Trying 25 HOT GLUE HACKS AND CRAFTS by 5 Minute Crafts

Trying 25 HOT GLUE HACKS AND CRAFTS by 5 Minute Crafts

(whoosh sound) – Hey guys, how ya
doing? My name is Robbie, and today we’re going to be
making some hot glue gun hacks. (gun cocking) I’m ready! (electronic music) – [Robbie] Okay we got our
glue gun. We’ve got our string. First, we we put the string
on the hot glue like that. I’m gonna have to take this
one out. Sorry about that. And then, this goes in here. Something about this just
yells, “dangerous” to me. Is it coming out? Is it going to work? I’m just getting hot glue everywhere. I’m going to put it on
parchment paper. There we go. Ah, okay, good enough.
Then we take my phone, wrap it in parchment paper. Oh boy. I gotta do it a little bit more carefully, So, I guess, like that.
Oh no. I need tape! Okay, I’m back with tape. (whooshing sounds) Okay. Good enough. Now we
gotta put this over here, and this over here. I hope that stays. Oh man, this is crazy. Oh, there we go. Get in there. Yeah. No. It came undone. Okay, we’re gonna try this.
So this is my actual phone, that I use on a daily basis. I hope it doesn’t (bleep) it up. So I have to make the
string come out somehow. Why isn’t the string coming out? The string’s not coming
out! Hmmm, that’s weird. Now all of the glue is stuck in there. I have to get glue gun out. Ah! Get my pliers, maybe? What
the (bleep) is this thing? That’s not good. I’ll
put this right on there, and hope that sticks on there. Still not sure what I’m
supposed to do with this. Let’s hope that’s not
important. Okay, get in there. Let’s shove it in there with
the pliers, nice and gentle. Oh (bleep). Don’t you
hate it when that happens? Okay, let’s see if we can
make the string come through. String, where are you? It’s not working! No string is coming out!
No string is coming out. What am I supposed to do? Hmmm. This is quite the predicament. I went through one whole glue stick. I’m gonna try this again
with another glue stick. Maybe if I …Oh, I actually went through a whole glue stick. So I’ll
try this again with this. Maybe put that in there. I’m
just going to melt it in there. Just gonna put that string in there. Maybe this will work this time. Okay, now get out of
there. Put this one in. Is it going through? Dude,
it’s still not coming out. I’m wasting so much hot
glue. Come out. Come out! Come on, string. I believe in you. I did not think that this
one would be this hard. I hope this doesn’t break my glue gun. Okay, let’s try this one.
I’m going the second one now. We can do it, glue gun! I believe in you. You can do it. I believe!
It’s getting clogged. I hope that means that
the string is coming out. That string does just not wanna come out. I don’t know, guys.
Pull the string. Ow!Ow! The string is attached to my
hand. Maybe I gotta help it. You can do it. Come out.
This is probably so stupid. I hope I don’t get electrocuted from this. Can I get electrocuted doing this? It does not wanna come out. Oh, that did not work at all. Oh man. Okay, I’m gonna say that
this one doesn’t work. I couldn’t get get the string through the (bleep) hot glue gun! Oh wait, that’s my phone.
Oh no! It doesn’t work. (pop music) So for this one, I couldn’t
find any of those small candles. So I got this toothpaste lid thing. It’s pretty much the same
shape and everything, and it fits in my shower,
so it works. It’s great. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get
melted by the hot glue gun. Okay, load our glue gun. (gun cocking) Get that out of here.
Get out of here. Okay. So I just went over, like that,
and another one like that. Just keep doing it, like
that. No, it clogged! Apparently we’re supposed to just get the hot glue all around this thing. I’m really hoping I can get the hot glue off of this thing when I’m done. Okay, let that chill for
a sec. Okay let’s see. Is this dry yet? Oh! Nope not dry yet. I’m gonna give this
another couple of minutes. Okay let’s try this again. Oh, perfect. Will it come out of this
thing now? Is it working? Please work. Please work.
