Shh hey guys how you doing my name’s Robbie in today’s video is sponsored by me it’s sponsored by my merch yeah did you guys know that I have warm cozy sweaters like this peace love Wi-Fi sweater nope no did you know that it also comes in a shirt no nobody either what about did you know about my Robbie epic sauce cartoon t-shirt how about this t-shirt what you don’t like profanity and I have a better option for you then how about this pizza shirt this seems pretty cool right no oh you want more pizza t-shirt I got more oh man now that’s what I’m talking about so Robbie all over the shirt that I wear in every single video it’s my pizza pixel shirt this is actually part of my merch if you guys didn’t know that and I got one more for you guys it’s not so cute and one more thing while I still have you here I also sell sticker anyway linked all the stuff down scription down below I’m gonna continue with the actual video now I will see you guys in a sec yes I know my name’s Robbie today we’re gonna be doing a bunch of fun delicious cooking Hanna wait what does this video even call one eight crazy but delicious cooking hacks by five minute crafts let’s do this yeah I should really learn how to actually play guitar sometime [Music] okay so this one’s a little bit of a doozy I don’t have a mixing bowl so I’m just gonna give this pot that I have here’s the heavy whipping cream and the only activated charcoal I could find was in this pill form it’s gonna be a little bit weird cuz they’re in capsules so I have to bust them open and then of course we can’t forget our sugar I don’t have one of those fancy automatic blending whiskers like they have in the video but I have a regular whisk and a drill maybe I could make something work out of this okay maybe put that no well I have an idea olesia it broke my song I just got to fix this really quick great now I’m getting metal shards everywhere there we go don’t need that anymore how about fitting here now I did it I think that’ll do wipe away all the metal shard we go ahead and add our heavy whipping cream they didn’t say exactly how much to add same thing with the sugar I don’t exactly know how much to add to this but I guess I’ll just put a ton because sugar is delicious and awful for you wow that is very heavy cream now we’re gonna bust open some capsules I guess this is so odd what even is this stuff it literally doesn’t taste like anything this bottle is also very expensive this was like $8 I’m not sure how much I’m supposed to add but I think this should be enough okay now it’s time for us to try our contraption it’s working pretty good oh man please don’t get everywhere yeah I definitely don’t think that this is enough charcoal fume or palette give us a little mix okay it still doesn’t look as dark as the video so we’re gonna go ahead and add even more activated charcoal my hands are getting so dark what does activate charcoal even do is this like safe to eat okay now it’s time for the scary part okay this stuff literally has a warning label on it not to touch it you don’t know how hard this is mystifying I had to go to four different stores just to find dry ice apparently you’re supposed to crumble it up I’m kind of scared of this stuff I’ll get a scoop of this and put it in there oh man it’s boiling oh wow what even is going on with this like how would you even measure that we’re gonna go ahead and mix this up what even is going on here it looks like I’m making something magic it’s like a boiling cauldron or something this is getting everywhere you die by eating dry ice this is definitely looking a lot like ice cream now I’m gonna go ahead and Google really quick and see if you can eat dry ice making ice cream with dry ice oh so this is actually a thing okay so after this it says I’m supposed to put it in the freezer and let it sit for a second into the freezer you go now I got to worry about this mess perfect we’re all good okay scary ice cream I hope you’re all done oh god okay okay hopefully this isn’t dangerous anymore wow it’s almost like normal ice cream I am great at scooping ice cream I’ll tell you what comparison test this is theirs and this is mine okay now let’s see how it tastes okay this looks pretty good that’s actually pretty good this is some of the best ice cream I’ve actually ever had all day I’ve ever had fresh ice cream like this before pouring it down here try some best delicious cream oh my god Robbie I know I got it I know it’s a toy brand skip proof it’s our the brand skip through yeah okay guys so we got our orange we got our knife go ahead and cut some of this off here’s our balloon oh boy I don’t like the sound of popping balloons Oh God why isn’t it pop it’s not working what the heck I wonder what’s up with that it’s gonna rub it all on there put the whole I don’t know what’s going on with this why isn’t it working I’m gonna go get a fresh balloon and see what happens okay so we got our balloon we got our orange peel oh boy here we go go out at work oh my god it works oh my god I’m shaking so much guys [Music] okay so this one looks easy we got our coke we got our milk now we just got to put our milk in our code this seems like such a waste