– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robbie, and today I’m gonna be showing you guys a compilation of some of my favorite hacks of 2019. There’s a lot of good ones in here so in case you guys missed ’em, here you go. Let’s do this. (electric guitar music) ♪ Jam ♪ ♪ Rock n roll ♪ I should really learn how to
actually play guitar sometime. (upbeat music) okay so this one’s a
little bit of a doozy. I don’t have a mixing bowl so I’m gonna use this pot that I have. Here’s the heavy whipping cream. And the only activate
charcoal I could find was in this pill form. It’s gonna be a little bit weird ’cause they’re in capsules so I have to bust them open. And then of course we
can’t forget our sugar. I don’t have one of those fancy automatic blending whiskers like
they have in the video, but I have a regular whisk and a drill. So maybe I could make
something work out of this. (drilling sound) okay maybe put that. No. Oh I have an idea. Holy (beep) it broke my saw. I just gotta fix this really quick. Great, now I’m getting
metal shards everywhere. There we go. Don’t need that anymore. Will that fit in here now? A-ha. I did it. I think that’ll do. Wipe away all the metal shards. We go ahead and add our
heavy whipping cream. They didn’t say exactly how much to add. Same thing with the sugar. I don’t know exactly
how much to add to this, but I guess I’ll just but a (beep) ton because sugar is delicious
and awful for you. Wow, that is very heavy cream. Now we’re gonna bust open
some capsules I guess. This is so odd. What even is this stuff. It literally doesn’t taste like anything. This bottle was also very expensive. This was like $8. I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to add, but I think this should be enough. Okay, now it’s time for
us to try our contraption. It’s working pretty good. Oh man, please don’t get everywhere. Yeah I definitely don’t think this is enough charcoal. A few more pallets. Give this a little mix. Okay it still doesn’t
look as dark as the video so we’re gonna go ahead and add even more activated charcoal. My hands are, it’s so dark. What does activated charcoal even do? Is this like safe to eat? Okay now it’s time for the scary part. Okay. This stuff literally has
a warning label on it not to touch it. You know how hard this (beep) is to find? I had to go to four different stores just to find dry ice. Apparently you’re
supposed to crumble it up. I’m kind of scared of this stuff. We’ll get a scoop of this and put it in there. Oh man it’s boiling. Oh wow what even is going on with this? How would you even measure this? Now we’re gonna go ahead and mix this up. What even is going on here? Looks like I’m making (beep) magic. It’s like a boiling cauldron or something. This is getting everywhere. Can you die by eating dry ice? This is definitely looking
a lot like ice cream now. I’m gonna go ahead and
Google really quick, and see if you can eat dry ice. Making ice cream with dry ice. Oh so this is actually a thing. Okay so after this it says I’m supposed to put it in the freezer and let it sit for a sec. And into the freezer you go. Now I gotta worry about this mess. Perfect, we’re all good. Okay scary ice cream, I hope you’re all done. Oh God. Okay. Okay hopefully this
isn’t dangerous anymore. It’s almost like normal ice cream. I am great at scooping ice cream, I’ll tell you what. Comparison test. This is theirs and this is mine. Okay let’s seed how it tastes. Okay this looks pretty good. That’s actually pretty good. This is some of the best ice cream I’ve actually ever had. I don’t think I’ve ever
had fresh ice cream like this before. Tori, get down here and try some of this delicious cream. – Oh my God, Robbie, you got it everywhere. – I know. Is it Tori Debranski approved? – It is Tori Debranski approved. – Woo. (upbeat music) Okay so I got my bag, got my orange juice. I’m using Sunny D ’cause Tori said that it doesn’t matter if
it’s orange juice or not. We’ll see. Open that up, put it in the bag. I think I might have put too much. I think that should be fine. That should be fine. Then I get my bag of ice, I put the juice stuff in here. I add the salt. I’m just gonna hope that that’s enough. And then apparently I just
