– Hey guys, how ya doin’? (zipping) My name is Robby,
and today we’re gonna be doing a bunch of fun life hacks
and crafts! (whooshing) And if there’s one thing
I’m good at, it’s crafts! See, I got the word “Craft”
tattooed on my wrist. Remember when I did that? That was totally a thing. Anyway guys, let’s do this!
(dramatic notes) (upbeat country music) A tire! Where the heck am I supposed
to find something like that? (zipping) Just kidding. I live 10 minutes from the Nevada desert, aka, (dramatic notes) America’s trash can. (whooshing) Perfect!
(dinging) (cartoony scuttling) (grunting) (crashing) (slapping) – Right next to my tool
box and my axe (whistling) ’cause I’m a man. (menacing laughing) Originally I was gonna
get one of these (zipping) because they’re square, but as soon as Tori and me got here, I noticed that they had one
(magical twinkling) of these, and I don’t even have to cut it now. Perfect!
(whistling) Hey Tori, this mirror is perfect for us (zooming) to do one of those memes with. Here let’s do it! Ready?
(upbeat music) (zipping)
(vibrating flumping) (whooshing) And the last piece (zipping)
of the puzzle, Tori Dobransky. (whooshing) – [Tori] Candy. – [Robby] No not candy. (Tori laughs) Rope, we need rope. – What about lettuce?
– Rope I tell you. No that’s Koopa food, we don’t need that. (metallic clunking) (zipping) Now it’s all over the back seat. Oh well.
Benji, (zipping) are you really (cartoony
scuttling) scared of this thing? Does it really scare you?
(whistling) (cartoony scuttling)
Come back! It’s just a board, Benji,
come back! (pitter-pattering) Why are you scared of it? (skidding) Come back. (whistling)
(clattering) (smacking) (glass shattering) Did I just break that? (pulsating
high-pitched vibrating) Eh, it’s not important. (whipping)
Okay guys! (zipping)
Let’s make an ottoman. (Robby grunts)
(smacking) – Okay, so I know that it says to drill it from the wood (dinging)
down into the tire, but the thing is, I don’t want it to like, ya know, if you’re ever like reachin’ in, like scratch yourself whenever
you’re trying to move it, you know what I mean? (zipping) Do you know what I mean? I don’t know if you know what I mean. Do you know?
(peppy music) Anyway, so this might be a little bit of a pain in the butt to do, but I’m gonna try and screw
the tire into the wood, that way you don’t get scratched. I think it’s so crazy (zipping)
that it just might work. We got some one inch (whistling) screws. (zipping) We got our drill. (drill whirring) Let’s do it! (grunting) Here we go. (drill whirring) Oh, just went through the tire. (drill grunting) (rhythmic drill whining) Okay, (whooshing) and it
looks like we’re all good! (whipping)
Okay, now it’s time to start (whistling) gluin’
some rope to this tire! (zooming)
Let’s do this. Here we go.
(groaning) (clattering)
(whistling) Perfect.
(cartoony zooming) (suctioning)
(bouncing) (whipping) – Give it power! (maniacal music) (electricity zapping)
(evil laughing) I have given you life!
(smacking) Okay, first one.
(sliding whistle) Where the heck does this start? Oh man, chose the wrong end.
(whooshing) Okay got it! This looks like the
center. (tense music note) It wasn’t even heating, no!
(The Price is Right losing horn) I’ve been waiting all this
time for you to heat up! (smacking) Okay, so I’m going to need a second. (quick aggressive music) Okay, the glue gun is
all (zipping) heated up. And I got Koopa here to keep me company. Here you go Koopa. (chirping) Eat up!
(trilling) (drill whirring) (upbeat techno music) Ugh, I’ve been doing this
for so long, (zipping) and now I’m so fatigued!
(whooshing) But whatever shall I do? (whistling) (upbeat music) (loud smacking)
(grunting) (upbeat music) (whooshing)
(sliding whistling) Okay, 5-Minute Crafts, I’m
trusting you with this one. Here we go. (crunching) Oh wow, oh my gosh, it
actually work (spits), (springing)
it actually works! I’m gonna have to say
this one works! (dinging) (whooshing)
(sighs) Anyway, (pounding) let’s keep going. (upbeat techno music) (chanting a tune)
(bumping) (zooming) Anyway, here it is, boys. What do you guys think? (smacking) I’m gonna tell you right now, this thing did not take five minutes. This (tinging) was not a
five minute craft, okay? This thing took almost 10 hours to make. And I had Tori help me (zipping)
for the last hour of it. So this is definitely
not a five minute craft. (whooshing)
I’ll tell ya that. But I think it’s pretty cool. Look, you can sit on it. You can put your feet on it. You can put your dog on it. Wait, come back! (whooshing) I’m gonna have to say that this thing is pretty frickin’ cool. And if this video gets
(whistling) 30,000 likes, I’ll make a matching carpet. (laughs) It’s gonna be huge! Imagine like a big rope
carpet all around it. (whipping) That would be so cool! So make sure to like up the video if you guys wanna see that. (upbeat music) (smacking) Okay guys, so I got Tori here. And now we’re gonna (zooming) try this. Okay, so, do you wanna
go first or should I? – We go (whistling) like this. – Okay. – (sliding whistling) And like this. – Straighten your shoulders! – I can’t.