Please work. Please work. Oh no, I ripped it. Darn
it! I gotta stop swearing. Everyone keeps complaining
that I’m swearing. I’m so sorry. I broke it again. Man, I can’t believe I broke this. I’m just gonna rip this
off, and maybe try again. Oh no! How could I mess
this up? I messed it up. No! I can’t believe I
could mess it up like this. I’m the worst at crafts right
now. I am so sorry guys. I thought that I was a craft
king, but now I am nothing. I’m going to try wrapping
parchment paper around it maybe. Yeah, maybe this will do something. I completely understand
now why it had to be the metal candle thing.
Otherwise, it would stick to it. Duh! Maybe that will work?
No, I got the tape. Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! (nose blowing, yelling) Ow! My hand! Ow! It’s all over my clothes. It’s stuck to me now. (bleep)
It’s all over my pants. Oh man. Ow! (bleep) – [Off Screen] Are you okay? – Yeah I’m fine. I just
burned myself on the hot glue. – Really? – Ow, jeez. – Well how did so much get on you? – I don’t even know! I hate
doing this hot glue gun videos. It hurts me so much. – You need to wear gloves. – It hurts. – Want me to kiss it? – Okay. Can you kiss this? Are
you gonna kiss this for me? No, its this hand. This hand
hurts. Aw, she kissed it! It doesn’t feel any better! What do I do? – The next solution is
to chop it off, Rob. – My hand? But I use them for crafts. – Babe, be safe. – I’ll try it one more time.
Oh my gosh. That hurt so bad. Yaw! Why are these crafts so mean to me? Okay I’m gonna try this again. Where the heck are my scissors? Scissors, where did you go? I can’t find my freakin’ scissors. Okay, I’m gonna try this again and cut it in the proper
shape with out tearing any. Maybe that will help. Do it
like this. Wrap it around. Ow, my hands hurt so bad. Maybe
if we put it over like this, and then like that. Just
shove all that in there. My gosh. My hands hurt. Maybe this time it will work properly. Okay, so put it over, all
around. All around town. This doesn’t look right at all. I think I might have to face it, boys. I don’t think this one is
gonna work with out a candle. Okay, let’s just go ahead
and do the next craft. Ugh! (pop music) (whoosh sound) Okay, here we go. So apparently I’m supposed
to put hand cream on this, but all I have is this aloe vera lotion. So I guess we’ll do with what we’ve got. Oh boy, that looks weird.
Yeah, you like that? Oh wait, I can put this on
my burn! Oh my god, yes. That’s amazing. This was a good idea. Let’s hope it actually
works for the craft though. This is so odd. It’s so slippery. No! I can’t grab on to it.
Get back here! Stop! Okay we’re gonna–come
back here! Okay, stay! Stay! I feel like this
is gonna pop the balloon with how hot it gets.
But I guess we’ll try it. Okay it’s not popping so
far. Oh, this is so scary. Just waiting for this
balloon to pop on me. I have to follow the design
that they did. Yes! Perfect. It looks great. Okay. My camera died. Nothing
has really changed much. It appears that this seems
to be slipping off, though. There we go. Another one
down. I’m trying really hard to make sure that this balloon doesn’t pop and get all over me. I gotta
wait for that to cool down a little bit. Although
it’s cooling really fast because its on top of the
balloon. That’s kinda handy. Hey there. Don’t roll over.
Don’t roll over, please. I just need to reload my
glue gun. Lookin’ good. Everything around me is breaking! Even my computer is breaking! What am I doing wrong with my life? I have to finish the craft. I don’t wanna fail at a third one. I’m not this big of a
loser, I swear. Do do do do. Is that better? I mean mine isn’t gonna look as pretty as theirs, but
I mean, at least its something okay? I’m trying. My light
on this side burnt out. Everything is just
going so horribly wrong. Good thing I have an extra battery. It’s dry. I should really
learn not to touch hot glue to test to see if its dry, because that’s just such a stupid idea. Just make like this weird tulip shape. This is turning out pretty okay. I gotta say, this is a
pretty good way to waste three sticks of hot
glue. Oh boy, okay. Okay. Almost done. Where’d
my pillow go? My knees! Almost done! Now I have to
try to get the balloon out! I guess I’ll just pop it, like, ahhh! Okay. That wasn’t as bad
as I thought it would be. I think I might have melted it
to the balloon a little bit. So this is going to be a
little bit more difficult than I thought. Oh, it’s coming out! You can do it, balloon! I believe in you! You don’t need that glue.