mix the (beep) out of it. Yep my bag is leaking. Oh my goodness. Oh my God, I think it’s working. It’s getting all over me. Ah. Okay, gonna open this baby up. What? Oh wait, no, it’s just really cold. I think I gotta mix it more. Maybe I need more salt. I don’t know. Okay I’m back with even more ice, and I’m gonna double bag this thing. Now we’re gonna put our
concoction into this bag. We don’t need this one anymore. Now we add our salt to this bag. I’m gonna add a lot this time. I added about half of this thing. So maybe it’ll work this time. I’m starting to think I should have went with the more expensive bag. Shaka, shaka, shaka. I think I’ve been doing that long enough. Let’s see if that worked. No (beep) way. It actually works. It’s frozen. It actually froze. I’m not sure what the
science is behind this, but it actually (beep) froze. Now I have like Sunny D ice cream. This is so cool. It actually worked. Wow, I’m impressed. I’m really impressed. (upbeat music) okay guys, so this first part, I don’t know if I can do this first part. This hack is breaking my kitchen. So in the hack it looked
like they used a red apple. I don’t know if a green apple, if it really matters, but we just, there we go. I’ll see you boys in a bit. Okay so it’s the next day. Let’s see how our apple’s looking. This is interesting. It’s frozen solid. Let’s just go ahead and put this outside to thaw a little bit. Okay, I’ll see you in about an hour apple. – [French Man] One hour later. – Okay time to see how our friend’s doing. Mr. Apple. Are you done with your time in the sun? – [Man] No please, I’m
not ready to go back. – I’ll take that as a yes. It’s time of the big moment boys. It’s time for the thumb nail. We’re just gonna try and squeeze it. Is it gonna work? Come on. Ooh it’s actually working. There’s actually juice coming out of this. That’s crazy. It works guys! It works. (upbeat music) so the first thing we’re
gonna need is a drill. (drilling sound) Then we’re gonna need an elbow pipe. You would not believe how hard it was to actually find one of these that fit over this at Home Depot. We’ll put this onto here. There we go, that went on. Oh no, I just crushed it. And just to be safe, I got our old friend Mr. Hot Glue gun to help us out. Really don’t want this to come off while I’m putting my
meat through this tube. God that sounds so wrong. And we gotta drill a hole
in the back of this guy. A little bit of plastic everywhere, no big deal. We gotta make sure it’s big enough for our stick to go through. It’s perfect. It fits perfect. Then we go ahead and cut this bad boy. Now we got our meat. Let’s go ahead and try to
put it in this tube thing. God this is so gross. I think this is still good. I’m sorry to all you vegetarians
that are watching this. Okay we got about half a pound of ground beef in there. Okay so we got our can, now we gotta push it out like this. I kind of hope that this works actually. I have to put my whole body into this. I hope I don’t crush the can. Ugh, okay it’s coming out. I think it’s actually working. Ugh. Okay, I’m starting to see stars. I’m starting to see stars. I got meat juice all over me. This is so gross. Ugh, it’s starting to come out the bottom. Just gotta put all that back in there. Maybe if I put more meat in there. This is so excessive. I could have just rolled the beef onto the stick at this point. Yep that can is (beep). This was way harder than
I thought it would be. I’m gonna say that this one doesn’t work, okay guys. (upbeat music) Okay guys so we’re gonna give this a try with the lighter first, and then after that we’re
gonna try the blow torch. Really hope this doesn’t shatter on me. Is it gonna work? This is so scary. It’s just getting really black. Okay apparently it might not have worked because I was holding it on it’s side so we’re gonna try and hold it on a table this time, just like it was in the video. Here we go guys. Come on, heat up. I’m just hiding way down here guys so I don’t get hurt. I’m not feeling too good about this one. I don’t think this is gonna work so I’m gonna try the blow torch. Oh God. Oh God. I don’t think this is gonna work guys. Woo it worked. Holy (beep) it worked. Woo. (clapping) we did it. Who wants wine? I don’t drink. Oh it’s making a sound. You guys hear that? It’s from where it’s boiling where it’s hitting the bottle. That is so funny. Wow it actually works. You just need a (beep) blow torch. (upbeat music) Okay this is gonna be a lot of fun. We got our balloon. Just gonna unfold this. What are these, instructions? Wash your hands, remove
