– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby and
this is my craft corner. Can you guys see it? Is it in focus? There you go, I think you
can see it a little better. See, it’s Robby’s craft
corner, it’s official. Also, I was standing on my ottoman because I’m a little short. It was worth it for the angle, okay? Anyway guys, today we’re going to be doing a bunch of fun sweet life hacks. Let’s do this. (upbeat music) – Okay, so here’s the thing we’re gonna be putting our
bacon in, here’s our bacon. I just have to get it in there somehow. Uh, maybe if I do this. (hand smacking) There we go. Line it up a bit better. Yeah, that oughta do. Then we go ahead and
put some coke in there. Yeah. Coke and bacon. I think this is gonna
turn out really good. At least I hope it does. Okay, now we’re just gonna
go ahead and let this sit for about half an hour. Okay, so it’s been about half an hour. Time to put these babies out on the sheet. I’m actually gonna be baking this bacon because it’s bacon and it
literally has the name bake in it. The instructions are
literally in the name. We’re gonna be basically baking
on a tray, you understand? It’s pretty simple, okay? – Huh, you know what I mean? (crickets chirping) – Okay, I’m just gonna use my hands ’cause this is gonna take forever. I wonder if this is actually
going to marinate the chicken. Wait, this isn’t chicken, this is bacon. I wonder if this is actually
going to marinate the bacon to make it taste like Coke. That’d be really
interesting, I hope it does. It smells like Coke, that’s for sure. I probably shouldn’t’ve done this with a whole pound of bacon. I could’ve probably gotten
away with just doing this with a few pieces. Oh well, now I have all this bacon. (playful music) I put way too much bacon on this sheet. Maybe if I just pour some soda on it. (liquid splashing) Okay, it’s all laid out. Let’s pop this bad boy in the oven. Here we go. Okay, 400 degrees. Pop this bad boy in for about 25 minutes. I’ll see you later. Let’s hope that he’s all good in there. Okay, our bacon is all done. Yeah, it looks pretty freaking good. But, how does it taste? That is the real question guys. Okay, let’s test out this bacon. So here we go. It looks pretty good. It looks fairly cooked. It smells like bacon,
not Coca-Cola though. So let’s see if this actually
tastes like Coca-Cola. (teeth chomping) Mm, it’s not bad. I would definitely say it caramelized it like the video said it would, but it definitely doesn’t
taste anything like Coca-Cola. Mm, that’s some good bacon. You know what? Forget honey-glazed. Forget hickory smoked, it’s all
about the coke flavor bacon. This is it guys, this is
the way of the future. (teeth chomping) Oh yeah. I can taste the cavities
forming as we speak. So I mean it doesn’t
exactly taste like Coke, but it did get caramelized, so I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one kinda works. (upbeat music) Okay, so here are our chips. I’m just gonna go ahead,
put them in a smaller bag. Get in there. I feel like I’m gonna need
a good amount to do this. There we go, that oughta do it, okay. I just go ahead and close that up, then we get our hammer
and we kinda just start. (chips crunching) Now I’m gonna go ahead
and cut this chicken up that I already pre-boiled into strips. I feel like I cut the wrong way, I think I was supposed
to cut with the grain, but I cut against it. You know, this is my first
time, so I’m trying okay? Then we get our bag of chips and just sorta start
tossing them in there. There we go. Mix, mix, mix! (chips crunching) Yeah, it looks good! Let’s fry up some chicken! Pot, oil! Fire. Okay, it looks good. I guess I’m supposed to let
this boil for a little bit? I’ve never actually fried
anything like this before, so we’ll see how this turns out. I’m gonna go ahead and
let it heat up and yeah. Okay, so our oil is all
