(comically distressing music) (screaming) – I just touched the rock,
ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Hey guys, how you doin’? My name’s Robby and today, we’re doing a bunch of fun
life-hacks with crayons! Let’s do this. (catchy piano synth music) – Okay so here’s our image.
Let’s go ahead and cut it out. Here we go! Okay now we gotta try and get
it out without ripping it… And I guess we’ll glue this on? Let me get a glue stick. Where the heck are my glue sticks? (glass shattering) Okay I can’t find any glue sticks, so we’re just going to use
some super glue instead. I’m sure this won’t end terribly. Well, it looks like our
super glue doesn’t work. I’m going to go get another pack. Here we go. There we go, put that on there. Finally, we can put our thing on! I’m just gonna say that this is definitely gonna stay on when I put it on. All I have to do is make sure not to get it on my
fingers ’cause this stuff does not come off! Ah! Let’s see if I can do this. One, two, and, okay no, I’m not gonna do that. Okay! We did it. Put it all down, now it’s
time to drip some crayons! I gotta take all the papers off first. Probably should have done
this beforehand, oops! Okay we got all those off. Let’s go ahead and try this. So, I guess we’ll start
from lightest to darkest? Do I have a yellow, actually? I’m gonna go ahead and
start off with the yellow. We’re gonna put that in there. I need to get a pencil or something. I feel like there’s
still glue in this guy, so I’m just gonna go ahead
and try and get all that out. Just gonna put a pencil in
there and maybe that’ll work? I’m gonna push it a little bit, ah! Okay cool we’ve got
some yellow coming out! There’s definitely some
glue stuck in there, though. We’re gonna put the yellow, and we’re gonna put some of this orange, now we gotta try and make it
look like she’s spitting color. Come on! I’m just gonna lightly go and push it out. Oh my gosh! This is such a mess! I don’t know how they did this. It’s like coming out
of the back right here. Ah, come on! Oh my God! Oh, that’s such a mess. I definitely ruined this
glue gun, that’s for sure. (smoosh) That sounds so gross! Maybe if I put some hot glue in there, I think that might do
something, let’s try it. It’s kind of working! Come on, come on! I gotta put something
underneath it, yeah there we go! I gotta make it look like
she’s spittin’ color. Come on! Ah! They definitely make this
look easier than it really is. Oh my gosh! Now it’s just spittin’ out hot glue, ugh! I’m gonna put some purple in there. Maybe that will do something? Maybe I have to let it SLOWLY drip out. Oh, we got purple coming out! Very little purple, though. (splutter) I think I may have just
broken this glue gun. Oh my gosh. Maybe like this? Okay, oh, it’s coming out! Oh, it’s working! Ah, ah, ah, ah! (Screaming) I got hot glue all over my hand. Oh my gosh, that really hurt. Woo! Ow, dude! That freakin’ stings. I got it all over the glue gun. This doesn’t look like
it’s working too well. Yeah! It looks great! Honestly, it looks fantastic. I mean besides messing up the glue gun, I guess we’re gonna have
to say that this one works! (gentle techno music) Okay, so here are our eggs. Let’s just take these out,
and we gotta get the yolk out. So I’m just gonna get this bowl, and maybe we’ll get these scissors, and just kinda poke the top a little bit. Come on, there we go! Oh no! Be really careful not to break the egg. Yeah that should be good enough. We’re just gonna break the
yolk inside. Pour that out. We don’t need that yolk.
