– Hey guys how you doing? My name is Robby, and
today we’re gonna be doing a bunch of fun Halloween decor ideas. (playful music) Okay guys, so here’s
our toilet paper roll, here’s our white spray paint, here we go. Let’s go ahead and spray
paint this white really quick. (upbeat electronic music) I should probably be doing this outside, but I’m a smart boy. (upbeat electronic music) Okay, yeah looks good, now we just gotta wait for this to dry. Okay, after further watching the video. I just found out that I was supposed to
actually add hot glue. I feel so dumb. So I’m just gonna go ahead
and do that really quick. And I have to wait for the
hot glue gun to heat up. Oh my gosh, today is just
not my day, sorry guys. Put that on there. (upbeat electronic music) You know what? I like how that looks actually. Yeah, I’m just gonna
go ahead and let this. Wait you know what? Why don’t we just add the candles now? It works, I’m just gonna go ahead and put hot glue all around it. And this should theoretically
just fit right in there. And it does, perfect,
yeah looks pretty good. I’m not sure how I’m
supposed to turn it on now. I’m gonna go ahead and let this
cool down for a little bit, and then we’ll turn it
on and see if it works. Sick, it’s all dry, let’s
test this puppy out. But first, I’m gonna turn off the lights. Yeah, nice and dark in here. I probably should of left them on, so I could see how to turn it on. There we go, yeah, nice! It looks pretty good, can’t really see it very
well on the viewfinder. But you know what, it looks pretty good. Well guys, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works! Also, it’s really dark. Don’t know if you guys
will notice that or not. But, I’m giving you guys a thumbs up, so. Okay, guys so this next
one is an original. It’s actually from this video,
or any video in particular. But, I really love the
show Adventure Time. So what I think I’m gonna do is I’m gonna try and turn myself into BMO. Okay, so first thing
we’re gonna need is a box. These are all the boxes
that are just left over from the box fort video. All I gotta do is find
one that I didn’t cut up. Nope, get out of here, nope, maybe if I go towards the bottom? Nope. Any boxes that I didn’t cut up? This one should be good, perfect. No, it’s not quite long. I think this one should work. I probably shouldn’t
have thrown the scissors. Okay, so I think the first thing. This little guy keeps
trying to get away from me. Anyway, I think the first
thing that I should do is see how long I should
cut it to fit my body. So BMO’s like a longer shape. So I feel like if my face goes here, then my legs should come out right here. So we’re just gonna go ahead and cut this bad boy up
really quick, oh yeah. (upbeat music) Okay, I may have messed up a little bit. You know what, it’s good enough. Get out of here! So the next thing we’re gonna do is spray paint this bad boy. Actually, I think I need
a spot to put his face. Maybe like right here? Yeah, that seems like
it would be a good size for his little face screen. This is just covered up,
so I don’t paint that part. I also went ahead and taped it
down that way wouldn’t move. Okay, time to get onto the
frickin’ spray painting already! (upbeat music) I should probably be wearing a respirator, so that’s what I’m gonna do. Fun fact, there’s some lipstick on here from the last time Tori used it. Isn’t that fun, what up silly boy? Anyway, let’s do this. (upbeat music) Okay, now all I gotta do
is let this bad boy dry. And then we’re gonna
cut out the face hole, and draw in all the other
stuff, and we’re all good. I’m gonna go take a nap. Okay, so I actually forgot
to paint the screen. So I put up some guards right here. So that I wouldn’t get it on any of the nice green paint we just painted. Now time to paint the
screen, let’s do this! (upbeat music) I tried to get a color that was as close to my complexion as I
could, AKA very pale. Okay, now we gotta wait for
this to dry, my favorite part. I’m gonna go take another nap. – [Jordan] Hey guys, this
is Robby’s editor here, Jordan speaking. It looks like Robby forgot
to turn on the microphone for this next part of the video, uh oh! But lucky for him, I’m
really good at reading lips. So I’m gonna be doing a
voiceover for this next part. You probably won’t even
notice the difference, because I can sound exactly
like him, enjoy the video. Woo yeah, all right! Woo, now is time to cut this face hole. Yeah, I don’t know, I might