heated up to 333 degrees. A little bit hotter, actually. Let’s go ahead and try
and fry this bad boy. This is magical. I looked online and it said to
do it for about two minutes. We’ll see how that goes. I really hope this turns out good, ’cause I would love to learn how to make homemade fried chicken. I dropped it, no! I’m just gonna go ahead
and let that sit in there for a second. Adding another one. Not looking bad. Here we go. Uh-oh, I lost track of
which ones went in first. Not good. Ah, where’d it go? I probably shouldn’t have put
them all in at the same time. No. Okay, you look like you’re kinda cooking. I feel like since all the skin fell off, I have to like take it out
and then put it back inside. I’m not sure if that’s correct or not, so let’s hope this turns out okay. Gonna mix up that up some more. Maybe that’ll help some more
of the breading stick on there. Back in you go! I’m gonna go ahead and
let this sit for a second and hopefully this actually cooks. Okay, it’s been siting in there for a sec. Let’s see how they turned out. Ooh, we’re getting there. It’s definitely cooking. And it also kinda looks
like fried chicken. That’s cool. Wow, okay. This one definitely looks really good ’cause I put more of the fry stuff on it. I actually also went and
did this with Doritos, just to see what would happen. So, let’s go ahead and put
this Dorito one in there. I feel like this one’s
gonna turn out really good. Or it could turn out really
awful, we don’t know. I’d say that’s almost done. Fried chicken, or the Doritos one. Okay, I let these guys
cook a little bit longer. Let’s take some of them out. Here we go, put it on this. Boo-bi-di-boop,
boo-bi-di-boop, boo-bi-di-boop. And this is the big one. I’m gonna give this a couple more minutes and then I think it’ll be good. Let’s go ahead and test these puppies out. Okay guys, here it is. The fried chicken. Awe! Look at it. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I think I did pretty freaking
good for my first job making fried chicken. Okay, so here’s the first one. (chicken crunching) Okay, it’s a little dry. Not too bad. I think it might be because
it’s a smaller piece of chicken. Also because I boiled it first. I don’t know if you’re
supposed to boil the chicken before you fry it. That might be a bad thing to do. Not bad. I’m gonna go ahead and try this one. This is the Doritos one. (chicken crunching) Okay. Yeah, the thicker chicken
is definitely better. It’s not as hard. It’s more juicy in the middle. I don’t know if you can see that. My fingers are so greasy. Look at this. That looks like some good chicken. Tori Dobransky do you wanna try? – [Tori] Is it good? – It’s pretty good chicken. I have to admit. Tori Dobransky! Try some fried chicken. I got this piece specially for you! – [Tori] Which one is it? – This one’s a normal kind. And this is the Doritos one. Here, come down here. No, you gotta come down
here, Tori Dobransky. We gotta see you try it. Look how flakey and crunchy it is. Is it good? – [Tori] It’s not bad. – I think it’s pretty good for my first try at fried chicken. – [Tori] That’s pretty good. I don’t think I could do that. Mine would be really gross. – Do you like it? Whoa, it’s Tori approved! What would you give this
hack, one out of 10. One through 10.
– I’d give it an eight. – An eight? This is the highest ranking
we’ve had for a hack this whole time we’ve been doing hacks. – [Tori] But suppose I see what you mean, it’s a little dry. – It is kinda dry. It’s definitely not Cane’s. But, Tori, what are you doing up there? Get down here! It’s definitely not Cane’s,
but it’s really good. I recommend trying this if you do. I’m also gonna give it an eight out of 10. Ooh, try this one. This is a Doritos one. – I don’t know if I want to try that one. – It’s really good. – I’m okay. – It tastes better.
