – What?! I’d give it a seven out of ten. I think it’s pretty good. Well guys, I guess we
can say this one works! (dinging) Wooo! (upbeat music) Okay, so first things first. We gotta separate some eggs. (knocking) (whoop) Make sure I don’t break the yolk. (knocking) (dramatic Music) Ahh! And I broke the yolk! I already messed up (splat) Okay, we’ll try this again. (knocking) Here’s one… Don’t break the yolk. (cheering) Yes, I did it! Another one. (knock and squish) (knock and squish) Okay, we’ll do this with three. Then we just get our water bottle and try and get the egg yolks out. Come on, come on. (whistle) Woo! (squish) And here’s another. (whistle) (laughs) It looks so
funny when it sucks it up. (Squish) and boop, got it. Come on, there we go. (squish) Then we grab our trusty mix-a-tron 5000. (drilling) Why doesn’t it feel like
it’s doing the thing. I feel like I might have to
do this for a little bit. (drilling and whistling) What am I doing wrong? (drilling) Okay, why doesn’t mine look like theirs? Like mine’s just getting really bubbly. (drilling and whistling) Okay, so so far, Mine’s not really becoming like whipped cream looking like that, but it is becoming more throfy. I’m gonna keep doing it
until it becomes more of a whipped cream like theirs is. I don’t know how long this is gonna take, I’ve already been doing
this for like five minutes. (drilling) Okay, It’s actually
starting to turn into like a marshmallow type fluff. This is so friggin weird. I didn’t think this would actually work. Like, what the heck. I’m gonna keep going until
like it’s really really fluffy. I think we’re almost there. (drilling and whirring) Wow. Wow, it actually turned into
like a marshmallow fluff I’m both intrigued and also disgusted. Let’s move onto the next step. (clang) So here’s our baking tray. And one thing that they
didn’t do is put PAM on it. I’m gonna go ahead and do that so that the eggs don’t stick
to the tray. (spraying) Yeah, there we go. Now apparently we just
kinda take this gross, egg cream stuff. Plop it on there, yeah just like that. (splatting and squishing) We got a surprising amount of
fluff from just three eggs. (punching) There we go! Now we just gotta refill
these guys with the egg yolk. (splat) Simple, easy peasy. (whistle and splat) Boop. (whistle and splat) Boop. Whoa, It’s almost like they’re
on little fluffy clouds. This next part kind of concerns
me because it doesn’t say at what temperature I’m
supposed to bake it at. So maybe like 350? That’s like the universal temperature for baking things apparently I’m just gonna wait for that to preheat. Now we just have to carefully pop these in without breaking any of the yolks. Yeah, there we go. I’m gonna keep checking up on this until they look like they’re cooked. Which I really don’t know when that’ll be. And now we wait. (upbeat music) Whee! Oh my god, Betty, Betty! Wheee! Augh! My balance is so bad today (whistle and crash) I swear I’m not normally
this bad at this, okay? Whew, Okay! Yeah, these look about done. (clang) Wow, these look like they
turned out pretty good. Now we’re gonna add some salt and pepper. Wait, I think I mixed those up. (grinding and twinkling) Okay, now lets try these bad boys. Tori Dobransky! I have a delicious treat for
you to try. What do you think? They’re like little cloud eggs. – [Tori] Those are pretty cute. – I think they turned
out pretty nice looking. Let’s give it a test. Here, you wanna try it first? (Munching) It’s good? – It pretty good.
– Okay, now it’s my turn. – A little salty – Yeah I put a lot of salt
on it cause I’m a salty boy. (Munch) It’s definitely interesting. It’s like a fluffy sunny side up egg. Not Bad! What would you rate this Tori? One through ten? – I would give it a six. Just cause I’m not a huge
fan of scrambled eggs, but they look cute. Look at them. – They look pretty good. Okay, so Tori’s giving this
a solid six out of ten. So it’s mostly okay. (laughs) – Like, Mostly okay, Not bad. Okay, goodbye. – Thanks cute girl. (upbeat music) Okay! (clang) Here’s our pan. Here’s our fire. Go
ahead and add our butter. (zip, plop, and whistle) Boop. Yeah, maybe spread
that around a little bit. Then we go ahead and add our caramel. Do you guys say car-a-mel or car-mel? I’m kind of impartial to both. Yeah, that should be enough. Now we’re just supposed to
let this melt a little bit. (whirring)
(upbeat music) This like isn’t melting
like how it did in the video (chuckles) (whirring) I’m just gonna let it sit for a second. (sizzling) (whirring) Yeah that looks like its pretty melted. Then we’re gonna add some of our popcorn. I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to add, but I’m sure I can just guestimate. Oh my gosh, I’m getting this everywhere. I’m sure that’s enough. (boing) Here just mix it
in there a little bit. (whirring) I’m gonna add a little but more caramel, because I feel like I didn’t add enough. (crinkling) There we go, then we just
put on our lid and hopefully we have some caramel
corn at the end of this. Now all there is to do is wait. Two Hours Later How we lookin? Oh my gosh, it looks like
this is getting burned. I don’t have the heat up that high. Yeah that smells like it’s
getting burned pretty bad. (dramatic music) Okay, I’m just gonna keep waiting maybe? (descending whistle) Oh boy. (chuckle) I literally have the
heat as low as it will go and it still looks like
it is getting burned. Come on popcorn! I believe in you! (sizzling) Oh, I think I heard one pop! Nope, I don’t see any
that are popped in there. (sad whistle) Oh, that is getting so burnt. I guess we’ll keep waiting
for a little bit longer. Oh, one popped! Oh, there’s another one. Ah! It’s doing it!