just hang out with my friends. It’s too bad that my
friends are on bicycles, and they don’t tell me about
it, so it doesn’t happen. Let’s just change the camera here. See that right there,
that’s my favorite shape. If you drop a quarter in
there and make a wish, you’ll never get it back! Look at me now, here we go. Yeah, I look a little bit good. My friends, they’re in the hallway. I forgot to tell them about all this, well I’ll be looking good
on a bicycle, I don’t know. Tori is probably gonna get jealous. This is a circle, the rest
of this is not a circle, it’s a square, see this? And I’m gonna be showing
you how to draw a square. First, you take your hands
and then you pick up a marker. Like this! Woo, this color is stressing me out, so I’m gonna cover it up something. Take that, that’s better. Circle! I like the yellow button. Okay guys, now I’m gonna draw
my second favorite shape. That looks like a windmill. Windmill, whoosh. Windmill goes wind, wind, whoosh. Look, I’m holding a marker, I drew that. This is a magic wand, see watch. Wait, is this broken? How do you work this thing? Oh I forgot to turn it on,
just like my microphone! Oh good, the magic wand
works now, see magic. This is where I threw my
quarter, and never got it back. So maybe, just maybe. Well, there might be two
quarters, and I think, I could scoop them out. Stab all the boxes and
pick up the quarters. But, I don’t know why they
say it has to be gone forever. I just want to find two, okay? And, I think they’re over here. Quarters, quarters! Not on this side, let’s
try poking a hole in it. It’s time to punch a lot more holes. Dang it, where’d I put the tape? Don’t need that anymore. Hey, it’s not working guys. Hey guys, I think I just found it. Guys, I found my quarter, I
found my quarter, yay yay yay. It’s time to play ping-pong, woo. Oh look, another quarter! I don’t think my friends
wanna do anything, so. I think I’m gonna go
ahead and do something. I’m gonna go ahead and
look if people texted me. Whatever. (electronic beat music) Okay guys, let’s go ahead and show Tori. Oh, Tori Dabrowski, I think
she’s gonna like my costume. – I just realized that the mic wasn’t on! Dang it, I just recorded this whole thing without the mic on. Tori, what do you think
of my costume, it’s good? – It’s super cute I like it. – I’m BMO! – You should get a matching shirt. – I probably should. – That’s super cute though,
I give this a 10 out of 10. – Woo, this was an original! I mean BMO is not original, I copied that from Adventure Time, but I made this crap myself! – Super cute, I mean,
I would get a new box because the corners,
Benjamin did eat them. – What, Benji you ate my box? I’m BMO, you see? Tori, will you do BMO dance with me? (electronic dance music) And that’s BMO dance, I’m BMO. – Great!
– Yeah! Well guys, I guess we could
say that this costume works. Yeah, I think I might need
help getting this off. I didn’t think this through! I’m having a panic attack in here! Oh my gosh, I’m gonna be
stuck in a box forever. Tori, I don’t even know
how to get this thing off. Can you help me get it off? – How do you get it on? – I just slipped it on,
but it won’t come off. Just pull, come on. – That’s your new house. Hey Robby, get one arm first, and then you go, yeah there you go! – I’m free, thank you, Tori-braski! You saved my life. Now Tori has it on, it’s good? – It’s great. – [Robby] Tori is BMO, don’t you see? – You can make like a little
pouch for the third of it. And people can just insert the candy. – That would be fun. Wow, what a cute girl
BMO thing, 10 out of 10! (tense music) Okay, so first, we gonna have
to get ourselves some celery and a little orange, let’s do it. Okay, what have we got in the old fridge? Ah ha, this ought to do. And then, need one of these, yeah perfect. Okay here we go. I don’t know guys, I
think this is gonna be the hardest hack I’ve ever done. So, the first thing I gotta
do is peel the orange. Oh man, this is real difficult. I’ve never even done this thing before. Yeah, it looks pretty good. It smells like that one
ride from Disneyland. You know, the Sorn over California? Anyway guys, now it’s time to
complete the transformation. You ready, I don’t know if
you can handle this, ready? Okay, and we are done. Wow, I know the process was
really crazy and really scary. But, I think we actually did it. And guys, I guess that it, this one works! Let’s try our brand new snack. It’s definitely a weird