Okay so here’s one. Let’s do one more for good luck. Okay! Cool, I’m going to go
ahead and rinse these out. And then let’s put some wax in them! Okay, so I’m just gonna go ahead and cut this part right here. (ragtime piano music) Okay, cool. I’m gonna use these to
actually hold our eggs. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, it just kinda has to work. Let’s go ahead and put our wicks in. Boop, boop, awesome. Also gonna go ahead and
make like a funnel thing. I’m not sure how well
this is gonna work, but, I’m hoping if I make like a
funnel like this, come on! I’m gonna go ahead and tape
it, that stays in place. Yeah, there we go, that’s one! Make another funnel,
okay, put that in there. Looks good, now let’s try
and dump some wax into this! I feel like this isn’t gonna
be the smoothest transition because wax doesn’t like to
pour out of this pan very well. Oh man, here, I’ll show you. Okay here we go. This is gonna be so hard! Ah, ah, no! Stay! It just doesn’t wanna get inside the egg. I’m going through so much wax! How am I supposed to pour this? I just don’t know! Maybe if I use a ladle? Okay, that kinda works better. I’m at least getting some of it in, oh! I think I just filled the egg. The next one, oh my God, this is so messy. It’s bubbling out of this egg! Oh my goodness, oh! I’m getting this everywhere. Okay, gonna top this egg off. Okay, oh my God, this egg’s exploding! Whoa, what happened? Oh my God, all the wax just
like came out like a volcano. This is definitely way, oh my God, it happened again! Why isn’t this working!? Okay, we’ll try it again, ready? Use the ladle. Oh, my God, I got more on the counter than I got in the egg, that’s for sure. Okay, cool! I’m gonna go ahead and let
these cool down for a little bit and we’ll see if they’re any good. Okay honestly this has
been cooling for so long and it’s still like liquid,
so I’m gonna go ahead and put this in the fridge
and see what happens. Okay, so our eggs are all cooled off. Let’s go ahead and try to
break these puppies out! Here we go. I have to try not to
break the wax inside so I’m gonna be really careful, here. Okay not too bad so far. This
kinda looks a little gross. Okay! This one doesn’t look too bad… I forgot to, oh no, there’s no way to oh well, whatever, next one! Come on, oh! This one cracked right open. Whatever, that’s fine. Let’s go ahead and light these puppies. (swinging jazz music) They don’t seem to want to stay lit. Oh yeah, there we go! Thought I was gonna have to break out the blow torch there for a second. So far they’re staying lit. Let’s turn off all the lights
and see how these guys look. Yeah that looks pretty good. Well guys, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works! (slow grooving jazz music) Okay so here’s our sandpaper. I’m just gonna go ahead and do something simple
like write my name. Yeah, that looks good! Now we’re gonna break out our shirt. This is the classic shirt
that I got from that craft convention down in San Diego. “5-Minute Crafts” signed it themself, as you can see right there. I tried to remove it but it didn’t work. And now let’s go ahead and put
my name right underneath it. And we got our hot iron. Just kinda put that on there. Woo, yep that’s definitely
hot, oh my gosh! Is it working? Oh my gosh. (gasps) Guys, it actually worked. The only downside is I
accidentally put my name backwards. I was supposed to write it the other way! Oh well, I mean I tried. Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one works! (slow jazz music) Okay so here’s our coconut oil. Here’s our bowl. Let’s just, there we go. Get a couple globs of it, like that? Yeah that outta do it! Now let’s go ahead and
microwave this really quick. Okay, here we go, it’s all hot. Let’s make ourselves some
super green lipstick. So I just have to take that off. Mm-kay, there we go! Just gonna put half the crayon in. Mix that in. Oh I’ll do the other
half, too, just in case. That’s definitely melting
in there pretty fast. Oh man that is def,
oh, I melted the spoon! Okay yeah that’s definitely hot. Now we’re just gonna let
this cool for a little bit, and then we’ll try it out. So I actually ended up putting this in the fridge for a
little bit to let it cool. But then it got rock hard. So what I did was I
put it in the microwave to kinda melt it a little bit, and we’re going to go
ahead and try this now. Okay so here are my lips. So we’re just gonna go
ahead and glob some of this on to my finger and then I’m just gonna, ugh, oh God, this does not feel nice. Ugh, ugh, ugh! Oh God this is disgusting. I don’t like this at all. Blah! Well guys, I’m gonna go ahead and say that this one doesn’t work. (slow jazz music) Okay so here’s our jar. Let’s just start burnin’
some crayons, shall we? Let’s start out with the green! Actually we’re supposed to put something underneath it like this, there we go! Yeah, that outta do it. Mm-kay here we go. So far it’s working. Okay this is gonna take way too long so, I’m gonna go ahead and