You can get away from it. I believe. I believe in you, balloon. You’re not co-dependent. Tori
and me aren’t co-dependent. Are we? Tori! Tori, do you
think we’re co-dependent? – No? That’s so bright. – We’re not co-dependent, right? – We’re not co-dependent.
Why are you here? – We’re not co-dependent. – No. I don’t trust you
anymore. No. Get away. – We’re not co-dependent! Not co-dependent. Okay it’s almost done! It does look like some of it melted to it, but that’s fine. Nothing is perfect. Get out of there. Come
on. I believe in you. Almost out. Yeah! So now
we got ourselves an awesome glue egg thing. Let’s test it out! Okay, so we put my phone
down with the flash light on, then we put it on top, just like that. Now I turn off all the lights. Whee! Oh wow! It’s working!
It’s all over the ceiling. If I move, it’ll do it.
Whee! Oh that’s so cool. Wow! So I guess we can say it works! (pop music) (whoosh) So spoons, huh? You guys
know how much I love spoons. But, do you know what I love
even more than spoons? Forks! Okay so we’re gonna get
our spoon and we’re gonna put it right there. Now we’re just gonna cover it all in glue!
Woooo! Easy peasy. Yeah! Oh my glue gun is
jamming. What’s happening? It’s getting backed up. No
it’s coming out of here. No, I messed up my glue gun.
Everything was going so well. It’s not even coming out
anymore. Ugh. I just gotta push. Oh no, now the chop stick
is stuck. Oh. Uh. Okay. I just gotta clear that off, maybe. Nothing can ever be simple
in these videos, can it? Okay, put another hot glue stick in there. Okay it’s coming out again. There we go. Just put a bunch
of hot glue all over it. Maybe I should use the hot glue gun to kinda like flatten it. Yeah,
that kinda, that’s working. Come on, get out of there. I
love it when my glue gun jams. It’s my favorite. Okay I’m gonna
go ahead and let that cool. Okay, it’s all dry let’s try this baby. I gotta peel it off first actually. That’s a whole different
challenge. You can do it. Ugh, this is so stuck on there. Ugh. I should have put something on
the spoon so it didn’t stick. No, I ripped it. What am I supposed to do? It’s really stuck on the spoon. Come on. I believe in you, glue spoon. Come on. Maybe I’ll just peel all
the extra parts off first. Yeah. I’m totally doing this on purpose. Okay. Almost. You can do it.
You almost got this, spoon. I almost got it off. Maybe
if I heat up the spoon. I’m just gonna hold my glue gun to this, and maybe it will melt the
hot glue on the other side. Is it working? Nope. It’s
a nice theory though. Did that work? It’s coming
off! It’s coming off! Come on. Almost off. You
can do it. Please don’t rip. Please don’t rip. Please
don’t rip. And, whoo! We’re in the clear.
Okay, I just wanna say, this is a very flimsy spoon. I’m gonna go ahead and cut off the excess, so it looks a little more spoon-like. Yeah. That looks a lot more like a spoon. Kinda more like a spork,
because it has points in it, but it’s fine. I’m not judging you, spoon. Well, maybe a little bit
because you’re super floppy. Okay, time for us to test it out. Okay we got our bowl, we
got our Frosted Flakes. They’re even called Frosted Flakes. I wonder how they got away with that. Get some milk in there. Great. This is gonna make for
a healthy breakfast. I mean, it is 1:30 in the morning. First, we’re gonna use our normal spoon. With the exception of eating
hot glue, it works great. I’m gonna go ahead and get over here, so you guys can see me. Here
we go. Get out of here, milk. You know, regular spoon, you work great. Thank you very much for your services. Now it’s time for our glue spoon! Okay, ready for this, guys? You can do it! Okay, oh!