flavor combination, yeah. I just like the oranges. (soft music) Okay guys, safety first. I have a giant hand, perfect! First thing we’re gonna need
a mixing bowl, our cement. There we go! I’m probably gonna end up making
a smaller pumpkin, I think. So, I’m probably not
gonna put that much in. But it has to be enough
to fill up the pantyhose. Is that what it’s called? They’re called pantyhose, right? Okay yeah, that should be enough. Put this away, okay, until next time. Now we go ahead and add some water. Okay, that looks pretty good. Now we go ahead and
bust out our pantyhose. I had two these in a
package, but Benjamin. Oh wait, this is two of
them, whoa, I had no idea. Is this gonna be thick enough? I feel like it’s just gonna fall through. I have different pantyhose. Okay I got these, these
seem a little bit better. Let’s go ahead and use this. And then it says, to cut it. We’re gonna go ahead and
break out our scissors, and give it a good old snip. Yeah, I should be long
enough, get out of here! Okay! Bust out our pan, now we
just start putting cement inside this pantyhose, here we go. Oh, it’s already starting
to set, that was so fast. Can I just put this over it like that? Yeah, get in there, oh,
I just broke my spoon. There we go. This is very clumpy, I think I should’ve put a little
bit more water in it maybe. Oh, you know what? Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing. This is very quick drying cement, this is already almost dry, my goodness. Okay, now we had to try and shape it more into a pumpkin shape. Mine definitely looks a
lot smaller than theirs, I think. Okay, I think I might need to
make a little bit more cement. Okay, we made some more cement. Let’s put this in here, this
one’s a little bit more watery than the last batch. So, oh wow, get in there. I feel like I was
supposed to use something to keep this open, maybe. Okay yeah, that’s definitely
looking a lot better. Awesome, this is gonna be
like the smallest pumpkin. Apparently, I just twist it up like this. There’s air stuck in it. Okay, then we get our rubber bands, and we just start wrapping
it around this bad boy. Here we go, okay, and then
this one, and then here we go, yeah, not bad, and last but
not least, this big boy. Okay, now we just have to go ahead and let this sit overnight,
I will see you guys tomorrow. Okay, it’s been a couple of
hours, and it’s pretty solid. It’s still a little bit wet, but overall it basically kept its shape. Now I just have to go in and
cut the rubber bands off. Here we go, wow, ow. I’m glad I did this while it
was still a little bit wet actually because that way I
can take them out of here. And then we snip this guy. Boom, wow, yeah, that
turned out pretty fine. Dude, this looks awesome. Well guys, I gotta say this one works! (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here’s our pot. Then we go and add some cane sugar. I think this might be
a little bit too much, but it’s fine. Then we go ahead and add some
water, that should be good. Heat this puppy up. Okay, it’s nice and boiled. Now we gotta add our butter. Not sure how much to add exactly, so I’m just gonna put half a stick. Oh I dropped the paper, there you go. Then we put some apple cider vinegar. It says one half of a teaspoon. I’m really not a big fan
of vinegar in general so. Just having this thing
up open smells awful! Than we do one fourth cup of cream. This is one cup so, one
fourth, that should do. Feel like I should do more ’cause I did like probably
too much brown sugar. Yeah there we go. Then we put our rum extract, not sure exactly how much to put of this. But, yeah that will do
it, oh, that is strong. There is a little bit more brown, so I’m gonna go ahead and
add a little bit more cream. That looks a little bit better, now time to put this bad boy in some mugs. Okay, now to do the final step. You ready, Tori?
– Oh, I am. – I know you’ve always
wanted to try butter beer, so this is your chance. Doesn’t that look so appetizing. – It looks like gross. – [Robby] It’s chunky. – Why is it chunky?
– I don’t know. I just followed the instructions
very carefully, okay. – I’m sure you did, Rob. – Then we go ahead and
get cream soda, perfect. You’re gonna do yours or mine first? – Yours.
– You’re ready? And whoa, everyone stop. Stick your finger in it, do it! – No!
– Do it, do it! What, I am the master! Gonna put more in mine, even it out. What do you think, does
this look pretty good? – It looks pretty good! – You ready to try it?
– Yeah. – Okay, ready? We have to do the cheers.