– I’m okay. (chicken crunching) – Well guys, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works. (upbeat music) Okay, so for this one, I’m actually gonna start with a mug. I got this special mug for Tori. She really likes skulls. And also, they didn’t
have any mason jars left, so I think this’ll do, okay? So here’s our melted chocolate, and it looks like all they did was kinda put it like that on the top. Yeah, that looks pretty good. Yeah, okay. Maybe a little bit more back here. There we go. Then I gotta get some
peanuts and crush them. I probably should’ve done this
first if I’m being honest. Gonna get one of these tough bags and put the peanuts in there. Yeah, that should be enough. Then we’re gonna get our hammer and just crush them up a bit. (hand smacking) Yeah, that looks pretty good. ‘Kay, I’m gonna put some
parchment paper down just like that. And put some of the peanuts on there. Yeah, there we go. Okay. You ready Mr. Skull? And, this isn’t turning out as
fancy as I thought it would. It’s still kinda cool though. There we go. Now it’s starting to stick. Wow. Hand crafted peanut cup thing. I should be an artist and chef. You know if my job as a
YouTuber doesn’t turn out well, I could always just make
stuff like this for a living. Would you guys eat this? Anyway, yeah that looks pretty good. Put that off to the side. Now it’s time to break out
our mixer, plug that in. Okay, here we go. Now we just get our ice cream and just kinda scoop it in there. This ice cream actually
melted once before, so instead of scooping it out, I’m just gonna cut it out like this. (paper ripping) And, there we go. Maybe a little bit more. That’s why I broke out this
vanilla ice cream as well. (paper ripping) There we go. It looks like a giant slice of banana. Isn’t that hilarious? So I actually forgot to buy Snickers, so I’m gonna go ahead
and use Oreos instead. Boop, boop, boop! Yeah, that oughta be enough Oreos. By the way guys, this is french vanilla, that’s why it looks more
yellow than this one. I’m not trying to poison anyone, I swear. Okay, let’s mix this bad boy up. Put on the lid. And here we go. (blender engine rumbling) That doesn’t sound good. I think the ice cream
might be a little too hard. What do I do, do I let
it defrost a little bit? I’m gonna add a little bit of milk. Maybe that’ll help. There we go, let’s try this again. (quick-paced music) Okay. Let’s see how this turned out. Yeah, that’s pretty milkshake-y. That definitely looks
like a milkshake to me. Okay, let’s pour this in our special mug. (hand punching) So here’s our mug. I actually put it in the freezer, so now it’s nice and frosty. Ooh, that looks like something you’d get in a restaurant, honestly. It looks pretty good. Now let’s go ahead and
put our shake in there. Here we go. Oh, that looks delicious. Honestly, I’m really
jealous of Tori right now. Just for fun, I’m gonna
put an extra Oreo in there. You can’t even see it, it fell in. See, there’s the Oreo. Okay, let’s go ahead
and give this to Tori. Tori Dobransky, I got you something. Close your eyes. Here, put out your hands. Here you go, open ’em up! – Awe, this is so cute! – [Robby] You like it? – I like it! It’s so cute, you made this? – [Robby] I made it for you! – Aww. – [Robby] Doesn’t it look like something you get out of a restaurant? – It does! Way to go! I’m very proud. – [Robby] How is it, is it good? – It’s pretty good. – [Robby] Can I have a sip? – Sure. – That’s a pretty dang good shake. Dang, I should work at Denny’s. I make craft shakes. These are craft shakes Tori Dobransky. – I give this 10 out of 10. – Whoa! Tori Dobransky got a perfect score? That’s crazy. Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works. I’m gonna go get a straw and
then we can drink it together. How romantic. – How romantic. (upbeat music) – Okay, guys. So I have one question about this. So this is on the 5-Minute
Crafts KIDS channel. Why in the heck did they use Vodka? Like are they gonna have
the kids going like, mom I want some Vodka so I
can put some Skittles in it. That’s a little weird right? I don’t know how I feel about that one. Anyway, that’s just my commentary on the Skittle Vodka thing. That’s it. (upbeat music) Okay, so here’s our meltable chocolate. I wonder if I can melt this chocolate by just putting it outside
in the Las Vegas sun. Let’s see. Temperature in Las Vegas. Dang, it looks like it’s
only 95 degrees right now, so we’re gonna have to do
this the old fashioned way. And that is by putting
it in the microwave. Yep, this is how the
Pilgrims melted chocolate, believe it or not. Okay, we’re all done. Ooh, that’s hot. Let’s see, that melted enough? Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty melted. Perfect. Okay, now here’s our Oreos. Just put these sticks in there, just like how they did in the video. Boop-bi-di-boop! Then we just kinda put the
chocolate all over the Oreo. Man, this is gonna be so
unhealthily delicious. It’s unhealthily even a word? I use a lot of words that
aren’t words on this channel and you know, if you can’t make