of milk and coke I’m gonna go ahead and rip this off I’ll see you guys a couple minutes okay I feel like that it’s been long enough let’s see how the smells I feel like it’s not gonna smell that great it smells kind of like a root beer float should I taste it I mean it’s just milk and coke what what could go wrong that was kind of gross Bonnie whacked [Applause] [Music] okay so cutting board and we grab our apple and turn them into little Spears gather these up a little bit that always happens when I do that and I wasn’t sure what kind of dough I was supposed to you so I just bought pizza crust because let’s face it pizza is the best food in the world not a hundred percent sure how to open this I think like that he’ll impress spoon here oh okay that works get out of here apples so apparently that I’m supposed to make two even strips kinda like this I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that supposed to I couldn’t find one of those flour sifter things so I just went ahead and bought a sink strainer I’m sure it’ll do the same thing right we get our powdered sugar here pour it all in there I think that’s working a little bit more why not okay I think I might have put a little bit too much shuts them over here just to even it out I guess same thing with this one there we go then I just go ahead and start rolling it like this I guess oh no I don’t think this is working like I would supposed to yeah I’m sure this is fine oh man I think I’d look better personally I don’t know okay so now I’m gonna transfer them onto the oven sheet oh that’s gross that’s a hair is the other one see you guys in 20 minutes okay it’s been 20 minutes I mean they don’t look that much different oh boy yeah it’s like you know it’s special in its own way okay guys now it’s time to try these puppies out I’m gonna go for this one because it looks like it’s the most cooked oh it’s okay I mean I’m starving so it doesn’t taste that bad it’s kind of like an apple pie only the crust isn’t really that hard so I guess it works kind of [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay so I got my bag got my orange juice I’m using sunny because Tori said that it doesn’t matter if it’s orange juice or not we’ll see open that up put it in the bag I think I might have put too much I think that should be fine that should be fine can I get my bag of ice I put the juice stuff in here I had the salt I’m just gonna hope that that’s enough and then apparently I just mix the fathoms yep my bag is leaking oh my goodness oh my god I think it’s working get it all over me oh okay can I open this baby up what oh wait no it’s it’s just really cool I think I got to mix it maybe I need more salt I don’t know okay I’m back with even more ice and I’m gonna double bag this thing now we’re gonna put our concoction into this bag I need this one anymore now we add our salt to this bag and add a lot this time I added about half of this thing so maybe it’ll work this time I’m starting to think I should have went with the more expensive bag I think I’ve been doing that long enough let’s see if it works no way it actually works it’s frozen it actually froze I’m not sure what the science is behind this but it actually froze now I have like Sunny D ice cream this is so cool it actually worked wow I’m impressed I’m really impressed [Music] so the first thing you do is you get a proper mug I kind of like this one it’s metal and it’s perfect for the eddie apocalypse you get your hot water and you put it in there oh no that’s steaming you up I’m so sorry next we’re gonna make our hot cocoa I’m gonna use the prepackaged hot cocoa mine is most likely gonna have labs if you guys don’t want labs feel free to click on that video the tutorial on how to make some bog hot chocolate by you socket cooking he’s a lot funnier than me so I understand if you guys stop watching me and just start watching him completely so make sure to tell them that Robbie sent you and to thank him for fixing your wack now we’re gonna go ahead and mix this up take our stencil put it right there just like that he’s a little tape to hold that on then we’re gonna use our sink strainer to sift the powdered sugar in maybe this will work didn’t work at all I’m gonna go ahead and use some ground cinnamon maybe that’ll work better yeah it kind of didn’t work at all man I’m so good at this I should just go to barista school start working at Starbucks quit my job as a youtuber if you guys don’t hear from me after this video that’s what happened so I feel like I was just too incompetent to make this work okay guys if you liked the video make sure you will come set something up this fighter right down there if you guys liked this video you all watch more I have a whole playlist dedicated to me trying stuff from 5-minute crap I’m a lot of fun making these videos and you guys seem to love them so yeah make sure it hit that subscribe button if you guys are new you guys want this shirt or stickers I sell them click right here at down scription down below oh yes Olivia smooch I’ll see you guys again on Saturday peace love and Wi-Fi awkward okay bye [Music]

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