TRYING 19 FUNNY SCHOOL SUPPLY HACKS  Useful Life Hacks With School Supplies by 123 GO!

TRYING 19 FUNNY SCHOOL SUPPLY HACKS Useful Life Hacks With School Supplies by 123 GO!

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby, and this is my. (items falling to the ground) I really just did that. Now I gotta clean all that up. And this is my craft corner. And today we’re gonna be trying some fun life hacks and
crafts by One Two Three Go! Down in the comments down below tell me who you like better, One Two Three Go or Five Minute Crafts. This should be interesting! Anyway, guys, let’s do this! – [Instructor] Cut our a print. Spray the front of the print with perfume. Fill a small bowl with water. Place the print face-up in the bowl. Wherever you choose to place the tattoo, spray it with perfume. Place the print faced down,
spray the top of the paper. After a minute, go ahead
and lift the paper. That really does look real! (Flintstones running music) – Okay, which one do I want? Yes, this is art! And print. Come on, you got this. Why aren’t your working! Okay, just changed the ink cartridge. Please work for me! You can do it! Do it, do it, do it, please! Oh! The red button of death! It took the paper, it took the bait! Please work, please work,
please work, please work, please work, please work,
please work, please work, please work, you can do this champ! No! What is wrong? Dude, I hate printers. Oh my God, I think it’s doing it. It did it! Oh my Gosh, it’s beautiful! It’s perfect! I love it! Let’s go make this into
a temporary tattoo. Okay, there it is! Now I just need to get some perfume. Uh, I’m gonna go as Tori for some. Okay, here’s some perfume
that Tori gave me. Ooh, it smells like Tori Dobransky. Before we do that, we have
to cut this bad boy out. (fast whipping) (bell rings)
Okay! Yeah, don’t need that anymore. Let me go ahead and pray it with perfume. (chimes tingle)
(perfume sprays) It’s pretty wet. Then we get a cup of water. (water pours out) And then it said to put it
in her for about two minutes. (bell rings)
Okay, I’ll see you guys in about two minutes! I’m gonna go wash off my hand, ’cause it smells a little too much like Tori. Okay, it’s been about to minutes, and I go ahead and spray my arm. (show tunes music) Looks good, now we gotta
get this bad boy out. And then we put it face down. Oh man, here we go! Yeah, not bad, okay! Let me just go ahead
and spray the top again. (show tunes music) I’m just drenching it, yes! Then we have to make sure, oh my gosh, Tori’s perfume’s a little sticky. Kinda hold it against
there for about a minute. Oh man, if really can’t wait to take this bad boy off and see how it turns out. Okay, I let it sit for about a minute. Let’s see how it turned out. You guys ready? And
(drum roll) – [Audience] Oh!
– Dang, it didn’t come off at all! I wonder what happened? Why don’t you want to come off. Dude, it didn’t work at all. I wonder why? Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work. Dang, that sucks, I kinda
wanted a temporary tattoo! (Robby sighs)
Oh well. – [Instructor] You’ll need
a straw and some scissors. Flatten out the straw, cut
diagonal slits at the end, continuing most of the way down. Be patient, it may take a minute. Stick that sucker in the drain, and pull it out; hair and all. A clear drain is a happy drain. Okay guys, so the first thing we’re gonna need are some straws. Save the turtles! Don’t worry, Cooper, I’ll save
you from these evil straws! (soft piano music) They’ll never hurt you again! (audience cheers)
Oh, here we go! Then we grab our scissors. I only really need one straw. (audience sigh)
So uh… (audience sigh)
Get outta here! This straw’s broken. Can’t use that one. Yeah, perfect! Actually, I want the yellow
one; yellow’s better. So then we just kind of
do this, cut like that. But first we have to flatten it. Oops, I forgot the flattening part. So we’re flattening it. And we just go like this.
(zooming music) (drum roll)
Hey, it’s looks pretty good! Okay, yeah, we go some
little hooks on here. Let’s go and try this out on the shower. Okay guys, here we go. We’re just gonna untwist that.
(whirling noise) Oh yeah, there we go and then we’re just gonna put that down there, and hopefully, we’ll get some hair! Come on you got this! Okay, ready and, we’re gonna try and pull this puppy out.
(perky music) I didn’t get any hair. Oh yeah, I forgot: I just
cleaned out my shower. (somber horn music)
Dang it! This is a bad time. Come on, there’s gotta
be somethin’ in here! Wow, this is anticlimactic. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and
try this with another shower. (racing music)
Dang, it looks like this one is clean as a whistle! Oh man, and this one is too! Let’s see, do you have any hair in here? Uup, there’s a receipt! But it’s still fricken clean! Guys, I did not see this coming. Okay, there’s only one other option. I have to clog the drain myself. Tori Dobransky, do you have any extra hair that I can use to clog the drain? – Please don’t clog the drain! – I need you to clog the drain with hair. – I like the drain without clogs. – Tori Dobransky, I
need to clog the drain. Can you help me? I just need you to cut
off some of your hair. – No, cut off your own hair, that’s gross. – Well guys, I really didn’t
see this problem coming. The problem is, I don’t have a problem with hair in my drain,
and that is a problem for my problem to be problem-solved. (Robby sighs) Well guys, I guess we have to say that we don’t know if this
one works; unconclusive. I feel so lame! I should have thought of this! What am I doing with my life? I’m sorry guys, I failed you.