break out my blow torch! (blow torch running) Oh man, this is a little
bit more dangerous than I thought it would be. Very effective, though. I’m gonna go ahead and use some pliers so I don’t burn myself. There we go. Okay yeah, so that’s one down. I feel like this is going to take a while so bear with me, guys. I also forgot to add a wick, so, boop! So next one, here we go. (quirky music) Okay so I’m gonna be honest here, guys. My attention span is not long
enough to keep doing this. I have to wait for it to
dry every single time, otherwise it kinda just
becomes one big mess. I don’t know if you can see it inside, but it’s pretty frickin’ bad inside. So, I mean, it’s kind of a candle, but this is just gonna
take forever to make. So I guess we’re just gonna go ahead and say that this one works. (upbeat techno music) Okay so here’s our molds. Now we’re just gonna go ahead and put our melted crayon in there. Maybe even out the liquid a little bit. Okay, come on, I believe in you, liquid. Just go into the holes evenly, please. Oh man, this is a lot harder
than I thought it would be. Okay, looks good. Just gonna go ahead and
let this cool and hopefully when we’re done we have
some heart-shaped crayons! Okay! So they’re all cooled off now. Let’s try and break these guys out! Awesome, it’s a perfect little heart! Oh no, this one’s broken! Just like my heart. Get outta here! Just get all the wax off of this. Ah, there we go, okay! Now let’s go ahead and
test these puppies out! Here’s our paper. I’m gonna write my name. Okay, it’s not really working. But in their defense, this
is also mostly candle wax. Because I didn’t really want to go and melt down a whole bunch of crayons. So I guess it kind of wrote. So, I’m gonna go ahead and
say that this one works. (screaming) (exciting techno music) So I actually don’t have any
flat rocks like that on hand so it looks like we’re going rock hunting! Benji, wanna go rock hunting with me? Come on boy, let’s go! Benji! Benji, come on! Let’s go rock hunting. – [Voiceover] Nope. – I don’t think he wants to go. Come on, let’s go rock hunting! Yeah, it’s a crazy life for
us rock hunters, huh, Benji? It’s so windy out here. Benji, you find any rocks? You find one? Did you find a little rock yet? Ah he’s lookin’, he’s
on the look for rocks! (laughing) Are you on to something? I think he’s on to something! Benji, where are the rocks? You find it? Where are the rocks, buddy? Ah I think he’s watching. I think he’s on track! Oh my gosh, it’s so windy out here, agh! Benji where’s the rocks? He’s like, “They’re everywhere, Robby! “The rocks are everywhere!” I need to find bigger rocks, Benji. I need to find the big ones! You find anything? Maybe I can find some in my front yard. Oh, we definitely have a way
bigger selection back here. Well Benji, thanks for
kinda helping, my boy. Let’s go, go back inside! Okay, we’re in the front yard. Oh rocks, where are you? See if I can find the rocks. This rock looks good. This one might work. Maybe that will do? I think that these rocks
should be good enough. Let’s go ahead and put out our tray. Put some tin foil over that. Looks good, set out our rocks. Awesome! Now 370 for about 15 minutes. Pop these in there. Okay, I’ll see you guys later! Okay so it’s been about 15 minutes. Let’s go ahead and take this
bad boy out of the oven. There we go! Now apparently all we have to do is just kinda write on
the rocks, just like this. Whoa yep, that definitely, that definitely melts
on there really fast. I’m gonna make kinda like a tye-dye color so I got all the colors for tye-dye. Here we go, you have to
start out with some blue, maybe some orange right next to that. This feels kinda dangerous to do, if I’m being totally honest. Like I feel like I’m about to burn myself. I gotta be really careful
not to touch these rocks. I forgot the orange on this one, oops. Maybe get a little bit of green in there. It definitely slowed
down melting really fast. I feel like I might have to
put these back in the oven. But then it’ll melt all the crayon off that I just put on there. Oh my gosh! It definitely works
better with flat rocks, I’ll tell you that. So if you’re gonna do this,
make sure you do flat rocks. Ah! I just touched a rock! Ow ow ow ow ow ow! This green didn’t turn out as colorful as I thought it would. Let’s put a little bit more blue in there. I mean, this is definitely working. Well guys I guess we can
say that this one works! (slow jazz music) (screaming) (slow jazz music) Okay so here’s our coin. I actually don’t have a piece of cork, so I’m just gonna use this crazy glue. If you look on the back of this it’s actually a wheat
penny, it says one cent. This is how they used to look, so I’m gonna use that as the front. We’re just gonna put some
hot glue right there. Looks good. And then I’m gonna put the crazy glue on. Ha ha! I’m gonna let this cool off a little bit, and then we’ll try and make our seal! Here’s our envelope, here’s our glue gun. And here’s our crayon, which