It grabbed onto some. Sorry, I choked on some glue. Wow! This is working great. Ugh. Yeah, come on. Whoo! I can’t believe it’s
actually kinda working! I mean, the handle is
like, bending in half. But, you know, it still
works! This is great! I love cereal. I can’t
believe I’m saying this, but it works! (pop music) (whoosh) So we got our parchment paper. Perfect. We gotta draw those L-shapes.
Yeah, that looks perfect. We gotta do the outline. There we go. Woo! Easy peasy. Yeah. That looks perfect! Now I’m gonna let that
dry. Okay it’s all dry. I’m gonna turn on the light.
That is so much better. Okay, next one. Easy peasy. It’s a good thing I had this stencil, so it’ll always be the same. Let this one dry. Okay that one’s all dry.
Next one, okay, two more. Glue, glue, glue the thing.
Glue it all together. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, What the heck rhymes with together? Now we wait for this one
to dry. Okay, are we dry? Oh, no, not dry. Not
dry. Okay. Now we’re dry. Ow! No, it’s still not dry. Still not dry. Okay, I’m gonna actually wait a second. No clappy trick thing
this time. Just kidding! Okay, it should be dry now.
Yep, it looks pretty dry. Over there with your brothers. One more, thank god. Dude, this
is not a five-minute craft. I just waited an hour for glue to dry. I should have just done
them all at the same time. I’m so dumb. Well, the past is the past. I realize that now we
gotta let this one dry. Okay, so we’re just gonna put
glue between these bad boys. I’m just making a glue
sandwich, using glue. With glue. I’m gonna take a big ole bite out of this. I bet it tastes–ouch!–freaking
delicious. It’s painful. I’m gonna wait
until it cools down first. This whole video is
just gonna be me waiting for (bleep) to cool down, just
like every other glue video. Okay, this one, another
glue sandwich. And, boom! Okay, you’re gonna stick together
and you’re gonna like it. That’s what my parents told me, and that’s what I’m telling you. Wait for these to dry. Okay, now I need to glue these together. Yeah, just like that. Now I
gotta hold it until it dries. No, okay, put it in there. Yeah that oughta do it. Now
just gotta wait for this to dry. Or should I hold it like
that? I should just hold it. I’m gonna hold it. I’m gonna commit. I’m committing to
something in my life! Whoo! Okay, we’re gonna pretend
that this is cooled down. I feel like I need to flatten the bottom, so I’m just gonna take these
scissors and just cut it. Yeah, there we go. That
should level it out. Perfect! It sits perfect. Maybe clean
these up a little bit too. The beauty of hot glue is that
you can cut it with scissors. Well, I mean, sometimes. Okay, it looks exactly how
the one in the video does. Watch my phone. So here
it is. Here’s my phone. Does it hold it? I mean, barely, but yes. I noticed that they were
playing their video for this, so I’m gonna the same and
get my own self promo. – [From Phone] Five minute crafts – No! I’m trying to not
give them promotions. Well guys, I guess it works! Okay guys, now its everyone’s favorite part, where I recreate the thumbnail. Whoo! The one is really easy. All
I need is a hot glue gun, and a balloon. Uh, this hot
glue gun is still hot though. So I really hope I don’t burn
myself. Put that on there. And yeah, just like that. Oh, that is definitely
burning that balloon. I probably shouldn’t have done
this while it’s still hot. That was a bad idea on
my part. Okay, and oh no! It fell off. And we’re good! Okay guys, if you like the video, make sure you give a thumbs up
or subscribe right now there. If you like this video and
you want to watch more, I have a whole playlist dedicated
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Peace, love, and WiFi. Awkward ending, okay
bye! Merry craft-mas! Ah!

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