(somber music) – [Instructor] Place torn pair of pants on a table in front of you. Find a corner sticking
out, that’s the crotch of the pants that needs mending. Buy making this rip even bigger, you can now pace your entire head through. – Okay guys, so here’s my sweatpants and ironically enough, I did have a pair with a hole in the crotch. How convenient is that? Okay, so the first thing’s first. We need to fold this puppy in half. And boom!
(punching noise) Then we get our scissors. I actually have a cover on
these, because they’re so sharp. (Robby screams)
Just kidding, I didn’t cut myself, anyway. They just went like this. It looks like they just
straight-up cut the crotch off. So I guess I’ll try that: you ready? (swift cutting noise)
Okay. Lets hope I didn’t make mistakes. And
(show tunes music) (Robby gasps)
I think I might have done it! I think I did it correctly. That looks about the
size of a T-shirt hole. Let’s go ahead and try this puppy on! Okay guys, here we go.
(punching noise) We’re just gonna look ridiculous in this crop top, but it’s fine. Actually, it’s almost not a crop top. Not bad! I’m kinda digging this, actually. Wow! (Robby laughs)
It still has the little string; how funny! I bet Tori would actually like this. I’m gonna show this to her. Oh Tori Dobransky! I have something to show you. What do you think? (whirling noise)
Come in! – Are those pants? – Do you like my new crop top? Pretty good, right? – Pretty good!
– Do you wanna try on? – Sure, I’ll try it on– – Okay guys, I’m gonna
have Tori try it on. And we’ll be right back. Whoa, Tori! You look great!
– I look great! – Do you like it? – I like it, it’s fun! It’s fun, and it’s hip, and
I feel cool, and warmed. – Do you want it? – No.
(Robby and Tori laugh) Oh, I can even wear it a
little bit off the shoulder. – There you go.
– I can tie my pants to my shirt, so I don’t get lost. – You can tie it to me. – Oh my goodness, here we go! – There we go, on the leash– – Now I won’t lose my pants or boyfriend. – Aye you guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say, this one works!
(bell rings) It looks pretty good on her. – Pretty good! – Tori, I think you
should wear this outside! – No, it’s too cold for that. – It looks pretty good,
but it’s a sweater! – Like barely a sweater. (upbeat show tune music) – Okay guys, so first thing’s first; I gotta find out where
I put my darn stapler. I can find that darn thing anywhere! Oh, here it is, perfect! Okay yeah, this one oughta do. So we just gotta get a staple out. So just.
(pounding music) And I accidentally squished the staple. Oh man, I can’t staple this. (show tunes music)
(fist pounds) Ah hah, I’ve got it! Now I just have to try and round this out. Here we go; better use two pens. I think I might need some pliers. Okay, here are our pliers. Just get our staple, and just
kind of gently round this off. And, there we go!
(audience sighs) Very small, uh I’m sorry if you can’t really see it that well. Let’s try this puppy on! Okay, so here’s our little piercing. I’ve never had a nose piercing before. I have a lip piercing,
you could see the whole really closely if you look. Is that, is that, too close? Can yo see that? Wow, this focus is really close. Anyway, let’s go ahead
and put this on our nose. (drum roll)
And ow! (Robby murmurs) the inside of my nose. I think we’re gonna sneeze. Wow, I look pretty fricken cool with this. Maybe I should get a
nose piercing for real. Although, I think I’d always be toughing my nose, ’cause, I can
feel it, and it feels weird. I don’t know, do you guys
think I should get a nose ring? Let me know down in the
comments down below. But anyway, I guess we can
say that this one works. (bell rings) – [Instructor] Hold the chopstick in the same hand as the bottle, and swiftly slam them
down at the same time. See–
Okay guys, so here’s our Coke, and I
don’t have any chopsticks at the moment, but I do have
this big old grip of pencils. So, close enough I guess. Okay, here we go! Okay, just grip it like this, and then you put it in like that. One, two , and… (smacking noise)
(somber music) Oh okay, try it again: one, two, and… (smacking noise)
(somber music) One, two, and…
(smacking noise) Nope. (smacking noise)
(Robby screams) I’m just messing up my pencil right now. I really need chopsticks. Where in the heck are
my dog on chopsticks? (smacking noise) Okay, let’s go ahead and try it with this Expo Marker instead. Maybe that’ll work, I don’t know. Oh, it’s a little short. (somber horn music)
It’s kinda short. Okay, here we go: one, two , three. (smacking noise) No!