– So, here you go. (Tori laughs)
Okay. (laughing and murmuring) (laughing) Yeah, I
don’t think, (twinkling) little tall there. (zipping) Here, try it again. – (laughing) Do I have to stand with my legs together at the end? – No, I think it has to be just like that. Like more like on the side. ‘Cause you’re more forward like that. Here we go, ready? (sliding whistling) Oh, oh! It worked, yay! (children cheering) (upbeat music)
– Okay, your turn. (sliding whistling) – It’s a little off. – [Tori] Yours is a little higher. – Well, I guess we could say that this one kinda, Tori, you need to be in frame. (laughing) (upbeat music)
– I’m just like, dancing like this behind you. – I guess we can say that
this one kinda works! (smacking) Okay, now I need to figure out how to make my arm fall asleep. (gasps)
(bell tinging) I have the perfect idea. (whooshing) Hey Tori Dobransky! (zooming) – Yeah? – [Robby] I need you to sit on my arm. – Right now?
– Yeah right now. Right now.
– Okay. – [Robby] Wait, you’ve been eating beans? – No, I just started eating beans! – [Robby] Are you gonna fart on my arm? – No, I would never do such a thing. – You’re gonna fart on my arm, aren’t you? Okay, Tori, time for you to
sit (bouncing) on my arm. You just need to sit on
my arm and eat your beans. Oh yeah, I don’t think this
is gonna take very long. – Are you calling me fat, Robby? – No, I didn’t say that. – (laughing) You want some beans? – No, I’m good. No, I really don’t want beans.
(Tori laughing) Okay, uh, so, we’ll be
back when my arm’s asleep. (“Flight of the Bumblebee”) (bell dinging)
It didn’t fall asleep. It just hurt my arm. (Tori laughing) Maybe this was a bad idea. – Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t try to cut off your circulation
(laughing) of your arm. – It’s not even asleep! (twinkling) – Just in pain. – Why do I fail at everything! I’m the worst crafter ever. I can’t even make my arm fall asleep. – Need to read it a bed time story. – (gasp) Maybe! – Okay, goodnight hand. We’re gonna read you a bedtime story. “Goodnight room. “Goodnight moon. “Goodnight cow jumping over the moon. “Goodnight clocks, and goodnight socks. “Goodnight little house, and goodnight”– (record screeching)
– Negatory, yeah, (Tori laughs) I don’t
think that this is working. Dang, we failed again! I’m never gonna get one
of these crafts done! (upbeat music)
(growling) (grunting) (whipping) Okay, so now I
have to figure out (springing) how to give myself hiccups. (whistling)
Okay, Google! (humming)
Oh, that doesn’t work. How do I give myself hiccups? “How to give yourself hiccups. “Find medical information. “All you have to do is eat fast, “and right after you
swallow or drink something. “At least it happens with me. “It’s tough, but you can only get hiccups “by eating food too quickly “and talking and eating at the same time.” Okay so I guess (zooming)
I gotta try that. So it looks like I gotta
drink (whooshing) more water. (zipping)
(gulping) Hey guys. How ya doing? That’s great, awesome. (whizzing)
(gulping) ♪ Oh craft-mas tree, oh ♪ (cymbals clang) Oh, God. ♪ Oh craft ♪ (squealing) This is sour! (blowing raspberries) – Blech!
(gulping) ♪ Oh craft-mas tree, oh craft-mas tree! ♪ ♪ Oh Crafts-mas Tree, Oh Crafts-mas Tree ♪ ♪ Oh how the glue gun burns me ♪ (groans) Ugh, ugh, I feel kinda sick. (forceful exhaling) This is so hard. How do I give myself hiccups? (twinkling) I’ve been going about this all wrong! (zipping) I need something fizzy! (hissing)
– Ooh. (gulping) (zipping) (gasps)
(squeals) Ugh. I’ve been consuming way
too many liquids today. (zipping)
(gulping) Come on! I just need to give
myself hiccups! (zipping) Why is this so frickin’ hard! (loud belching) That wasn’t a hiccup. (fake hiccuping) (labored breathing) I don’t know what to do.