– Ew, why is it warm? – I just made it. – Is it supposed to be warm? – I googled it, it said
that it could be served cold or warm, but either way it
feels warm, whatever that means. Get ready, cheers, let’s do it. It’s not bad, you haven’t even tried it. It’s a little chunky. – That’s warm, it feels gross. – Oh wait, you’re also
supposed to add whip cream. I know you don’t like whip
cream, but you know what? Get off of here! Yeah, I don’t think it’s too bad. Tori, it doesn’t even look
like you drank any of it. – I haven’t, I’ve just
been drinking the foam. – Why don’t you drink it? It’s good, what would you
rate this, one out of 10? – I’m gonna give it an eight. – An eight, so you’re
gonna drink more of it? And eight sounds like you love it. – Well, it’s good, but I had
a lot of energy drinks today. – I mean I’ve had three, and I’m amped. Tori come on, drink
it, drink it, drink it. Well, anyway guys I guess
we can say, this one works! – It’s good, but it hurts tummy. – It hurts the tum. (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here are our chopsticks. You only really need one of
them, so get out of here, don’t need that anymore. Now that we have our chopstick, we just go and put our hot
glue on, just like that. Okay, now that we’re done with that, we just have to let it sit for a sec, and then we paint over it. Okay, it’s all dry, here is some string. I’m gonna go ahead and
make a handle really quick. They only used a little
bit of string for theirs, but I have a lot, so I’m just
gonna cover the whole handle and I think it’ll look pretty good. I’ll let this dry. Ah, I burnt myself! It’s not a Robby video,
unless Robby burns himself. Put on some hot glue right here, and some more on the other side. Okay, our handle looks like it’s all done. Let’s go ahead and snip
off the extra stuff, and it’s all coming
unraveled just like my life. It’s staying, good enough. Okay now, we’re gonna go ahead and break out our brown paint,
just gonna dab it on there. Yeah, here we go, now
just paint this brown. No! Easy peasy. I’m getting this paint everywhere. Okay yeah, it looks pretty good. I’m just gonna go ahead and
let it this dry for little bit. Okay, we’re all dry, it
looks pretty frickin’ good. Let’s test this puppy out. Okay, let’s go ahead and
test this out on my camera. Wingardium Leviosa! Oh whoa, oh my god, it’s floating! What, oh my gosh! Now, I’m just gonna put it down. What? Okay guys, well I guess
we’re gonna have to say this one works! (tense music) Oh my gosh, okay guys,
so for this next one, I’m gonna be making a
giant puking pumpkin. And then I’m gonna be making
little tiny puking pumpkin. But first, I gotta carve these bad boys. This big one’s gonna be a
lot of work, let’s do this! Okay guys, so this pumpkin
is so freaking big, this is how much of my
desk it’s taking up. I literally went to the store, and bought the biggest pumpkin they had. Down in the comments down below, guess how much I spent on this pumpkin. Person who gets the closest, I’ll give a shout out
to in the next video. Anyway, okay so first I
gotta take the top off. Here we go, first one, oh this
is so scary, it’s a big guy. Okay. (playful music) I have to stand on a stool
just to get high enough to carve this freaking thing. (playful music) Oh, I just broke the stem off, dang it. I’ve already hot glued
this thing back on once. Punk pumpkin. This is gonna be really
hard without the stem now. Come on, oh it’s coming out! One, two, and please don’t break. Oh I did it, yes! Oh my god, there is so
many pumpkin guts in here. Okay, time to start emptying
this thing out, here we go. It’s gonna take me an
hour to gut this thing. Do I have anything else to like? I found a spoon, maybe I
should’ve gotten a shovel. I feel like it’s so dark in here, oh yeah, I think I see your problem. There’s so many guts, holy crud, this is gonna take me forever. Yup that’s a lot, so much pumpkin guts. Okay, we got all the guts out. It took probably half an hour. Now time to go onto the little one. This one’s gonna be a lot easier I think. Just gonna move this guy down. Now I have a little bit of a hernia. Okay, now it’s time
for our little pumpkin. I think for this one, I’m gonna go ahead and use an X-Acto knife
to cut off the top. Little guy, okay here we go. Do you even carved a
little pumpkin, come on. Yes I did it! I did not think a little
pumpkin could be carved. Okay how do I, okay have a problem. Maybe if I do it this way. Yeah, there we go, we did it! Yeah, we hollowed it out! Okay, while I have it like this, I might as well carve out the mouth. So this looks a good
side, I’ll do right here. And they just did a
little circle, like that, and then they just drew eyes onto there. So, I think that’s what
we’re gonna do for ours, he’s in distress, you understand? He’s like, this is awful and he’s puking. This was me last night
after I had that sushi. Yeah, and there we go, now
we just cut out the mouth. And perfect, he’s beautiful. How do I get this top on? I lost it, put your hat back on. Did the shape of the pumpkin