(smacking noise) (Robby screams) I almost dropped my camera. Ironically, this Coke bottle saved it, ’cause it was hold the tripod. Oh my gosh! We can use a screw driver. Why didn’t I think of this? Okay guys, ready; one, two, and three. (smacking noise)
(soda fizzes) It just blew the top off! And it got all over my camera! Wow! Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one works. Time to clean off my camera. (dramatic music)
(Robby sigh) Oh no! Okay, so after some further inspection, it looks like I just
broke the whole top off. Where did the top go? It that? No, I actually don’t
know where the top went. So that means that there’s just glass hangin’ out somewhere in my room. I heard it hit the ceiling. You can literally see,
literally Coke on the ceiling! And it also got up here too. You can’t really see
it so well on this one. Where did the bottle top go. Oh, let’s hope I don’t
find it with my feet. Well, it looks I’m gonna be wearing boots in my office for a while. Okay, so if you’re watching that footage, I actually had Tori help me find it. And it was actually right on this couch. This couch that is all
the way on the other side. What the heck! That is crazy, it blew that far! Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say this one worked! There’s even some glass still
stuck inside the bottle cap. That is so crazy! – [Instructor] Excuse
me, I was using that pen. Well now nobody gets it. This trick is super- simple. Simply bight one end of the
pen, and push it with your hand. See how if falls out of Mia’s mouth? – Okay, first of all; One Two
Three Go, I like your shirt! Uh, where did did you get that shirt from? It reminds me of a shirt that I have. You know, the one I’m wearing right now. How funny, we’re both
wearing gray pizza shirts. Anyway, here’s our highlighter. So what they did is, they went like this. (whirling noise) I almost got it. You could see it. Okay, let’s try it again, ready? One, two, and
(whirling noise) dang it! So close! Okay, so if you zoom into my face, you won’t notice it; ready? (drum roll) Dang it, I am really bad at this, guys. (drum roll) Ooh, I got it that time!
(audience cheers) I, except for that one little part. But I freakin’ got it! Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one kinda, kinda works. I just need some practice at
it, just like everything else. – [Instructor] Add a little
soap to your makeup sponge, soaking it in water,
like Amy’s doing here. Pop it into the microwave, and set the timer for about one minute. Once it’s done, go ahead and take it out. After it’s had time to
cool, take the sponge out. Squeeze out any excess
water it’s holding on to. – Okay guys, so here’s our beauty blotter. This one was actually yellow, originally. Now it’s kind of like a dark brown-yellow. So hopefully this works. Here’s our cup of water. Let’s go ahead and drop that in there. Here’s our hand soap. Just kinda put some of that on there. Yeah, not bad! Now let’s go ahead and
toss this in the microwave. (show tunes music) (buttons beep)
One, zero, zero, and start! (lighting) Okay, here’s our sponge. Ooh, hot! It’s definitely taking a
lot of stuff off of it. I don’t even know how I’m
gonna get this outta here. Burning my fingers.
(Robby screams) Okay, I definitely have to wait til this cools down, I think. But look how clean it is! Is that one spot? (Robby screams) Ouchies! Dang, that is so clean! I just wanna wash it
off, but it hurts so bad. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and let this cool down a little bit
and will try it again. Okay, it’s a little bit more cooled down. Ooh, still kind of hot. Oh my gosh! Yeah, that’s definitely
cleaning off the sponge though. Wow! Dang! That’s so much more yellow! Well guys, I guess have
to say this one works. – [Instructor] Instead of a piggy bank, try putting your cash in
a baggy like this one. Make sure you close it up tight, so that no excess water
can get to the money. This way, you can tuck it right into the inside of the machine. And once it’s tucked
in there nice and tight you can go about doing
your laundry as usual. – Okay, so here’s our money,
here’s our plastic bag. Put this bad boy in here. Cool, let’s go find our washing machine. So here’s my washing
machine, and I feel like if I were to put money inside of this thing I would probably lose it. Let’s try the dryer. How’s the dryer look? Dude, there’s literally no place in here for me to hide money. Well guys, I guess I’m gonna have to say this one doesn’t work for me. Woo, okay guys, now it’s time for this favorite part of the video where we redo the thumbnail! Woo! (Robby murmurs) so here’s our highlighter. And we’re just gonna.
(top pops off) (Robby gasps)
I’ll find that later. And we’re just gonna
go and color our lips. You ready? Oh my gosh, is this actually working? I bet this is terrible for my lips. It this non-toxic? Please be non-toxic. (marker scrubbing noise) Wow, it’s actually coloring my lips. I feel like it’s really
bad for my lips though. Don’t do this at home, kids. (tingle music) Wow! Okay! So my lips are actually pink now. Ugh, weird! Okay, I should’ve probably
taken the first picture first. But I might as well do this now. Okay, and here we go. (camera shutter snaps) Okay, looks good. Now time to wash this stuff off my lips. Woo, okay guys, thanks so
much for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure
you give the old thumbs up. Or comment right down there. If you guys liked this video and you guys wanna watch me do even more fun life hacks and crafts,
I have a whole playlist that you can make doing them, right here! If you guys are new, make sure to hit that subscribe button. If you guys want this
shirt, some stickers, or any of my other works,
you can click right here. Okay guys, love you so much. I’ll see you guys again real soon! Peace, love, and wi-fi! (Robby murmurs) okay, bye!
(Robby scream)

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