(springing) I’m kind of losin’ (whooshing) hope here. This is honestly way harder
than I thought it would be. (sighing) I don’t even
know what I’m gonna do. I haven’t had hiccups in
like two weeks. (squeaking) I don’t know if I’ll ever get
hiccups again! (intense notes) I could just be waiting my whole life! What do we do? I’m a failure as a crafter! (daunting music) I can’t
even give myself hiccups! (crying) (sighs) Okay, I guess we’ll
just move on to the next craft, (zipping) unless I magically
(descending vibration) get hiccups throughout this video. (upbeat music) (screaming) It’s contagious! (reverberating notes) (dramatic yawning) It’s contagious! (percussive note) (groaning) (splatting) (upbeat music) (yelling) (slurping) Okay Tori, so, I need
you to tell me something that will make me mad. – Your crafts suck, Robby.
(daunting cello notes) – You need to make, make me madder! – You, you don’t know how to use
a got glue gun properly. (yelling) – I forgot even what I was supposed to do. Gimme a second. (Tori laughs) Oh, I’m supposed to suck on my thumb. Okay. – Why? – It makes you less mad.
(descending whining) – (laughing) Okay. – Okay, keep sayin’ mean things. – You, you make videos for nine-year-olds. (laughing)
(kids cheering) – Hey! – You, you’re, you’re a short boy. – (gasps) I knew it! You thought I’m a short boy! – Wait, I’m supposed to make you mad. Toby’s stupid! (high piano notes) – What? How could you say something like that? (screams) I thought we were
friends! (Tori giggles) I thought we were friends! (low twanging) (dramatic crying) Wow Tori! Ya made him sad! (low harp notes) You’re supposed to make me mad, not Toby sad! – I’m sorry, I don’t know how
to make you mad. (zipping) (upbeat music)
Um, I don’t know. I don’t know how to
make people mad, Robby. You’re stupid. (springing) – How about I try and make you mad. – No, I don’t like that game. (laughing) That game’s mean! – I can play this game real fast! – Uh, I don’t know! I’m just sitting on your leg now. – Here, you try it. You just have to suck
on your thumb. (humming) – No!
– Let’s do it. – I don’t want you to make me mad. – I got it! I got the perfect one! – No!
(laughing) – No Rob, I don’t want you to make me mad. You, You look so stupid. (descending trumpeting) (laughing) – We’re having a really
successful craft video here, guys. – (laughing) I’m really
good at insulting people. You like (upbeat music) to eat your own poop. (twanging) – Are you calling me a coprophagist? (zipping)
Yes, I am. (upbeat circus music) What
do you want me to say to you? How do I make you mad? (zipping) – I know how to make you mad. Thomas is ugly!
Wait! Wait! Wait, I got it Robby! (zipping) Stay there!
(door squeaking) – Tori? (gasps) I have the perfect
way to make her mad. I have to go through her phone. (percussive beat)
(evil laughing) That always makes Tori mad. (zooming) – [Tori] Okay, I’m ready. – Oh don’t mind me.
– Robby. – I’m just going through your phone! – (laughing) No, you’re not. – Don’t mind me! – Give it back. (laughing) – Is this making you upset?
– No! (zipping) – I’m just goin’ through
your phone! (zipping) – I’m just going to put cups everywhere. (laughing) – Why are you putting cups everywhere? What’s the point of this? (Tori laughs) Stop! (laughing) You’re messing
up my room! (zooming) – (laughing) Does this make you mad? – [Robby] (laughing) Why are you? (Tori laughs) I don’t get the point of
this! (cartoony zooming) This video’s gonna make us break up! (Tori laughing) – There ya go. – What’s with all these cups? (bleep) these cups! I don’t even like these cups! (zipping) Are you crying? (crashing) (Tori wails) Look it, she’s so mad she’s crying! – Does this make you mad? – (chuckles) Tori, why were you putting– – Ooh, ooh, wait. (laughing)
(zipping) Look at this.
– Are you really? Are you really just stacking cups in my room (zipping) right now? – (laughing) Yeah. – Is this a thing that’s happening? – Does it make you mad? – Tori Dobransky! – [Tori] No, no don’t ruin it yet! I’m gonna make it beautiful. Make it be prettiful. (zipping) – Why are you stacking cups in my room? – [Tori] I know you don’t like
it when I leave my cups out. (laughing) So, does it make you mad? – Tori does this thing where
she puts just, you know, half dranken cups of
whatever she’s drinking right next to our bed table.