all grease and dirt. Remove all sharp objects. Insert at neck. There’s too many instructions here, I can’t even, we’re not gonna waste our time with that. So I’m just gonna try and get in. So one foot in front of the other one, am I right? Oh my gosh this is so tight. Maybe I should have trimmed my
toe nails before I did this. Hey, Tori, can you help me with this? – [Tori] You’re supposed to
start pouring water in it so then it helps it expand, you kind of slide yourself in it slowly. – Oh. – [Tori] Did you not watch the video? – Ah okay. Go turn on the thing. Ah it’s so hot. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh that is so hot. This has been sitting outside all day. Okay now that’s cold. Oh wow that is a little easier. – [Tori] Yeah see. – Oh my God. – Robbie, this is what happens when you actually watch the video you’re recreating. You learn how to do it. – Give me back my beanie. I need my beanie. It’s gonna like strangle my neck. I got this. I got this. Oh my gosh. Oh no. This is so much harder than I thought. Is this truly, I don’t know how I’m
gonna get in this guys. Can you help me Tori? Pull this side. I think you might need to
get down on your knees. – I don’t wanna do that, it’s gonna explode and get wet. – Oh I just ripped it. What do I do? – [Tori] I don’t know, you
might have to get another one. – Okay, let’s maybe take this out for now. I can’t even sit down. – You’re not gonna be
able to get in there. Just go for it. – This is hard. Here. I don’t know, this is so hard. – Sit down. Just submerge yourself. – Okay I’m getting it. Okay I think I should start filling it. – You look like you’re
growing out of a little bean. – Can you turn the hose back on? This is kind of awful. – We need to get it over your butt. – We got this. This is so hard. – Your butt’s almost in there, Robbie. Yes, yes. This is so funny. – I’m probably gonna
have an anxiety attack when I’m inside this thing because I won’t be able to move my arms. Hey Tori, can you help me
get this up over my body? – Oh yeah it’s really ripped now. I told you it was gonna be so hard. – This is so hard to do. Pull up, Tori, pull up. I got it. I got my pants. Oh my pants just came off. Pull it over. – Okay we’re just gonna
tuck your shoulder in there. – Go, go get it over my shoulder, Tori. Ow my rib, ow. I really feel like I may
need to get this rim off. – I don’t know, I feel like if you do that it’s gonna break. – It’s just the tightest part. Can you get me scissors? Ow, it’s just squeezing me so hard. Okay so there’s like a
weird lip around this and it’s very tight. And this is like the reason
I can’t get it over my body. So I’m gonna go ahead and cut this off. Okay I got it off. Oh my God that’s so much better. It was just so tight. No, come back. I guess we’re just gonna have to wait. – [Tori] It’s like you
wanted all the benefits of being in a pool, but you didn’t wanna
interact with anybody else. – Maybe I can get it over. Ready. – [Tori] Yes, yes, ooh. – Okay guys we’re all the way in. Oh my gosh. I never thought I’d be able to do this, but I accomplished it. I have a couple more, Tori, do you wanna do this? – [Tori] I kind of do now. – This is pretty great. I guess there’s nothing
to do but wait now. Oh my God it’s getting so heavy. – [Tori] Oh my God, it’s
like a pregnant woman’s belly and you’re the baby Robbie. – I’m the baby. I’m keeling over guys. It’s pulling me back. It’s pullin, oh hand me the GoPro
we’ll get an inside shot. This is what the inside looks like guys. So ridiculous. (balloon popping) Oh my God. I’m good. Well guys, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works. – I’m gonna go ahead and wear these and wander into the desert, and after five minutes she’s gonna try and find me. – It’s really late, we need to go home. This thing didn’t work, I don’t know where you are. Robbie where are you? I don’t know where he is man. – It’s starting to get cold and dark, where the heck are they? – It got really dark and it’s really cold outside so I’m just gonna sit in the car and just hope that he comes back. – Okay guys it’s getting pretty dark now. Waiting here for about three hours. I think that Tori might