It’s doing it! Maybe if I shake around a
little bit like Jiffy Pop Oh, They’re popping! (Whooping) They’re actually popping. It also looks like its burning. Oh my gosh, this is definitely burning. I have to turn on the fan Oh my gosh! I feel like the fire alarm’s gonna go off. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Ahh I have to take this out, oh my gosh. Okay guys, its not looking
very good for this caramel corn Most of it got very, very burnt. I guess I’ll try a little piece. Okay. (munch) Oh that is so gross. Its not good at all. Well guys, I’m gonna go ahead
and give this zero out of ten cause it doesn’t look very good and I guess we’re gonna say
this one doesn’t work. (upbeat music) Om, nom, nom, nom, nom, oh. (clang) So here’s our tray. Add some PAM. (spraying) (banging) Oops. Yeah, that looks good. Then we’re gonna add our cookies. I mean they’re not pretty
but I think they’ll do. So it’s actually one hundred
and two degrees outside so the weather is perfect to
bake some cookies in your car So it looks like my car is
actually kind of in the shade so I have to move it. (Exhales) Here we go. Oh no, My cookies! (dramatic music) They’re melting, falling off the tray! Kay, so I gotta rearrange
these cookies a little bit. Oh man, this is a mess. Oh my gosh. All right, we’re just gonna go
ahead and put these up there. Well, all I guess there
is to do now, wait. Okay, It’s been about an
hour and it looks like they’re kinda baking actually. Well it looks like they’re
more or less just spreading. I’m gonna check on them really quick. Phew! After getting in
this car I can believe that these cookies are baking
cause it is so hot in here. (crash)
Ooh! I can’t even touch the
pan. So how we looking? Yeah these are almost baked. They’re not quite baked yet,
so I’m gonna let them sit for like another 20 minutes, half an hour, and hopefully they’ll fully bake. Okay, I gave it another hour. They look kinda the same. I’m not sure if they
really looked baked or not. It is so frickin hot in here.. I’m just gonna go ahead a
grab these really quick. Yeah. Let’s bring these inside. And here they are! So, in my opinion, they
kinda look like they did cook but they didn’t really cook
like all the way through. (monster eating) Wow. These actually kind of cooked. (monster eating) That’s not bad! I mean they still taste
a little bit raw but, I mean, raw cookie
dough never hurt anyone. (chuckles) Just kidding. You guys ever heard of Salmonella? Don’t eat raw cookie dough. Wow. I mean they’re not like
super solid or anything but they kind of did cook. (slurping) I’d give this hack a solid, I mean, four out of ten. I think if it was hotter in my car, like maybe 115 instead of 105 they would’ve probably cooked better. But also if I left them in
for three hours instead of two (monster eating) Not bad! Okay, so we’re gonna
have to say this one works! (ding) phew! Okay guys now its everyone’s
favorite part of the video where we recreate the thumbnail. Wooo! Okay so I’m gonna be honest here, the reason there’s no
thumbnail here is because this is actually one video
that I made into two parts because I didn’t want it to be super long. So, instead of recreating
one of their thumbnails, I’m gonna make my own. So I noticed you guys
like it when I compare really big things to really small things so I thought I’d do that with Nutella. Now I managed to find
this little guy online and it is perfect. It is like a little Nutella jar. So I think I’m gonna use that
for part one of our thumbnail and there we go. Okay, so we don’t need that anymore. (crash) Now the problem is, I wanted
to buy a giant Nutella bottle like six pounds. And I’ve seen them on the
internet but unfortunately they stopped making
them like two years ago. So, what I think I’m
gonna have to do instead is go to the Nutella
Factory over on the strip, so lets go do that. Ahh! So close, but so far! Dang. Well guys, I guess we tried. I might have to Photoshop it or something. We’ll figure it out. Okay, so unfortunately, that didn’t work. So close, yet so far. So after I drove all the
way to the Nutella Factory to find out that I can’t
even touch the dang things I went to Sam’s club
to see if I could find any big Nutella jars and, no luck with that either. (sad whistle) So what I ended up doing is, (twinkle) I bought this giant
thing of animal crackers and I guess it’s kinda the same shape so I guess I’m gonna have to Photoshop a giant Nutella thing in my hands. Now I guess this is close enough. If anyone knows where I can
get one, please tell me. I will, I will personally thank you if someone can find me a
giant frickin Nutella jar. I need it, Okay?! For science! Okay anyway let’s recreate this thumbnail. Okay, so here we go. I really hope this works. One, two, and (camera clicking) Yeah that should work. Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching the video if you liked it make
sure to give a thumbs up also that’s fine right down there! If you guys like this video
and you wanna watch me do even more funny life hack and crafts I have a whole playlist
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