we’re gonna put in there. I’m doing red just to stay
kinda true to the craft. I’m just gonna put that in there. I feel like this is
gonna ruin my glue gun. Okay that’s hot glue! I shoulda probably put all the hot glue out before I started doing this. Oh man, oh no! Get off of there! I need crayon, not hot glue! Ah, this is all hot glue! Okay, when the heck am I
gonna get to my crayon? I’m sure I’ll get to it eventually. Oh, it’s getting harder to push. I think we finally hit our crayon. It should start turning
red any second now. Hopefully I didn’t, oh! Oh! It got all over my finger! Ouch! Oh, it started leaking out
the side of the glue gun. Come on! Ah! Oh no! It’s all inside the glue gun. Oh! Crud. Oh man, maybe I pushed it too hard? I don’t know what the heck happened. Let’s try it again. ‘Kay ready, guys? You can do it. Yeah, there we go. Okay looks good! Awesome! Now we’re gonna get our seal, just gonna push that on there. And then I guess I just let
this sit here until it’s done. So I’m gonna go ahead and let that cool and
we’ll see if it worked! Okay, it’s been a couple minutes. Let’s see if this comes off smoothly. Oh no, oh no. Oh, oh, oh, oh! Nope. I mean, it made like an impression in it. It looks like a lot of the
wax ended up sticking to this. I think it might be because it’s covered in hot glue, as well. Well guys, I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work! (Chill jazz music) Okay so here’s our cup, here’s our glove. First I’m gonna cut little
slits in the finger tips. Okay, perfect. I don’t have the wicks yet
because I still have to kinda carve all the wax off these candles. So let’s go ahead and
melt some candle wax. I’m just gonna go ahead and whittle some of these candles down, and melt all the wax. This is gonna take a sec. Maybe I can just break them in half. Oh, that works way better. There we go. Come on. A-ha, got one wick down! Perfect! Now we just gotta do it
with the rest of ’em. Ow! This wax is pretty hot. Some just jumped up
and hit me on the hand. If you guys are doing this at home, make sure to be careful. Yeah, I’m getting wax everywhere. Okay! Let’s go ahead and let all that melt down. I gotta grab a crayon really quick. Okay, got my crayons. What color should we choose? I think a bright pink
would be really funny. I’m just gonna get some of these pinks. First I gotta take all the stuff off. I should have done this
beforehand, oh my gosh! Okay, we can put one in. I gotta do the other. I’m just gonna go ahead and
cut the paper, actually. Come on, okay, put that in. Then we’re gonna go ahead and mix it up! Oh yeah, that’s some, that’s definitely some
pink wax right there! Okay, looks good! Let’s do the next part. So now that we have our wicks, let’s go ahead and put them in this glove. Here we go. Get in there! Come on, come on! You can do it. A-ha! There we go. Gotta make sure I tape that up first. Okay one down, two down, perfect. Boop boop. Get in there! And here we go, and there we go! Got all of them in there. Let’s go ahead and tie
them together a little bit. Oh man, I hope this works. Okay! Put it in the cup. Make sure it goes over it, just like that. Come on, a-ha, I did it. Yeah, it looks good. Now let’s get our wax
and pour it in there. I feel like this is gonna pop the balloon. Let’s hope it doesn’t. Ah! I have to be confident when I do this. Otherwise it, no! Okay that’s all the wax
I could fit in there. I’m gonna go ahead and let
these dry for a little bit and we’ll see what happens. Well guys, I can tell you right
now that this didn’t work. So I waited about five minutes, and it looks like all the wax just kinda went through the crack. So I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work. Okay guys! Now it’s everyone’s
favorite part of the video where we re-create the thumbnail! Woo! And here’s our backdrop,
please ignore this part. Benji kinda got to it a little bit. (chuckling) So here’s our blue backdrop,
here’s our glue gun. Just gonna go ahead and put
that crayon right in there. Just like that. Oh they did it the other way, here we go. Yeah that should work. Okay let’s try that. Actually, I think I might like the pink background a little better. Here we go, yeah! Yeah, I think the pink looks a lot better. ‘Kay let’s see if that works. Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching my video. If you liked it, make sure
you give it a thumbs up. Okay that’s fine, right down there. If you guys want to watch me do even more fun life-hacks, I have a whole playlist and I could be doing that right here! If you guys are new, make sure and hit that subscribe button. If you guys want this shirt
or any of my other merch, you can click right here or
on description down below. Okay guys, love you so much and I’ll see you guys again real soon! Peace, love, and wi-fi. Awkward ending, okay bye, ah!

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