have headed back to the car, but my foot prints are, this was such a bad idea. Okay guys it’s the next day. I slept on this chair. It wasn’t very comfortable. I was waiting for Tori all night and I couldn’t find her. And I didn’t, I don’t know where she went. It was actually really windy last night and it blew away all my foot prints, so I can’t see where my foot prints went. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna keep wandering the desert until I find some form of civilization. (crying) no. So I just remembered that
I have my fanny pack on me. I can’t believe I forgot about that. So I’m just gonna go ahead and see what I have in there. Okay. I have snacks! And craft supplies. So many craft supplies. Matches! I remember these. (upbeat music) Okay so this one looks pretty simple, we just need some matches and our trusty hot glue gun. Take one of these boys out. Put like a good glob on there. This looks about how much
they sued in the video. Oh no I got some on the little tip. I’m gonna do a couple of these and see if it works. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. How do I always burn
myself with this (beep). So you basically have to hold these until they’re done drying, so that’s kind of annoying. And one more for good measure. No! I dropped it on my hot glue gun. Ow. I thought you were dry, but you were not. Now, just for authenticity of the video we’re just gonna, oh no my glasses. Let that glue get nice and hot. Oh wow it actually melted it. Then we go ahead and put it like that. I feel like hot glue isn’t
really gonna hold this together. But it might, you never know. I definitely think that Super glue would do a better job than this. Oh I got a little straggler right there. Ew, oh that’s gross. No, stay on. No (beep) around. I have to stay still until
this is done cooling. Aw man my nose itches. Oh (beep). So one didn’t do it. Let’s try another one. Whoa, what was that? Oh no, oh no, oh my God it lights the hot glue on fire. That is so scary. Maybe this one will work. I did also melt the
plastic on the sunglasses so that might help it a little bit too. So far so good. Oh man. Okay so I think this one definitely doesn’t work as well
as you think it would. Okay so I’m just gonna
light this match right here and put it on the googly eye. Oh my God, ow that burns, ow. No, I need this to work. Okay, put it all over that googly eye. Yes. He’s perfect. I’ve made a friend, someone to keep me company. And so I wandered through
the desert cold and alone. The only thing that got me through it was my new friend, and the thought of being back with my beautiful girlfriend. But then tragedy struck. No! Your eyes. I’m so sorry buddy. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. No! I have to keep going for you. This looks like a good place to bury you. (crying) Goodbye old friend. (mumbles) But then, I found civilization. I made it home. I made it home. Tori Debranski. – Yeah? Where have you been? – How’d you make it home? – Got an Uber. – Oh (beep) maybe I
should have tried that. Well I’m gonna go make
some more crafts now, I’ll see you later, okay. – Okay bye. – I have so many more crafts to make. I’m sorry glue gun, I’ll never leave you again. (kissing sounds) – What the (beep)? – What? – You’re gone all day and the first thing you do is
make out with your glue gun? – I missed my crafts. – God, you don’t even miss me? – Okay guys thanks so much
for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure you give a thumbs up. (mumbles) right down there. By the way, congratulations
Nisha for winning. The pumpkin was $69. Anyway, if you guys wanna watch me do even more fun live action crafts, I have a whole playlist dedicated to me doing them right here. If you guys are new, make sure
to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want this shirt, some stickers or any of my other merch, you can click right here. I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love and wi-fi. (mumbles)

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