just change or something? What did I do wrong? I’m genuinely confused, there we go! Okay, we got the top
back on, that’s so cute. Now time for the big one. This thing is too big. Okay, here is our big pumpkin. And I actually made lines where
I think the mouth should go. Just gonna go ahead and draw the mouth. I’m gonna have a freakin’
hernia after this video. Is that right? And then we draw the eyes. Oh there we go, that looks beautiful. Honestly, this is probably
one of my greatest creations. Now we cut out the mouth. It’s gonna be wide, and here we go. That’s surprisingly way easier to cut than I thought it would be. I’m gonna use my little knife actually. Okay, now I just gotta pop the top off. There we go, oh yeah, I freaking did it! The pumpkin is basically
all done, there he is! I’m gonna try and darken
the eyes a little bit. If the sharpie will allow. Maybe I need a better
sharpie or something. This is the same one I picked up? Yep, well good enough, gonna
go ahead and put this top on. I also need to fix its stem, so. Let me just break out my hot glue gun. Here is a hot glue gun,
put it all on there. If it falls off again, I’m gonna be sad. I’m trying to be really careful not to lift it by the stem,
just really get it in there. Yeah, there we go, perfect! Now let’s move on to making the mixture that we’re gonna put inside the pumpkin. Okay, so this mixture is pretty simple. Here’s our little pot,
then we had some water. Then we had some baking soda. I’m gonna add a lot of baking soda ’cause we have a big pumpkin. I feel like I should
of probably measured it before I started doing this. But, you know, it’s fine. It’s good, now mix that. There’s little bits of pumpkin
in there and I’m very sorry. Last but not least, we add
a little bit of dish soap. There we go! Okay, that’s probably
a little bit too much, add a little bit more,
that’s fine, perfect! When I said last but
not least I was joking, the real last thing is food dye. Not sure whether I want it green or not. Well I’m already doing
it, so we’re adding green. This is so much green food coloring. This is gonna stain stuff
really bad probably. This is gonna be very, very green. Oh, this is beautiful. Yeah and I think that ought
to do it, let’s try this out. Okay guys, so here’s our little pumpkin. Look at cute little pumpkin, aw. I’m just gonna take its
little top off and whoop. Put some of this mixture in there. I don’t know if I could do it actually. I don’t wanna mess up the background. Yeah, okay we got some stuff all over him, so we’re just gonna clean
him up a little bit. There you go little guy. I know you’re having a,
oh, I just dropped this. That looks good, let’s go put him back. Okay there we go, put him right there, put his little top on. Dang it, I always have trouble, there it is, I got it on the first try. Now we get our vinegar. Wait, I need to take the top back off, okay, sorry about this. Okay, here’s our vinegar, I
hate the smell of vinegar. Are you guys ready? One, two, and. Ew, he’s puking! I’m gonna put his little top on. He’s like, ew, this is awful. Why did you do this to me, you’re so mean! It’s not as green as I like it
to be, but it’s pretty cute. I don’t know, and that’s
never going back on. Anyway, that’s a little one. Are you guys ready to do the big one? Let’s do it! Okay guys, now we’re gonna
try put stuff in this. Mix it up real good, here we go! Okay, maybe I should’ve made more. This does not even fill this pumpkin. There’s like nothing in there. Okay, I’ll be back, I’m gonna get more. Okay, actually I changed my mind. I’m just gonna go ahead
and leave it as is. That way it can just come. Everything is falling
apart just like my life. Okay, here we go. Okay guys, you ready? I’m gonna put the top back
on right after I do it. So I’m gonna put it on and then go whoop. Here we go, moment of
truth, one, two, and. Dang, I really should’ve put more. Maybe, okay, it’s a slow process. I should’ve definitely made more probably. It’s just a very, it’s
the world’s slowest puke. Okay guys that’s every part of the video. We got the thumbnail. There’s actually an original
thumbnail, so here we go. Okay, so since the first one was lame. I’m gonna go ahead and add even more. I feel like I should pour
it out of the pumpkin first. I added almost a whole bottle
of baking soda this time so. One more try, are you ready? This is apple cider vinegar, it’s the only vinegar we have left. One, two, here we go. Woo, it’s going! I guess you guys can say this one works! Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching the video, if you liked it, make
sure to give us thumbs up! If you guys liked this video and you guys wanna watch me do even more fun life hacks and crafts, I
have an whole playlist of me doing them right here. If you guys are new, make sure
to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want this awesome new shirt, or any of my other merch,
you can click right here. Okay guys, I love you much,
I’ll see again real soon. Peace, love, and Wi-Fi! And we’re done here, okay bye!

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