fun of the English language, what can you make fun of? Yeah, that looks pretty dang good. And we’ll do our other one. Delicious, but not nutritious! Yeah, that looks pretty good. Now it’s time to add the sprinkles! Let’s see, what color do I wanna do? Red’s nice. Here we go. Ooh, that looks so good. I’m just getting the
sprinkles everywhere though. Maybe a little bit of blue. Wow. Yeah, I did a good job on these bad boys. Just gonna go ahead and
let these babies cool off for a little bit, and then
we’ll see how they turned out. Okay, guys. So here are our Oreos. I actually already started eating one because I tried recording
my testing of it before and I wasn’t recording. Oops. I feel so silly right now. Anyway, they turned out pretty good. They look really nice. The backs turned out
a little funky though. I don’t know, just all the sprinkles kind of melted together. Not a big deal, it’s still delicious. I’m gonna go ahead and taste the one that I already took a big ol’ bite out of. (teeth chomping) Yeah, it’s just as good this
time as it was the first time. Honestly, 5-Minute Crafts really knows what they were doing this time. I’m gonna have to give this
hack probably a nine out of 10, ’cause I freaking love white chocolate, and I love Oreos and the two
together are just, (lips smack) They’re perfect. Well guys, I’m gonna have
to say that this one works. Do I have Oreo stuck in my teeth? (upbeat music) Okay, first things first,
let’s light our stove. There’s our pan, here’s our Isomalt. You actually would not believe
how hard this was to find. They don’t sell this in like Walmart. It’s funny how they just
expect you to have Isomalt laying around. Like, what even is this? It’s like fake sugar stuff? Anyway, I had to special order it, so I hope you guys like this. There we go. I’m gonna add like half the package, ’cause I don’t really know
how much I’m supposed to add. I guess I’m just supposed to
kinda let it mix a little bit, and then it melts into
almost like pasty substance. It’s already kinda starting to melt. That’s cool. (spoon clanking) I can already tell this
is gonna be really messy. Ow, it’s so hot! It tastes a lot like sugar. Just gonna go ahead and
let this melt a little bit and then we’ll come back and measure how hot this bad boy is. Okay, it’s starting to do this thing, so I think I have to mix it a little bit. I hope I didn’t get it too hot. Uh-oh. Let’s go ahead and see
how hot it is, ready? We’re at 380 degrees. How hot am I supposed to have it again? Uh-oh, I have it way hotter
than I need it to be. That’s not good. I’m just gonna go ahead and put some of this food coloring in. Oh my gosh. Yeah, I definitely think
I got it a little too hot. Oh well. Mix that up. That is so bright red right now. ‘Kay, that looks pretty good. Let’s go ahead and poor this puppy out. Woo, here we go. Gotta be real careful. Yeah, this is looking pretty good, okay. (liquid crackling) Not bad. I think I did pretty decent at this. It looks so clean. Okay, now I’m gonna go
ahead and let this cool and we’ll see what happens. Okay, I gave it some time to cool down. I’m gonna try and remove
it from the paper. Wow, that was extremely
easy actually. (laughs) This is really neat! It’s just like a giant piece
of red sugar or pink sugar. Yeah, it’s actually very pink. Okay heads up, it’s everybody’s
favorite part of the video where we re-create the thumbnail! Woo! I’m not sure how I wanna do this exactly. I kind of wanna leave it
on the parchment paper, but I also kinda want to put it on this pretty blue background. Let’s see what looks better. ‘Kay, that’s not bad. Maybe a white background would look good? Ooh, that does look pretty fresh. I don’t know. Just fix the lighting a little bit. Make it look a little bit lighter. There we go. I’m really torn here. I don’t know what to do. I think if I wanna stay
true to the thumbnail, I’m gonna just have to stick to the white. So here’s our hammer. Now all I gotta do is break this. It’s gonna make me kinda sad ’cause I feel like this
turned out really good and, I don’t know, I just feel like
it’s just gonna make me sad when I break it. Anyway, you guys ready? One, two, and! (cymbal shimmering) Oh, that looked nice. Wow, okay. Maybe put this together a little bit. Yeah, not bad. Aw, this almost looks like a heart. Well, maybe that’ll do? Honestly this looks too
tasty not to try a bite of, so I’m just gonna take a big ol’ chunk. Let’s try this out. Ooh, this looks tasty. (sugar crunching) It kinda tastes like caramel. Red caramel. Not bad. Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure
to give is a thumbs up it looks something like this,
find it right down there. If you guys like this video, and you guys wanna watch
me do even more fun life hacks and crafts, I have a whole playlist that I
can be doing that right here! If you guys are new, make sure
to hit that subscribe button, if you guys want any of my
merch, you can click right here. Okay guys, I love you so much and I’ll see you guys again real soon. Peace, love, and Wifi. Awkward ending, okay bye! Ah!

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