– This isn’t true. – This is 100% true! – No, it’s not. – So, what she’s doing (zipping) is she’s putting cups all over
my room. (descending whining) (zooming)
That was a good one Tori. Let’s see if I’ll be less
pissed off after this. (dramatic drawn out note) (sliding whistling) (angelic music)
(Tori laughs) (squealing) (high pitched screaming) Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say this this one doesn’t
work. (descending notes) I’m just as mad as I was yesterday. – Why were you mad yesterday? – I’m just as mad (whooshing)
as I was five minutes ago! (vibrating whining) Which
wasn’t very mad admittedly, so, I guess we’ll never know. (zipping) – I’m sorry.
– Thanks for tryin’! You’re the best girlfriend
ever for tryin’ to make me mad! (bell tinging)
(Tori giggles) – Did I do good? – She did so good! (percussive note)
– Wasn’t it funny? (upbeat music) – So I think what I’m gonna do is drink this whole half
gallon (humming) of water. Well, here we go! (dramatic piano music)
(whacking) (sighing)
(belching) Oh, that was gross. (dramatic piano music) How far have I gone? (sliding whistling) Ugh, I still have that much left! This is like drink mix
by the way. (zooming) I can’t drink my water normal. (zipping) I don’t know why. It just tastes so plain! I had to mix a bunch of different flavors because I didn’t have
enough of one flavor. So we got lemon, we got
lemon berry squeeze, we got Powerade flavoring. It’s (sliding whistling) also kinda, it tastes a little funky. I’m not gonna lie. (loud gulping) Oh my God! (dramatic bass notes)
(loud groaning) I just puked in my mouth
a little bit. (springing) That was gross! (deep sighing) – Okay. Well, now all there is
to do is wait (zipping). So I’ll see you guys when
I have to pee. (smacking) Okay guys, it’s been about an hour, and I really have to pee now. I really gotta go to the bathroom. So apparently, what we gotta do is this. Is this helping? Apparently this makes it a lot worse. (intense percussive note) Oh yeah! That definitely does make it a lot worse! But if we do this, I guess it helps not squish your bladder? I mean, I still definitely
really need to pee. Yeah I don’t know, I
definitely need to pee still. But when I cross my legs like this, I definitely need to pee more. So, I guess they’re kind of right, if you really think about it. So I guess we’re going
to have to say this one, (springing) it kinda works. I don’t know. (upbeat guitar music) (lengthy groaning) What am I doing with my life? (upbeat bouncy music) Okay guys, so here’s
(smacking) our iPhone case. (crunching and slamming) Here’s our Ramen. I’m actually using Ramen because I couldn’t find any of that weird plastic
whatever that’s called. So, I guess what we’re
gonna do is just, um, (banging and yelling) Yeah, that oughta do it. Just kinda (crunching)
(metal clanging) sprinkle that up over there. Put that off to the side. (zipping) (material tearing) (zipping) Don’t need that. And (zipping) here’s our case! There we go.
(tearing) One on the inside.
(tearing) Okay, it looks good! And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hot glue them on. Okay, now we just have to
wait for this to heat up. Okay! (high pitched ringing) It looks like we’re all good! Let’s do this! (squelching) Now I’m just gonna kinda
sprinkle this Ramen on here. I mean, I’m gonna put
big chunks on at first. This big chunk (tinging) and then this chunk. And put a little bit more hot glue (squelching)
under there. (dinging) (dinging)
(squelching) (whooshing)
(dinging) There we go! (squelching) (zipping) (tinkling) Sprinkle it on! (squelching) (zipping) (punching) Okay! Looks like it’s all stayin’ on. Yeah! Not bad! I’m just gonna go ahead and clear all this out really quick. (slide whistling) – (smacking) Okay, so now
it’s time to add our eggs. I actually don’t have any little eggs, so, I guess this is just
gonna have to do. (zipping) Haha! Perfect! One more! (zipping) Yeah looks good! And now, you have a stylin’, fashion phone case! If you have this on your phone, it’s definitely gonna be original. Well guys! I guess we could say that
this one works! (bell dings) (whooshing)
(munching) (struggling groaning) Wow, what a great day! It’s so nice outside!
(record scratching) Well, I’m going back
inside to play video games! (dramatic punching) (dramatic music)
Oh! Hey! No you shut up! You don’t know me! You’re just some kid on the
internet playing video games! (grunting and squealing) Ugh, this is really hard without hands. (squeals) Okay guys! Thanks so much for watching the video. You liked it? Make sure you give it
a thumbs up (murmuring) find it right down there! Also if you guys want to watch me do even more fun life hacks and crafts, I have a whole playlist of me doing them right here! If you guys are new, make sure
to hit that subscribe button and ring that bell! (bell dings) If you guys want this shirt and some stickers, or
any of my other merch, you can click right here. Okay guys, love you so much. And I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, Love, and Wi-Fi. Awkward ending! Okay! Bye! (screams)

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